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Moanin Lisa Blues
Lisa: I got a bratty brother
he bugs me everyday
This morning my own mother
gave my last, cupcake away
My dad he acts like
like he belongs in the zoo
I'm the saddest kid
saddest kid in grade number two

I wish I had a pony
I wish I were a teen
I wish I had a dime
for every kid that treats me mean
They tease me 'cause I'm different
little different from the rest. Oh yeah!
Well, I'm down so low
If I cheered up, I'd still be depressed

The saxophone's my best friend
I play all over town
but when I practice in my room I hear
Homer: Lisa, keep it down!
Lisa: Although I'm only eight years old
I've really paid my dues, it's true
That's why I've got a case of
a case of The Moaning Lisa Blues

I wonder how I got here
I wonder what I'll be
The saddest little twig
on this crazy family tree
I feel like I'm a loser
with nothing left to lose
That's why I got a case of
a case of The Moaning Lisa Blues
Oh, there's just no postponing
a case of the Moaning Lisa Blues.
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