The Simpsons in Final Fantasy VI
The Simpsons in Final Fantasy VI is a hack for the popular Square-Enix game, Final Fantasy VI. This is the American SNES version, so It'd say Final Fantasy III. It features popular Simpsons characters in related roles in Final Fantasy VI. This page will, for those who havent played the game help understand who the characters are, the characters are also listed in the order they appear on the party selection menu when you've found them all in the World of Ruin

To play this game, you will need a SNES emulator. Which you can download from our ROMs page.

Terra Branford
Played By: Lisa Marie Simpson
Terra is a Magitek knight for the empire, who soon sides with the Returners. She has magical abilities she cant understand why she has. As it turns out, she is half esper. Born to the human Madona and the epser Maduin. In the World of Ruin, Terra is found in Mobliz a town that has been fried and she must protect the children there since all the adults perished by the Light of Judgement. After the party beats Kefka, after the epsers disappear, Terra is able to live on as a human.
Special Ability: Morph (Trance)
After a cetain point in the game, Terra can morph into her esper self, the more battles you fight without using this the longer she will be able to hold this form. Her attacks are stronger, and she has higher defense when in this form.
Terra is one of two characters who can use Magic from the begining of the game and is able to learn spells naturally. The other is Celes.
Locke Cole
Played By: Homer Jay Simpson
Locke is a member of the Returners an underground resisitance group battling against the empire. Locke acts as a leason between the Returners and King Edgar of Figaro. Locke is also a theif though he prefers the term treasure hunting. He is also on a mission to try and revive his girlfriend Rachel, but he also has feelings for Celes.
Special Ability: Steal / Capture (Mug)
As the name suggests, Locke can steal items from enemies, but wont always be sucessful. Equiping a certain relic will change the steal command to Capture allowing you to steal and attack at the same time.
Edgar Roni Figaro
Played By: Bartholomew Jojo Simpson
Edgar is the King of Figaro. Edgar claims that Figaro is an ally to the empire which is really a cover, Edgar is really a part of the Returners a group that resists against the empire, for this reason, Edgar has Locke act as a leason between himself and the Returners. Edgar has a tendancy to hit on cute women, but he is quite knowledgeable and kind towards people, especially his brother Sabin.
Special Ability: Tools
Being the Mechanic that Edgar is, he is able to forge Tools to use in battle, these tools have a variety of uses such as AutoCrossbow which will attach all enemies to poisoning all enemies, Tools are purchased in shops.
Played By: N/A
Shadow is an assasin who's real name is Clyde, various links to Shadow, Relm and Thamasa reveal that Shadow is Relm's father. In the game, Shadow's Dog, Interceptor has a strong relationship with Relm as well as Shadow. Shadow and Relm are the only two characters that Interceptor will protect, but both would have to be in the party.
Special Ability: Throw
Shadow's abilites allow him to throw all sorts of objects at the enemeies including shurikens, balls and swords. All of these items will to various amounts of damange depending on the strentgh of the item and it's elemental.
Sabin Rene Figaro
Played By: Milhouse Van Houten
Sabin is Edgar's slightly younger twin brother. When their father died, Edgar flipped a double Sabin sided coin to decide the fate of Figaro. Sabin decided to leave and became a marcial artist under the tutoring of Duncan. Years later, Sabin would join the Returners, and assist his brother. Eventually returning to Figaro.
Special Ability: Blitz
Sabin's Blizes are some of the most powerful attacks in the game. They utalise his physical and magical strength. To enter a Blitz you will need to enter a button combonation when the cursor is hovering over Sabin. New Blitzes are learned as you level up.
Celes Chere
Played By: Marge Simpson
Celes is one of three Generals to the empire. When she was a baby, she was artifically injected with Magical abilities, unlike Terra who naturally had them. Soon, Celes turns on the empire and joins the Returners with Locke who had freed her in South Figaro. After travelling with Locke, Celes starts to fall for him. Locke also shows feelings for Celes in return.
Special Ability: Runic
Celes can use her sword to attract many magical spells sent in either direction and then convert it into MP. The MP value restored will vary dependng on the spell used.
Celes is one of two characters who can use Magic from the begining of the game and is able to learn spells naturally. The other is Terra.
