Common Lists
This page outlines lists of stuff that have recurred on the show and other stuff that may be of interest.

Cloud Gags
A new gag in the intro. Outlining various cameos in the clouds.
Billboard Gags
A new gag in the intro. Outlining various cameos on billboards.
Blackboard Gags
This page will outline the intro blackboard gags for all the things Bart has been punished for.
Couch Gags
This page will outline the intro couch gags where something crazy happens.
Colour Guides
A list of the colours used in order to draw your own pictures with Hexadecimal codes.
Newspaper Headlines
A List of the hilarious newspaper headlines.
A List of inappropriate leaflets.
Paintings. Lifeless images rendered in colourful goop. This page outlines all the times a real painting has been featured on the Simpsons
A List of all the times that the Simpsons have left their hometown of Springfield.
Scrolling Lists
A collection of lists that move way to fast to read without freeze framing.
Simpsons Actors
I'm acting!
You're under arrest, anything you say blah blah blah...
A listing all of the penents that Homer has had at various events.
Simpson Relationships
Yeah, that's the card, give it here!
Li'l Bastard Merchandise
The leading brand in causing mischief.
Standby Indents
Your internet connection is experiencing technical difficaulties, please do not panic, resist the temptation to read or talk to loved ones, do not attempt sexual relations as years of computer radiation has left your genitals withered and useless. (Well, I'll be damned)
Simpson Stationary
Dumb page I gotta code today. Features all the humourous stationary sets the Simpsons has featured.
Family Babysitters
A list of all the times someone else has taken care of the kids while Homer and Marge are out.
Odds on Who Shot Mr. Burns
The Vegas Odds on Who Shot Mr. Burns according to the Mirage Hotel.
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