Making Faces
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22 September 1987
Matt Groening
Matt Groening
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Bart, Lisa and Maggie make a succession of scary faces at one another despite Marge's warnings that their facial positions will be frozen in place forever.
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  • Lisa: I call this face, the Howler Monkey.
    Bart: I call this face, Dad.
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  • Bart's shirt is lighter than usual
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  • The scene of the kids at the mirror was later used in an episode of Futurama 1ACV13 - Fry and the Slurm Factory
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Posted on 09 March 2010 by Gars
A simple short showing what the kids do best. Annoy their parents. Some of the faces the kids pull off are humorous, such as Bart's version of Homer.
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