Maggie and Eric
Written By: Jake Lennington

Maggie and Eric is a fan series set 12 years into the future from the current timeline. Homer and Marge have had a fourth child, Eric, who inherited much of Marge's DNA (thanks to Homer working at the plant) and Maggie is agressive, and a tomboy, who hates Lisa with a passion. Bart, works for a local radio station with Jessica Lovejoy and Lisa is a travelling sax player. Many other aspects around town have also changed, Mr. Burns is dead, and the plant is run by Smithers with Homer still working there, Lenny and Carl are gone, Principal Skinner is mayor, and is married to Mrs. Krabappel with a son, Arlie. And many products are now produced by the XL Coorperation, which Bart works for.

Season 30
30.01: The Why's of the Thai's Part 2
When Ki asks Lisa to be his wife, Lisa happily agrees, but when the wedding is actually an easy way for Ki to become an American citizen, along with his little sister, Lisa is broken hearted and because of the Jazz/Blues involved with the broken relationship, she vows never to be involved with music again and wants to get a "real" job. When Homer hears of this, he tries desperately to get Lisa back to the sax and back on track with her musically orientated life.

30.02: Kodosgeddon (Treehouse of Horror)
When Kang and Kodos decide to hurl a massive asteroid at earth in a galactic game of billiards, NASA must counter the threat with a crew delivering a nuclear bomb to the surface. To help supervise the safety of the trip, Homer is assigned and tries to hide his incompetence in order to claim some glory for the Simpson family.

30.03: Remains of the Day
When the Springfield Veteran's Cemetery is ravaged by a tornado, the citizanry has to vote to spend what little tax money there is on how to repair it. Unfortunately, the town votes no and since the landowners have no insurance, the Veteran's have to band together and with a chance meeting with Bart, they convince him to help raise public awareness of the situation. But since Bart can't "advertise" nonpaid commercial time, he has to sneakily pass the issue onto the listeners.

30.04: Maggie vs. Yellowstone
Maggie's limits, as of late, haven't been pushed to her liking, so as part of a grueling self-test of her prowess, Maggie signs up for the Yellowstone Survival Challenge which consists of a Two-Way radio, basic pup tent and some cooking supplies. The course is to live off the land, solo, and make it through one month of the great outdoors. However, when a few days into the challenge, Maggie's radio is rendered useless in a fall. Alone she has to decide whether to give up and get a new radio or tough it out without any help or contact with the outside world whatsoever.

30.05: Misfitz
After a chance meeting with her old flame, Dr. Tompkins, head of psychology, from Springfield A&M, Lisa introduces Eric and Tompkins is interested in her style and prep-personality, and invites Eric to give a speech in regards on how to look your best and be a GQ-esque individual. After the guest speaker event, Eric finds out his speech was used as example of an obsessive compulsive person and wants revenge and Lisa wants to be part of Eric's plan, too.

30.06: Marge's Bowlarama
When Homer, thru Barney, is handed the task of half-assed babysitting of Barney's Bowlarama, he convinces Marge to be in charge of the place for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, Marge's old stalker, Jacque, is a regular and is again, hitting on her. When Homer finds out about Jacque, instead of getting into a fight, he challenges Jacques to a game of bowling for a date with Marge. Meanwhile, Maggie is learning the ropes of trying to fill in for Marge and Bart is hanging around and being his mischievous self and is being a pain for Maggie.

30.07: Judging Demensia
Maggie's falsely accused of vandalizing her middle school and when she is sent to the juvenile hearings, Judge Sally Blackhart (voiced by Rosanne Arnold) finds Maggie guilty, but instead of sending Maggie away to Juvenile Hall, she sentences Maggie to spend a weekend with her in her cabin up north, for a weekend of bootcamp-like hard work, but when Maggie arrives, she finds out her stay wasn't procured for punisment reasons, but her resemblance to the Judge Blackhart's deceased daughter is the main instigator. Now convinced the Judge is somewhat psychotic, Maggie must find a way out and prove her Honor is loony toons.

30.08: The Wonder Years that Haven't Happened Yet
For Thanksgiving, Lisa manages to make it back home and during dinner, Bart and Lisa make the accusation that growing up as teens was more difficult than in Homer and Marge's day. After much debate and dinner, the family is of to bed. And in two dream sequences, Homer and Marge dream of what it would be like to be teens in the present day:
Homer's Dream (act 2): Teen Homer, Barney, Lenny and Carl are trying to have the coolest systems for their cars as they work at Starbucks part time. Meanwhile Homer is trying to put the moves on the cutest, yet shyest girl in school, Marge, who isn't too keen on loud music. Meanwhile, Homer is worried about another suitor, an online one, who is after Marge's affections, and unknown to Homer, is Barney, who also isn't aware that his online fling is Marge.
Marge's Dream (act 3): As Marge is about to enter the 11th grade, she feels a bit "flat" in the chest area and thinks no one is going to like her for being such a twig of a woman. Also having Patty and Selma as sisters isn't helping her reputation as no guy takes her seriously as her twin sisters are the leaders of the gay and lesbian alliance in Springfield. So, with two strikes against her, Marge is desperate to fit and winds up with some guy named Homer and she hopes the whole sordid affair will work out.

30.09: Weight Straining
Convinced Eric's become a twig, Maggie tries to encourage him to work out and toughen his image up. Six months later, Eric's doing quite well, until Maggie finds out her brother is now a bully at the elementary school. Worried if Marge finds out, Maggie now has to convince him to back off the weights and somehow return to his own self.

