Alter Egos
In many cases The Simpsons cast tends to dress up in costumes and become superheroes. This page will outline all their secret identities. They are listed by their affiliation to justice. The characters in the Radioactive Man comic books are also listed, the characters that appear here are only included if we know their real identities.
Marjory Simpson
Voiced by: Julie Kavner
Hair Manipulation
The Entangeler
Appearences: Simpsons Comics #5
After an Explosion at the Nuclear Plant, Marge gains the ability to manipulate her hair and use it to pick people up, and throw them, and can also use it to crush guns. Bart disguised as Bartman tries to ask his mother what is going on, but Marge doesnt listen and and attacks him.
Hair Walker
Appearences: Simpsons Super Spectacular #3
Gasritus is always hungry, and to supress his appetite he eats planets that dont have intelegnet life. First he summons the Silvery Skateboarder but all he does is cause mischief. The then summons The Hair Walker who feeds him low-carb planets.
Mature Lass
The Silencer
Commander Cool
The Laughter
The Amazing Lenny
Kid Blackula
Base of Operations
742 Evergreen Terrace
Rolling Pin
Appearences: Bart Simpson Comics #37
When Dr. Colossus transforms the entire town of Springfield into Ten Year Olds, Marge feels disappointed that no one will listen to her anymore, most noticably Lisa and Maggie. Marge wants to participate in an ambush to make Colossus turn everyone back. Bartman at first didn't want to participate as he's the only one who can lead such an attack, but Bartman joins when all the things he loved are gone. Marge joins in storming the castle undercover as Mini-Mom.
Base of Operations
Shapeshifting, Stress Withstanding
Appearences: Simpsons Super Spectacular #12
When Bart accidentally mixes the family laundry with a vat of mysterious liquid Professor Frink is working on that would create robotic copies of the DNA of those who was put into said vat, Robotic versions of the entire family are created, each with unique powers. Maggie's are based on Magnesium, giving her robot the ability over fire. Homer at the same time does something similar at the power plant creating some sort of a mutant thing. Bartman, along with the robots agree to band together to defeat the mutant.
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