Home Away From Homer
Production Code
Episode Number
15 May 2005
John H. Cohen
Bob Anderson
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Lisa wins a prize to see a movie, but the family does not have a sitter for Maggie. Homer asks Flanders who accepts and he babysits Maggie while the Simpsons see an Albanian movie. Flanders shows Maggie his collection of Humble Figurines. When Flanders says that the Leftorium is going downhill Marge recommends that he rents a room out, which he does, and to two college students. The girls secretly film themselves doing pornographic activities. All the men in Springfield tune into their website. When Marge finds out that Bart is watching these girls,she tells him to look out the window, but soon discovers that they are in Flanders' house. Marge forces Homer to tell Flanders, who kicks the girls out. Flanders soon discovers that Springfield's men has been laughing at him behind his back. Flanders soon leaves town for Humbleton, PA. The new neighbor who moves into the Flanders place is a sports crazy coach, who is constantly annoying Homer. Flanders is having problems of his own, it appears that Humbleton doesn't take a liking to Flanders' moustashe. Homer arrives to try and persuade Flanders to come back to Springfield. Flanders tries to be Christan in getting the coach out of his house, but instead is forced to apply fightning techniques. Flanders manages to beat the coach in the fight and Homer breaks a chair on him. Springfield then welcomes Flanders back with a party.
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