BART, LISA and MAGGIE are in the front yard. BART has his skateboard. He bobs is head.

LISA: What you doing Bart?
BART: Skateboarding.
LISA: Can we come?
BART: No way man, Skateboardings mens work.
LISA: Then why are you doing it?
BART: Because I am a man, man.

BART reaches the top of a hill, then skateboards down it.

BART: Cowabunga!

As he rides down the hill.

BART: Ah, the breeze, the solitude, the wind glistening through your hair...

The camera pans out to show that LISA and MAGGIE are riding with him.

LISA: Go man, go!
BART: Huh?!

Back at the top of the hill.

BART: Watch this, here goes the daredevil skateboard champion of the universe!

He skates down the hill again.


LISA catches up to him on her own skateboard, upside down.

LISA: Hi, Bart.

LISA passes him.

LISA: Bye, Bart.

Again at the top of the hill.

BART: Okay, ready? Get set. HEY! Look over there! Go!

LISA turns around as BART flies off down the hill, laughing. LISA manages to catch up to him, and he stops laughing, as BART pulls away he laughs again. But MAGGIE on a third skateboard, passes him.

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