One Foot in the Past
Written By: Nikki Wright

Author's Notes: This fic was created in the midst of a website-based mental breakdown I wrote this story to gain a new perspective with The Simpsons which is considerably dark and dramatic. It involves one of the great loves of my (time travel) which at the time was finding it's way into all artwork and ideas I would do. The view I had when writing this faded away shortly after finishing as it was just too dark. This story is loosely based on an old episode of the Outer Limits in which a man goes back in time to stop something awful from happening to himself.

Select your Chapter Chapter I: Time and Punishment

August 12, 2000 - Apartment
A door swings open into a dark room casting light from an adjacent hallway, a middle-aged MAN enters and abruptly closes the door. He nervously walks over to a window which looks down over Springfield's lower east side.

The MAN closes the curtains and walks over to a large corkboard covered in polaroids of WOMEN doing their daily routines. He then grabs one of the photos off the board and starts to tear it apart whilst crying he then tears up 3 more and holds his head sobbing.

(Far angle shot) The camera then pans along the room passing by a SHADOWY FIGURE holding a handgun. The shadowy figure then turns on a standing floor lamp which startles the MAN and reveals the figure to be a 40-something year old woman.

WOMAN: Jailbird?
MAN: How did you get in here?
WOMAN: Are you Snake Jailbird?
MAN: Who wants to know?

The WOMAN then raises her gun and aims it at the MAN

WOMAN: (Sternly) Are you Snake Jailbird?
MAN: Y-yeah, yeah I'm Jailbird.
WOMAN: On September 13, 2021...
SNAKE: W-what is this?
WOMAN: You were executed for the willful murder of 8 women.

The WOMAN cocks her gun

WOMAN: I am here to carry out that just and legal sentence.
SNAKE: I don't understand...
WOMAN: Only one of us has to.
SNAKE: J-just wait a minute, w...

She then fires twice hitting the man in the chest both times. SNAKE collapses against a wall and is imedietly knocked unconscious. The WOMAN then approaches SNAKE and fires a final shot into his forehead. She lowers her gun and removes a small blinking device from her waist.

She presses a button on the device causing it to emit a long blue pulsating stream of light. A large orange gateway then appears causing gusts of wind to enter the room. The WOMAN enters the portal and vanishes.

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