Cyan Garamonde
Played By: Ned Flanders
Cyan is the retainer to the King of Doma, even since the King's Grandfathers time. Cyan leaves Doma with Sabin and Shadow when Kefka poisons Doma killing everyone including his Wife Elayne and Son Owain. Cyan holds onto this grief for much of the game, until the party dives into his mind and are able to fight off at the grief in his soul. Cyan is very polite as well and uses words like "Thou", as much as Sabin hates it.
Special Ability: SwdTech (Bushido)
Cyan can use his sword to perform powerful Samurai techniques. When SwdTech is selected, a guage will fill up. Select the number you want and then press the enter button, this will perform the attack.
Played By: Nelson Muntz
Gau is a boy who lives on the Veldt. As a baby, Gau was abandoned there by his father mistaking him for a monster. His mother passed away during childbirth. Gau grew up on the Veldt and has a limited understanding of English. Whenever someone in battle would yeild some dried meat, Gau would appear out of them and grab it. Gau joins the party when Cyan and Sabin meet him in the Veldt and aid's their trip to Narshe.
Special Ability: Rage / Leap
When on the Veldt, Gau can Leap into the group of monsters and can learn their abilities, continuing to fight on the Veldt and Gau will return to the party. Gau can use these abilites as Rages. However after a Rage is used, Gau is no longer controllable.
Setzer Grabianni
Played By: Krusty the Clown
Setzer is a wandering Gambler who owns the only airship in the World, The Blackjack. Setzer has feelings for the Opera Singer, Maria, who looks exactly like Celes. Locke and Celes make the plan to lure Setzer in so that they can get to Vector. Celes makes a deal with Setzer that a coin toss will determine their control of the airship or if Celes will marry him. Celes wins.
Special Ability: Slot
Setzer's ability is Slot, when this is selected, three slot reels will appear pressing the action button will then stop one of the reels. Depending on the result, an attack will be performed.
Strago Magus
Played By: Abraham J. Simpson
Strago is one of the eldest villagers of Thamasa, and is a Mage Knight with a natural abilities to learn Enemy Magic, called Lores. Strago is also protective of his granddaughter, Relm, but weither she actually is his granddaughter is questionable. When Relm is trapped in a fire, Strago, with Locke and Terra go in to rescue her.
Special Ability: Lore
Strago's ability is Lore, when a Lore is used against him in battle, at the end of that battle, he will learn that Lore. He automatically starts out with the Aqua Rake Lore. Lores are Magical abilities and will use MP.
Relm Arrowny
Played By: Maggie Simpson
Relm is the youngest playable character at the age of just ten. Relm is the granddaughter of Strago, but that is questionable. She is the daughter of Shadow, since in the World of Ruin, Relm or Shadow will be in the Cave on the Veldt depending on the players actions (on the Floating Continent) and a certain relic. Shadow's dog Interceptor takes a liking to Relm as well, and will protect her and Shadow if both are in the party.
Special Ability: Sketch / Control
Relm is able to sketch enemies to perform one of thier attacks, and then kill them. With a relic, Sketch can become Control where you can manually manipulate the enemies, this is perfect for learning Lores. Note that in the SNES version (which is where this hack comes from) the Sketch command can cause gliches, so if you plan on having Relm in your party, save often.
Played By: N/A
Mog is a moogle who lives in the mines of Narshe. He is one of 11 moogles who assist Locke in protecting Terra. Later on he is captured by the LoneWolf and rescued by the party, he later returns to Narshe in the World of Ruin. Kupo.
Special Ability: Dance
As you battle on various kinds of terrain, Mog will learn a dance. When a dance is used in Battle, Mog becomes uncontrollable.
Played By: N/A
Not much can be said about Gogo except that he (or she) is shrouded in lots of clothes and has the ability to Mimic other characters.
Special Ability: Mimic
Gogo will mime the previous action taken by any party member without the use of MP. You are also able select from any other party members special abilies to display (except Terra's Morph and Gau's Leap and Rages) though you can only have three at a time, when it comes to Magic Gogo knows all the spells that the other party members know combined.
Played By: N/A
Umaro is a Yeti who lives deep in the Mines of Narshe. When you examine a skull on a pedestal he will attack your party, if you have Mog with you, he will join your party. Umaro is in a constant berserk status and you are unable to enter his commands. You cant change his equipment either.
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