Future of Flanders
Written By: Jonny Gannon

Season 2
2FOF01: A Lawsuit is Born
After accidentally landing Ned back in hospital, and facing a potential lawsuit, Homer sneaks into the hospital in an attempt to apologise to Ned and become "friends" again. Unfortunately, due to his involvement in the original accident, the hospital staff phone the police, and soon Homer is arrested, when evidence in the hospital suggests he was returning to kill Ned. On his way to court to face the attempted murder charges, Homer sees Ned, who is also on his way to the court, and hurries after him to talk, only to see a group of thugs ambush him. Homer chases the thugs away, and saves Ned, causing Ned to drop the charges against Homer.

2FOF02: Lie School Confidential
Ned returns to school, where he finds a new student has joined one of his classes. Paul is the ideal student as far as Ned is concerned, and he develops a strong friendship with him outside of class, but when he finds out Paul is just being friendly to get good grades, and finds out he is a tearaway child, Ned feels like his teaching career may be A joke.

2FOF03: Where's Mary?
Ned becomes concerned that Mary is working too much, and confides in Marge, who suggests to him that Mary may be having an affair. This causes Ned to spy on Mary, and become truly possessive. Mary soon realises Ned's fear, and reveals she has been away so much because she was trying to sell her flat to move in with Ned. Ned and Mary move in, and Ned proposes to Mary, causing Mary to drop the bombshell that she is still married to her last husband…who turns out to be Reverend Lovejoy's brother – Ryan!

2FOF04: The Nedorcist
In an "Exorcist" style Halloween special, a group of out of towners come to the church one Sunday, searching for a faithful Christian for an important ritual upstate. When not even the church's most loyal Christians will do it, Ned steps up, and discovers the task is the get rid of the demon in a possessed girl named Laura. (That's right, it's Laura Powers) Only Ned can save this little girl from the powers of evil

2FOF05: A Girl with two hearts
Mary and Ned attempt to get a divorce from Ryan Lovejoy so that they can wed, but Ryan refuses, causing Ned and Mary to go for a weekend away to Cypress Creek to convince him, only to find that Ryan is still in love with Mary. Ryan says the only way he will divorce Mary is if he has full custody of the children. When Mary calls this absurd, Ned notices that Mary looks very much in love with Ryan. Ned betrays Mary to keep her and forges the divorce signature along with the children clause without Mary's knowing, and the couple head back to Springfield, telling Mary "it's all sorted". Meanwhile, Homer is left to look and Mary's three hellion children, with hilarious consequences!

2FOF06: No Need for Ned
After returning from his weekend in Cypress Creek, Ned finds a new neighbouring family that strangely resembles the Flanders have moved in to #738. Ned finds that the head of the family "Ted Landers" has in fact usurped his position in town as lovable neighbour Christian, even at church, where Reverend Lovejoy has hired him to do weekly sermons and write in Ned's weekly church column. Ned finds himself insane with jealousy, and after several confrontations, he finds out Ted is not exactly who he says he is, and goes about showing the rest of the town this…

2FOF07: Christian Camera
Ned agrees to take part in a Psychological/Biological experiment for research into National Bureau of Christians (NBC) only to be told that he has cancer of the neck. Ned is naturally shocked by this, but soon finds out that the whole 'experiment' was really a cruel prank filmed by hidden cameras for the Season Premiere of a new NBC show that plays tricks on people. Soon, Ned's reaction becomes even more famous on the commercials and billboards for the show, making Ned a laughing stock

2FOF08: My Daughter the Flanders
When Lisa returns from Sacramento, she finds that Homer isn't interested in her stories from her two-year trek, so she turns to Ned, who is delighted to take time out and listen to her. As Ned and Lisa bond, Homer is outraged, and suddenly tries to become interested in Lisa's life, fearing that Ned might steal her from him. It's too late for Lisa though, who is now even sleeping in the Flanders' spare room, and is too flanders for comfort!

2FOF09: The War of the Flanders
Set thirty years into the future, just after Ned dies, as his two sons battle it out to inherit the fortune that Ned has accumulated, causing a rift between the two brothers. Soon the story of the brothers reaches the news, and everyone gets behind one of the brothers, forming two big Flanders' empires, as they go to war.

2FOF10: Wake me up when Christmas Ends
Ned attempts to rid the town of Christmas, believing that it has lost its Christian roots and is no longer sacred. With many Christians in Springfield going along with this, and abandoning commercial Christmas, the now poorer big companies of Springfield kidnap Ned and force the TV Stations and radios to run 24-hour Christmas commercials, in the name of a public holiday! This just makes everything worse, and the people of Springfield, vow not to succumb to this wicked plot, decide to celebrate "Ned Day" instead of Christmas, in honour of Ned, where they each buy a present in the memory of Ned. Dumbasses.

