The Seven Beer Snitch
Production Code
Episode Number
02 March 2005
Bill Odenkirk
Matthew Natsuk
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When viewing a play in Shelbyville, The Simpsons discover that the Shelbyvillians think that Springfieldians are just a bunch of hicks. So Marge writes to Frank Gehry (voiced by himself) to build a concert hall. It gets built but there is no interest. Mayor Quimby sells it to Mr. Burns who converts it to a prison. Homer applied for a job there, but his urine sample gets switched with Otto's and Homer is denied the job. Mr. Burns then tells Chief Wiggum to increase the capacity, and thus, enforces crazy laws. Homer is thrown in jail for illegally transporting litter (kicking the same can 5 times). Homer shortly after becomes a snitch for Mr. Burns for various gifts including a PlayStation, Plasma TV and a Mobile Phone. When the other prisoners learn of this, they stage a fake-breakout to get rid of the other guards and go after Homer. Homer runs, and calls Marge, who comes to his aid. Homer and Marge are cornered in the Gas Chamber when tear gas is thrown in and they are saved. Homer then uses his powers to have the prison shut down. At the same time, Bart and Lisa find out why Snowball II has become fat.
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