Simpsons Fantasy: Feel My Blade
Written By: Gary M. Gadsdon

Authors Notes: Simpsons Fantasy is a video game I was working on before I got too busy (and/or Lazy) to make it. It would've involved Simpsons Characters and how they interact with Final Fantasy cameos. The game itself is based on the popular Final Fantasy series. The game is mostly set on the same planet as that of the Final Fantasy Series, Gaia. The game would've concluded with the kids vanashing and ending up in Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Why I thought all this was a good idea (now that I think about it) is beyond me.
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Int. Simpsons Living Room.

MARGE: Bart, I need you to go to Proffessor Frinks.
BART: Why?
MARGE: He was babysitting Maggie tonight.
BART: Why didnt you have Lisa take care of her?
MARGE: She has some other engagements remember?
BART: Oh right, but do I have to? It's cold out.
HOMER: Do what your mother says boy and go get Maggie.
BART: Alright, Alright, sheez.

BART goes to FRINK's Lab

FRINK: Bart! I guess you're here to pick up Maggie
BART: Yeah. Thats about it.
FRINK: She sure was having fun with the Frinkomatic Play center I made for her.
BART: It better not have any radioactivity this time, mom was pretty upset the last time.
FRINK: I worked out all the <flavic> on this one.
BART: So can you go get her? I really need to be going.
FRINK: Of course.

The screen fades to black.

FRINK: You wont believe this, but Maggie's gone!
BART: Huh? Where's she gone?
FRINK: I dont know. Though, she never left the room...
BART: So what could she have done then?
FRINK: The only machine in the room is the fictional-reality relocator...
BART: Meaning...
FRINK: If she used that machine, then she would be in a video game right about now.
BART: That sounds like fun, I gotta try that sometime.
FRINK: Would if it worked two ways. Once you're in there, you gotta complete the game for real.
BART: What kind of game is it, Platformer? Shoot 'em Up? Puzzle?
FRINK: Role Playing.
BART: Oh, its one of those types of games.
FRINK: I think we'd better go check it out.

The screen fades to black again.

FRINK: Sweet merciful glayvin. She did use the machine!
BART: So, cant you just send me in after her?
FRINK: I'm afraid not.
BART: How come.
FRINK: It needs to recharge and in order for me to send you after her, you need to be prepared.
BART: How long will that take?
FRINK: At least a month.
BART: How am I gonna explain this to mom?
FRINK: You'll find a way. I'll start with this now, you go tell your mom.
BART: Okay, but I can probably garantee that she'll try to call you.

BART travels back to the Springfield household

MARGE: Bart, where's Maggie.
BART: Yeah, about Maggie, there's sort of a problem there.
MARGE: What did you do Bart?
BART: Me? Nothing. It's a long story.
HOMER: Spill it boy.
BART: Well, Maggie went into this dealie that sends you into some video game.
MARGE: And you didnt go after her?
BART: No. It needs to recharge and Frink needs to make sure I'm prepared.
MARGE: So how long do we have to wait before we can go find her?
BART: A month.
BART: I know. I know.
MARGE: My poor baby... she wont know what to do there...
HOMER: There, there Marge. I'm sure she's alright.
MARGE: *cries*

NOTICE: One Month Later
HOMER: Say, isnt it about time we went to rescue Maggie?
BART: Oh yeah Home-boy, I forgot about her.
LISA: Idioto.
BART: Will you stop saying that Lis?
LISA: You cant tell me what to do Bart.
BART: Whatever, lets just go to Professor Frink's.

HOMER, MARGE, BART and LISA go to FRINK's lab.

FRINK: Simpsons, what brings you here?
HOMER: We wanna go look for Maggie.
MARGE: I miss her so much!
FRINK: Good timing! I have just finished the final preperations.
MARGE: So we can go look for her?
FRINK: Thats right.
LISA: Alright!
FRINK: There is something you must know though.
BART: What?
FRINK: The machine takes you to a world called "Gaia" it is a world where monsters run free and everyone is always fighting them to survive. So, if you're going to go there, you will need weapons of some kind. I cant provide you any and any household items and musical instraments will be useless. You'll have to go in barefisted.
HOMER: Thats not a problem for me!
BART: Me neither, I have a slingshot.
MARGE: But what about Lisa and me. We dont have anything to use.
FRINK: Fear not. I'll be able to provide you with something to use.

Fade to White.

NOTICE: Marge has learned Cure!
FRINK: Marge, you have just learned Cure, its a magic spell that will restore HP.
FRINK: Health Points, its how your health is determined in the world.
HOMER: Can we get more HP?
FRINK: Yes, you level up.
LISA: Level up?
FRINK: As you fight random monsters, you gain expirence, once you've reached a required amount of Expirence or EXP you gain a level at that point you gain HP, MP and strength.
BART: MP, thats a new one to me, I knew of HP, but MP? Whats that?
FRINK: Short for Magic Points, each Magic spell, such as Cure will use MP, once you've run out you will be unable to use Magic spells. There is a medicine that will restore MP, called an Ether much like a Potion will restore HP.
MARGE: So I can use "Cure" as long as I have enough MP.
FRINK: Thats correct. Cure is a white magic spell.
LISA: White Magic?
FRINK: There are two types of Magic spells, Black and White. White Magic is mostly used by White Mage's, White Magic is mostly curative spells such as Cure. Black Magic is offensive Magic that will harm enemies, mostly used by Black Mages. Speaking of Black Magic.

Fade to red.

NOTICE: Lisa has learned Fire!
FRINK: Lisa, you have learned Fire, which is the most basic of Black Magic Spells.
LISA: Cool. I'm guessing Fire is an elemental spell..?
FRINK: That is correct. There are four elements in Gaia, Fire, Ice, Lightning and Water. Fire and Ice are opposed.
BART: I get Fire and Ice, but what about Lightning and Water?
FRINK: Lightning and Water are opposed, just like Fire and Ice. Red Mages can use both Black and White Magic and there are many other skills for you to learn in Gaia as you level up or meet certain requirements, I dont know what those levels and requirements are. With each magic spell, there are four levels of it, like Fire for example there's Fire, which is level one, Fira which is level two, Firaga which is level three, and Firaja which is level four, there is also said to be a fifth level called Flare.
BART: Okay, enough of magic what else do we need to know.
FRINK: Money. There is no such currency as the dollar in Gaia, their currency is Gil.
HOMER: Gil, what the hell kind of name is that?
FRINK: I'm not going to answer that, I have calculated an exchange rate between The Dollar and Gil at 10 Gil to the Dollar, if you wish to exchange with me now, you can.

HOMER hands over 30 Dollars to Professor FRINK. FRINK hands back 300 Gil to HOMER.

FRINK: Superlative. Lastly, time flows differently in Gaia, during the month I spent with this thing, 7 years have passed in Gaia.
MARGE: So Maggie's 8?
FRINK: Thats correct.
LISA: Then that will make it harder to find her.
FRINK: Not nessesaraly. In Gaia, people have pink skin. So Maggie will be the only person retaining her yellow skin.
HOMER: Alright. Lets go.
LISA: Wait Dad, I think we need to practice with these spells and equipment.
MARGE: Thats a good idea Lisa.
BART: Frink can you set up a practice run.
FRINK: Sure can, I had myself prepared for this.

A Monster comes through the wall, The Simpsons Fight it

HOMER: That was fairly easy.
BART: Lets go.
FRINK: I'll teleport you just outside of a place called Dali, its a small rural village. Ask around there if they've seen Maggie. You can also communicate with me there using this.

FRINK hands over a communicator and remote device.

LISA: Thanks professor.

Time Compressed World
HOMER: Where are we?
MARGE: I dont see any villages around here.
LISA: Lets split up and try to find a way out.

The FAMILY moves around as they try to find out where they are. They eventually come across MAGGIE.

