Death of a Simpson
Written By: Roger J. Milos III

Authors Notes: Death of a Simpson began as a small segment in a much broader storyline that I really liked and decided to go back and flesh out. This is my first attempt at Fan Fiction so forgive me for the length. I don't know any better. I found Homer the most difficult to write for; I went for canon circa Seasons 4-6, this was a conscious decision. Otherwise it rapidly would've degenerated into the more recent "Shrieking Homer" and I think the overall quality of the story is better for it. Maggie was definitely the most interesting to write for, however, because she's pretty much left blank (exempting the future-centric episodes and her occasional affinity for firearms...). I was satisfied with the direction her characterization took and being the oldest of three boys, I'm about as far from being in her situation as possible. The rest of the characters were pretty easy to fall into because I either felt close to them emotionally or I knew someone in my life to base them off of. Watching 3-4 hours of the show almost daily might've had some influence too.

Select your chapter Cast of Characters
Bartholomew "Bart" Jojo Simpson
Bart is beginning the eleventh grade at Springfield High. He still enjoys his jokes and pranks, but lately they seem to have taken a more personal direction. When we join him at the beginning of the story, he is in the midst of trying to spoil his sister, Lisa's, big day.

Lisa Marie Simpson
Lisa has grown up, but so too have her problems with the world. She still maintains her vegetarianism and Buddhist principals but now, as a teenager, Lisa finds her social life severely lacking and is beginning to realize that, perhaps, she is the only one to blame. When the story begins, she has just received word that she is eligible for Springfield High's A.L.P (Accelerated Learning Program), but this seems only to add to her burden. Bart does little to lighten her load.

Margaret "Maggie" Simpson
Maggie speaks! Yes, this cult favorite character is now the same age as Lisa was in the series. In fact, she's about to begin 2nd Grade under Miss. Hoover. Right from the get-go, we learn of Maggie's discontent with her place in the family as, basically, a younger version of Lisa. As she struggles to find out exactly what she wants out of life, her world is shattered by the events brought to bear.

Marjorie "Marge" Simpson
Marge is still in charge, despite her son's attempts otherwise. She maintains a strict household, but struggles to keep everyone together as her world starts to crash down around her.

Homer Jay Simpson
A loving father and local buffoon, Homer wants only two things out of life; his children's safety and an endless supply of donuts!

Robert Underdunk Terwilliger aka Sideshow Bob
This madman resurfaces and is primarily responsible for the major events in the plot. Years of chasing his obsession to "Kill Bart Simpson" have pushed Bob over the edge, and now he is plagued with visions of his former boss and colleage, Krusty the Clown. Expect the unexpected...

Herschel Shmoikel Krustofski aka Krusty the Clown
This bitter, jaded funnyman of days long past is back! This time to torment and jibe the beleaguered Sideshow Bob.

Milhouse Van Houten
Bart's loyal lackey makes a brief appearance, and yes, he's still hung up on Lisa.

Principal Seymour Skinner
Even after all these years, Skinner remains the principal of Springfield Elementary. You'd think his life would be easier with Bart long gone, but Maggie just might complicate things for him all over again.

Miss. Elizabeth Hoover
More than 15 years of teaching isn't enough to keep her down. (Or maybe it is.) As Maggie soon discovers, Miss. Hoover can teach her only one thing; exactly how bad teaching can be.

Reverend Timothy Lovejoy
Lovejoy is the preacher for First Church of Springfield and consequently is usually the one called upon in matters regarding life and death.

Dr. Julius Hibbert
Always positive, always laughing at the most inappropriate moments, Dr. Hibbert is thrust into the midst of the Simpson family's worst predicament in recent memory.

Maggie's best friend from the first grade. An overly enthusiastic girl with a longer attention span than the average child. About 7 seconds.

Nurse Jenny
A kind young nurse who works at Springfield General Hospital who quickly becomes involved in the events surrounding Bart, Lisa and Maggie. The character was inspired by another Fan Fiction, Lisa Fitzgerald, which had a nurse named Stephanie Stanway. I renamed her Jenny after the author of that amazing piece of fiction.

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