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The War of the Simpsons started when I was feeling bored about doing a Character site, as there was only so much I could do with one character (Maggie) so at first, I branched out into doing a second character site (Lisa) but that didn't get much attention. I then finally decided it's about time for a general one to replace it.

Which is what you're looking at now, the site was in development for more than a year, mostly because of Uni and being unable to get certain parts of the forum integration completed. But we got there eventually.

But I knew people would not really like the idea of me moving to a general site and just dropping the older ones, I came up with the idea of "Site Modes" where people can select which of the three sites they can visit the domain with and have the content adjust with it, but this requires logging into the forum, a feature which currently (as of writting in August 2010 isnt available)

After a while, I decided for something new. In December 2010, I drew up an idea for WOTS3, and decided to make it seasonal, so that the design changes throughout the year. But I changed the actual design itself later on in January 2011. The code was massively shrunk down with lots of CSS and the entire design was redone to be tableless.

Gary M. Gadsdon
Age: 36
Date of Birth: 17th July 1987
Location: London, United Kingdom
Known Aliases: Gazza44, Gazmanafc, AwwLilMaggie, Downbeat, ALM, AWL
Email: gazmanafc@gmail.com
Role: Owner
Favourite Simpsons Character: Lisa and Maggie Simpson
Favourite Simpsons Episode: Lisa's Wedding
MSN: Email me for it
ICQ: 240420640
AIM: AwwLilMaggie
YIM: tcbgazmanafc
Google Talk: gazmanafc@gmail.com
PSN: Gazmanafc

Leif Jensen
Location: Denmark
Role: Artist
Favourite Simpsons Character: Marge

Previous Versions
Here you can view the previous designs the site has had. Including the preiods of time when the site was maintained as two separate character sites, The Cutest Baby and Lisa the Beauty Queen. Click the thumbnail to view them in your browser, be aware that any links in these past versions will divert you back to the current version, also some of these designs have been tweaked to include later features in regards to the content shown, and include links to Multi Talk 2 but the designs themselves are mostly unchanged.

Version 1
April 2005
Version 2
August 2010 - July 2011
Version 1
October 2003 - October 2004
Version 2
October 2004 - December 2004
Version 3
December 2004 - January 2005
Version 4
January 2005 - March 2005
Version 5
March 2005 - June 2005
Version 6.1
June 2005 - October 2005
Version VII
October 2005 - March 2006
Version 8.1
March 2006 - July 2006
Version IX-2
July 2006 - June 2007
Version X-2
June 2007 - January 2008
Version XI-2
January 2008 - January 2009
Version XII
January 2009 - August 2010
Version 1
September 2005 - March 2006
Version 2
October 2007 - August 2010

Special Thanks
Nikki Wright, Joe Leslie, Ivan Paust, Donnie Shobe II, Rebekah Jewell, Jimmy Heenan, Kathryn Bunny, Chris Reilly, Rob Prince, Junior Bustamante, Bronya Bouchia, Amanda Clarke, Leon Bizo, Kane Robinson, Garret Handley, Kyle Lirette, Étienne Noss, Hairy Gregory, David Gratiot, Lyubomir Nick Anchikov, Carl Jackson, Chris Dominowski, Roger J. Milos III, Omar Arriaga, Kikkerking, Ajay Mistry, Alexander Gustaffson, Aydin, Casper, Dane Romley, Gustavo, Henrik Persson, Jake Lennington, Joey Gus, Locke831, Marco Berzacola, thatmargesimpsonfan, Mysti Quinn, Robert Tygart, Serge Igitov, Steven Palmer, Tommy Simms, Yggdrasill, James Gilson, Paul Bradford, Jonny Gannon, Gracie Evergreen, GladiatorRomanus:
For the content they have donated

For the original Simpsons Capsule Mod for Multi Talk 2

akabugeyes, JayBachatero and SleePy:
For assisting me in updating it to SMF 2.0 Beta 4

Sinan Çevik:
For creating the new Simpsons Capsule Mod for Multi Talk 2

For helping get the backend functions for the Image Viewing selector working

Simple Machines:
For the various snippets of code I took out from SSI functions and SMF code.

Joe Leslie:
For his little Framegrab Generator which I used to turn into various avatar and framegrab pages

Scott Vivian:
For his assistance in getting the lightbox protion of the lightbox setting set up.

Runic, IchBin™, Tippmaster, Donnie Shobe II, Daniel15:
Bug fixing.

and you:
for visiting

Can I work for The War of the Simpsons?
I am not accepting new places at the moment. You are more than welcome to send me any content you may have to thecutestbaby@gmail.com, or post it on Multi Talk 2 as long as its your own work.