LISA: Hey look, is that Maggie?
BART: It certainly looks like her. But isnt she supposed to be eight?
MARGE: I dont care, I've found my baby!

MARGE runs up towards MAGGIE. As MARGE goes to pick her up, MAGGIE blinks.

LISA: A Fake?

BOSS: MAGGIE SIMPSON (Party: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa)

The screen fades to white as the FAMILY end up in Gaia near the Village of Dali.

HOMER: We should probably ask around to see if anyone has seen Maggie. Lets split up.
LISA: Good idea dad.

LISA walks into the inn as the FAMILY split up.

INNKEEPER: Yes, can I help you?
LISA: Yes, we're looking for someone, perhaps you've seen her.
INNKEEPER: I see lots of people, a description would help.
LISA: She looks a bit like me, spikey hair, yellow skin...
INNKEEPER: Hmmm.... Yellow skin... yeah, that rings a bell. There's a girl from Baron who comes here to trade goods.
LISA: Baron? Can we get there?
INNKEEPER: You wanna go to Baron? Do you have an airship?
LISA: An airship? What's that?
INNKEEPER: You dont know what an airship is?
LISA: No, what is it?
INNKEEPER: They're ships that fly around in the air!
LISA: Kind of like an airplane?
INNKEEPER: Whats an "airplane"?
LISA: Its a veichle which flys at high speeds to take people places.
INNKEEPER: Then an airship is one of those.
LISA: Where can we get a hold of an airship?
INNKEEPER: Sorry, the only one around here comes from Baron, and I dont think there's a delivery today.
LISA: Rats. Can we get there by foot?
INNKEEPER: Yes, but I dont recommend it, for a little girl like you.
LISA: How come?
INNKEEPER: Well first you have to go through the Ice Cavern, directly north, then you have to cross Mount Gagazet, and then you have to go through the Baron Desert.
LISA: Sounds like quite a trip.
INNKEEPER: And not one for a little girl like you. You'll be killed.
LISA: Dont worry about me, I have to get to Baron no matter what.
INNKEEPER: Very well. If you insist.
LISA: Thanks for your help all the same.
INNKEEPER: Glad I could help.

LISA Leaves

LISA: Guess I better go find Mom, Dad and Bart.

LISA finds a pub

LISA: Hmm... a bar... I'll bet dad's in here.

LISA walks into the pub, HOMER is sitting at the bar, the BARTENDER is washing a glass.

BARTENDER: Hey! No kids allowed!
LISA: But I...
HOMER: Hey moron, thats my daughter.
LISA: Dad?
HOMER: It's me sweetie.
BARTENDER: She cant come in here, we have rules. You'll both have to leave.
HOMER: Fine, I didnt like your crumy beer anyway.

HOMER and LISA leave.

LISA: Only Mom and Bart to find.

LISA finds the item shop, where MARGE is inside.

LISA: Mom?
MARGE: Lisa? There you are. I was just about to come look for you. Find out where need to go to find Maggie?
LISA: Yeah, I'll explain where once we've found Bart, where is he anyway?
MARGE: I last saw him at the weapon shop.
LISA: Weapon shop, think we could pick up some weapons there?
MARGE: Think so.
LISA: Lets go.

BART is inside the weapons shop.

LISA: You're still here Bart?
BART: Yeah, I was checking out these cool swords.
LISA: We dont have time for that now, I've found out where we can find Maggie.
BART: Really? Cool.

LISA talks to the GIRL behind the counter.

GIRL: Yes?
LISA: Hi. Can we buy some weapons?
GIRL: Sure.

The SIMPSONS purchace their purchaseables.

GIRL: Thank you! Come Again!

The FAMILY Head back to the Inn.

INNKEEPER: Welcome back, can I help you?
LISA: Yes, can we have a room?
INNKEEPER: Sure, that'll be 200 Gil.

HOMER hands over the cash.

INNKEEPER: Thank you, the room is right through there.

The FAMILY sit around the beds of the room.

HOMER: So Lisa, you've found out where we need to go?
LISA: Yes, we have to go through the Ice Cavern which is directly north from here, then we have to cross Mount Gagazet and then through the Baron Desert into a town called Baron.
BART: Sounds like quite a trek.
LISA: I've been told that it'll be rough so we better get some supplies. Remember what Proffessor Frink said,there are monsters everywhere, we did fight a few to get to the town remember.
MARGE: Good idea Lisa. Maybe we should get a good nights rest too.
HOMER: Good idea Marge. Lets get some shuteye.

The following day.

BART: All Set!

HOMER, MARGE, BART and LISA head through the Ice Cavern.

LISA: So, this is the Ice Cavern...
BART: Sure is cold here.
LISA: Well duh, obviously. My fire magic will be useful here.

HOMER, MARGE, BART and LISA approach the exit.

BART: Is it me or is it colder than usual here...
LISA: Thats true Bart....
MARGE: ........

MARGE falls unconcious

HOMER: Marge?
LISA: Mom?
HOMER: ........

HOMER falls unconcious

LISA: Dad? .... .... ....

LISA falls unconcious

BART: Lisa? You too?

BART falls unconcious

The Screen fades to black, a strange music tune plays. BART wakes up.

BART: ..... .... Whats that noise? It sounded like it came from that way.

BART walks in the direction of the sound.

SEALION: Why didnt you fall asleep?
BART: Are you the one creating this blizzard?
SEALION: Yes, but no one will be able to stop me.
BART: Oh yeah? Well, we'll see about that.

BOSS: SEALION (Party: Bart)


LISA: Bart where were you?
BART: There was this blizzard, that made us all pass out, then I heard this sound and I found that it was a Sealion that was creating it.
LISA: And you beat is single handidly?
BART: Yup.
MARGE: Oh, my special little guy!



LISA: So this is Mount Gagazet.
BART: Doesnt look any different than Mount Springfield.
LISA: Except this place doesnt have any ice.
BART: Dont know that until we reach the top.
LISA: Touché
BART: Lets get going.

<AT THE SUMMIT, Yang (from Final Fantasy IV) is there fighting a bomb>


LISA: Looks like you could use some help.
YANG: Thanks, but I dont need any.

<BOMB knocks Yang out>

BART: Lets go.


BOSS: MOM BOMB (Party: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa)

BART: Lisa try your Magic.
LISA: It didnt work, it healed him.
YANG: That Bomb is a fire elemental creature, you have to use Blizzard!
LISA: But I dont know Blizzard yet.
YANG: Just focus!
LISA: Hold him off!
BART: You got it.


LISA: I think I've got it. BLIZZARD!

<Lisa casts Blizzard, the bomb dies>

NOTICE: Lisa has learned Blizzard.

YANG: Thank you for your help.
LISA: Dont mention it, what are you doing here?
YANG: I was here on a training program with my men when that Bomb attacked us.
HOMER: But I dont see anyone else here except you.
YANG: The bomb killed all my men, anyway, I have to be getting back to the castle.
LISA: Hey wait, we're trying to get to Baron is it far from here?
YANG: It's beyond this summit and across the Baron desert. I recommend that you make a stop off at the village nearby called Costa Del Sol to rest up.
LISA: Thank you.
YANG: Dont mention it. If you need my help again in the future, I'll be at Mideel.

<GAME: Leave Mount Gagazet>

LISA: This looks like a Sea Resort.
BART: Lets have a little fun while we're here.
MARGE: No Bart, we came here to look for Maggie and that's what we'll do.
BART: Alright, Alright.
HOMER: Come on, lets just get some supplies, we're running low.

<GAME: Do whatever, and then leave, to go to Baron>


LISA: Excuse me, is this Baron?
MAN: Sure is.
LISA: Thanks, So this is the right place...
HOMER: Lets go look for Maggie.
MARGE: I'll go get some more supplies, how can we run low already?
HOMER: No matter, Bart, Lisa, lets go look for Maggie.

