Treehouse of Horror III
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
28 October 1992
Atrocious Al Jean
Morbid Mike Reiss
Johnny Katastrophie Kogen
Warped Wallace Wolodarksy
Scarifying Sam Simon
Jack Vitti
Bloodcurdling Carlos Baeza
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Mike Reiss
DVD Commentary
Matt Groening
Al Jean
Jay Kogen
Wallace Wolodarsky
Jon Vitti
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot The Simpsons stage a Halloween party and tell ghost stories.

CLOWN WITHOUT PITY: Lisa tells a story where Homer buys Bart a Krusty doll for his birthday. A few days later the Krusty doll turns evil and tries to kill Homer, when Marge phones up the company they realize that the switch has been set to evil, and they set it to good, the Krusty doll is now made Homer's slave.

KING HOMER: Grampa tells a story parodying King Kong, Marge is hired as a Bathing Beauty to be used as bait to capture King Homer. Mr. Burns captures Homer and puts him on Broadway, Homer breaks free, captures Marge and tires to climb the tallest building in Springfield. But doesn't get very far and falls off, Marge takes pity on Homer and marries him.

DIAL "Z" FOR ZOMBIES: Bart tells a story where he tries to revive Snowball I using a magic spell, but it backfires and raises the dead causing zombies. The Zombies plague Springfield turning regular Springfieldians into zombies, Bart and Lisa rush to the Elementary School to reverse the spell.
Intro Gags
The family walks in their skeletons.
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