I like your design, can you make me one?
No, I have made a promise to myself to only make designs to friends and family. Unless you pay. :P

But what about 88x31 buttons?
Unless I'll be using it on The War of the Simpsons, then no.

Can you add my link button to your site, I've done so on mine?
Only if your site is good enough in today's standards of a good site. And if I do think your site is good enough, there has to be sufficent room, affiliate spaces dont grow on trees, and if a spot does open up, its first come first served. But normally, I'll contact you if you want to affiliate on WOTS.

What about your links page?
That's Different. But I would still like to link to the good sites. A good website has to have a good design, loads of content (No Stolen Content thank you), and a clear navigation and plenty of updates. Also, English sites only, some non-Simpsons sites are accepted.

Can I use your images?
Generally, you do not need to ask me for permission. You're free to use the images how you see fit outside of making pure image galleries with them. For Framegrabs, I don't care what you do with them they are merely screenshots there's nothing special about them, they're there mostly for convenience sake, the same applies to Promo Cards or Character Slates. However, for images that were redrawn manually in a program such as Flash or Paint.NET then some form of attribution would be appreciated, the simplest method at least in terms of a Wiki for example would be to apply a template or brand it as a license of some description. With a line such as "This image was found on BabySimpson.co.uk" with a linkback to the main page of the site. If you want to use a piece of Fan Art, I'd recommend trying to find the artist elsewhere such as on DeviantART and asking them there.

Is Maggie's middle name really Jane?
No. I made that up for the sake of fan fiction, The Simpson Twins, Simpsons Fantasy, and Metal Gear Simpsons: With a Vengeance in particular. Unlike Homer (Jay), Bart (Jojo) and Lisa (Marie), Marge and Maggie's middle names have never been revealed in the show. I wanted to give Maggie a middle name that had J. in it and Jane seemed like a good choice.

Is there a particular forum you go to?
You can also reach me on the Multi Talk 2, I appear every now and then on the No Homer's Club but not that often, you can also find me on the Simple Machines Community Forums

What are your usernames on those forums?
For Multi Talk 2 and Simple Machines I go by my real name, and on The No Homer's Club I use "Solid Snake", on Multi Talk 2 my name appears in Red, on Simple Machines my name is in Grey.

What about AIM, YIM, MSN, ICQ and Google Talk?
See my profile above.

You never said your MSN address.
Yes, I know. I didnt for one reason, when I do give my MSN address out publicly, I get loads of people adding me just to say "hey" and it got annoying. So I created a new address and kept it secret, its strange how it doesnt happen with AIM, YIM and Google Talk. If you would like to add me to MSN, please email me or PM me on Multi Talk 2 for it.

Can I use one of your unused designs?
No. You're free to get inspiration from them, but you cant use them as is. So please just look at them and imagine WOTS/TCB/LTBQ with that design.

Which Browsers do you test your designs on?
I test my code and designs on Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6, Opera 10 and Safari 5. And as of September 3 2008, I also test the code in Google Chrome. I do have the ability to test in IE6 and IE7 but both are generally obsolete. The site is compatible with Google Chrome Frame, so if you use IE, I recommend that you install that. I can also test it for a Playstation Portable and Playstation 3, but I dont design a specific design compatible with it so there's no real point.

Where are you hosted? And how much do you pay?
I am hosted by Surpass. Too much downtime caused me to start paying for the site. I pay 3 ($6 approx) a month which is 36 ($72 approx) per year.

How much do you pay for Multi Talk 2?
The forum runs on SMF which is actually a free forum software, so I dont actually pay anything. Plus I'm SMF Staff, so I get private releases which I sometimes use to aid the development of the software so you get less bugs in the releases. (Aint I nice. ;))

Can I ask you to install SMF for me?
Yes, but you must either pay me $50 USD via PayPal. You can find more about my freelance services on my blog here.

What do you do in SMF?
I'm a Customiser which handles the mods and themes of the Customise Site. I focus more on the themes and created the Theme Approval System with Runic.

Can you teach me HTML, CSS and PHP?
I'll be able to provide help when it is needed, but I dont teach HTML. I'm learning PHP myself as it is. I recommend that you go to W3Schools for tutorials.

Disclaimer: The Simpsons is a copyrighted trademark of 20th Century FOX. Any and all content on this site is not authorised by FOX. This site is owned and maintained by Gary M. Gadsdon