<INSIDE MAGGIE'S HOUSE, Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI IS THERE, the family talks to him>

LISA: Hello, I was...
LOCKE: Maggie how many times have I told you, dont bring your friends here.
LISA: Huh?
LOCKE: And should'nt you be upstairs cleaning your room?
LISA: Uh...
LISA: ...........


LISA: Maggie! Is that you?
MAGGIE: Huh? How do you know my name?
LISA: It's me, your sister, Lisa.
MAGGIE: I've never met you in my life.
LISA: How can you not know who I am?
HOMER: What about me?
MAGGIE: And who would you be lardass?
HOMER: Lardass!?
BART: Homer, temper.
HOMER: I'll temper you Bart! I'm your father, Homer Simpson.
MAGGIE: I dont think so lardass, my father's name is Locke Cole.
BART: Obviously this isnt getting anywhere...
MAGGIE: I think you have the wrong girl. I suggest that you leave.
BART: I dont think so Maggie. We're not going anywhere.
MAGGIE: In that case, hows about we fight.
BART: Sure. This should be fun
LISA: Bart what are you doing? She's our sister.
BART: Trust me Lis, you and Homer go find Mom, I'll hold Maggie here.
LISA: I hope you know what you're doing Bart.
MAGGIE: You gonna fight me or are you just gonna stand there and talk?
BART: Bring it on, Maggie.


<The Battle Ends>


MAGGIE: Hah, couldnt even fight on your own. You had to call for Lardlass and Miss-Thinks-I'm-Her-Sister.
MARGE: It's true, you are.
MARGE: Surely you reconise me...
MAGGIE: Um... Wait... That blue hair... Mom?
MARGE: It's me.
MAGGIE: Then the rest of you are...
LISA: Yes Maggie, we're your family.
MAGGIE: Sorry Bart, I guess I didnt remember you guys at first.
BART: Hey dont mention it Maggie, it was fun.
MAGGIE: Sorry I called you a Lardass Dad.
HOMER: Dont mention is honey.
MARGE: Oh my sweet little baby!


MAGGIE: Uh... Mom, can you let go of me!
MARGE: Oh. Sorry. I got caught up in the moment.
MAGGIE: No worries, anyway, what are you doing here.
LISA: We're here to bring you back to Springfield.
MAGGIE: Hmm... Well, I dont know. It's great here...
LISA: But you'll die younger! I mean, you've noticed that neither me nor Bart are any different than what you were when you were a baby.
MAGGIE: Hmm... So how does that work then?
LISA: Professor Frink told us that in this world, Gaia as its called, time flows differently, so while a month as passed in Springfield, 7 years have passed here.
MAGGIE: Hmm... I do miss Springfield as well... but, I'd actually, stay here in Gaia rather than Earth. I've got everything I need, my sword, an airship at my disposal and a guy who can bring me anything at a whim.
LISA: Maggie, you sure?
MAGGIE: Sorry Lisa, but I've made my mind up. But, I will help you guys go back home to Springfield. So, how's that done?
BART: Professor Frink said that this world is a game, and to be able to get out, we have to complete it. So Maggie have there been any strange things going on around here?
MAGGIE: Not sure, though the Red Wings have been out on missions alot more than usual.
LISA: The Red Wings?
MAGGIE: They're a band of airships for war. Baron is the only kingdom with them. I heard that the captain has been ordered to collect the worlds crystals.
LISA: Crystals?
MAGGIE: According to legend, there are four crystals that hold the power to take you to the moon.
LISA: The moon?
MAGGIE: Of course its only legend among the mages. There have been rumours around here that the captain of the Red Wings has regrets for his doing. I think that maybe we should talk to the king.
LISA: Alright lets go talk to the king.
MARGE: But how can we see him.
BART: Yeah, we're basically nobodys.
MAGGIE: Maybe you are, but I'm not. Did anyone tell you that I'm Baron's trader.
LISA: The Innkeeper in Dali told me. Its how we found you.
MAGGIE: You traveled that far? Man you must really have wanted to find me.
LISA: So you can speak to the king?
MAGGIE: Yeah, he's the only guy who can call in the cargo ship for me to make the deliveries.
LISA: Alright, we're a little exausted from that trek across Mount Gagazet and the Ice Cavern, could we talk to him tommorow.
MAGGIE: Of course. You guy's will have to check into the inn down the street. I'll meet up with you there in the morning.
LISA: Alright.



MAGGIE: Morning.
MARGE: Mornin' .... .... Homer? Wake up.
MARGE: Maggie's here.
HOMER: Nyahhhaaar.
BART: The lady said, wake.... UP! <WHACK!>
HOMER: Why you little!
LISA: Bout time you got up. Anyway, Maggie, lets go.
MAGGIE: You betcha.


GUARD: Halt, who goes there?
MAGGIE: Maggie Cole.
GUARD: Reconised, Procceed.


LISA: Cole?
MAGGIE: Heh. I guess you're wondering about that, well I guess when I first arrived here, Locke, you know the guy you met in Baron adopted me, and I took his last name. If I had said "Simpson" he wouldnt have authorised us in. Lets not worry about that anyway, lets go.


MAGGIE: Your Majesty.
KING: Well, well, well, if it isnt good ol' Maggie! Here to make another delivery.
MAGGIE: Nah, not today.
KING: So, what brings you here?
MAGGIE: Your majesty, there's been a rumour these past few days that there seems to be some corruption.
KING: Corruption?
MAGGIE: Yes, I heard that the Captain of the Red Wings has been gathering the worlds crystals.
KING: Indeed he has.
MAGGIE: May I ask what for?
KING: That is none of your concern.
MAGGIE: I know but...
KING: I relieve you of your access to the the cargo ship. I assign you a new duty, you must take this stone to the village of Narshe.
MAGGIE: But...
KING: Be gone!



LISA: Maggie, whats wrong?
MAGGIE: He's never been like that before.
BART: Dont worry, Maggie, maybe we'll be in his good books once we get off to Narshe.
MAGGIE: I guess you're right, but why send me...
BART: Maybe he's high or drunk.
HOMER: Or a combination of both!
MAGGIE: <SIGH> Lets just go. There's a cave between Baron and Kilika not far from here. From there we can get to Narshe.
LISA: Lets make some preperations at your house Maggie.

<In Maggie's house in Baron>

LISA: So Maggie, if there are monsters around, how do you survive?
MAGGIE: Easy, this this.

<Shows them her sword>

BART: Woah. That sword must be as big as you are.
MAGGIE: It is.
LISA: How can you hold that thing?
MAGGIE: I dont know. It just seems that even though it's heavy, I have the ability to hold it. I always thought that all Paladins have swords of this size.
LISA: Paladin?
MAGGIE: Oh right, I guess Frinky never told ya. Here, each person is given a job and that job determines what weapons and skills they can learn. I'm a Paladin, paladins are mostly men, but I guess I'm an exception. Lisa, you can use Black Magic right?
LISA: Yeah.
MAGGIE: Then that makes you a black mage. Black Mages can only learn Black Magic, unlike Paladins, HP doesnt increase as much nor does Physical strength. You mostly have to rely on Magic.
BART: But me and Dad dont have any magic or even know what the heck our jobs our.
MAGGIE: How can you not know?
BART: Professor Frink was sketchy on the details.
MAGGIE: Alright. I'll give you one. Bart, I think you're better off as Lancer. Lancers use spears mostly, but they have also been known to use Slingshots, and Axes. Lancers are better for attacking than defending, sadly, Lancers dont ever have any MP.
BART: I dont need any MP.
MAGGIE: Dad, you use your bare fists, so you're better off as a Monk. But monks can also use claws. Again, Monks dont have MP.
HOMER: We dont need any stinkin' MP.
MAGGIE: As a Paladin I tend to have a high physical stregnth and I can also use White Magic, but I dont gain as much MP as mom would as a white mage. Also, only four of us can fight at any one time.
BART: So we have to decide who will fight?
BART: So who will fight on our way to Narshe?


