Metal Gear Simpsons: With a Vengeance
Concept By: Leif Jensen and Gary M. Gadsdon
Written By: Gary M. Gadsdon

Authors Notes: This fic came about after I was reading another fan fic over at which had Maggie being taken in by the Lovejoys when Bart and Lisa move away to South Park (yes, THAT South Park). I was kinda inspired by it, and it gave the basic concept for this fic, but I wanted a different approach, I wrote my own concept, but Leif also provided some and I mixed the two, using more from Leif's concept than my own. After a while writing I decided to give it the Metal Gear title, and weave in references to the original Metal Gear Solid game. In the Metal Gear Solid canon, this would be placed between Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2, it does contain spoilers for The original game, I suggest you play it before reading beyond Part Four.

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Cast of Characters
Lisa Marie Simpson
Lisa is the smart, middle, overlooked child of the Simpsons. Generally, Lisa uses her brain to get out of situations. Lisa was forced to move out of Springfield to Gadsdon Falls, where Lisa later became a Lawyer. Lisa returned to Springfield, only to discover that someone she loved had gone missing, but also reunite with Bart at the same time...

Bartholomew "Bart" Jojo Simpson
Bart is the oldest child of the Simpsons and the only son to Homer and Marge. Bart defined himself as somewhat of a delinquent, being the most likley to end up in prison. Bart is forced to move out of Springfield to Wrighton where he later joined the Military Acadamy at 18. Bart moves back to Springfield after quitting and is reunited with Lisa, as they go look for someone else....

Margaret "Maggie" Jane Simpson
Maggie is the youngest child of the Simpsons. When Bart and Lisa left Springfield, Maggie was forced to stay behind, living with the local bartender Moe. When Maggie found out the truth from her origins, she went missing... But where is she now?

Homer Jay Simpson
Homer is the father of the family. Homer is bald, fat and stupid. He does everything on impulse. He's caring but he's often unable to show it at the right time. In the afterlife, he spends most of it asleep, drinking beer or playing on a water slide. He has a good relationship with God, which is kind of unexpected.

Marjory "Marge" Simpson
Marge is the mother of the family. Marge is kind and caring to her family and tolerant of Homer's blunders. While Homer works at the local Nuclear Power Plant, Marge stays at home as a traditional housewife. In the afterlife, she still cares about her kids, and tends to spend much time watching them grow up on a television screen or cleaning Homer and Marge's room in heaven.

Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders is the devout Christian Next Door Neighbour of The Simpsons. He adopts the Simpson kids temporerally when Homer and Marge are murdered.

Chief Clancy Wiggum
Chief Wiggum is the baffoonish Chief of Police who has a track record for not doing his job very well.

Moe Syzlak
Moe is the bartender at the local tavern, which he owns. Moe has been a friend of Homer's for years. Moe also has a soft spot for Maggie who he accidentally saved from falling from Springfield Bridge. When Homer and Marge are murdered, he adopts Maggie himself. But he doesnt tell her about her origins until she is much older, at which point she runs away...

Lenny Leonard
Lenny is one of Homer's friends, who works with him at the Nuclear Power Plant, and hangs out with at Moe's, he also seems to have a strong relationship with Carl.

Carl Carlson
Carl is one of Homer's friends, who works with him at the Nuclear Power Plant, and hangs out with at Moe's, he also seems to have a strong relationship with Lenny.

Charles Montgomery Burns
Mr. Burns is the rich, powerful owner of the Nuclear Power Plant. He always looks down on everyone in town except for his assistant, and he often bribes city officials to get out of jail sentances and the like. He was once shot in the chest by Maggie and thrown out of his CEO possition of the Nuclear Plant by Homer. But Homer surrendered the possition to Burns later.

Waylon Smithers Jr.
Smithers is Mr. Burns's assistant, he'll basically do anything Mr. Burns asks him to do. That could be because he has feelings for Mr. Burns that arent exactly professional.

Agent Tompson
Agent Tompson is an agent for the FBI. He escorts Bart and Lisa to their new lives in Wrighton and Gadsdon Falls.

Andre is an angel in heaven who works as a receptionist and helps new residents get settled.

God is the almighty in heaven. For some reason, he seems to have a friendly relationship with Homer and prefers the Simpsons over the Flanders's. He allows Homer to visit Earth as a ghost because his antics amuse God so much.

Solid Snake
Real Name, David. Solid Snake is a former operative for the group FOXHOUND created by his father, Big Boss. Snake had been on two infiltration missions with FOXHOUND before retiring. Outer Heaven, and Zanzibar Land, with Big Boss behind both. Snake killed Big Boss at Zanzibar Land. Snake was recalled out of retirement by his commander, Colonel Campbell to infiltrate Shadow Moses Island just off of Alaska. But was any of that real?

Liquid Snake
Liquid Snake is the brother of Solid Snake, and part of the Les Enfant Terribles Project. He becomes the squad Leader during the FOXHOUND Revolt on Shadow Moses Island, his only concern is fighting Snake to the end. The two fight a fist fight battle on the top of Metal Gear REX. He eventually dies after a car chase. But was any of that real?

Hal "Otacon" Emmerich
Otacon is short for Otaku Convention, he uses the name because he is a fan of Japanese Anime. Otacon has become somewhat as a sidekick to Solid Snake, assisting him with information and giving him tools. Otacon was the Chief Engineer for Metal Gear REX before Snake destoried it and the two formed an Anti-Metal Gear Group.

Big Boss / Naked Snake
Real Name, Jack. Big Boss is the father of Solid Snake and Liquid Snake. Big Boss is the founder and commanding officer of FOXHOUND but is later revealed to Solid Snake to be the leader behind Outer Heaven as well. Snake destroys Metal Gear at Outer Heaven as well as Big Boss. The two then meet up again at Zanzibar Land, where Big Boss announces to Snake that he is father, Snake defeats Big Boss there. Big Boss also has an eye patch over his right eye, this occured during a mission of his own, Operation Snake Eater while being tortured in Groznyj Grad a fortress in the Russian Mountains.

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