Alter Egos
In many cases The Simpsons cast tends to dress up in costumes and become superheroes. This page will outline all their secret identities. They are listed by their affiliation to justice. The characters in the Radioactive Man comic books are also listed, the characters that appear here are only included if we know their real identities.
Milhouse Van Houten
Voiced by: Pamela Hayden
Lisa the Conjurer
The Bart Cave
Appearences: Various
Bartman's most trusted sidekick. Houseboy often tags along with Bartman solving mysteries, solving crimes and other vigilante tasks once Bartman was placed out of commission due to passing out in a fire, so Houseboy took over Bartman's role for the time being until he recovered.
Radioactive Man
Deafening Screech
Weapons and Equipment
Two Way Communication Watch
The Scarlet Whimpernel
Appearences: Various
After an Explosion at the Nuclear Plant, Milhouse gains a superpower of being able to screech at a high frequency to deafen his enemies. When Bartman needs his help, The Scarlet Whimpernel ignores it and intends to go solo, but later discovers that fighting crime alone is lonely so he returns to Bartman wishing to be his sidekick again.
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