MAGGIE: Alright, lets go.

<In the Cave of Kilika>

MAGGIE: This is the Cave of Kilika, Kilika is known as the 'Fire Town', beyond here is Kilika itself. Lisa, Blizzard will help out alot here.
LISA: You got it.


MARGE: What is that noise?

BOSS: TUNNEL ARMOUR (Party: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie)

MAGGIE: Uh-oh. Tunnel Armour!
HOMER: What about it?
MAGGIE: The rumours were true.
BART: What rumours
MAGGIE: I heard that there was a metal monster around here, it's able to absorb any black magic spell.
LISA: And you think this is it?
MAGGIE: Yes. Lisa, whatever you do, dont use your Magic.

They beat the machine.

MAGGIE: Whew, we beat it.
BART: I guess many other people have tried.
MAGGIE: Yeah, it doesnt show up often, but when it does, people never take it seriously.
BART: Well, we sure showed him!
MAGGIE: Enough gloating, lets just go.


MAGGIE: What the?! What's happening to the town?
LISA: Looks like its on fire!
MAGGIE: So this is what the king wanted me to do? Set the whole town fire? Why that double crossing....
MARGE: Maggie dont say it.
MAGGIE: I almost did. Lets just get everyone out of here,
BART: Lisa, quickly cast Blizzard all over the place, put the fires out. Dad, Mom, Maggie and Me will go get everyone out.


MAGGIE: Ohmygosh! Terra!
TERRA: Maggie, is that you?
MAGGIE: Terra, we gotta get out of here, this place could colapse at any minute.
TERRA: No, you go without me. I'm too weak to do anything.
MAGGIE: I'm not leaving you here.

<Maggie grabs Terra>

MAGGIE: C'mon.


TERRA: Maggie.... Thank you.
MAGGIE: Uh-oh. I'll catch you later Terra, it looks like I'm needed.


MAGGIE: Lis, whats wrong?
LISA: There is someone trapped in this house. Mom, Dad and Bart have already gone in to find them.
MAGGIE: What are we waiting for lets go.
LISA: I cant, I have to stay out here to keep the fire under control.
MAGGIE: Alright, I'll go in alone.


MARGE: Maggie! What are you doing here?
MAGGIE: Lisa said that there was someone trapped in here.
IFRIT: Leave now, this place is about to collapse.
MAGGIE: No. Not until we rescue everyone.
IFRIT: Very Well, the roof can only last 10 minutes, think you can beat me in that length of time?
MAGGIE: No problem. Bring it on.

BOSS: IFRIT (Party: Homer, Marge, Bart, Maggie)

IFRIT: Alright, you beat me, I'll let you do what you gotta do.
MAGGIE: Damn right.

<Walk to the back of the house, there's a girl>

MARGE: Are you alright?
GIRL: <cough> <cough>
MARGE: Come on, we're getting you out of here.

<Loud noise>

BART: Uh, mom. The exit is sealed off.
HOMER: So how are gonna get out of here.
BART: Nows about the time I wish Lisa was here.
MAGGIE: We dont need Lisa. I'm gonna warp us out of here.



MAGGIE: Chill out Lisa, it's just us.
LISA: How did you do that?
LISA: Cool! Anyway, I managed to get the fires under control.
GIRL: <cough> <cough>
MARGE: You alright?
GIRL: <cough> Huh? Where am I?
MARGE: Ouside, the house was about to colapse on you.
GIRL: Where's my mom? She was in there with me... <cough> <cough>
MAGGIE: I'm sorry, but I guess she never made it...
GIRL: You killed my mom!

BOSS: GIRL (Party: Maggie)

GIRL: You killed mom!
MAGGIE: Please Listen!
GIRL: No!!

The GIRL strikes MAGGIE with a powerful blow.

MAGGIE: Ugh....

MAGGIE falls over unconcious.

MARGE: Maggie? We'd better get her out of here.
LISA: You're right mom.
BART: But where do we go?

<TERRA Shows up>

TERRA: I saw what happened, There's a hospital east of here in the town of Mideel.
MARGE: Thank you, we'll head straight there.
TERRA: Here, take this with you.

<RECIVED Iron Helm>

HOMER: Thanks. You couldnt do us a favor and call the hospital ahead could you?
TERRA: Sure.
HOMER: Thanks.


DOCTOR: You must be the Simpsons, we heard what happened in Narche, please, come this way.
MARGE: Thank you.


DOCTOR: After several tests, we have come to the conclusion that your daughter has been exposed to high levels of Mako.
MARGE: What's that?
DOCTOR: Mako is a substance that makes people forget in certain areas of their life, and adapt to new artificial memories.
BART: So this would explain why she forgot about us until she met mom?
LISA: And made her decide that she'd rather stay here?
DOCTOR: Yes. It also gives them a slightly more improved strength. There is a cure, but we dont have access to it because it is in Baron. Even then, only the king of Baron has access to it.
LISA: We'll do whatever it takes.
DOCTOR: Okay, the cure is called "The Sand Ruby", I shouldnt call it a cure per se it's more of an remedy, It'll remove some of the mako, but not all of it. It'll at least bring her out of the coma.
HOMER: Alright, we'll go to Baron and get it.
DOCTOR: She's stable, but dont worry, we'll keep an eye on her.
MARGE: I think I'll stay here, look after her.
HOMER: Sure honey, we'll go back to Baron and see if we can get this thing.



LISA: Sir...
LOCKE: Maggie where have you been...
LISA: But sir, I'm not Maggie.
LOCKE: You're not? Then who are you.
LISA: My name is Lisa.
LOCKE: And these are?
BART: Well, I'm Bart Simpson and who the hell are you.
LOCKE: My name is Locke Cole, I'm Maggie's father.
HOMER: Wrong pal. I am. The name is Simpson, Homer Simpson.
LOCKE: If you're her biological father, then how come I found her out in the fields by herself when she was a baby? I should kick your ass right now.
LISA: I think we'd better explain it to you sir. Bart, you know the full story.
BART: Right, We're from a town called Springfield on a planet called Earth. A month ago, a scientist named Professor Frink was Babysitting Maggie, and she crawled into some machine that sends you into a video game. We had to wait a month before we could come find her, as soon as we could, we came here searching for Maggie and we're now trying to go home.
LOCKE: A month? But Maggie's 8.
LISA: We know. Time flows differently between Earth and Gaia. So in the month we had to wait to come rescue Maggie, seven years had passed here and because of the time flowing differently, Maggie aged with it.
LOCKE: So you want to take her back to your world.
LISA: Yeah.
LOCKE: Reminds me of the world of Espers. Well, I guess I cant stop you, since she's your kid. But where is she anyway?
HOMER: Thats why we're here. She's in a coma.
LOCKE: What? Where is she?
LISA: Mideel. Mom's there with her in the hospital, we're here to get the "Sand Ruby"
LOCKE: Hmmm... it wont be easy to get one of those. Only the King has a stock of them. If you're going to get one, I'll come along.


GUARDS: Oh its, you. Proceed.


KING: Locke, what brings you here.
LOCKE: Your majesty, we couldnt possibly have a Sand Ruby?
KING: What for?
LOCKE: It's a personal matter. Someone we know is in a coma.
KING: I'm sorry, but I can not grant this request.
LOCKE: Huh? Why not?
KING: Because I'm not the king. <Sinister Music> I am realy, Scarmiglione, the Lord of Earthquakes.

BOSS: SCARMIGLIONE (Party: Homer, Bart, Lisa, Locke)

SCARMIGLIONE: Well that was fun, impersonating the king. <Disappears>
LOCKE: Maybe this will explain alot about the Red Wings and the Captain...
LISA: We cant really think about that now. We have to find a sand ruby and cure Maggie.
LOCKE: You're right. Lets look around.

