Dissidia 020: Confessions of a Creator
Written By: Gary M. Gadsdon

Dissidia 012 [Duodecim] Simpsons Fantasy is based on the popular Final Fantasy game Dissidia 012 [Duodecim] Final Fantasy, where many Simpsons characters from around the community and the show team up to fight under the Goddess of Harmony, Cosmos, and the God of Discord, Chaos.

This fic, Confessions of the creator is based on the story mode within the Final Fantasy game and is the hardest of the modes. It features a selection of five characters that the player selects to combat in the 20th Cycle of war. The main villain Chaos went berserk and insane during the 18th Cycle of war destroying every member of Cosmos as well as every member of Chaos and has become Feral Chaos. The five player characters are brought back to try and defeat Feral Chaos once and for all.

This fic is based around the adventures of five characters in their quest to defeat Feral Chaos for themselves, based on the warriors of Cosmos from my Dissidia Simpsons Fantasy and Dissidia 012 [Duodecim] Simpsons Fantasy fan art pictures.

Act I: Rumours about the mured moogle
The Goddess of Harmony, Cosmos.
The God of Discord, Chaos.

Maggie Simpson, a young girl at the tender age of eight, who wields a sword and was tasked alongside nine other warriors to fight for the side of harmony under the Goddess Cosmos, and obtain a crystal, after many enduring battles she was eventually able to obtain that which she sought, the crystal.

She awakens to find herself alone in a deserted world, nothing but ruination. As she explores, the ruined towns, she is approached by a small white furry creature with a huge red nose, and pom-pom.

"Waa! A Manikin!" it screams. "I-I-I-I'm not a bad Moogle, I swear!"
"What?" Maggie asks.
"So don't hurt---" It stops to look at Maggie "Wait, you're not a manikin."
"Of course not, I'm a---"
"You're the original of a manikin, the real thing"
"What's so surprising about being human?" questions Maggie curiously.
"You took me by surprise because I'm so used to seeing the manikins" answers the Moogle. "So it might take a little more time before I get used to you. No offence"
"None taken." states Maggie before leaving.

As Maggie wanders around the small empty world, she stumbles across a very familiar face just outside of Cornelia, a young girl, wearing an orange strapless dress, and white pearl necklace, she happens to be wielding her trusty blue sword in hand, ready for battle. Maggie approaches her.

"Lisa!" Maggie shouts.
"...Maggie?" responds the girl. "What are you doing here?"
"I could ask you the same thing" Maggie retorts.
"Me? I don't know. I just suddenly woke up here, I don't remember much of any thing" responds Lisa.
"The same here. I guess we have some unfinished business with Chaos?" Maggie questions.
"I guess so. Why don't we team up and see if we can find any other Warriors of Cosmos." suggests Lisa.
"Good idea, lets party up, and search the area."

Lisa and Maggie walk around the world fighting Manikins, which are crystalline versions of themselves, and their former allies in harmony, and their enemies in discord.

"Sheesh" says Maggie catching her breath, "What is with these Manikins. I don't ever remember them being this powerful"
"Which cycle of war is this anyway, I've lost count!" responds Lisa.
"I guess we can only head to the Sanctuary, and ask Cosmos herself" suggests Maggie.
"Good idea, lets go."

Lisa and Maggie make their travels through the snowy plains, near Mount Gulg until they come across another of their former comrades, a young boy, with short spiky hair, he happens to be holding a slingshot in the back pocket of his shorts.

"Bart!" Lisa shouts at him.

The boy turns around and notices that Lisa and Maggie are behind him.

"Lisa? Maggie?" he questions. "What are you doing here?"
"We don't know." Answers Maggie, "we were on our way to the Sanctuary to ask Cosmos.
"Want to come with?" asks Lisa
"Sure, maybe with you two in my party, I'll have a better chance at this damn manikins. When did they get so strong anyway?" asks Bart.
"Another thing we want to ask Cosmos about." replies Maggie.
"Alright. Lets go." states Lisa.

Further down the road, they find two more of their former allies. Both are young girls, one who has short blue hair, and a short orange coloured sword, the other has long brown hair and appears to be somewhat chubby carrying a rifle.

"Maggie! Lisa! Bart! Are we glad to see you!" asks the girl with blue hair.
"Lucy? Fran? What are you doing here?" asks Lisa
"I'm getting tired of asking that. But it is a valid question" says Maggie.
"I wish we knew. All I've seen so far are manikins and Moogles." says the girl with brown hair
"Well, we're headed to the Sanctuary, trying to get some answers from Cosmos." says Maggie.
"Alright, we'll come as well. It'll be safer that way." says the girl with Blue hair.
"Good idea Lucy. Thanks." says Lisa.
"We better not be here for more crystals!" comments Bart.

The five head off in the area that's in the vicinity of the Sanctuary, a Moogle approaches them.

