Family Babysitters
While Homer and Marge are out, Bart, Lisa and Maggie stay at home with a babysitter. Here is a list of the babysitters that have taken care of the kids.

7G01 - Some Enchanted Evening
Ms. Botz, The Babysitter Bandit

7F15 - Principal Charming
Patty and Selma

8F14 - Homer Alone
Patty and Selma (Bart and Lisa only)

8F14 - Homer Alone
Homer and Barney (Maggie Only)

8F18 - A Streetcar Named Marge
Ayn Rand School For Tots (Maggie only)

9F05 - Marge Gets a Job
Grampa (Maggie only)

9F06 - New Kid on the Block
Laura Powers

9F08 - Lisa's First Word
Patty and Selma (Bart only)

1F03 - Marge on the Lam
Lionel Hutz

2F01 - Itchy and Scratchy Land
Itchy and Scratchy Land Ball Room (Maggie only)

2F06 - Homer Badman
Ashley Grant

3F01 - Home Sweet Diddily Dum Doodily
Ned, Maude, Rod and Todd Flanders

4F13 - My Sister, My Sitter
Lisa (Bart and Maggie only)

5F19 - Natural Born Kissers
Grampa (At least he was supposed to)

CABF03 - The Great Money Caper
Patty and Selma (Maggie only)

DABF10 - Blame it on Lisa
Patty and Selma

DABF16 - The Frying Game
Cletus and Brandene Del Roy-Spunkler

EABF17 - Moe Baby Blues
Moe Syzlak (Maggie only)

FABF10 - Co-Dependance Day
Ned Flanders

FABF14 - Catch 'em If You Can

GABF01 - Mommie Beerest
Bart (Self-Proclaimed)

GABF15 - Home Away From Homer
Ned Flanders (Maggie only)

JABF03 - The Wife Aquatic
Patty and Selma

JABF08 - Rome-Old and Juli-eh
Grampa and Selma

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