<In the store room, Cid the airship engineer is there>

LOCKE: Cid, what are you doing here?
CID: Locke! I could ask you the same question.
LOCKE: Listen, I dont have time to answer questions, Maggie is in a coma. I need your help.
CID: How could you let that happen to her?
LOCKE: I wasnt there.
CID: She was off on her own again?
LOCKE: No, not this time. Cid, I'd like to introduce you to Homer, Bart and Lisa Simpson.
HOMER: Hey, hows it goin.
CID: Nice to meet you. But Locke, who are these people?
LOCKE: Well. They're Maggie's family...
CID: But isnt she your kid?
LOCKE: Nah, Homer here is her real father.
CID: What? You left your baby girl out in the fields like that, what kind of father are you?
HOMER: It wasnt exactly my doing.
LISA: He's right, if someones to blame for Maggie ending up here, it would be Maggie.
CID: In otherwords, Maggie came here on her own?
BART: Thats about it.
LOCKE: Anyway, enough talk, Cid, we need to find one of the kings Sand Ruby's. You know where they're kept?
CID: Sorry, but I dont. Cyan's around, I think he knows, he's always had a strong relationship with the king.
LOCKE: Of course.

<In Cyan's Room>

LOCKE: Cyan. Good thing we found you.
CYAN: Hey, well, if it isnt Sir. Locke.
LOCKE: Can the Sir Crap. You havent called me that in years.
CYAN: Heh. Heh.
LOCKE: Cyan, I need a favor. You knew the king pretty well, know where he kept the Sand Rubies?
CYAN: Hmm... I do. But why do you need one of those anyway?
LOCKE: Maggie is in a coma.
HOMER: Does everyone here know her name or something?
CYAN: Who's he?
HOMER: My name is Homer J. Simpson.
CYAN: Nice to meet you. So how do YOU know Maggie?
HOMER: I'm her father thank you very much.
CYAN: Oh really? How come she was in the fields?
LISA: De Javu.
CYAN: Already had a conversation lie that huh?
LOCKE: Thats about it it. Anyway, the Sand Rubies?
CYAN: Oh right, Sorry. I think there's one lying around in the Antlion's Den.
LOCKE: Can we go down there?
CYAN: At the moment, no. It's locked up. Give me a few hours, and I'll open it. Meet me outside the inn tommorow morning.
LOCKE: Gotcha.
CYAN: Why dont you go check in there now. It's kinda late.
LOCKE: Good idea. Come on guys.


CYAN: Locke, I've opened the door to the Antlions Den, its next to the kings throne.
LOCKE: Thanks Cyan, catch ya later.


LISA: He sure that this is the place?
HOMER: Yeah, We've fought nothing but bugs coming down here.
LOCKE: It's just up ahead from what Cyan told me.


BOSS: ANTLION (Party: Homer, Bart, Lisa, Locke)

LOCKE: I dont get it. They've always been quite docle.
BART: Lets just get the damn thing and go cure Maggie.
LOCKE: You're right Bart. Lets hurry to Mideel.


BART: Mom, we got it!
MARGE: Well done!
LOCKE: Lets get her out of the coma already.


MAGGIE: Ugh... Where am I...
LOCKE: Mags?
LOCKE: It's me...
MAGGIE: ......
LOCKE: What the hell were you doing!
MAGGIE: Dad, listen..
LOCKE: Hehe, I was just messing with ya. There's no need to call me that anymore.
LOCKE: I know the full story.
MAGGIE: You do?
LOCKE: Yeah, Homer and Lisa told me it all.
LISA: Yeah, he helped us get the Sand Ruby.
MAGGIE: He did? Well, thanks guys. So why am I here anyway, I remember that girl challenging me in Narshe then she used some earthquake attack, and I dont remember anything after that.
MARGE: Well, you were put into a coma and then a green haired woman in Narshe told us to bring you here.
LOCKE: Green Haired Woman? Terra?
MAGGIE: I do remember seeing her in Narshe.
LOCKE: Out of Moblitz then I guess. I'll go see her at some point.
MAGGIE: You do that. Anyway, What do we do now?
LOCKE: Well, since that the king of Baron was an imposter, I think that you'd better check on the other kingdoms's crystals. I heard that the Captain of The Red Wings has been relieved of duty and his best friend took his place.
BART: You know where they're headed?
LOCKE: Last I heard, Nibelhiem.
MAGGIE: Nibelhiem? Thats pretty far from here?
LOCKE: Well, you're better off resting up and going in the morning.
BART: Wait a sec man, what I'd like to know is why Maggie had that much mako in her in the first place?
LOCKE: Oh that. Well, when I found Maggie in the fields 7 years ago, I wanted someone to fight with me, so I had Mako injected into her to make her stronger, plus it was the thing back then to have your kids injected with mako.
MARGE: Well, the doctors say that it was what caused her to go into a coma.
LOCKE: I'm sorry about that...
BART: You do realise that Maggie did shoot the richest man in Springfield 7 years ago?
MAGGIE: I shot Mr. Burns?
BART: Yeah, technically, its only a month ago, but still, you did it.
MAGGIE: Heheh. Seeing him cower like a little baby sure will be fun.
HOMER: Does that mean that you'll return to Springfield.
MAGGIE: Yeah. I'll go home. I guess this isnt really where I belong anymore.
MARGE: So how do we get to Nibelhiem?
LOCKE: You have to go behind the Fire Cavern just beyond Narshe. You have to go through the town to get there. But the entrance is sealed off.
BART: Know of a way we can get passed?
LOCKE: Sorry, but I dont. Maybe ask around. Before you go though Maggie, hows about one fight, just for old times sake?
BART: Maggie, you and Locke used to fight each other?
MAGGIE: Yeah, mostly for training though.
LOCKE: We never did take it seriously.

BOSS: LOCKE COLE (Party: Maggie)

LOCKE: You've improved. I'm glad to see that. Well good luck Simpsons, here, take my sword.
MAGGIE: Thanks Locke.

The FAMILY heads back to Narshe.

MAGGIE: Lets look for a way on how to get into the cavern. C'mon Lisa. Mom, Dad, Bart, you look as well.

In the Bar...

BARTENDER: Can I help you?
MAGGIE: Yeah, you wouldnt happen to know how to get into the Fire Cavern would you?
BARTENDER: Yeah, but it's locked up.
MAGGIE: Thats why we're asking, do you know how to unlock it?
BARTENDER: You'll have to ask the boss.
MAGGIE: Can we see him?
BARTENDER: No one is allowed back behind the bar unless you're a waitress.
MAGGIE: Well, we are, we're the new girls.
LISA: New Girls?
MAGGIE: Lisa, we'll talk.
BARTENDER: Well, you dont look old enough to work here, and you're not in uniform either...
MAGGIE: Sure we do, we're just short for our age.
BARTENDER: Well, you're still gonna have to convince me... I've never seen you work here before.
MAGGIE: Alright, We're gonna go home and get ready, but we've lost our uniforms, you got any spares?
BARTENDER: Yes, wait here.

<Walk away>

LISA: Maggie, what are you doing?
MAGGIE: We need to get out back to speak to the boss dont we, and you heard him, that unless we disguise ourselves, we wont be able to..
LISA: I suppose. But how are we gonna look taller to convince him?
MAGGIE: First we need some uniforms.


BARTENDER: Here you go.


MAGGIE: Thanks.
LISA: So, now what..?
MAGGIE: Lets head to Terra's place.

LISA and MAGGIE go to TERRA's house

TERRA: MAGGIE, you're alright, I was worried when I saw you passed out like that.
MAGGIE: Sorry about that. Terra, we need a favor. You wouldnt happen to have any make up & two pairs of high heals lying around would you?
TERRA: Hmm... To fit you two? I think so. Hold on, I'll check.


