Treehouse of Horror V
Production Code
Episode Number
28 October 1994
Count Greg Danula
Dearly Departed Dan McGrath
David Choen's Severed Hand
Blob Kushell
Jaundices Jim Reardon
Executive Producer
Damned David Mirkin
DVD Commentary
Matt Groening
David Mirkin
David X. Cohen
Greg Daniels
Jim Reardon
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot THE SHINNING: The Simpsons are the new caretakers for Mr. Burns' lodge. However, Burns cuts out the cable TV and the beer. Homer then gets told by Moe to kill his family. He then goes on a murderous rampage with an axe. Chasing them outside, Lisa finds a portable TV and destroys Homer's Urge to kill them.

TIME AND PUNISHMENT: Homer somehow builds a time machine toaster after getting his hand jammed in it. Going back to the Jurassic ages, Homer changes the course of history by doing things. He changes the future to have Ned Flanders supreme overlord of the world and the Simpsons are slaves, giant Bart and Lisa, and a freaky Maggie who can talk (Voiced by James Earl Jones) eventually he settles for his family to have lizard tongues.

NIGHTMARE CAFETERIA: Detention in Springfield Elementary is getting critical. So much so that the teachers are resorting to eating the kids to lower the numbers. However the teachers get too carried away and the school is reduced to just five kids. Bart, Lisa, Milhouse and two others. Bart, Lisa and Milhouse make a break for it only to find themselves trapped over a blender. Bart then wakes up and he and his whole family is turned inside out by a fog.
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