The Heartbroke Kid
Production Code
Episode Number
01 May 2005
Ian-Maxtone Graham
Steven Dean Moore
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Springfield gets some new vending machines, which all contain high amounts of sugar. Bart swiftly gets addicted and eats nothing but the junk from the machines, within three weeks, he's fat (note: eating sugar doesn't make you fat, it just damages your teeth real bad). Bart as a result has a heart attack. Marge and Lisa try and help him get healthy again, but fails. Soon, Homer and Marge send Bart off to a fat camp. Where the owner, Tab Spangler (voiced by Albert Brooks). When the price of the treatment proves to be expensive for the family, they have to take in German backpackers. Mr. Spangler shows Bart the cost of his junk food addiction and he vows not to eat junk again. He goes into the school and destroys all of the vending machines. He then returns home to give Homer and Marge all of the money that came out of the machines. Homer is then sent to the camp to lose weight in Bart's place.
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