Simpsons Actors
The Simpsons characters are occationally used to portray other roles, these usually happen in trilogy epiosdes, where they parody other material. So here's a list of all their roles.
Margaret Simpson
Voiced by: Various
Non-Compromising Architecht
Related Characters
Homer Simpson
Ellsworth Toohey
Maggie Roarke
Appearences: LABF09 - Four Great Women and a Manicure
Maggie seems to be a natural at building things with blocks, typically large buildings, but her teacher, Ellseworth Toohey doesnt want to let her creativity shine and wants all the kids to conform, so he destroys all her creations. Maggie sasses him back, and Toohey places her on trial. She defends herself, and later becomes a successful architect, where unlike Toohey, she allows kids in her daycare center to express their creativity.
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