She Used to be my Girl
Production Code
Episode Number
04 December 2004
Tim Long
Matthew Nastuk
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Marge meets with an old Friend of hers from High School, Chloe Talbot, how has since become a reporter. Chloe spends an evening at the Simpson house, where Lisa starts to admire Chloe's achievements. Chloe invites Lisa to a UN womens conference, but Marge wont let her go. So during the night, Lisa (and Bart) sneak out and she sneaks into Chloe's trunk. At the last minute, Chloe is assigned to an erupting volcano, shortly she and Lisa are both surrounded by lava. Marge and Homer find out and quickly rush to the volcano where Marge quickly jumps down onto several rocks, across the roof of Chloe's car and onto the other side. As Chloe is about to die, Barney flies in his helicopter (Day's of Wine and D'ohses). Marge is then declared as a hero. But still wonders what life would've been like if she left Springfield.
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