Simpsons Fantasy
Written By: Gary M. Gadsdon

Simpsons Fantasy is a series of Fan Fics written as if to be a video game (and is in the process of becoming one) where Simpsons characters cross into a different view of the year 5000+ where they interact with various Final Fantasy Characters. The story is about Maggie having crossed into this future and grown up faster than expected because time flows quicker. But there seems to be something about her destiny that she hadnt anticipated.

These stories are in development as a Video Game, being developed with RPG Maker VX. So you get to properly view these fan fics as they were intented. Regularly, updates, screenshots and otherartwork will be posted on this site, as well as Multi Talk 2 so be sure to regularly go there and look out for updates, if you are logged into the forum, you can subscribe to the topic and you will receive updates via email automatically. I should point out that the scripts used in these pages are only being used a base for the game, given the age of some of these scripts, they are being updated.

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Feel My Blade
Simpsons Fantasy
Year: 2006
When Professor Frink is asked to babysit Maggie for some reason, he accidentally sends her into the world of Final Fantasy where time flows different. The Simpsons follow through the rift and look for her. But does she want to return to Springfield?

Bartman: Return of Maggeena
Simpsons Fantasy II
Year: 2008
The Simpsons have returned home from their trip to Gaia and the Simpsons except Maggie return to their previous lives, Maggie has gone into hiding just staying at the Simpson house. Homer and Marge trick Maggie into coming out of hiding and arrange a welcome home party for her at Moe's.

When Realities Collide
Simpsons Fantasy III
Year: 2008
Professor Frink informs The Simpsons that something terrible is happening in Gaia. Worried, Maggie rushes in to aid. It seems that the residents of Dark Gaia are trying harness the powers of Light and Dark for something. Who could be behind the madness?

Live for Tomorrow
Simpsons Fantasy IV
Year: 2008
Maggie has undergone a transformation back to her old baby self, but the after effects are fatal. Marge, Lisa and Maggie have to go Gaia and get some Mako for Professor Frink. But someone in Springfield is back for revenge, can Maggie and a new found set of abilities save sort the issue out?

Simpsons Fantasy V
Year: ????
Curious, the family ask Maggie to tell them the story of how she got her sword, and how she got inject with the Mako energy that has nearly killed her.

The Darkness Strikes Back
Simpsons Fantasy VI
Year: 2009
Bart, Lisa and Maggie have settled down to a life without fighting. But Dark Maggie is back! And she's vowed revenge on Maggie! Will she succeed or will Maggie save the day once more?

Lucy's First Day
Simpsons Fantasy VI-2
Year: ????
With Lucy still at risk, and the family wanting to get her into school, they agree that the best idea would be to send her to Balamb Garden under the tutorship of Squall Leonhart. How will Lucy's first day of school pan out?

Reminiscence of a Lost Twin
Simpsons Fantasy VII
Year: ????
Finally able to come to terms with her past, Lucy feels that she is ready to tell her family all of the awful things she was forced to do while under the control of Mr. Burns and Dark Maggie.

Enigma of Darkness
Simpsons Fantasy VIII
Year: ????
After going to Gaia to visit Locke and Terra, The kids return home to find their hometown in ruins and every citizen turned to robots, even their family. Who could have done it, and why?

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