TERRA: Here we are.
MAGGIE: Got a place where we can change?
TERRA: There's a room upstairs.
MAGGIE: Thanks Terra. Come on Lisa.


MAGGIE is now wearing a black dress, traditional blue bow, blue heals, and she has blue lipstick on. She's brushed her spikes a bit.
LISA is also wearing a black dress, and has pink heals and pink lipstick.
They're both still wearing their pearls.

TERRA: You both look cute like that.
MAGGIE: ......Uh, I think we'd better go now. Thanks Terra.
TERRA: Dont mention it.

LISA and MAGGIE head to the Bar

BARTENDER: Back already, well. I guess the way you look now is convincing enough. Go out back and make sure that there's enough drinks to last the day
MAGGIE: Yes sir.

In the Backroom.

LISA: Maggie, you sure that this is a good idea?
MAGGIE: Nope. But this is the only way we can get anything. Okay, while I keep these guys busy, you look around and call if you need my help.
LISA: Alright.

LISA walks away while MAGGIE goes back out front.

MAGGIE: Sir, I can report that I estimate that there will enough stock for today.
BARTENDER: Good, now start serving, that yellow lardass that walked in ordered a beer and some nuts.
MAGGIE: (Yellow Lardass? Dad?)
BARTENDER: Whats wrong?
MAGGIE: Nothing.
BARTENDER: Then hurry it up. We cant keep customers waiting.
MAGGIE: Sorry sir.

MAGGIE serves HOMER some beers.

MAGGIE: Here's your beer and nuts.
MARGE: Maggie? Why are you wearing that stupid dress?
MAGGIE: Mom. Shhh. Me and Lisa are in disguise.
HOMER: What the hell for?
MAGGIE: Well, the boss of this place apparently has the key to the Fire Cavern.
BARTENDER: HEY, NEW GIRL! We dont pay you to talk to the customers.
MAGGIE: Sorry, Sir! Listen, Mom, Dad, let me and Lisa handle this. You guys just stay here.

At the Bar...

BARTENDER: What the hell were you doing?
MAGGIE: Just trying to welcome the customers.
BARTENDER: We dont pay you talk t the customers...
MAGGIE: Sorry sir, it wont happen again.
BARTENDER: See that it doesnt. As punishment clean up out back..
MAGGIE: (Be out back for a while, sweeet) Yes sir..


MAGGIE: Lis, Lis, you around?
LISA: Yeah. I think I found where the boss might be.
MAGGIE: Where?
LISA: Downstairs, its like a training ground though. Monsters everywhere.
MAGGIE: Nothing we cant handle.
LISA: Should we change?
MAGGIE: Nah, not yet. We dont know who's down there.
LISA: You expect me to fight in high heals? I can just about walk!
MAGGIE: I dont see what you're complaining about, you can just use your magic. I gotta hold a sword and attack close range!
LISA: Good point. Lets go.

In the basement.

????: I Knew that you would show up at some point.
LISA: Who are you? <sinister music>
????: I am Rubicante, The Lord of Fire.
MAGGIE: Yeah? Well, I'm your worst nightmare.
RUBICANTE: You think I'm affraid of two little girls?
MAGGIE: How about we show you what we mean..
RUBICANTE: Bring it on. Not even Ice can hurt me. My powers are too great.

BOSS: RUBICANTE (Party: Lisa, Maggie)

MAGGIE: Now I'm gonna make this plain and clear since you know something. Why are you collecting the cystals?
RUBICANTE: Acording to legend, that when the four cystals are gathered, they will lead to another world.
MAGGIE: Another world? I thought it was to the moon.
RUBICANTE: Thats just Mysidian Legend, it really takes you to another world.
LISA: Could this be Earth by any chance?
RUBICANTE: I dont know. But I do know that Sephiroth is planning on going there to cause havoc.
MAGGIE: Sephiroth? We'll have to stop him from getting there.
RUBICANTE: Since you beat me fair and square, here is the key for the Fire Cavern. <disappears>


LISA: Okay, Maggie, lets get the hell out of here.
MAGGIE: Right.


BARTENDER: Hey, what were you doing down there?
BARTENDER: What did you do?
MAGGIE: We found and defeated the boss.
BARTENDER: Defeated?
MAGGIE: We needed the fire key remember.
LISA: So we had to what was nessesary.
MAGGIE: Got quite a bit of info from him too.
BARTENDER: Kid, I oughta fill you full of gratitude..
BARTENDER: That guy is always bossing us around and not paying enough money. Now, that you've beaten him, maybe things will be better around here.
MAGGIE: Well, good luck with that, and we'd better get going.

LISA and MAGGIE meet up again with HOMER, MARGE and BART.

MAGGIE: We did it.
BART: You got the key?
MAGGIE: Damn straight.
MARGE: Good work kids.
MAGGIE: Though the boss of this place did yeild some good info.
BART: Yeah? What'd he say?
MAGGIE: I think that we better go to Terra's first, so that we can change and me and Lis can tell you there.

In TERRA's house.

TERRA: Hello there Simpsons.
MAGGIE: Terra, can we change back.
TERRA: Hehe, just kidding Mag, go right ahead.

LISA and MAGGIE change back into their normal clothes.

LISA: Why did you do your hair like that anyway Maggie?
MAGGIE: Dunno, I just did. Didnt you like it?
LISA: Well, yeah, it kinda reminded me of when I entered that Little Miss Springfield pagent.
MAGGIE: You entered a beauty contest?
LISA: Of course. You even helped out.
MAGGIE: Heh. I guess I dont remember it.
LISA: I wouldnt be suprised. Anyway, we're ready so lets go.


BART: You ready? Lets hear this info already.
LISA: Okay, here's what we found out.
MAGGIE: While we were down there we found out that some guy named Sephiroth is collecting the crystals to open a portal to a world where time flows differently, to cause some major havoc to it.
MARGE: Time flows differently? Could that be Earth by any chance?
MAGGIE: We're not sure. The only way we can find out is by going to Nibelhiem and finding out.
HOMER: Alright, lets go to Nibelhiem now that we have the Fire Key, to open the door to the Fire Cavern.

Exit to Fire Cavern:

????: I am the Gardian of this region. I will not let you pass.
BART: Oh really?

BOSS: SCHIZO (Party: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie)

In Nibelhiem.

MAGGIE: So where do you think Sephiroth is?
LISA: I dont know. Better search?

CLOUD walks out of a house.

CLOUD: Do you mind if I search with you? I have an old score to settle with Sephiroth.
MARGE: Okay.
MAGGIE: Sounds good to me.

In the mansion.

MAGGIE: Who's that, he doesnt look like the other people in this town.
<CLOUD shows up>
BART: That's Sephiroth?
CLOUD: Yeah. Stand back. I'll handle this.

<Sephiroth's Blade knock's Cloud out>

CLOUD: Ugh. That's not normal. How come I couldnt beat you.
SEPHIROTH: My strength has improved since we last fought, Cloud. Just remember, I will never be a memory. As long as you remember, I will always come back, with improved strength.
MAGGIE: Not so fast Sephiroth.
SEPHIROTH: And who might these people be...
MAGGIE: We're the Simpsons, and dont you forget it. What do you want with those Crystals.
SEPHIROTH: These Crystals are just like the Black Materia, they hold the power to use powerful magic, in this case, collecting all four will allow me to travel to another world. One in which time travels differently...
CLOUD: Another World?
MAGGIE: And that world would happen to be called...?
SEPHIROTH: That worlds name is.................... Earth.
SEPHIROTH: I guess you've heard of it then.
MAGGIE: Damn right we have. What do you plan to do there?
SEPHIROTH: I plan on releasing Jenova Cells into the water supply to unleash the Geostigma desease.
MAGGIE: That's it?
CLOUD: Uh, thats bad.
MAGGIE: It is?
SEPHIROTH: I have two of the crystals, I am going to go to Figaro, on the Southern Continent. For the next one.
BART: No way man. We're gonna beat you here and now.
SEPHIROTH: Oh really? You saw what happened just now to Cloud, I dont think thats wise.
BART: Damn.