2FOF11: Bart the Dean
After finally saving enough money up for college with a win on yet another scratch card, Bart packs his bags, and goes – only to find that college is not what he expected it to be. Finding his dad's old nerd friends, Bart decides to get up to mischief, framing them for practical jokes on campus etc. But when the dean discovers that Bart is a trouble maker, and tries to get him kicked out of college, Bart uses the power of the people to overthrow the dean, and become in charge of the college itself, with interesting results

2FOF12: I want to be a Mascot Man
Ned tracks down old flame Rachel Jordan, with her new Christian Band. After they get talking, Rachel asks Ned to be the band's mascot, claiming he is "lovable." Ned tours around the state playing venues, only to be hurled abuse at by younger Christians. Ned realises that he just isn't cool anymore, and tries to update his mascot image to become cooler and younger, but once again the young Christians don't take, and even Rachel turns on him, forcing him to realise that the face of Christianity has truly changed.

2FOF13: What Ned did
When Mary is called to the divorce settlement in court with husband Ryan, she finds the forged papers, and instantly recognises Ned's handwriting, and is overwhelmed at his betrayal. After a long decision to the divorce settlement, she agrees to sign the papers for real, handing over her children, but still coping with what Ned did, she leaves town to live with her sister.

2FOF14: Wary Mary
Seeing how depressed Mary-less Ned is, Marge, Homer, Bart and Lisa travel to Mary's sisters house to convince her to take Ned back. It takes a long time though, as Mary is really betrayed, and is even concerned that Ned is still not over Maude, causing Homer to blurt out that Ned has plans to build a church in Mary's honour, in a similar fashion to the theme park he built Maude. This act causes Mary to return to Ned, and after hearing Homer's promise, Ned vows to raise enough money to do this, but first of all, he proposes to a delighted Mary, who accepts

2FOF15: Ned's Proof
After his next door nemesis Ted Landers throws an empty bottle into Ned's garden lawn when he is out, the Simpson's dog Santa's Little Helper II is injured. When Ned returns, he is horrified, and believes it might have been the weed killer he used. An angry Homer wants Ned to pay the vet bills, and Ned also offers to become the Simpson assistant, slaving over them for a month, until after monthly CCTV inspection, Ned sees the reckless behaviour of Ted Landers, and uses it to prove to the town and the church that Ted isn't the perfect neighbour, causing him to move out of town

2FOF16: Ned vs. Faithlessness
After Mayor Quimby retires from Springfield politics, Ned finds that the new favourite candidate for mayor is the anti-religion Harold Grisham, a former teenage enemy. After meeting Harold Grisham at a local rally for that year's election, Ned discovers that Harold plans to abolish RE and Ethics from the School curriculum, and even knock down churches around the town, putting Ned out of a job and many Springfield children growing up without a sense of religion, and Christians without a place to worship. This causes Ned to step up and run for mayor against Harold Grisham. After actually winning the election however, Ned finds running the town much harder than he first thought, and after mounting pressure, believes the only option is to quit, meaning second place Harold Grisham becomes new mayor and abolishes religion. But when Harold Grisham unexpectedly has a heart attack and passes away, Ned steps down, handing the title of Mayor to Freddy Quimby instead.

2FOF17: There's something about Mary
With just over a month until Ned and Mary's wedding, sons Rod and Todd return home to meet her, only to take an instant disliking. They concuct a plan to stop the wedding, by framing Mary for things, getting her arrested twice, and even convince Ned that Mary is actually a Hindu in disguise trying to kill him. After seeing sense and believing Mary instead, Ned bans his disruptive sons from the wedding.

2FOF18: Uncle Ned's Happy House
Believing that not enough children have the opportunity to be baptised or introduced into the Christian Faith, Ned sets up his very own Baptismal Service running from the home, giving kids a chance to become religious. After no children show, he decides to turn his house into more Child friendly, with game consoles, snack bars etc. and soon the children give him the name "Uncle Ned" Ned soon becomes worried that the whole point of the club is being missed, and when he offers to baptise a child, they turn it down, forcing Ned to do it secretly. When the parents find out that Ned is secretly baptising their children, they sue the club and force it to be shut down

2FOF19: Elevator to Hell
Ned records a spoken word album all about Christian beliefs with his funding from the church. However, after the album sells hugely to the Christian audience, one fan discovers satanic messages when the album is played backwards, making the community believe Ned is actually a Satan lover.

2FOF20: Moey
After Moe "borrowed" Ned's car without his permission to drive to Shelbyville, he is clocked speeding in a stolen car, and arrested Chief Wiggum. When Ned has to testify against Moe, Moe begs him to let him down, as he only has money for his recently passed mother's funeral. After Ned agrees to this, Moe announces to the court that Ned was lying and is trying to pervert the course of justice, landing Ned in hot water.

2FOF21: Trouble Child
In order to see if their relationship is strong enough, Ned decides to foster a child for a week to see if him and Mary can look after it well enough. Ned, however has doubts when the child (Ray) starts stealing and setting things on fire. Ned believes that the child is very troubled, and needs his real parents, so he sets on tracking them down, only to find that Ray is the long lost child of arch rival Ted Landers!

2FOF22: Old Feet
It's the big day of Ned and Mary's wedding, but when Ned has visions of Maude, he is convinced that God does not want him to marry Mary. After hearing this, however – Mary is furious, and along with Homer projects images of her on the wall in front of a delirious Ned, to convince him he is having visions again and should marry Mary. It works alright, and soon the happy couple wed.

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