Marge Gets a Job
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
04 November 1992
Bill Oakley
Josh Weinstein
Jeff Lynch
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Mike Reiss
Guest Stars
Tom Jones
Phil Hartman
DVD Commentary
Matt Groening
Al Jean
Bill Oakley
Josh Weinstein
Jeff Lynch
Jim Reardon
Gary M. Gadsdon
There is a man
Lyrics Smithers: There is a man
Backup Singers: There is a man
Smithers: A certain man
Backup Singers: A certain man
Smithers: A man who's grace
and handsome face
are known across the land
You know his name
Backup Singers: You know his name
Smithers: It's Mr. Burns
Backup Singers: It's Mr. Burns
Smithers: He loves a smoke
Enjoys a joke
Burns & Backup Singers: Hahahahaha
Smithers Why he's worth 10 times what he earns
Backup Singers: He's Mr. Burns
Burns: I'm Mr. Burns
Smithers He's Monty Burns
Burns: I'm MISTER Burns!
Smithers & Backup Singers: To friends he's known as Monty
but to you it's Mr. Burns!
Smithers: B-B-B-B-Burns!
Burns: Burns!
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