Maggie and Monica
Written By: Kathryn Bunny

Season 3
3.01: My Baby Annoyance
Marge and Homer tell Monica and Maggie about when Monica was born and how Maggie hated having a younger sister.

3.02: Homer Vs Sideshow
Homer has a letter offering for a job for a Sideshow but after realizing that it's nothing but pies in the face and blast out of cannons he tries everything to Ruin Krusty's Sideshow Programme but fails miserably as Krusty catches on to what he's up to and kicks him out of the club.

3.03: House of Horror III
Three Stories
Story 1: Maggie and Diamond take up a Flying Lesson in "Wings of Ten"
Story 2: Monica looses her voice and finds out she will never be able to talk again
Story 3: Bart finds a secret room in Springfield Elementary which leads into another World

3.04: Firefly - 1 Hour
Diamond and Maggie decide to form a band called Firefly:
Diamond: is Lead Singer and Electric Guitar player, Manager One
Maggie: Is Drummer and Secondary Singer, Manager Two
Monica: Is Piano Player
Lisa: Is Sax Player
Toby: Plays the Tambourine
The band becomes big and are asked to play in the local Springfield Concert but Maggie breaks her arm when she is tried to reach for boxes in the basement and the band caplay without Maggie because the Concert is in Three Hours and they don't have time to find a new drummer, The Band is in Dismay until the person they have been looking for turns up so the band can go on.

3.05: Football Simpson
Maggie is trying to build the largest Stationary Robot from Cardboard for the Springfield Elementary Science Exhibit after she found out that the prize was a week at Soccer Camp and a Soccer ball signed by Ryan Giggs.

3.06: Bart's Love Life
Bart is offered a new job higher than the one at Springfield Elementary and happily takes it but doesn't really understand how much work is involved and meets a new girl called Dinah who helps him and soon they become Boyfriend, Girlfriend.

3.07: How to cope with your Family
Marge feels that she can't cope with all the bills that keep coming in and wonder's why Homer hasn't had a raise from The Plant for over Six Months. Meanwhile Bart Proposes to Dinah but quickly backtracks on his proposal when he finds out Angelica is dating another Man, Bart feeling angry turns his attentions on to Jessica Lovejoy.

3.08: Three in the Past
Homer, Carl, Lenny and Moe Relive old times, Homer tells the story of how he got addicted to Duff and Moe tells the story of how he became a Bartender.

3.09: (deleted)

3.10: Barcelona from Springfield
Maggie and Diamond Participate in a Student Exchange Programme, They both go to Barcelona for Two Months while Two Students stay in their Homes. They stay with a Spanish Family with Two Other Students and attend a Spanish School the only trouble is that Monica wanted her sister out of the way but hates her new Exchange Student.

3.11: Banished from Springfield
Maggie feels that her prayers have been answered when the local Gym open up a Hockey Rink, Desperately to get on the team Maggie drags Diamond along to rate how well she can skate. Unfortunately Maggie is rejected from the team because she started up a fight with one of the other players and could barley skate in the first place.

3.12: Le Week-End Dernier
Monica wants to learn French so Marge takes her along to the Local Language College and tries to apply for a place. Monica is quite a fast learner and soon has mastered more than most of the children in her class, but when asked to perform in the yearly language game show Monica is worried she might make a fool of herself and fakes being ill to duck out at the last second.

3.13: How to break out of Jail with Bob
Bob finds out that he has a long lost sister living in Las Vegas, In Desperation to find his Sibling he tries to Escape from Springfield Prison but when Cecil finds out about the sister and that she has a large sum of money he breaks out and tries to catch the next plane to Las Vegas before Bob and Retired Chief Wiggum get wise to him.

3.14: Tracking down the Family
Jessica wonders what became of her Mom and Dad after seeing a documentary on Orphan Children, it turns out they moved away from Springfield when the Taxes rose to high and finds out that they have moved to Texas and haven't seen their Daughter in over Ten Years. After going to see them she finds out what really happened that night twelve years ago and why she hasn't seen her parents for all this time. Jessica Also learns that she has a little Brother called Jacques who was left in an orphanage when he was only one. Jessica and Bart track him down and find that the Twelve Year Old has been adopted and doesn't believe that Jessica is his sister.

3.15: Lisa Promoted
Lisa gets promoted at the Jazz Studio after the old Manager retired and Lisa has no trouble in running the studio. To Celebrate Lisa is invited over to Dinner at The Simpson's but is delayed because of a car crash between Gina and Jessica

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