Alter Egos
In many cases The Simpsons cast tends to dress up in costumes and become superheroes. This page will outline all their secret identities. They are listed by their affiliation to justice. The characters in the Radioactive Man comic books are also listed, the characters that appear here are only included if we know their real identities.
Dr. Nick Riviera
Voiced by: Hank Azaria
Stretch Dude
Clobber Girl
Underwater Breahing Jacket
Doctor Strange Doctor
Appearences: Simpsons Super Spectacular #11
When Clobber Girl is unable to concentrate in battle, Dr. Nick is called over to check up on her who diagnoses her with Super flu, he cites that he had it himself, and the flu only effects superheroes, Stretch Dude asks him what his powers are, and shows his super identity. He then swiftly leaves after Stretch Dude agrees not to reveal his secret identity.
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