Treehouse of Horror XX
Production Code
Broadcast Index
Episode Number
18 October 2009
Daniel Chun
Mike B. Anderson
Matthew Schofield
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Traditional Horror Movie Monsters, such as Dracula and Frankenstein wake up and start wandering Springfield only to discover that their "costumes" are now out of date, so they enter a costume shop to update. There, they move onto a Halloween Party at the Simpsons House where, the monsters's wives enter and are angry that they lied about going to kill children. Homer tries to intervene but he is decapitated. <br /><br />DIAL M FOR MURDER OR # TO RETURN TO MAIN MENU<br />Lisa is sent into detention, where Bart agrees to assist his sister into getting back at Miss. Hoover, Lisa agrees to prank Mrs. Krabappel. All Lisa does in ring her door-bell and run off, while Bart kills Miss. Hoover. Bart explains to Lisa that Ding-Dong Ditch means to kill her then dump the ding-dong in a ditch. Bart coaxes Lisa multiple times into Killing Mrs. Krabappel, but she refuses. Eventually, Lisa discovers no choice but to kill Bart, and she chases after him. Eventually Bart finds shelter in a playground merry-go-round, but it proves ineffective, as Lisa finds him. Bart explains that Lisa is no different than him, and she refuses to kill him, throwing the knife in the air, as it comes back down, it hits Bart in the head, killing him. <br /><br />DONT HAVE A COW MANKIND<br />At the launch of Krusty's new burger, Kent Brockman becomes undead and bites anyone around him, which in turn, makes them zombies also. After 28 days, much of Springfield has come undead, The Simpsons are bunkered in the house, where Bart is hungry with nothing to eat but fruit. He breaks out the house and grabs a tainted burger, which does not turn him into a Muncher, Lisa states that he is immune. Dr. Hibbert advises the Simpsons to get Bart to the safe zone, just out of town. As the Simpsons walk out the house, they are ambushed by munchers. Apu eventually saves them in his truck. As the Simpsons pass the barricade around Springfield, Homer is attacked by Mr. Burns turning Homer into a muncher. The survivors at the safe zone, then try to cannibalise Bart, but instead Marge and Lisa have a different idea in where Bart simply bathes in their food. <br /><br />THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SNOW BUSINESS<br />In a Musical, Moe is having a hard time in trying to impress Marge, at the same time, Homer falls through the basement of Moes, and lands on Moe's new Beer Still. As Moe starts to serve his new booze, Homer's blood mixes with it, of which everyone loves. Moe tricks Marge into thinking that Homer was gay, but actually, Homer rises out from the basement, stating that he still loves Marge.
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