Treehouse of Horror XV
Production Code
Episode Number
05 November 2004
Bill Odenkirk
The Tell-Tale Silverman
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Keepin' It Kodos (Starring Kang): Kang and Kodos are preparing for dinner with their boss. They check up on their meal, which is the Simpsons. During the meal, their boss bursts, and Bart comes out since he wasn't properly cooked, Kang and Kodos agree to look after him, since his family was eaten.

The Ned Zone: While trying to get a Frisbee off the roof, Homer accidentally knocks Flanders out with a bowling ball. When he recovers, Flanders realizes he has gained the power to see into the future to people's deaths. He views Homer's death and realizes that he will murder Homer. He then changes the future by not shooting him, but Homer's new death is by blowing up Springfield at the Nuclear Plant. Flanders tries to stop Homer, and resorts to shooting him, but in death, his tongue hits the "Core Destruct" button and blows up Springfield anyway.

Four Beahedings and a Funeral: In 1890's London, a mysterious murder with mutton chops is killing women with swords. Inspector Wiggum (Chief Wiggum) calls Master detective Eliza Simpson (Lisa) and her easily amazed side-kick Dr. Bartley (Bart) They use the swords as clues and they find out the swords where owned by C. Ebenezer Burns (Mr. Burns), whom they find at the Opium Den. He explains that he sold the swords to a "Fat man with side burns" for Opium, then points to Homer, who is then arrested by the police. Then Lisa finds another sword which handle smells like Eel pie, which is Chief Wiggum's favourite food. As Homer is about to be hung, when Lisa accuses Wiggum of being a murder. Wiggum explains that he wanted to come up with a chase that even Lisa couldn't solve. He then escapes on a hot air balloon which is destroyed by Kang & Kodos. This however, was a dream dreamt by Ralph, in part of an even crazier dream

In the Belly of the Boss: The Simpsons visit an "Invention Expo", in which Professor Frink demonstrates his new shrinking ray by shrinking a giant pill. Maggie likes the pill as she thinks it's a ball pit and climbs in. He then shrinks the pill with Maggie inside. Mr. Burns then swallows the pill. In order to save Maggie, the family agrees to be shrunken within a craft and then injected into Burns' body. Homer, the captain, refuses to follow Frink's instructions and the ship ends up being lodged in Mr. Burns' heart. The family manages to dislodge the ship and then catch a ride on a nerve impulse. They rescue Maggie but with her extra weight they don't have enough power to get back. They leave Homer behind and succeed to get out of Burns' body. Homer grows back to normal size, still inside Mr. Burns. The story ends in the Gilded Truffle, where Homer and Burns dance to "I've Got You Under My Skin" with the rest of the cast from the episode.
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