BART: It kills me to let a jackass like him go.
MARGE: Bart! Watch your language! <Whack!>
LISA: We have to catch up to him.
CLOUD: Thats impossible, he's headed to the Southern Continent, there arent any boats that go that way.
HOMER: Cant we swim?
CLOUD: Against that current? I dont think so. There's only one way to get there.
MAGGIE: By airship.
CLOUD: Right. How'd you know about that?
MAGGIE: I used to be Baron's Trader. I've traveled quite a bit in my day.
CLOUD: I see. Thanks for trying to help anyways. How come you're concerned about this Geostigma thing anyway?
LISA: Earth is our home.
MAGGIE: And if he's going to try and poison it, then we have to stop him.
CLOUD: Oh. Well good luck with that.
MAGGIE: We're going to need an airship, so we're going to have go to Baron.
HOMER: Oh, but I dont wanna walk all the way back there.
MAGGIE: Maybe we can have the airship come to us. I'm sure that Terra can help us, lets go back to Narshe.

HOMER, MARGE, BART, LISA and MAGGIE return to TERRA's house.

MAGGIE: Terra, we need a favor. We're exacusted, can you possibily phone Locke in Baron to get an airship here?
TERRA: Phone? Whats the point of that. Heh. You know I'm half esper, why dont I just fly there.
MAGGIE: I knew that you were half esper, but I didnt know that you could fly too.
TERRA: You didnt?
MAGGIE: Nope. So you can fly to Baron?
TERRA: Sure can. You guys wait here.
MAGGIE: Terra thanks.

TERRA flies to Baron.

LOCKE: WOAH! Terra, you gotta stop doing that.
TERRA: But it's fun. hehe.
LOCKE: Good to see you again anyways.
TERRA: Same here. I got a favor to ask you.
LOCKE: Yeah, what is it?
TERRA: Maggie needs an airship.
LOCKE: What for?
TERRA: Not sure, she didnt say. But I'll bet its important to her.
LOCKE: Thats true, she never asks for stuff this big unless its important. I guess we should ask Cid, he's the guy that does the airship modeling around here.

In the castle with CID, LOCKE and TERRA.

LOCKE: Hey Cid, we need a favor.
CID: Antlions Den.
CID: You not after the Sand Ruby?
LOCKE: Nah, we cured Maggie ages ago.
TERRA: We're after an airship this time.
CID: An airship? Maggie doing trading again?
LOCKE: We dont know. But whatever she needs it for is obviously important to her.
CID: Alright, I'll lend her the Highwind. <PRESSES A BUTTON> God Bless Auto Pilot. It's out of the hold now, and waiting for you outside of the castle.
LOCKE: That was fast.
CID: It's a fast ship.

The airship is flown back to Narshe.

TERRA: Well Maggie we got you your airship. It's the Highwind, just outside of town.
MAGGIE: Thanks. Um.... how do we pilot the thing?
TERRA: Good thing you asked. You use the directional buttons to move in that direction. To board and disembark, you press the enter key. You cant land on water or mountains, only on flat land.
MAGGIE: Gotcha.
BART: Lets go already.

At SOuth Figaro.

MAGGIE: South Figaro... to the back is Mount Kolts and beyond that is the Figaro Castle. We'll need to speak to the King to defend the Crystal.
LISA: Maggie, while on the airship, I was thinking. Why dont we let Sephiroth gather all the crystals.
MAGGIE: Huh? What you getting at Lisa.
LISA: I mean, if we just follow him, surely he will be able to open the portal to Earth and we can just beat him there.
BART: She's got you there.
MAGGIE: Well, we dont know far ahead of us he could be. So by the time we get back to Earth, he'd have release Geostigma.
LISA: Then lets just keep up with him.

BOSS: VARGAS (Party: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie)

GUARD: Who are you?
MAGGIE: My name is Maggie Simpson, we bring urgent news to the king.
GUARD: Simpson? Never heard that name before.
MAGGIE: Sorry, I ment Cole. I was injected with Mako and such you know how that goes.
GUARD: Cole? Locke's kid? Proceed.

In the Throne room.

MAGGIE: Your Majasty.
EDGAR: Maggie, you dont need to be formal here. You're Locke's kid, we're here to help.
MAGGIE: Well, first, I'd like to say that I'm not actually Locke's daugter. Allow me to introduce my real family, Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa Simpson.
EDGAR: Pleased to meet you. Well, Simpsons, what brings you here?
MAGGIE: Edgar, we have a problem, a man named Sephiroth is collecting the crystals to open a portal to a world called Earth. Earth is our home, and we must stop him at any cost.
LISA: Actually, your majesty. We have a different plan. Maggie, excuse me, but I think my way is more effective.
LISA: Maggie, trust me on this.
BART: Yeah Maggie, Lisa knows what she's doing.
MAGGIE: Alright...
LISA: I think that we should just fake this thing, and just let Sephiroth have the four crystals.
EDGAR: Are you nuts?
LISA: Hear me out. Once he has the four Crystals, he will open the portal to Earth and we will follow him. I'm sure that the town he will select to unleash Geostigma will be Springfield, North Tacoma, USA. Nearly anything happens there. We will then encounter Sephiroth there in Springfield. We need to convince Sephiroth that we're actually resisting and trying to prevent him from getting the crystals.
EDGAR: Actually, that sounds lie a good plan. Maggie, I suggest that you go with it.
MAGGIE: <sigh> Alright.

Sephiroth Shows up.

SEPHRITOH: Well, well, well...
MAGGIE: Look what the cat dragged in..
SEPHIROTH: I think that I'll be taking that crystal now...
LISA: I dont think so...
SEPHIROTH: Upp... Upp... Upp... Remember what happened to Cloud in Nibelheim...
LISA: Ap-Cray. Do it Edgar...
EDGAR: .................


SEPHIROTH: And now, for the last crystal in Deling.


LISA: We gotta go after him..
MAGGIE: If we're just gonna give it to him, why are even bothering to follow him?
BART: You idiot! We gotta follow him to find where he places the portal..
EDGAR: Best of luck.

In Deling.

MAGGIE: Deling City, once the heart of a large Galbadian Army, now just a small bunch of shops and a Presidencal Place.
MARGE: Maggie, you are you talking to?
MAGGIE: You guys. You've never been to these places, just giving you the downlow.
BART: There was a huge army here? When?

SQUALL shows up.

SQUALL: Maybe I can answer that. It was about 5 years ago when I was sent on a mission here to assasinate the new sourceress of Galbadia, Edea. Me and my team, failed. However, we were unaware that it would lead us to an even more sisnister plot where we actually had to travel through time to defeat a Sorceress from the Future, Ultimacia.
MAGGIE: And who are you?
SQUALL: My name is Squall Leonhart. Back then, I was the leader of SeeD. Now, I'm just a tour guide in Deling City.
BART: Tour guide huh. Maybe you could tell us how to get to the Presidential Palace.

At the presidential palace.

GUARD: Do you have an appointment?
MAGGIE: No, but this is an emergancy.
GUARD: I cant let you in directly at the moment. But I can try to see if I get you a pass.
MAGGIE: Thank you.
GUARD: So whats the problem?
LISA: A man named Sephiroth is coming to Deling to steal the Crystal.
GUARD: Oh my. That's serious. I'll take care of this myself. Follow me.

In the main room.

