Fan Character Compendium
This is the fan character compendium, it works similarly to the Character Biography page but instead of focusing on characters in the show, it covers the biographies of characters that fans have created for Fan Fiction. The icon next to their name indicates which fan fiction they come from. Some of the biographies featured on this page are written by the creators themselves.
Laura Emma Simpson
Created by: Gary M. Gadsdon
Blonde (Brown)

Laura is Lisa's daughter, when the two were preparing to move house, Laura found an old photograph of Lisa and Maggie, not looking too pleased at each other Laura asked Lisa about it, but didn't get any answers.

She asked Professor Frink about it who told her that though he didn't have the answers himself, she could go backwards in time to find out for herself. He gave Laura a pair of hover shoes that he was working on, so that she could run faster, one of Laura's favourite hobbies, involves running. He also gave her a bracelet so that she could talk to him through the fourth dimension, she also dyes her hair to stop her identity as Lisa's daughter from being discovered.

Laura travels back a little too much and ends up in 1992. But she decides that maybe should stop that picture from ever happening if she found out why her aunt was in a black dress compared to the normal blue one her mother said she always wore. Laura headed to the school where Bart, Lisa and Maggie were meeting with Marge who had just told them that Homer was in the hospital.

While Lisa and Maggie get jobs to pay for a lawyer, Bart and Laura agree to find out what went wrong at the plant. Laura's not as smart as her mother was at her age, but she's still better than Bart. Eventually they solve the case of that it was neglect at the plant, and Laura returns back to her own time.

Shortly before returning home though, she stops by in a fast food resturant, to distract her aunt from being stabbed in a fight between Nelson and Jimbo, then returns home where for some reason, Lisa and Maggie welcome her home after screwing with time, claiming that they could both see through her disguised hair.

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