Couch Gags
In the opening credits the family always run into the living room to watch TV, but something not normal happens. This page lists the various couch gags long gags feature multiple shots as part of their full view images, while their thumbnails will only feature one image from that storyboard.

Bart flies up and then comes back down as the TV shows the credits.
7G02 - Bart the Genius
7G07 - The Telltale Head
The couch breaks apart under their weight.
7G03 - Homer's Odysee
7G10 - Homer's Night Out
Homer is forced off the couch.
7G04 - There's No Disgrace like Home
Maggie flies up and then comes back down into Marge's Lap.
7G06 - Moaning Lisa
7G12 - Krusty Gets Busted
The family perform Cha-Cha poses, then sit on the couch with their arms still extended.
7F02 - Simpson and Delilah
7F13 - Homer vs. Lisa and the Eighth Commandment
7F23 - When Flanders Failed
The couch falls through the floor under the weight of the family.
7F03 - Bart Gets an F
7F12 - The Way We Was
7F22 - Blood Feud
9F06 - New Kid on the Block
Maggie is nowhere to be seen, she then pops her head out of Marge's hair.
7F05 - Dancin' Homer
7F16 - Oh Brother, Where art thou?
The couch tips over, with Maggie jumping off and landing on a cusion on the floor.
7F06 - Bart the Daredevil
7F18 - Brush with Greatness
Grampa is on the couch asleep, their entry wakes him up.
7F07 - Bart vs. Thanksgiving
7F17 - Old Money
Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II fit onto the couch as well.
7F08 - Dead Putting Society
7F14 - Bart's Dog Get an F
The family rush in but they find that their couch is missing.
7F09 - Itchy and Scratchy and Marge
7F19 - Lisa's Subsitute
The couch flips over backwards with Maggie popping her head up from behind.
7F11 - One Fish, Two Fish, Blow Fish, Blue Fish
7F21 - Three Men and a Comic Book
The couch tilts backwards sending the family through the wall.
7F24 - Stark Raving Dad
8F22 - Bart's Friend Falls in Love
It turns out that Homer was sitting on Santa's Little Helper. Homer pulls him out from under the couch.
8F01 - Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
8F12 - Lisa the Greek
The Family form a pyramid with Maggie at the top who holds her arms out.
8F03 - Bart the Murderer
8F14 - Homer Alone
A one eyed alien sits on the couch and escapes through a trapdoor in the floor before the family run in.
8F04 - Homer Defined
8F16 - Bart the Lover
Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie sit on the couch as normal, Bart then runs in and lays across them.
8F05 - Like Father, Like Clown
8F15 - Separate Vocations
Homer runs in and lays on the couch. Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie then sit on top of him.
8F06 - Lisa's Pony
8F17 - Dog of Death
The Family falls into the couch.
8F07 - Saturdays of Thunder
8F19 - Colonel Homer
Two Burglers are stealing the couch as the family rush in. The sit on it and are then thrown off.
8F08 - Flaming Moes
8F20 - Black Widower
The Family rushing in wakes Santa's Little Helper who is asleep on the couch. He growls at them fiercely. Scared, the family backs away.
8F09 - Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk
8F21 - The Otto Show
3F31 - The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
The Family Bounces into different possitions.
8F11 - Radio Bart
The Family bumps into each other with Maggie being the only one to reach the couch safely.
8F13 - Homer at the Bat
The Flintstones sitting on the couch.
8F24 - Kamp Krusty
The couch rotates through the wall leaving an empty couch as a replacement.
9F01 - Homer the Heretic
9F12 - Brother from the Same Planet
Maggie is already seated on the couch. Homer, Marge and Bart run in and run off the end of the film strip, they run back in as Lisa joins them to sit on the couch.
9F02 - Lisa the Beauty Queen
9F14 - Duffless
3F31 - The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
The family walks in their skeletons.
9F04 - Treehouse of Horror III
The family has each others head. Homer has Maggie's head, Marge has Bart's, Maggie has Homer's, Lisa has Marge's and Bart has Lisa's. They trade heads until everyone is back to normal.
9F05 - Marge Gets a Job
9F17 - So It's Come Down to this a Simpsons Clip Show
There is no couch. Instead a small stool. Homer and Marge squeeze on the stool with the kids in their laps.
9F07 - Mr. Plow
9F18 - Whacking Day
Miniature versions of the family run in to a normal sized couch.
9F09 - Homer's Triple Bypass
9F20 - Marge in Chains
3F31 - The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
After the family run in, Eddie, Patty, Selma, Apu, Krusty, Grampa, Herman, Jasper, Jaqueline Bouvier, Lou, Smithers, Mr. Burns, Mrs. Krabappel, Principal Skinner, Princess Kashmir (with black hair), Miss. Hoover, Chief Wiggum, Ned Flanders, Maude Flanders, Barney, Moe, Dr. Hibbert, Kent Brockman, Otto, Nelson, Milhouse, and Martin all join them.
9F10 - Marge vs. The Monorail
3F31 - The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
After the family run in and spring a rope trap on the floor.
9F11 - Selma's Choice
9F19 - Krusty Gets Kancelled
The family shatter into pieces, then a take 2 is called where the family fuse into one blob, a take three is called where the family explode. All three gags were later used as separate gags.
9F21 - Homer's Barbershop Quartet
The family run into their boat house, a net above the couch empties a payload of fish on them.
9F22 - Cape Feare
The family run in to find that clones of them are already on the couch.
1F01 - Rosebud
The family break through the wall leaving cartoony outlines
1F03 - Marge on the Lam
The family are zombies breaking through the floor, sitting on the couch groaning.
1F04 - Treehouse of Horror IV
A Fat Guy is sitting on the couch as the family run in. He moves over slightly and the family squeeze into the remaining space.
1F05 - Bart's Inner Child
1F13 - Deep Space Homer
The screen is dark with eyeballs. It turns out that the eyes are floating there. The family run in without their eyes and sit down, they then pop their eyes into place.
1F06 - Boy Scoutz 'n the Hood
1F15 - Bart Gets an Elephant
2F04 - Bart's Girlfriend
The living room is replaced by David Letterman's studio. Letterman turns around to face them.
1F07 - The Last Temptation of Homer
1F19 - The Boy Who Knew Too Much
Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa pop their heads up from behind the couch, Maggie pops her head up from under the cusions.
1F10 - Homer and Apu
The Family fuse into a five headed blob
1F11 - Bart Gets Famous
There are two couches. The family rip themselves in half and sit on both.
