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So Dumb (Homer's Lament)
Background Singers: Aaaaahh ahaaaa aaaaaa haaaaa haaaaa
Homer: The Nuclear Plant
Is the reason I cant
make a baby with Marge anymore.
The Reason I'm fat
so they tell me is that
I eat 8 meals instead of just 4
All because my children
Are loud and heard it some
but somehow my brains at a loss to explain
The Reason I've gotten so dumb

Maybe It's beer every day of the year
that it's killing the cells in my brain
Background Singers: Ooooooooaaaaaahhh!
Homer: and if that it's true
well what else can I do
if its beer that is really to blame
Background Singers: Ooooooooaaaaaahhh!
Homer: I'll have to stop beer drinking
and switch to Gin or Rum
But if I'm to choose
forget brains of my clues
tell me how have I gotten so dumb

Grampa: Dont be so glum about being dumb
Homer: My father told me once
Grampa: Son its okay
go out and play
with all the other runts
You are just fine,
I really dont mind all your stupid stunts
just wear the hat
your pointy hat
indicating you're a dunce

Background Singers: Atata Fortata Atata Fortata ada blum
Homer: I am So stupid
I said I am so stupid
You're supposed to say how stupid am I?
I'll wait
Did you say how stupid are you?
I am so stupid
that if I ever had a
Whenever I was

I have to say D'OH
because I really dont know
who my congressman is to this day
Hey thats sad
but hey its not so bad
because I dont vote anyway

I cant think of a lyric
so I guess I'll have to hum
I forgot to wear pants
tell me LaDaDeDe So Dumb

My kids are all smart
Maggie, Lisa and Bart
and the dog and the cat laugh at me
Background Singers: Ooooooooaaaaaahhh!
Homer: Well they really dont laugh
I just made that part up
So forget what I said nevermind
Background Singers: Ooooooooaaaaaahhh!
Homer: Now what was I just saying?
I know it rhymes with dumb.
coz a drum wasnt dumb
or or about Bubble gum
I forgot, sometimes I'm so Dumb
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