GUARD: Miss. Lenna, these people here have a VERY important message to tell you.
MAGGIE: I hate to bring bad news, but a man named Sephiroth is coming to Deling to steal the Cryal here.
LENNA: Thats impossible.
MAGGIE: How so?
LENNA: Deling's Crystal is stored in a deep underground chamber, only I have access to it.
MAGGIE: I think you're making a mistake, this guy is super strong, we cant compete with him.
LENNA: Maybe so. But that armor surrounding that door, in the sewers is strong that nothing can penetrate it.

SEPHIROTH shows up.

SEPHIROTH: Nothing, that is, except my sword.
LENNA: You wouldnt dare?
SEPHIROTH: Oh wouldnt I? Now that know its location, I can finally accomplish my goal..


MAGGIE: DAMN IT! He's really going.
LENNA: You have to go defend that crystal.
LENNA: What? You're in leauge with him?!
LISA: Hear me out. He's planning on using those four crystals to go to a place called Earth. Thats our home. If we let him get all four, crystals that means we can go home.
LENNA: I see where you're going with this. Alright, I suppose I'd better let you go, after all, I know what it's like to miss your home.
LISA: Thanks. Say, if he has all four by now, I think we'd better check in with Professor Frink.
MAGGIE: You can do that from Gaia?
LISA: Only from Dali though.
HOMER: Lets go already. I'm tired of this place. And we're nearly home, I miss my Duff.

Back at Dali.

INNKEEPER: Long time no see.
LISA: Hey. Can we use the room again.
INNKEEPER: That'll be 200 Gil. <hands the money>
LISA: Thanks.

In the inn...

MAGGIE: How are we gonna communicate to Professor Frink from here?
LISA: Which this.

<Shows comminicator>

MAGGIE: Is that a phone?
LISA: More of a Interplanetary Comminication device really according to him. Hm... lets see.
HOMER: Let me try something on him Lisa.


HOMER: Greetings Friend, do you wish to be as happy as me...
FRINK: Nice try Homer, you've already done that Telemarketing Scam before.
HOMER: D'oh!
LISA: Professor Frink, I guess that you've already gathered who this is.
FRINK: <Glayvin> Yeah, how's things in Gaia.
LISA: We're nearly able to return home.
FRINK: Glayvin! You are?
MAGGIE: Yeah. We just have to find some guy named Sephiroth and go through a portal he activates...
FRINK: Who is this.
MAGGIE: This is Maggie.
FRINK: Maggie?!
MAGGIE: Thats right...
FRINK: I just never expected you to be with them...
LISA: Proffessor Frink, listen to me. You gotta make sure that everyone in town does not drink any water.
FRINK: How come?
LISA: Sephiroth is planning to release a desease called Geostigma into it.
FRINK: You leave that to me. You go find whatshisname.
BART: No Problemo Doc.

<Hangs up>

MAGGIE: But where do we start looking?
LISA: Dont know.
BART: Say, lets ask that spikey haired dude in Nibelhiem. He seemed to know Sephiroth.
MAGGIE: Good idea Bart.

Back at Nibelhiem.

CLOUD: Well, hello again.
MAGGIE: Hey. Since you seem know Sephiroth best, now that he has all four crystals, where do you think he would go to active the portal.
CLOUD: You let him get hold of the crystals?
LISA: We have a plan.
CLOUD: Well, he's going to need a place that is deserted, and a place that has had a lot of Magic related equipment. So I'd think that he'd be in the Magitek Factory on the Southern Contient.
MAGGIE: The Magitek Factory... I remember Locke telling me about that place. Regardless we need to go.
CLOUD: Hold your horses, he may also be headed to the Tower of Babil, that place has been deserted as well, I think the two are connected.
MAGGIE: Hmmm... That complicates things.
MARGE: We'd better split up.
LISA: Good idea. Mom, Dad, you take the Magitek Factory, while me, Bart and Lisa take the tower. And when we get back home to Springfield, meet up at home.
HOMER: Sounds good to me. Lets get going.

At the Magitek Factory.

MAGGIE: Mom, Dad, there should be a room in there containing lots of broken glass tubes, I remember Locke telling me about it that thats where he and Edgar managed to gather lots of Magicite. When you reach the back, use this to let us know using this.

MAGGIE hands over a Walkie Talkie.

HOMER: Alright, we'll take care of this place, you kids head to the Tower.
MARGE: Be careful!

At the tower of Babil.

MAGGIE: Lets get this show on the road.
BART: Alright!

<The party heads towards the top and they find a control panel, the screen rumbles>

LISA: Uh-oh. Looks like we have company.
BARBARICCIA: I am Barbariccia, the elemental goddess of wind, are you the two girls that defeated Rubicante?
MAGGIE: Thats Lisa and Maggie Simpson to you, and dont you forget it.
BART: And I'm their brother Bart!
BARBARICCIA: Pfffft. You're too weak to beat me.
MAGGIE: We'll see about that.

BOSS: BARBARICCIA (Party: Bart, Lisa Maggie)

LISA: If we had to fight one of those things, Mom and Dad might have to as well, we better warn them.
MAGGIE: Good idea, I'll call them.

MAGGIE gets out a walkie talkie.

MAGGIE: Mom, Dad, do you read me, over.
MARGE: I hear you Maggie, over.
MAGGIE: Hows things over there in the Magitek Research Facility, we had to fight some wind elemetal creature, Lisa suspects that you may have to fight one too. Over.
HOMER: We're at the console, I'm about to press the button now

<We cut to the Magitek research facility, Homer presses the button they're thrown into battle.>

BOSS: CAGNAZZO (Party: Homer, Marge)

MARGE: Uh, Maggie, we'll have to call you back...
MAGGIE: Look out Springfield, I'ma comin' home!


BART, LISA and MAGGIE return to Frink's Lab.

FRINK: Welcome home Bart, Lisa and Maggie! <G-hiy>
LISA: We're home!
MAGGIE: Dont celebrate too soon Lisa, we still have to beat Sephiroth.
BART: This is the final stretch, we have to find him first, where do you think he would go?
MAGGIE: He needs alot of water doesnt he? Dont you think he would go to the Springfield Dam?
LISA: D'oh! Why didnt I think of that! But first, we gotta go get Mom and Dad.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE retrun home.

MARGE: I see you kids made it.
BART: So Maggie, how's it feel to be back here?
MAGGIE: Weird. I just hope that Milhouse doesnt end up confusing me for Lisa, hehe.
LISA: You remember that?
MAGGIE: Yeah...
LISA: But hows that possible.
MAGGIE: Easily, if you imagine it. Anyway, we have more important issues, lets get after Sephiroth and put an end to this madness, we can have our reuninons with friends later...

At the Squidport.

MAGGIE: Lets go!

In the turbine room.

BOSS: ULTIMA BUSTER (Party: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie)

LISA: Okay, Sephiroth, this is, you're not going one step further.
SEPHIROTH: Oh, but I dont need to do anything else. Once I defeat you, Geostigma will infect all of this towns enhabitants..
MAGGIE: Not unless WE beat YOU instead.
BART: This is where it ends.

BOSS: BIZARO SEPHIROTH (Party: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie)

CLOUD: Hold it right there Sephiroth!
HOMER: How did you get here?
CLOUD: I followed you.
BART: What you doing here man?
CLOUD: I told you. I have a score to settle. Now stand back.
MAGGIE: No. I'm helping you.
CLOUD: I said stand back. This is between me and Sephiroth.
MAGGIE: I'm helping you weither you like it or not.
LISA: I'm helping too.
BART: Count me in.

BOSS: SAFER SEPHIROTH (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Cloud)

CLOUD: Will you please just stay in my memories all ready?
SEPHIROTH: I shall never be a memory. UGH!

There is a fade to white, and CLOUD and SEPHIROTH are now gone.

HOMER: Well, that was a little strange.
MAGGIE: I guess that's the end of that.
HOMER: Alls well that ends well I guess. Lets go home.

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