Maggie and Monica
Written By: Kathryn Bunny

Season 2
2.01: Monica's Homework Club
Monica is fretting over her low Grades and wonder if she isn't studying hard enough and starts up a Homework Club but Maggie isn't happy that all Monica's Friends are coming over everyday after school and is less happy when she finds out Monica has to use the telly so that she and her members can watch boring documentaries.

2.02: Kinged
Maggie and Diamond help prepare Monica for a Chess Tournament against some of the nerds at school.

2.03: Hannah's Mistake
After the Theft at the Kwik-E-Mart, Maggie is blamed and the matter is taken to Court and Maggie is sentenced to Three Months in Juvie until Monica who saw the Robbery steps forward and gives her side of the story, it results in Hannah as the true Criminal is blamed and gets Maggie's Sentence.

2.04: House of Horror II
There are now Three Stories in The House of Horror Episodes
Story 1: Monica and Maggie have an age swap so Monica finds herself Fifteen while Maggie is eleven.
Story 2: Monica is shown by a passing Gypsy what life would have been like if she lived in the Sci Fi World.
Story 3: Maggie's Worst nightmare, she is made to wear nothing but frocks in pink.

2.06: Facing your Fear
Maggie beats up Hannah when she pushes Monica into a ditch. After Monica is home from Hospital, Maggie is forced to go round to Hannah's and apologise for her behaviour but can't face up to the Music.

2.07: A Road to Far
Monica finds out the Hannah is stealing food from the canteen and is determined to find out the truth but Hannah latches on what Monica is doing and chases her on her BMX Bike until Monica is forced to climb a tree and be rescued by Diamond and Maggie who are passing.

2.08: Maggie vs. the Babysitter
Maggie sneaks out the house one night when Marge and Homer go to a dance. Marge finds Maggie's bed empty and when she finally returns in the Morning, Marge who has a sleepless night wonder's if she should hire a Babysitter to watch Maggie and Monica when they go out but unfortunately for Maggie they hire a very bossy strict Babysitter so Maggie is forced to take action and makes the Babysitter's night a living hell. After that Marge hires a new Babysitter who is worse so Maggie ends up Scaring her so much that she runs from the house in Terror and Marge decides not to hire a Sitter again.

2.09: Stranded Seven
Marge tells the family that they are going away on Holiday for a week but when the plane breaks down The Simpson's are Stranded and eventually build a boat that will take them back to America.

2.10: Secrets Within
The First Story: How Maggie met Diamond.
The Second Story: Monica's First Birthday

2.11: My Future Alone
Monica meets the same Fortune Teller that Bart met In "Bart to the Future"; that shows Monica Twenty years on, she is married to Toby with Two Kids called Dinah and Zach
Maggie is working in the Kwik-E-Mart and it is mentioned that she has been in Three Trials in the past Fifteen years.
Diamond is working in a Computer Lab because she has always loved Computers; she has a Degree in Computer Programming.
Lisa is working still in the local Jazz Studio but as the old Manager Retired she was Given the Manager Job.
Bart is still working as a Janitor in Springfield Elementary.

2.12: A Friend Needed
After Toby goes away for a Month to Spain to meet his Aunts and Uncle, Monica is left alone at school, Even Hannah is leaving her alone, Monica feels terribly left out in everything until a letter for her arrives in the mail from Toby telling her no matter how far away he is, he is still her friend and to find some more friends until he comes back. Monica follows his advice and gets herself a gang of girly Friends.

2.13: Broken Leg, Broken Spirit (1)
Maggie is run down by a car and is taken into Hospital where she finds out that the Man who run her over was Artie Ziff, Marge's Former Boyfriend when she and Homer were at high school, Marge feels that her Spirits are Broken as yet again Artie tries to convince her to leave Homer once again.

2.14: Revenge on Smarty Artie (2)
Season Finale, Monica feels happy again when Toby Returns and Maggie, Who's Leg is still broken is complaining that she can't go out skateboarding, tries to track down Artie from his Website and starts sending him threatening emails until Marge Catches on to what she is doing and puts a stop to it.

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