Maggie and Monica
Written By: Kathryn Bunny

Season 4
4.01: Old Rivals
Allison Taylor Moves Back to Springfield but has changed so much and has turned out to be a lot like Jessica Lovejoy but Quickly Becomes Enemies with Jessica even though they are so alike. Lisa is sad with how her Friend Turned out and tries desperately to Change her Ways.

4.02: The One who loved Maggie
A boy called Martine Sparrow gets a crush on Maggie after she saved him from Nelson's Daughter. Maggie is horrified when's he finds out and tries to stop Martine from liking her by being extra mean to him and when he finally gives up on her Maggie is Satisfied. Monica and Diamond try to persuade The Simpson's to recycle more seeing as it will help the environment.

4.03: The Fears of Obesity I
Marge thinks Maggie is getting Terribly overweight because all she does is sit around eating Junk-Food and watching T.V. Marge desperately asks Lisa for help and they both Coax Maggie down to the Gym Saying that it is the Ice-Cream Parlour. Maggie is furious and complains to Diamond down the Phone.

4.04: The Fears of Obesity II
Maggie isn't doing to well at her Gym class, she has fallen out with the teacher and the other kids and refuses to do what she is told and she is kicked out of the club and made to go home. In a Fury she storms home and rips the healthy eating timetable off the fridge an refuses to come out of her room

4.05: The Fears of Obesity III
Marge finds Maggie eating even more junk food Worried about her Daughter she drags Maggie off to Doctor Hibbert's who tells her if she doesn't stop this obsession with Sugary Foods she could get Obese, Worried by this news Maggie desperately destroys her entire hoard and begins on an exercise programme.

4.06: SKINNER!
Quimby Elects a new Superintendent for Springfield Elementary after Charlmers broke his Spine after crashing his Honda. But unfortunately it's Leopold.

4.07: Sophie vs. Gabbo
Gabbo yet again claims to take over Krusty's show which is now owned by his Daughter Sophie. Sophie who meets Monica on the way home from school tries to talk it over with her but Monica seems to enjoy the show which leaves Sophie really mad. Will they ever push Gabbo out of the Spotlight again?

4.08 Poor Prankster
The Bunny's, The Simpson's and The Smith's get together for a Dinner Party but it all goes horribly wrong when one of Maggie's Pranks goes the other way and ends up injuring Monica.

4.09 Rebels and Goody-Goodies
The Simpson's take in an English Boy on an exchange trip but the only trouble is Monica has rather a big crush on him. She's not sure how she can cope when Toby finds out her thoughts about the English Boy. Maggie doesn't really like Ollie (The Exchange Student) and keeps out of his way all the time he is staying with them until Maggie finds out just how cool her "Exchanged Brother" can be.

4.10 My Love for Jazzy Music
Diamond shows Maggie a video of when she was thirteen taking part in a Jazz Musical and starts explaining about how she got to love Jazz so much.

4.11 Revenge is Sweet
Maggie runs away from home when she feels her family is ganging up on her, Unaware that she had entered Shelbyville she gets into a fight with the local kids and ends up being taken to hospital for stitches, When she is taken home she decides to get revenge on them by sneaking into Shelbyville at night and dropping water bombs on them from a Gilder.

4.12 House of Horror IV
Three Stories
Story 1: Maggie keeps seeing her Double all over Springfield.
Story 2: Now that Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl have grown up two new Super heroes and join Maggie, Diamond as Gadget Girl and Monica as SSS (Super Speedy Sister). The two new Super hero's gain their power after a Tidal Wave of Nuclear Waste Hits Springfield.
Story 3: Another Superhero Story: There's a Mystery Thief in Springfield who is commanding the town to do his bidding with a giant Hypnoses Machine.

4.13: A Story of Two Sisters
Another Flashback told by Marge and Homer, Some of Maggie, about when Monica turned two, The Simpson's had gone out to Mount Splashmore for the day when Homer reemits his long lost Brother who now is married. A few weeks after the day out Monica get a bad case of tonsillitis and has to go into hospital for surgery.

4.14: Bart the Head
Principal Skinner takes a Vacation to the Bahamas but years of quarrelling with the Governors about how the school is run leaves Principal Skinner in a sticky situation for there is no one to cover as Principal when he leaves, after a good deal of careful thinking he decides to leave Bart in charge seeing as he never really has much to do. Bart is left in the office with one condition; He keeps the school running smoothly for the Six weeks while Principal Skinner is away. Bart's lack of keeping promises slowly starts to slip and the school runs into an array of Chaos but Bart is horrified when Monica informs him that a group of inspectors are coming round to see the schools progress. Bart only has a short amount of time to get the school back up and running smoothly and wonders how can he convince the committee that he is the real Principal.

4.15: Trashy Date
Lisa doesn't want to remain single anymore so she tries to get herself a Boyfriend, She also tries a dating agency in Springfield and talks to a mystery boy who seems Familiar who wants Lisa as a Girlfriend She plans to meet him at Springfield Harbour but the Strange Person Turns out to be Milhouse, Disgusted Lisa makes a run for it, but as she makes reaches her Apartment she slips and falls into the river after being pulled ashore by Milhouse, she is diagnosed with Hypothermia.

4.16: Shrine to Gums
Lisa and Allison (Who is now working at the KJAZZ Studio) Decide to set up a shrine to Bleeding Gums seeing as his Birthday is Coming up, Lisa found out his Birthday on an Internet Jazz Forum and she wants all of Springfield to be at the party but Maggie who has always hated Jazz won't go for her Sister.

4.17: Gina the Jessica
Gina Vendetti wants to make amends for her Behaviour as a Kid. She takes up the post of a Hairdresser at the Salon to improve her Salary for a start but a Furious Jessica who wanted the job for herself and who gets shunted down tries to get Gina Fired. Bart who agrees to help get Gina fired if Jessica will like him again, after agreeing the two of them put their final plan into action.

4.18: Cousin From Hell (Season Finale)
Toby's Cousin comes over from England but unfortunately Toby hates his Cousin because she is a real "Girly-Girl” and spends all her time in her room putting on make-up and she is acts like a real "Goody-Goody". He only realizes he likes her when he finds out she secretly is a total riot but her endless attempts to be Bad Lands Toby in the Centre of all the Trouble.

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