Fan Character Compendium
This is the fan character compendium, it works similarly to the Character Biography page but instead of focusing on characters in the show, it covers the biographies of characters that fans have created for Fan Fiction. The icon next to their name indicates which fan fiction they come from. Some of the biographies featured on this page are written by the creators themselves.
Dark Margaret Jane Simpson
Created by: Gary M. Gadsdon
January 10th 1999
Ultima Weapon
Light Counterpart
Dark Homer
Dark Marge
Dark Bart
Dark Lisa
Dark Lucy

Dark Maggie is the Darker counterpart to Maggie. Unlike Maggie, who cares about her friends and family, and would do as much as she could to help them, Dark Maggie is the opposite in that she could care less, and in fact would rather see anyone except herself, suffer. So much so that she turned many residents of Dark Gaia into zombies or stone, not allowing them to live, but not allowing them to die either. Eventually she would goad Maggie into going to Dark Gaia so that she could defeat her, but ended up in being defeated instead.

Dark Maggie is a powerful fighter and very skilled with her Ultima Weapon sword. She's not as fast as Maggie is due to it's weight, and her dress style, but she's capable of dilvering very powerful blows that outweigh her slowdown. She is also able to cast baselevel Black Magic spells.

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