1F14 - Homer Loves Flanders
As balls, Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie bounce onto the couch. Bart keeps boucing around until Homer grabs him and throws him onto the couch.
1F16 - Burns' Heir
The floor is actually water with everything else floating. The Family swim with their heads under to the couch, Bart has a snorkel.
1F17 - Lisa's Rival
2F13 - Bart vs. Australia
3F31 - The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
The Family sit down as the FOX bug appears on the screen. Homer pulls it off and the family stamp on it before sitting back on the couch.
1F18 - Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadassssss Song
The Family is already in the seating possition in thin air, then the couch comes in and sits on them.
1F22 - Bart of Darkness
2F12 - Homie The Clown
The Family is beamed in a la Star Trek.
2F01 - Itchy and Scratchy Land
2F14 - Homer vs. Patty and Selma
Each family member has various body parts of each other, they trade some, but even then the result isnt correct.
2F03 - Treehouse of Horror V
The Family sprung up into the ceiling.
2F05 - Lisa on Ice
2F15 - Lisa's Wedding
The couch constantly retreats into the back wall, as the family chase after it.
2F06 - Homer Badman
2F18 - Two Dozen and One Greyhounds
3F31 - The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
With cheesy grins, the family run past the same background of the couch over and over.
2F07 - Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy
2F16 - Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)
The living room is a parody of The Labarinth with each family member running in from a different wall.
2F09 - Homer The Great
2F19 - The PTA Disbands
3F31 - The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
The James Bond Theme plays, as Homer walks to the couch as seen through the barrel of a gun. Homer turns to the camera and shoots. The screen goes red.
2F10 - And Maggie Makes Three
2F21 - The Springfield Connection
The living room is black and white, the family run, all wearing white gloves, (Bart also has Mickey Mouse's shorts) and do a bouncing dance in front of the TV.
2F11 - Bart's Comet
2F22 - The Lemon of Troy
3F31 - The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
The Family run in and their sizes are reversed, Homer is the smallest while Maggie is the biggest. Bart notices that something isnt right.
2F31 - A Star is Burns
2F32 - 'Round Springfield
3F31 - The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
The Family is printed onto a sheet of Fax Machine paper which rises out of the cusions and then flops blow the couch.
2F17 - Radioactive Man
3F12 - Bart the Fink
3F22 - Summer at 4 ft 2
The couch moves away and a police line up chart moves in it's place.
2F20 - Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)
Each family member, along with Grampa, Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II are in a square on the screen with the couch in the center and the Brady Bunch theme playing, the family look at the camera and then run into the center square, except Grampa who is alseep in his square.
3F01 - Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily
3F13 - Lisa the Iconoclast
Each family member is riding in a buggy wearing a fez, they park in front of the TV.
3F02 - Bart Sells His Soul
3F14 - Homer the Smithers
The Family runs in, but not coloured. After sitting a set of mechanical arms colours them in.
3F03 - Lisa the Vegetarian
3F16 - The Day Violence Died
The family are hung from the ceiling in a noose.
3F04 - Treehouse of Horror VI
Each family member is a poorly built wind-up robot, they are all buzzing to some variety.
3F05 - King Size Homer
3F15 - A Fish Called Selma
A bowling alley clearer swipes Snowball II out of the way as the family are placed in like pins.
3F06 - Mother Simpson
3F17 - Bart on the Road
There is a plug in the middle of the floor, intrested, Homer pulls it out and as a result, everthing is sucked in.
3F07 - Marge Be Not Proud
3F19 - Raging Abe Simpson and his Grumbling Grandson in the Curse of the Flying Hellfish
The Living room is underwater and the family is now a family of sea monkeys.
3F08 - Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming
3F18 - 22 Short Films About Springfield
Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are hunting trophies above the couch and Homer is a rug. A Hunter then sits on the couch and smokes a pipe.
3F09 - Two Bad Neighbours
3F18 - Much Apu About Nothing
The camera zooms in on an identical family of mice.
3F10 - Team Homer
The family run in as everything in the living room has a neon tint. Homer then turns the light on.
3F11 - Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield
3F21 - Homerpalooza
The family parachute in, but Homer's fails to open and lands splat on the floor.
3F23 - You Only Move Twice
3F24 - El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)
Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa fly in wearing jetpacks and sit on the couch. Maggie then flies in, also wearing a jetpack and sits on Marge's lap.
3G01 - The Springfield Files
Homer walks into the Living Room alone, the top half of his body breaks off and lands on the couch revealing Marge, she does the same to reveal Bart, who reveals Lisa who then reveals Maggie.
3G02 - Lisa's Sax
The family doesnt run in. Instead they are locked out of the house as Homer bangs on the front door.
3G03 - SimpsonCalaFristicExpiala<Annoyed Grunt>Cious
The family does not run into the living room. Instead, a parody of the "Rocky and Bullwinkle" opening. The family rush towards a couch on a cliff with gives way under them. Then their outlines float over a mosaic, and finally under a happy sun, then sprout out of a flower patch, Bart also coughs up a dirt clod with a flower in it.
3G04 - Simpson Tide
The living room is upside down. As the family sit on the couch, they fall to the ceiling.
4F01 - Lisa's Date with Density
4F14 - Brother from another Series
4F21 - The Secret War of Lisa Simpson
The Grim Reaper is sitting on the couch. As each family member runs in and sees him, they all die in a huge pile.
4F02 - Treehouse of Horror VII
Each family member is in a cowboy outfit, when they sit on the couch, it bucks off over the horizon
4F03 - The Homer They Fall
4F15 - Homer vs. The Eighteenth Ammendment
The Family run in as Bart is glowing. Homer messes with the controls on the TV and Bart is still glowing. Homer then slaps him out of it.
4F04 - A Milhouse Divided
4F19 - Homer's Enemy
The family is a family of Soap Bubbles, as they reach the couch, they burst.
4F05 - Burns, Baby, Burns
4F09 - Grade School Confidential
The family run in and pose much like The Beatles's album cover for "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album.
4F06 - Bart After Dark
4F12 - The Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie Show
The couch is missing, in it's place is a Vend-a-Couch system. Homer inserts a coin and the couch lands on top of him.
4F07 - Hurricane Neddy
4F18 - In Marge We Trust
The couch and floor are part of a carnival Whack-a-Mole. A hammer misses Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, but when Homer comes up, he gets hit.
4F08 - The Twisted World of Marge Simpson
4F17 - The Old Man and The Lisa
Grampa is alseep on the couch, folded out. The family run in and fold it back in, with Grampa still inside.
