A Star is Torn
Production Code
Episode Number
07 May 2005
Carolyn Omine
Nancy Kruse
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot After eating lots of veg one night, the Simpsons, except Lisa suddenly become ill. Lisa nurses them back to health, singing them a song. The following day they are all onto meat again and Bart suggests that Lisa should enter Krusty's L'il Starmaker Singing competition. (Not affiliated with American Idol). Lisa enters but another girl, Clarrisa enters with a fancier version of the song that Lisa is going to sing.Homer writes a song about Springfield on the spot and it appeases the crowd. Lisa is entered into the competition with Homer as her manager,Lisa manages to reaches the final, when she finds out that Homer is going nuts, Lisa fires him. Homer starts to manage Camron, Lisa's rival in the competition. At the final night, Lisa sings a song that she wrote herself, and it pleases the audience, however, Homer screws Camron up with a song hating Springfield, Lisa wins the final.
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