30.10: The Many Loves of Homer Simpson
When Marge bumps into Alexis Crowly (the only other girlfriend Homer had just after he met Marge as a kid, but before meeting Marge a 2nd time) and is at first miffed that Homer's ex would even have the gall to speak to her. Soon, Marge feels she's mistaken and invites Alexis over for a BBQ to meet the family. To everyone's surprise, Alexis arrives with her boyfriend--Herb Powel--who she says she wants to marry, but Homer is worried that this "marriage" is a scam so Alexis will get back with him.

30.11: Dash Dangermom Strikes Back
Dash Dangerous, a kids show featuring Dash, the heroic, yet spiffy space captain, is set to expand it's programming by adding a spin off--the Dash Toddler Hour, a show that the producer want Marge (who played Dash DangerMom a few times) to become the Space Supervisor. Being broke, Marge agrees to take the job as Homer is now taking care of Maggie and Eric. Meanwhile, Bart finds out Homer's by himself, moves back in for a while and tries to be a decent role model for Maggie and Eric...for about 20 seconds.

30.12: Moderate Makeover
Homer's selected as the most pathetic Springfieldian and is given a free makeover that'll have him looking swell in no time! Maggie's feeling "meh" about the whole gimmick and Eric's really excited as he's felt really embarrassed by Homer's weight and overall appearance. Meanwhile, Lisa is cautiously optimistic, but she finds out the whole experiment is a way to test out new medical procedures not approved by the FDA.

30.13: Sisters Are Fightin' Amongst Themselves
Patty and Semla's twin ship has been rocked and rolled over the decades, but when Selma draws the line and wants to meet someone before her 60th birthday, Patty decides to move out than rather have to share the apartment with another person. Unfortunately, Maggie and Eric now have to share the house with a disgruntled Patty. Meanwhile, Selma finally finds a modest 50 something guy who's been recently widowed (voiced by Richard Dean Anderson) who's owns a restaurant downtown, but Patty is having a hard time trying to separate this guy from his business and Homer and Marge try to help.

30.14: Where Credit is True
Eric and Felecia's award winning design of a blanket for a magazine (sewn by Marge) catches a clothing designer's attention and soon they're assisting in designing a line of school clothes for Try'N Save, but when Eric's ego gets the best of him, Felecia feels like her help isn't needed and walks out of the deal. Now with his solo ideas only moderately good at best, Eric now has to convince Felecia her input is important.

30.15: Nightclubbin' With Bob
Bob, formerly sideshow is feeling a bit safer now that the mob after him has been locked away. However, unable to get a normal job because of his past criminal record, he can only find crappy work no one else wants and he winds up being a bouncer at the Alpha-Omega, a club Bart part time DJs at. Unfortunately, when Bart is harassed by some of the club's patrons, Bob steps in, but is accused of using excessive force and Bart and Bob now must be on the same page and testify against the accusers. Even worse, Bart can't shake the feeling Bob's still after him, despite saying otherwise in their last meeting.

30.16: Futurama: The Musical
When the cast of Futurama signs on to do an on stage musical, Billy West (voiced by himself) refuses to be part, but Eric really wants this to happen and tries to convince West to sign on. Meanwhile, Maggie thinks this musical is the dumbest gimmick, ever, and tries to convince Eric to stop his petition. When Eric questions his older sister, he finds out Bart is actually the call-back guy in case West decides, for good, not to show up. Eric, now torn between wanting the "real" guy in and his older brother part of his favorite TV show, must take sides.

30.17: After Hours with Homer Simpson
Homer's insomnia is starting to get the better of him, so instead of trying to sleep, he gets his own show at 3 a.m, filled with talk and other chatter. One night, he is receiving a call from a person claiming to be a friend from the past, but someone he can't trace with caller ID. Curious, he makes a few calls and connections and it turns out his mysterious caller was Lurleen Lumpkin, who now wants to use Homer's radio show to help get her career back on track, but Homer's insomnia is waning and he now must find a way to try to keep himself not only awake, but coherent enough to let Lurleen play.

30.18: The Third Clipshow in 30 Seasons
When Eric is diagnosed with a hemorrhage in his cartilage behind his right kneecap, he's confined to a special wing of the Springfield General Hospital to prevent secondary infection and is behind glass like a hamster. Feeling really worried and lonely, Felecia is camped out on the other side while Maggie keeps an eye on her. As Eric weakly recovers, the two catch up on all the fun moments they've shared over the years.

30.19: One Flew Much Too Far Over the Lover's Nest
Bart and Lisa's contribution to Homer and Marge's 22nd wedding anniversary is all out this time around. Thanks to Bart pulling a few favors and Lisa babysitting Eric, Homer and Marge, along with Maggie who's off to do some sightseeing, are financed for a weekend romp in Hawaii. After getting settled, Maggie hits the shops and checks out the surfers while Homer and Marge take a trip parasailing as a couple. Unfortunately, they got on the wrong boat and are headed over the jungle. Instead of landing safely near Honolulu, they wind up landing in the middle of the jungle and are tangled in a tree. Disheveled and now a mess Homer and Marge try to find their way out of the seemingly remote jungle and Maggie's trying to find them while not wanting to make Bart, Lisa and Eric worry.

30.20: The Kinder Side of Maggie Simpson
After being sentenced to 15 hours of detention for backtalk, Maggie makes a deal to get out of the "time." She is to assist the kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Kornel, with the after hours class. At first, Maggie's disposed, but then she starts to feel a little bit of "aww" towards the five year olds. After two-weeks, she befriends a girl, Keely, who was abandoned and as an orphan and is surprised that Keely thinks of her as teen-idol. Not wanting to go back to her old routine, Maggie now wants to be Keely's mentor.

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