4F10 - Mountain of Madness
4F16 - The Canine Mutiny
The couch is part of an AOL window (on a Mac), there are two options "Load Family" and "Exit" Load Family is initially clicked and a loading screen appears, it takes too long so Exit is repeatidly clicked.
4F11 - Homer's Phobia
The couch on the deck of a boat. As the family sit down wearing raincoats, a huge wave overpowers them and they are washed away.
4F13 - My Sister, My Sitter
The family dribble and pass a basketball, and then sit on the couch. Maggie dunks the ball in a net above Homer's head.
4F22 - The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson
The family are wearing space suits. The couch then takes off like a rocket.
4F23 - The Principal and The Pauper
A vine grows in the living room with each family member as a piece of fruit or veg. Homer is a squash, Marge is an artichoke, Bart is a Stawberry, Lisa is a Pineapple, Maggie is an asparigus
4F24 - Lisa the Simpson
The couch is filled with a pool of water, the family run in with their asses on fire. The family sit in the water with a sigh of relief.
5F01 - The Cartridge Family
5F10 - The Last Temptation of Krust
The family are strapped in and electricuted.
5F02 - Treehouse of Horror VIII
The family are crushed into a cube by car compactors.
5F03 - Bart Star
5F12 - Dumbbell Indemnity
AABF05 - Mayored to the Mob
Bart spraypaints a crude image of the family on the couch and signs it El Barto.
5F04 - The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons
5F13 - This Little Wiggy
The living room is a Sauna, with three guys on the couch. The family run in, and leave when they discover that the couch is occupied.
5F04 - Lisa the Skeptic
5F14 - The Trouble with Trillions
The family sit on the couch, a hand then comes in and spins them, leaving them formed like Spin Art.
5F06 - Realty Bites
5F15 - Girly Edition
AABF06 - Viva Ned Flanders
The family sit on the couch, the scene then pulls out to reveal it's inside a snowglobe. It's shaken and then the family wonder at the now falling snow.
5F07 - The Miracle on Evergreen Terrace
5F16 - King of the Hill
The Couch is pulled out from in front of the family, Nelson comes out from behind it and laughs at them.
5F08 - Bart Carny
5F17 - Lost Our Lisa
5F20 - Lard of the Dance
The Living room is repaced with Bart's Classroom where he's writing several lines of "I WILL NOT MESS WITH THE OPENING CREDITS" on a blackboard.
5F09 - Trash of the Titans
The Couch replaced by a group of lillypads and Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa are frogs, while Maggie is a tadpole, Homer turns the TV on with his tongue.
5F11 - Das Bus
5F18 - Natural Born Kissers
AABF04 - Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"
Marge walks into the living room with a laundry basket. She takes something and snaps it, it turns out to be Homer who she hangs on a clothesline above the couch, she proceeds to hang Bart, Lisa and Maggie as well.
5F19 - When You Dish Upon a Star
AABF09 - Homer the The Max
The living room is filled with seats filled with Springfieldians. (Principal Skinner, Agness Skinner, Krusty the Clown, Sideshow Melvin Van Horne, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Jimbo Jones, Kearney, Comic Book Guy, Ned Flanders, Maude Flanders, Mr. Burns, Waylon Smithers, Lenny Leonard, Moe Szyslak, Hans Moleman, Ralph Wiggum, Rodd Flanders, Milhouse Van Houten and Groundskeeper Willie) The family then pass through them to the couch. Homer also takes some of Comic Book Guy's popcorn.
5F21 - The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
AABF16 - The Old Man and the "C" Student
Two Firemen are carrying the couch. Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie fall from the upper level and land on the couch. Homer misses and falls through the floor.
5F22 - Bart the Mother
AABF12 - Make Room for Lisa
The living room is normal sized, but miniature versions of the family help each other to the couch. Santa's Little Helper, also normal sized walks in and takes Homer away in his mouth.
5F23 - The Joy of Sect
The living room floor is a treadmill. Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie all make it to the couch fine. But Homer falls over, and dragged through the machine over and over. He tells Marge to "Stop this crazy thing!"
5F24 - All Singing, All Dancing
Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th are sitting on the couch wondering when the family are going to show up.
AABF01 - Treehouse of Horror IX
A handlebar on the couch drops into place and the couch takes off like a rollercoaster.
AABF02 - D'oh'in in the Wind
AABF10 - Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"
Hairdryers appear over each family members's heads, when they are removed, each family member has a different members hairstyle. Homer has Maggie's, Marge has Bart's, Bart has Lisa's, Lisa has Homer's and Maggie has Marge's, the weight of which causes her to fall off the couch.
AABF03 - Lisa Gets an "A"
AABF11 - I'm With Cupid
The Simpsons run in wearing cowboy hads and sit on the headrest of the couch. The floor then opens up and the couch drops to the ground like in Dr. Strangelove, or How I learned to stop worrying and Love the Bomb.
AABF07 - Wild Bart's Cant Be Broken
AABF15 - Mom and Pop Art
The Simpsons run on water to the couch which is floating. An Iceberg then comes in and sinks the couch, taking the Simpsons with it. Maggie then floats up on a cusion.
AABF08 - Sunday, Cruddy Sunday
AABF18 - They Saved Lisa's Brain
The Simpsons run in where Bart and Lisa are adults, and Homer and Marge are kids, Homer has a full head of hair and a Maggie doll. Homer takes the remote from Lisa, who slaps his hand and takes the remote back.
AABF13 - Maximum Homerdrive
BABF08 - The Mansion Family
Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa run in and slip on four Banana peels landing on the couch. Maggie then runs in, slips on the fifth peel and lands in Marge's lap.
AABF14 - Simpsons Bible Stories
The living room is a night club. The couch is guarded by a rope. The Bouncer lets Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie through. But turns Homer away.
AABF19 - E-I-E-I-<Annoyed Grunt>
BABF13 - Bart to the Future
The Simpsons are sucked into the couch and are then shredded. The shreds appear from under the cusions.
AABF20 - Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo
BABF05 - Take My Wife, Sleaze
As the Simpsons sit down, Marge notices a Matt Groening signature on the floor, which she rubs off. Matt Groening then comes in and rewrites it back.
AABF21 - Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner
BABF12 - Pygmoelian
The Simpsons run coloured white with numbers over various body parts. A group of artists come in with pallettes and brushes and then colour them in according to the numbers.
AABF22 - Brother's Little Helper
BABF18 - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Marge
The Simpsons run in to find a copy of the family as was seen on The Tracy Ullman Show sitting on the couch. Both sets of familys scream in horror.
