Fan Character Compendium
This is the fan character compendium, it works similarly to the Character Biography page but instead of focusing on characters in the show, it covers the biographies of characters that fans have created for Fan Fiction. The icon next to their name indicates which fan fiction they come from. Some of the biographies featured on this page are written by the creators themselves.
Lisa Marie Fitzgerald
Created by: Jenny Howe
Right Handed
Step Father

When Lisa's mother left her at eight, her father, Jack, started to take care of her. But the reality was, that he was abusing her. Mistreating her to an extreme extent. He threw out all of her clothes and possesions, burning them, forced her to live in a cupboard under the stairs, and forced to eat dog food, and brainwashed into believing that nobody cared about her. At school, as she grew up (if you could call it that, given how malnurished she was) she became isolated from her friends as they found other interests.

She eventually, on her eleventh birthday, lost the will to live, and tried to commit suicide, outside on her front porch in Shelbyville, she took an overdose on painkillers, where instead, she took vitamins. She was found by a neighbour and taken into hospital, where she was cared for. She was overjoyed by the care she had been given by a nurse there, Nurse Stanway, and the two became friends.

Having gone through a similiar amount of abuse herself, Nurse Stanway was determined not to see Lisa go into a child care home. Instead, she took it upon herself to find her an alternate family to live with, someone releated to Lisa's biological father, Sean Bouvier. Nurse Stanway found her way to 742 Evergreen Terrace, and the Blood Tests between Marge and Lisa turned up conclusive.

Lisa moved into the Simpson house, there she readjusted to actually being cared for, for a change, despite Bart's mischief. Lisa soon started school, and made some friends, but there was a problem, Jack was facing trial, and the only person to see him done, was Lisa. Lisa, with all her courage testified against him and won the case. Jack was sentenced to six months in prison.

After those six months, as well as a couple more, Lisa was kidnapped by Jack and taken to Shelbyville. Jack vowed revenge on Lisa for putting him in prison, his goal was to kill Lisa, then kill himself, but he was found out, when Milhouse found Lisa's sax, Marge called the police. After keeping him busy, Lisa found the whole truth, Jack killed her mother, and that he wasn't Lisa's biolgocial father. Noticing that he had become too much like his own father, Jack let Lisa go to a family she deserved.

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