Maggie and Monica
Written By: Kathryn Bunny

Season 1
1.01: Monica vs. Radioactive Man
After reading a Comic of Radioactive Man Monica reckons its to scary and giving children Nightmares starts trying to shut down the Radioactive Man Business by putting up adverts all over Springfield. Maggie protests against Monica and rips many of the Posters Down and is arrested by Chief Wiggum for Littering Laws. Marge isn't happy and makes Maggie do Thirty Hours of Community Service.

1.02: True Lovers
Monica develops a crush on the new Boy who has just moved to Springfield called Toby Smith but they break up when Monica finds the stash of Radioactive Man stuff in his room after the protest but they make up next day at the Yearly Springfield Parade.

1.03: This Young Lady Part I
Marge tries to turn Maggie into the perfect young lady; Maggie is disgusted with the idea and tries to make Marge give up but Marge is going to take a lot more persuading before she gives in to her disorderly daughter. Diamond, (First Ever Seen) gets a higher place in the Jazz band which she recently joined with Monica.

1.04: This Young Lady Part II
Maggie thinks Marge has finally gone to far when Marge tries to make Maggie wear a Frock to School and is the laughing stock all day and after Maggie rips up the Frock Marge finally gives up. Monica tries to do enough Chores to Afford a new Sax seeing as Lisa wouldn't give up her Childhood Memories with hers.

1.05: House of Horror I
Two Horror Tales of where Maggie finds a secret hole in the attic that leads to a strange land and the other where Monica finds herself face to face with her double in the mirror that pulls her in and traps her in a Secret World with only Maggie to save her.

1.06: Overcome Them
Monica is fretting over the races that are coming up at the Springfield green that she is considering entering but is being teased by a local girl called Hannah.

1.07: Nightmare Maggie
Maggie can't seem to stop having nightmares, Marge reckons it's just a “Phase” but Monica is starting to worry about her older Sister and tries to find away to stop her frequent Night Terrors.

1.08: Loyal Lovers
Toby falls and gets his foot trapped in a snare while with Monica while on a hike up to Mount Springfield and Monica has a hard time trying to get hold of anyone to help her to rescue him.

1.09: The Webdiamond
Diamond finds an online hosting and signs up but is stuck on ideas for a Website so asks around at school but dislikes all the idea's that are thrown at her. Maggie on the other hand is bursting with ideas but most of the idea's are about things that Maggie likes and Diamond isnt so keen.

1.10: Degree of Simpson
Maggie is avoiding studying for the test and when Marge finds her test results so low she punishes Maggie big time. Meanwhile Monica as Usual Scores Sraight A's and Maggie isn't Happy.

1.11: Nuclear Crisis
Homer drives drunk one night on the way home from Moe's and crashes the car on the sidewalk, Marge is very angry because of the Finance Problems and they can't fix the car until Homer gets a Pay Rise but it turns out Homer has been lacking in his work so it would be a few months before they could fix the car.

1.12: My Cherished Childhood
Diamond Persuades Maggie to help her raise Money for the Local Orphanage by Having a Garage Sale while Monica is given a new pet hamster by Marge and Homer because they think Monica is now old and Responsible enough. Meanwhile someone has bought Maggie's favourite Childhood toy after it being put in the sale by accident. Tearfully, Maggie explains to Diamond about how she recalled getting it in the first place.

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