AABF23 - Beyond Blunderdome
BABF14 - Days of Wine and D'oh'ses
A Ciment Truck pours sculputres of the family onto the couch. The top half of Homer breaks off.
BABF02 - Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder
CABF15 - I'm Goin' to Praiseland
The couch rotates to reveal Ned Flanders being tortured by Vincent Price.
BABF03 - Eight Misbehavin'
CABF05 - Pokey Mom
The Family are Crash Test Dummies, as the couch bolts forward, Homer's head falls off.
BABF04 - Little Big Mom
CABF16 - Children of a Lesser Clod
A Psychiatrist is sitting next to the couch. Homer runs ahead of the rest of the family and jumps on the couch exclaiming "Oh Doctor, I'm crazy!"
BABF06 - Faith Off
CABF10 - Day of the Jackanapes
There is a pole next to the couch with a hole in the ceiling. Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie all slide down the pole and sit on the couch. But Homer gets stuck in the hole.
BABF07 - Grift of the Magi
The family come in wearing Karate Gear. They Karate Chop the couch.
BABF09 - Saddlesore Galactica
CABF09 - Hungry, Hungry Homer
The couch is missing, instead the family each come in bumbercars. Marge, Bart and Lisa all bump Homer into the back wall.
BABF10 - Alone Again Natura-Diddly
The Living Room is now an Underground Station. A train pulls in and the family get on. It then departs.
BABF11 - Missionary Impossible
CABF17 - Simpsons Tall Tales
The family are wearing loin-cloths. Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie all swing from vines to the couch. But Homer misses and hits the wall.
BABF15 - Last Tap Dance in Springfield
The Floor is covered in hot coals. The family jump accross them barefoot to the couch.
BABF16 - Kill The Alligator and Run
The angle of the TV is shown as the family run in. The freeze frame in the air as the camera spins around Matrix-style to the couch. The family unfreeze and sit on the couch like normal.
BABF17 - Insane Clown Poppy
CABF21 - The Blunder Years
There is a coin slot next to Bart, who inserts a coin. The couch then vibrates off screen.
BABF19 - Behind the Laughter
The Family are sitting with their arms extended.
BABF19 - Behind the Laughter
The family except Bart, who doesnt appear at all, wearing cowboy outfits, a cut is called.
BABF19 - Behind the Laughter
Bart lays a whoopie cushion below Homer's seat and then sits on the couch. Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie join him, as Homer sits the whoopie cushion lets out a farting noise, Marge, Lisa and Maggie look at him while Bart laughs.
BABF20 - A Tale of Two Springfields
There are five tubes above the couch. Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie are dropped in, while Fry from Futurama is in Bart's place. Fry is then sucked back up and Bart is dropped in.
Maggie is already sitting on the couch. Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa walk in each dressed as a Teletubby. Maggie claps.
CABF01 - Lisa the Treehugger
The family run in to find Santa's Little Helper dancing.
CABF02 - The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
The family swim to the couch wearing scuba gear, but it turns out that they are in a giant fish bowl in the living room.
CABF03 - The Great Money Caper
Marge, Bart and Lisa all skateboard to the couch off a ramp. Homer falls off the ramp and his skateboard hits him on the head.
CABF04 - Homer vs. Dignity
CABF14 - Trilogy of Error
The family all pile on to a football in the middle of the living room, each wearing football gear. Maggie jumps out from the pile and spikes the ball.
CABF06 - Skinner's Sense of Snow
CABF20 - Homer the Moe
The floor is a frozen lake, and the family, wearing their winter clothes ice-skate to the couch. As Homer sits, his weight causes him to fall through the ice.
CABF07 - Tenis the Menace
The couch is missing and the Squeaky Voiced Teen is in it's place. Homer hands him a ticket and the Squeaky Voiced Teen runs off, then returns with the couch. The family sit on it. The Squeaky Voiced Teen holds his hand out for a tip but doesnt get one, he walks off, disappointed.
CABF08 - Worst Episode Ever
The living room has been replaced by a Prison wall, there are spotlights and sirens going. Each family member tunnels their way to the couch and sit on it as the spotlights then focus on them.
CABF12 - New Kids on the Blecch
CABF18 - A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love
The family are on the sail boat in the painting above the couch, the family jump off, Homer and Maggie just jump, Marge holds her nose before jumping, Bart cannonballs, and Lisa dives, they then appear on the couch, the living room is covered in water.
CABF22 - The Parent Rap
The couch is replaced by a hedge. A Gardner shapes the hedge into the family sitting on the couch.
DABF01 - Brawl in the Family
DABF11 - Weekend at Burnsie's
The couch is replaced by a fruit machine. Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa all appear on the reels. Maggie is replaced by a lucky 7, an alarm sounds, and coins pour out of the machine.
DABF02 - She of Little Faith
DABF12 - Gump Roast
The family sit and a claw comes from above and grabs Homer lifting him. Homer shouts "Ow! My Brain!"
DABF03 - Sweets and Sour Marge
DABF13 - I Am Furious (Yellow)
Two Repo guys are reposessing the couch as the family come in. Homer cries, the kids are content with sitting on the floor.
DABF04 - Half Decent Proposal
DABF14 - The Sweetest Apu
The living room is black and white. Homer walks in wearing 1920's style clothes. He twitches his nose and the rest of the family run in to sit on the couch, Homer then joins them.
DABF05 - Jaws Wired Shut
DABF16 - The Frying Game
The Squeaky Voiced Teen and some girl are making out on the couch with the lights out. The family rush in, and Homer turns the lights on. The couple look shocked.
DABF07 - The Lastest Gun in the West
DABF15 - Little Girl in the Big Ten
The Family Run to the couch as an animated flip book held by a live action hand.
DABF08 - Tales From the Public Domain
EABF10 - C. E. D'oh
The family run in to find the Blue Man Group playing in their living room.
DABF09 - Old Man and The Key
DABF17 - Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge
The family are puppets. Thier strings get tangled up, frustrating Matt Groening who is controlling them.
DABF10 - Blame it on Lisa
EABF08 - A Star is Born-Again
The Living Room is drawn on an Etch-A-Sketch
DABF18 - Large Marge
EABF07 - I'm Spelling as Fast as I can
Homer passes through many high-tech security doors, until he reaches a phone booth, inside he dials some numbers and falls through the floor landing on the couch, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are already there.
DABF20 - Bart vs. Lisa vs. The Third Grade
EABF19 - The Fat and the Furriest
GABF13 - A Star is Torn
A cursor moves Homer around, recolours the living room, and replaces the sailboat picture with the Mona Lisa. Which makes an "eep" sound for some reason.
