Fan Scripts
Fan Fiction is a story written by fans based on another work, such as television show, video game or movie. The Simpsons is not an exception to getting fan fiction. Fan Fiction allows for various story arcs that simply could not be accomplished officially (though with The Simpsons, these can be used in Treehouse of Horror episodes). Things that can be accomplished in Fan Fiction include futures, pasts, alternate universes, body and gender switching. This page only features fiction written in script. For prose, check out the Fan Fics page.

One Foot in the Past
Written By: Nikki Wright
Genre: Drama
Year: 2007
In a time travel epic, Allison uncovers a case that has recently becomes unclassified and looks into it finding that there have been a series of murders all with the same purpertrator. What strange is that this perp seems to be Lisa, and even more weird is that she wasn't even born when the murders took place. Could Lisa really be the murderer?

A Recognised Foe
Written By Kathryn Bunny
Genre: Action
Year: 2007
When Homer stumbles upon one of Mr. Burns's newest secrets, he invites Homer and his family to his mansion for dinner to bribe him. But the family has worries that Mr. Burns will recognise Maggie and seek revenge? Can Maggie and Diamond trick him well enough?

La Maggio
Written By: Chris Dominowski
Genre: Action
Year: 2007
Bart is leaving town, and feels that Springfield wont be the same without the Graffiti vandal El Barto. He asks Maggie to take over the role, will she be able to live up to the reputation that El Barto gained? And what would her motives be for such vandalism?

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