"So, you're the real manikins... Where did you come from, kupo?" asks the Moogle.
"Well, I guess you could say we're from this world" replies Lisa
"We all fought a huge battle between the gods here" says Maggie
"Y'know, between Chaos and Cosmos" states Fran.
"War of the Gods? Chaos and Cosmos? I don't know either of them, kupo." says the Moogle.
"Huh?" says Lucy.
"The only god I know is the Mured Moogle, enshrined in the Cavern of Earth."
"Have you ever seen this Mured Moogle?" asks Bart.
"No... but he wouldn't force us into battle." says the Moogle. "I love the world as it is. Please don't do anything to ruin it kupo..."

Confused the party leaves the Moogle to his business.

"He likes the idea of this world being in ruins?" asks Maggie.
"Well, I sure don't" states Fran "We should fix things..."
"Again?" asks Lucy.
"It is the right thing to do" comments Lisa
"Yeah, man. But I wonder what happened to Cosmos." states Bart.
"I think..." says Maggie "I think that we should go see if we can find this Mured Moogle."
"Good idea... But..." Says Lisa "Where is the Cavern of Earth?"
"From what I remember, it should be near Melmond" says Lucy.
"Alright, lets go." replies Maggie. "I'll take point"

Maggie leads the party through the ruined world, passing Moogles and fighting Manikins of their former enemies in discord.

"This looks to be the cavern we need to get to this Mured Moogle" says Maggie.
"Lets go already!" comments Bart as he walks in.
"Bart, wait! It could be dangerous in there!" says Lisa.
"But we wont get anywhere standing out here, Lisa" says Lucy, "we have to go in."

In a small mountainous ridge, the warriors of Cosmos find a cave labelled as the Chasm in the Rotting Land, when they enter, a voice speaks out to them, as if it sensed their presence.

"I-Is anyone there kupo?" asks the voice.
"It's a Moogle!" comments Lucy.
"Who are you?" asks Maggie.
"I-I'm the Mured Moogle," replies the Moogle's voice "or so they say."
"The Mured Moogle?" asks Lisa.
"That's right, Kupo" answers the Mured Moogle. "are you here to save me?"
"Yeah man," answers Bart "so stay where you are. We're coming to find you."

Eventually, after making their way down five floors of the dungeon, fighting off many manikins, they find a Moogle sitting in the throne that once belonged to Cosmos at Order's Sanctuary.

"Say, did you come to rescue the Mured Moogle, Kupo?" says the moogle.
"That's right." answers Lucy. "are you him?"
"Sorry to let you down..." answers the moogle "I am just another moogle who likes to go on adventures, kupo."
"Oh. Well... we're back to square one then, lets go" states Maggie.
"But I think he's trapped somewhere deeper inside. Hang in there, Kupo" states the moogle quickly as the warriors are leaving.
"What? Why didn't you say so earlier." responds Fran. "Lets continue on deeper into the cavern."

The group finds the stairs to the next floor of the cave, as they start to explore, once again another voice speaks out to them.

"Thank you for saving the soul of that adventurous moogle." it says.
"Who goes there" says Bart.
"Are you the mured moogle?" asks Lisa.
"So I hear they refer to me as the "mured moogle"" it replies.
"Stay where you are, we're coming to find you." states Maggie.
"This cavern is extremely deep" it responds, "but I am confident in your ability to reach me"
"Alright, lets get going" says Fran, as they move on to the next floor.

On the next floor, the voice speaks out to them again.

"I had "sealed" something in this cavern by putting myself to sleep."
"Why" asks Lucy.
"I fear I have forgotten what was sealed. Perhaps, I have been asleep for too long."
"I'll say" replies Bart sarcastically.

Again, on the next floor, the voice speaks out once more.

"I now remember one thing. What I had sealed was a cavern"
"Well, that was quick to remember" replies Maggie.
"What cavern did you seal" enquires Lisa.
"The only path that ties the northern and southern continents."
"That must be near Lufenia" suggests Fran.
"Right, but lets continue on to find the Mured Moogle first, Fran" responds Lucy.

After walking down the stairs to the next floor of the cavern, the Mured Moogle responds to them once more.

"The fact that you heard my voice when you entered this world is probably not a coincidence." states the voice.
"What do you mean?" asks Lucy
"I know this is selfish of me.... but once the seal is undone, I want you to go to the cavern"
"Why?" asks Bart.
"You're almost here... I hope I to see you safe and "
"Weird..." says Bart.

Finally, on the last floor, they manage to reach the voice they were talking to, the Mured Moogle. Strangely enough though, this moogle, seems to be able to speak proper language, and doesn't seem to be adding "kupo" to end of sentences.

"Thank you! I have awakened!" says the moogle, overjoyed.
"No, duh. Sherlock." answers Bart, sarcastically.
"The seal I have placed on this cavern shall be undone too." a few flashes of light occur with thunder claps heard in the distance. "There. Now shall we?"
"Sure. Lets get going." says Lisa.

Back into the open fields outside the cavern, the moogle is standing next to the travelling party.

"Ill follow you if you don't mind." asks the Moogle.
"I don't have any problems with it" Says Lisa.
"Maybe you can tell us what the hell is going on around here." says Maggie.
"Later. Whenever you're ready, head to Crescent Lake and follow the shore line to Lufenia. From there you can find the cavern I was talking about. Feel free to explore the world to help you to go get ready. The other caverns are likely to have a large supply of weapon upgrades and items you could use." says the Moogle.

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