DABF21 - Helter Shelter
The living room is filled with water, and a jet ski ramp is next to the couch, the family ski to the couch. When Seated, it turns out that sharks are eating Homer's legs.
DABF22 - How I Spent My Strummer Vacation
EABF11 - Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky
Homer uses the remote to change which Era the living room is in. He changes it to Caveman times and Ancient Rome.
EABF01 - The Great Louse Detective
EABF09 - Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington
The family are coated in batter. They are then deep fried, tossed onto the couch and salted.
EABF02 - Special Edna
EABF12 - Three Gays of the Condo
The family are on a high-rise steel girder and each sandwiches out of lunch boxes.
EABF03 - The Dad Who Knew Too Little
EABF14 - Old Yeller Belly
The couch is replaced by a Carnival Photo Booth with cutouts of the family. Each family member picks a different body for their head. Lisa/Homer, Homer/Marge Maggie/Lisa, Bart/Maggie, Marge/Bart.
EABF04 - Strong Arms of the Ma
EABF15 - Brake My Wife, Please
The Living Room and Family are made out of Gingerbread. Homer takes a bite out of Bart.
EABF05 - Barting Over
EABF17 - Moe Baby Blues
The living room is a dollhouse and the family are picked up by a baby.
EABF06 - Pray Anything
EABF16 - The Bart of War
The family are mimes and push on an inivible wall to the invisible couch.
EABF13 - Dude, Where's My Ranch?
A photo sound is heard and the family appear on a polaroid on the couch.
EABF20 - The President Wore Pearls
FABF11 - The Wandering Juvie
The couch is replaced with five poles. The family slide down them into the Bat Cave wearing Batman related outfits.
FABF01 - Today I'm a Clown
FABF15 - Simple Simpson
The couch is replaced with a bench as the family appear as Japanese characters. Homer is Ultraman, Marge is Jun from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Bart is Astroboy, Lisa is Sailor Moon and Maggie is Pikachu.
FABF02 - 'Tis the Fifteenth Season
FABF18 - Fraudcast News
The family sit on the couch as several knives are thrown at them.
FABF03 - Marge vs. Singles Seniors Childless Couples and Teens and Gays
FABF13 - The Way We Weren't
The couch is replaced by a cake, the family are iced onto the cake.
FABF04 - I <Annoyed Grunt> Bot
FABF14 - Catch 'em if you can
The family pop their heads out of a piece of pie.
FABF05 - Diatribe of a Mad Housewife
A Hand Places a tray with capsules in a microwave, the family grow from the tray.
FABF06 - Margical History Tour
FABF17 - Bart Mangled Banner
A Gardener throws seeds on a flower bed, which grow into the family.
FABF07 - Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore
The family sit on the couch as the camera pans upwards through the United States, and through the Solar System, passing Kang and Kodos. It continues until it starts to show atoms, then DNA structures, then pans through Homer's head back to the couch.
FABF08 - The Ziff Who Came to Dinner
GABF05 - On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister
KABF02 - Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind
The family are in five dry cleaning bags that move into place on a rack in the living room.
FABF09 - Smart and Smarter
The family sit on the couch and Lisa asks "What? Cant we sit on the couch without something happening", Homer is then hit with a spear in his chest.
FABF16 - Midnight RX
The couch is nowhere to be seen. As the family wonder where it is, it falls on top of them.
FABF19 - Sleeping With the Enemy
The couch is on a catapult, it is then fired, sending the family flying over the horizon.
FABF20 - All's Fair Oven War
GABF11 - The Heartbroke Kid
The couch is attached to a giant fish which eats the family.
FABF21 - Fat Man and Little Boy
GABF15 - Home Away from Homer
The family crawl to the couch which is made out of sand. The whole living room then collapses.
GABF01 - Mommie Beerest
The family form a totem pole with Homer at the bottom and Maggie at the top.
GABF02 - Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass
The family are chess pieces. Homer is a King, Marge is a queen, Bart is a Rook, Lisa is a Knight, and Maggie is a Pawn.
GABF03 - Pranksta Rap
The family are hockey players with missing teeth and black eyes, they skate around the couch holding the Stanley Cup (which holds Maggie)
GABF04 - There's Something About Marrying
The lights are out, with lots of eyes floating in the dark. The lights go on, and the eyes are various Springfieldians. The family run in as they yell "SURPRISE" Homer then has a heart attack.
GABF06 - Goo Goo Gai Pan
HABF12 - Girls Just Wanna Have Sums
Homer pulls off his face to reveal that he's really Sideshow Bob who chases Bart around the living room.
GABF07 - Mobile Homer
A large spike comes out of the wall as the floor opens up to reveal a spit. The spike spins the couch cooking the family.
GABF08 - The Seven Beer Snitch
Snowball II is lying on the floor, and the family are balloons. As Homer floats by, Snowball wakes up, and bursts Homer.
GABF09 - The Father, Son and Holy Guest Star
The living room and everything in it is a jigsaw puzzle, a pair of hands are placing the family's heads in, initially, Homer and Maggie's heads are inserted incorrectly.
GABF10 - Don't Fear the Roofer
HABF11 - The Wettest Stories Ever Told
The family are all Transformers
GABF12 - Future Drama
HABF13 - Regarding Margie
The gag is formed as Claymation Animation. The family roll in as balls, and take form on the couch, a sixth ball joins them and takes the shape of Gumby.
GABF16 - The Girl Who Slept Too Little
HABF05 - My Fair Laddy
The living room has an airport metal detector with a security guard. Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie all walk through the detector fine. Homer however sets it off so he removes his shoes and belt, and sets it off again, he then removes his shirt and trousers, and sets it off yet again, so the security guard uses a hand detector which also beeps.
GABF18 - Bonfire of the Manatee's
The family sits and a menu pops up asking if the user wants to delete the recording, or not. Delete the recording is selected.
GABF19 - Milhouse of Sand and Fog
HABF09 - Million Dollar Abie
The family runs in as the couch comes to life as a hideous monster, the family flee as the couch gives chase. Outsite various other couches are also attacking. Sherri and Terri get eaten by theirs and the cops are stuck in their car. At Moe's, Moe takes a swig of booze and then uses his Shotgun to try and defend himself against his bar funature, to no avail. Homer still running takes break in a store which turns out to be a couch store, the couches in the store then dogpile on him.
GABF20 - Marge's Son Poisoning
HABF16 - Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play
The family runs as the living rooms zooms out to reveal they are in captivity on Rigel IV, Kang and Kodos's Home Planet.
GABF21 - See Homer Run
The couch is replaced with a birds nest, which the family sit in. A bird flies in and feeds Homer a worm.
GABF22 - Last of the Red Hat Mama's
An issue of the Springfield Shopper flies towards the screen with the headline "COUCH GAG THRILLS NATION", the family are already seated.
HABF01 - Simpsons Christmas Stories
JABF10 - Marge Gamer
The family are playing cards, they are dealt onto the couch as a Wild Royal Flush. Homer is the King, Marge is a Queen, Bart is a Jack, Lisa is the Ace and Maggie is the Joker.
HABF02 - The Itialian Bob
HABF10 - Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bangalore
The family sit on the couch as a photographer comes in and takes the family's annual picture. The first is 2006, the family is normal. In 2007, Homer looks more tired, in 2008 he is missing, and the family are in their funeral clothes. In 2009, Lenny has replaced Homer, in 2010, Carl has replaced Marge, and Bart, Lisa and Maggie have all matured and their outfits have changed, in 2011, Marge has returned, and is with Jimbo, in 2012, Homer has come back but is a robot, and in 2013, the entire family are robots.
HABF03 - Homer's Paternity Coot
HABF14 - The Monkey Suit
An old timey map of Springfield is shown and burns away showing the family in Cowboy outfits and all on horseback.
HABF04 - We're On the Road to D'ohwere
JABF08 - Rome-old and Juli-eh
The couch is on a convyer belt with Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie already on it. A mechanical arm drops Homer in, and the couch moves onwards.
HABF06 - The Seemingly Never Ending Story
The couch is surrounded by lasers. The family pass through them and they are then switched off chopping off Homer's head.
HABF07 - Bart Has Two Mommies
The couch gag, along with the entire intro is live action. The family just sit on the couch.
HABF08 - Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife
The family are playing Musical Chairs. Homer loses.
HABF15 - The Mook, The Chef, The Wife and Her Homer
JABF11 - The Boys of Bummer
Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie run into the living room, which is part of an appartment. King Homer from 9F04 - Treehouse of Horror III comes to the window and grabs Marge taking her up the building and being shot at.
HABF18 - Jazzy and the Pussycats
The couch is on a computer screen as all five members are dragged onto the couch, the couch is then thrown into the trash, which is emptied.
HABF19 - Moe 'n' a Lisa;
KABF13 - All About Lisa
The couch is replaced by a vending machine that contains the family as products as well as various other characters. Ralph runs in and selects Homer. He then takes a bite out of Homer's head.
HABF20 - Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'em
JABF09 - Yokel Chords
The family sit on the couch as it's fed along a conveyer belt that turns out to be a car wash.
HABF21 - G. I. <Annoyed Grunt>
JABF13 - Crook and Ladder
The lights are out. When they come on, the family are on the couch as cockroaches, they all scurry away except Maggie who hides behind the couch.
HABF22 - Ice Cream of Margie (and the Light Blue Hair)
The family sit on the couch, the camera then zooms out to show the Christmas Tree with Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II sleeping next to it.
JABF01 - Kill Gil (Volumes One and Two)
KABF21 - The Burns and the Bees
A pair of hands makes a paper cut out of Homer, then pulls it out to reveal the rest of the family.
JABF02 - The Haw Haw'd Couple
The couch and family are attached to a notice board.
JABF03 - The Wife Aquatic
The family are wearing their underwear, as a pair of hands clip their normal clothes onto them.
JABF04 - Little Big Girl
The family crawl to the couch as babies wearing diapers. They then grow up to their normal sizes, and fully clothed. Maggie looks around.
JABF05 - Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three Times
Homer starts out as a single cell organism which multiplies into a Jellyfish version of himself, then into a normal fish which gets attacked by an Octopus of Mr. Burns. The Homerfish surfaces and evolves into a lizard that eats a Mosquito version of Lenny. Homer passes a pterodactyl of Agnes Skinner. Homer then evolves into a rat and runs into a T-Rex version of Bart, and a stegosaurus version of Lisa who fight, Homer dives into a hole. When he does, a meteor crashes into a mountain, killing T-Bart and Lisasaurus. Homer comes out of his hole and wanders towards a forest, where he evolves into a monkey, swinging through the trees into a clearing where he evolves into a caveman, he meets Moe who devolves into a rat. Homer continues walking through various historical ages including a nomad from the Middle Ages, a Spanish explorer, a Pilgrim, and a Victorian-era intellectual, finally reaching himself in Springfield, he walks into the house and sits on the couch with the rest of the family.
JABF06 - Homerazzi
JABF18 - Homer of Seville
KABF12 - Mona Leaves-a
The family run into the living room and sit on the couch, when another set of the family join them. Then another, and another and eventually there are so many copies of the family, that they start to crowd the house and come out of the chimney forming a pile.
JABF12 - Stop or My Dog Will Shoot
To celebrate the 20 years of The Simpsons, the entirety of MG25 - Family Portrait is used as the couch gag.
JABF15 - You Kent Always Say What You Want
The house is shown on the cover of a magazine. When it's opened, the couch pops out with the family on it.
JABF17 - Husbands and Knives
KABF11 - Any Given Sundance
Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa run into the couch as a hand grabs Homer. It turns out that the living room was part of a Doll House, and the hand belongs to Maggie. She sucks on Homer like a pacifier.
JABF19 - I Don't Wanna Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
The house is still being rebuilt after it was destroyed in The Simpsons Movie, the family run in to the Spiderman theme with Plopper sitting on the couch, Homer picks Plopper up and the family sit. Homer calls Plopper his "Summer Love"
JABF20 - He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs
The living room is built with Lego bricks. The family are placed in, and Homer is originally given a long brick for a full head of hair but it is switched with a smaller one.
JABF21 - Midnight Towboy
A magazine cover flies at the camera called "Modern Couch Gag" featuring the family already on the couch. There is a subline claiming "10 Couch Gags to Spice up your Marraige"
JABF22 - Little Orphan Millie
A magician is in the living room and uses his cloak to make the couch appear, followed by the family.
KABF01 - Funeral For a Fiend
A Medieval tapestry is shown featuring the Realms of Simpson and Flanders. Flanders takes the Simpsons's couch so the family sail to the castle of Flanders and fight an epic battle to reclaim their couch.
KABF03 - E. Pluribus Wiggum
KABF10 - Apocalypse Cow
The family are already seated on the couch which turns out to be a painting in a museum. It is captioned "Ceci n'est pas une couch gag"
KABF04 - That 90's Show
There is a mobile in the living room. Each family member hooks themselves on. Homer weighs it down.
KABF05 - Love Springfieldian Style
The couch is a lightbox, some pieces are placed into the box, revealing the family sitting on the couch. It is then switched on.
KABF06 - The Debarted
There are five pills on the couch. Proffessor Frink provides each of them with some water, and they grow into a member of the family. Homer doesn't grow far enough, so Frink throws a bucket of water on him.
KABF07 - Dial "N" For Nerder
Wile E. Coyote paints the couch on the backwall. When Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa run in, they smack into it. Maggie comes in and makes Road Runner's "Meep Meep" sound and speeds off. The family then sit on the couch like normal, but Homer falls through the wall.
KABF08 - Smoke on the Daughter
A paintbrush paints the family onto the couch.
KABF09 - Papa Don't Leech
The house is destroyed in a Tornado and the family is swept to a farm, that's black and white.
KABF14 - Double, Double, Boy in Trouble
The family visit a monument of themselves on the couch.
KABF15 - Lost Verizon
The family are flash frozen a la Han Solo when they sit on the couch.
KABF17 - Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes
The couch is replaced by five cookoo clocks, which release a member of the family in turn.
KABF18 - Dangerous Curves
The living room is gone, and the couch is replaced by a bench. Mount Springfield errupts and covers the family in ashes.
KABF19 - Homer and Lisa Exchange Crosswords
Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie find Bart writing "I WILL NOT BRING THE CHALKBOARD HOME"
KABF20 - Mypods and Boomsticks
The couch is inside a box, which the family run to. The Box is priced and is on display at the Androids Dungeon where Comic Book Guy claims "Worst Couch Gag Ever"
KABF22 - Lisa the Drama Queen
The couch is missing, Homer notices that it's running away. The family case after it but the couch constantly evades them. Eventually, the family catch up to it in outer space, where Homer orders it back to the living room.
LABF01 - Take My Life, Please
LABF16 - The Great Wife Hope
The family appear in the intro sequences for Popular TV Shows of previous decades. For the 1950's, they're in The Honeymooners, from the 1960's it's The Dick Van Dyke Show, from the 1970's, the Brady Bunch, from the 1980's, Cheers the family flee when Sideshow Bob dressed as Fraiser Crane (both played by Kelsey Grammer), and finally, from the 1990's their own show on the couch, the family give a sigh of relief.
LABF02 - How the Test Was Won
LABF12 - Coming to Homerica
The family run in to find the couch in bad shape, so they bury it in the back yard. They then go to a couch farm to pick out a new couch. The new one throws Homer off and he is shown in a body cast in the living room.
LABF03 - No Loan Again, Naturally
The couch is hung from the ceiling like a piñata. Ralph hits it and it releases the family.
LABF04 - Gone, Maggie Gone
MABF04 - Postcards from the Wedge
Each of the family is represented as part of a meal. Homer is a salad, Lisa is the soup, Marge is spaghetti and meatballs, Bart is a steak, and Maggie is the after dinner chocolate. Comic Book Guy, who ate the meal, uses his napkin which contains a stain of the family on the couch.
LABF05 - Wedding for Disaster
MABF09 - Chief of Hearts
A hand pulls down cels from the top of the screen. The first, is mearly Homer's brain, then his skeleton, then his chest and a can of beer, then his skin and flesh, then the rest of the family fully clothed, then the living room. Marge notices that Homer is still naked, so she pulls down the next cel with Homer's clothes.
LABF06 - Eeny, Teeny Maya Moe
The family cut their way through a jungle to the living room only to find an identical family of monkeys on the couch. The monkeys get angry, scaring the family.
LABF07 - The Good, The Sad and the Drugly
The couch is at the end of a swimming pool. The family dive in, but only Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie make it to the couch. Homer instead drowns in the pool.
LABF08 - Father Knows Worst
MABF06 - The Colour Yellow
A sculptor sculpts the family on the couch, then changes it to a Civil War warrior on a horse.
LABF09 - Four Great Women and a Manicure
The living room is replaced by Ancient Rome and the family are wearing Togas. A Gladiator head flies towards them, which Bart catches.
LABF10 - Waverly Hills 9021-D'oh
The family are contestants in a dog contest, which Bart wins.
LABF11 - In the Name of the Grandfather
MABF10 - The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed
The family run into a subway station, as a train pulls in. The doors open to reveal a replica of the living room.
LABF13 - Homer the Whopper
The family have a shootout in the living room. Homer is equipped with a shotgun, Marge and Bart have a revolver each, Lisa dual wields a pair of revolvers and Maggie is behind the sailboat painting with a minigun.
LABF15 - Bart Gets a Z
The family are cavemen and sit on a log in the middle of a tar pit. It sinks, and are later shown in their skeletons as an exhibit in a museum.
LABF17 - The Devil Wears Nada
The family sing the 12 days of Christmas with slightly different lyrics: Twelve Grampa's Grumbling, Elven Barney's belching, Ten Lenny's leaping, Nine Carl's dancing, Eight Moe's a-milking, Seven Selma's smoking, Six Flanders praying, Five Golden Frink's, Four Crawling Nerds, Three eyed Fish, Two Special Ralph's, and a Maggie in a snuggly.
LABF18 - Pranks and Greens
The family, plus Patty and Selma gather at the dining room table for Thanksgiving Dinner when they all grab food and rush off to the living room to watch TV.
LABF19 - Rednecks and Broomsticks
The family are sperm, and they enter an egg, which splits to form a Mr. Burns embryo.
LABF20 - Once Upon a Time in Springfield
The living room furnature is dancing around, when the family come in, Homer says "Hey!" and everything stops dancing.
MABF01 - O Brother, Where Bart Thou?
Homer walks onto a platform which launches him into a pinball machine with various Springfield landmarks. He gets hit around until he enters Moe's. The other family members enter the table and get hit around along with Homer until they all fall down between the flippers. Maggie then jumps up into the couch backdrop and down again.
MABF02 - Thursdays With Abie
Homer sits on the couch and pulls out an iPhone. He selects ths Couch Gag app and touches the icons of his family, and they run onto the couch on the phone. When Homer gets a call from Mr. Burns, he screams and swallows the phone. The real family are now next to him.
MABF03 - Million Dollar Maybe
The family are dealt out on Tarot cards. Homer and Marge are the King and Queen of Cups, Bart is the Fool, Lisa is the High Priestess and Maggie is Death. The cards are dealt to Grampa who turns the death card back on the Gypsy killing her.
MABF05 - Boy Meets Curl
The living room is replaced by the backyard, it rains and various vegetables grow. Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie as insects appear onto it, Homer however, busts through the Squash, and the family gather around him.
MABF07 - Stealing First Base
The couch is on the front lawn, and the family sit down. The house then falls around them.
MABF08 - American History X-Cellent
Harold from Harold and the Purple Crayon draws the Living Room, then the family run in and Homer requests a can of beer.
MABF11 - The Bob Next Door
As part of the intro sequence lip syncing to Ke$sha's Tik Tok, the family and couch are raised into the air by various other Springfieldians.
MABF12 - To Surviel With Love
Nelson builds a toy version of the family on the couch then destroys it with a firecracker.
MABF13 - Moe Letter Blues
The family chase the couch throughout a newspaper, including the news, sports and comics section, they finally reunite in Classifieds.
MABF14 - The Squirt and the Whale
NABF05 - Homer the Father
Bart and Homer perform a small show with puppets of themselves.
MABF15 - Judge Me Tender
The family run in to find a dead body on their floor. The Police arrive, and the family flee on the couch driven by Homer. They are caught and placed in a police lineup. There, they are identified as the murderers instead of the Flanders's and the Hibbert's. They are jailed, and then electrocuted. When electrocuted they scream and light up.
MABF17 - Loan-a Lisa
The family are seated on the couch which turns out to be a picture hanging in a sweatshop that produces animation cels and merchandise, in harsh environments.
MABF18 - MoneyBART
The house is shown as an advent calendar. There are 24 panels to be revealed, one for each day in December until Christmas Eve:
1st: Moe is hanging a christmas garland on his door made of beer cans.
2nd: Comic Book Guy is building a Death Star out of gingerbread
3rd: Snowball II is a raindeer
4th: Costingtons Department Store
5th: Kang or Kodos is attacking Santa
6th: The Statue of Jebediah Springfield is dressed as Santa
7th: Ralph is in his own stocking.
8th: Krusty is passed out in the gutter
9th: The School is closed
10th: The Flanders's house is decorated
11th: Nelson is looking at his tree
12th: Notivity scene with Mr. Teeny as Jesus
13th: Homer is strangling Bart
14th: Kent Brockman is dressed as an Elf
15th: Lisa is placing an Angel onto Marge's hair
16th: Snake is stealing from Santa
17th: The Old Jewish Man and Rabbi Krustofsky are eating sushi
18th: Otto is being towed by raindeer
19th: Kearney is on Santa's knee
20th: Smithers is on Santa's knee
21st: Santa is on Smithers's knee
22nd: Dr. Hibbert is doing surgery on Hans Moleman
23rd: Moe has Mistletoe on a hat that says "Kiss Me"
24th: The family on the couch plus Santa who has Maggie on his knee
MABF19 - Donnie Fatso
There are motorcycle ramps at either end of the couch, the family sit as normal. Captain Lance Murdock rides his bike up one ramp and down the otehr flying out the backdoor hitting an unseen wall.
MABF20 - Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life
There is a 22nd Season Premere Banner behind the couch, an executive comes in with a cupcake and a candle, Maggie blows it out. The executive eats the cake and walks away, the family, feels disappointed.
MABF21 - Elementary School Musical
There are virtual reality beds in the living room. The family are placed into them and are transfered into Na'vi versions of themselves. Bart tames a flying couch and the family then put on 3D Glasses to watch TV. Bart also shocks Homer.
NABF01 - The Fool Monty
Professor Frink shrinks the family down to microscopic sizes. They almost get trampled on by Grampa, and Snowball II tries to eat them, so the family run into the mouse hole, and sit on some cheese which turns out to be on a mousetrap, the family, on the cheese causes the trap to trigger.
NABF02 - How Munched is that Birdie in the Window?
The couch wakes up and gets out of bed, then has a shave. It then has some breakfast with it's family and takes the subway with other couches to the house where it punches in with a time card, into the living room for the family to sit on it.
NABF03 - Moms I'd Like to Forget
The couch is replaced with a Banana Split. The Family are formed out of scoops of Ice Cream, and chocolate sauce and whipped cream are applied to them. A Giant Santa's Little Helper then eats the whole thing.
NABF04 - Flaming Moe
Homer breaks his leg running to the couch, so Mr. Burns as a team coach tells Barney to fill in for him while Homer is taken away on a stretcher.
NABF06 - The Blue and The Grey
The family are dressed in Hockey Gear as Bart and Lisa break into a fight, with Maggie jumping on Homer. Marge breaks the kids up as Lenny and Carl come in as referees that send the family to the penulty box.
NABF07 - Angry Dad: The Movie
The living room is replaced by a computer screen of The Simpsons: Couch Gag Game. At first the Character select screen contains five Homers. Player 2 selects Marge, 3P selects Bart, 4P Lisa and 5P Maggie. The game is started and the family run to the couch, where a Game Over is displayed.
NABF08 - The Scorpions Tale
The couch flings the family into the camera.
NABF09 - A Midsummers Nice Dream
The living room is made out ASCII Art. Bart then places "FATSO" causing Homer to respond with D'oh.
NABF10 - Love is Many a Stangled Thing
The living room is part of a VHS tape, inside a store. That store is then demolished.
NABF12 - The Real Housewives of Fat Tony
The living room is part of a Smithsonian Museum exihibt. The Simpsons break in, to sit down. But have to disguise themselves as janitors, mummies and part of a painting to get past the guards. The couch is also protected by lazers, but there is space between them for each family member to fit through.
NABF13 - Homer Scissorhands
NABF21 - Replaceable You
Each item in the living room, including the family, is represented as the word for that item.
NABF14 - 500 Keys
John Kricfalusi anited the family in the style of Ren and Stimpy. Homer requests beer which Marge gets, Bart lays a Woopie Cushion under Homer causing him to strangle Bart, and making his head explode. Maggie starts to crawl around on the floor. Lisa doesn't do anything.
NABF17 - Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts
The family are Christmas Cookies for Santa, Homer eats part of himself.
NABF18 - Holidays of Future Passed
There is a sword stuck in the couch which Homer tries to pull out. He fails. Ned Flanders comes into the living room, removes the sword which has a Property of Ned Flanders engraving. He walks away. The family sit on the couch with Homer looking digruntled.
PABF02 - The Ten Per-Cent Solution
The house and family arrive in Victorian Style clothes. The screen goes dark and there's a gunshot. Homer is dead. Chief Wiggum and Lou do an investigation arresting Bart. But it was actually Marge who shot him.
PABF03 - Polically Inept, With Homer Simpson
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