Simpsons Fantasy II: Bartman: Return of Maggeena
Written By: Gary M. Gadsdon

Authors Notes: I wrote this fic partically because I was messing around with some art I had just drawn, (the Bartman Group Photo) and thought, I should wrote a fic about it. The reality is set pretty much directly after Simpsons Fantasy. I set it so that Maggie had to re-aquaint herself with her own alterego, and even though she'd fought crime with Lisa the Conjourer before, she doesnt remember it. Bartman: Return of Maggeena serves as Simpsons Fantasy II
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The Simpsons are sitting on the couch sans LISA and MARGE who arent in the room, MARGE is actually in the kitchen. HOMER, BART and MAGGIE are sitting on the couch watching TV, there's a series of baby related commercials on TV.

MAGGIE: <Sigh>
BART: Mag, whats wrong?
MAGGIE: Huh? Oh nothing Bart. It's just watching these commercials reminds me of the old days.
BART: It's only been a month...
MAGGIE: For you maybe, to me it feels like years.

The previous commercial ends, the next one plays, it turns out to be baby-stink-breath.

LYRICS: Look out its the baby, who's breath smells like death, run for your life it's baby-stink-breath!
HOMER: Uh-oh...
BART: Homer, you're airing that commercial again?
HOMER: C'mon boy, I need the money.

BART flies at HOMER starting to strangle him.

HOMER: <aaak aaak aaak>

Suddenly outside there is a light in the distance with Bart's head shape cut out of it. It's the Bartsignal.

BART: <thinking> The Bartsignal! Bartman is needed.
BART: <spoke> Gotta go.
HOMER: Whew! Saved by the.... <To Maggie> Actually, what was I saved by?

MAGGIE shrugs.

MAGGIE: I'unno.


BART runs through the Simpsons house, and into his bedroom, LISA spots him and runs to her own bedroom, BART goes into his closet and closes the door. When he returns, he has a purple cape and cowl on and then jumps out of the window. LISA at the same time has an orange eye mask on and an orange cape, also with a white turban on, she dives out of her own bedroom window.


BART and LISA turn to each other.

BARTMAN: Glad you noticed the Bartsignal, Lisa the Conjurer.
LISA THE CONJURER: As always Bartman.

BARTMAN and LISA THE CONJURER climb up to the treehouse where MILHOUSE is pointing the Bartsignal tourch out the window.


BARTMAN: I have come old friend.
MILHOUSE: Bartman! Lisa!
BARTMAN: So what evil doings appear to be going on tonight Milhouse.
MILHOUSE: There's a letter for you Bartman, in the Bartcave...

BARTMAN opens a trapdoor in the floor of the treehouse, underneath there is a whole in the tree trunk with a ladder going down inside, BARTMAN, LISA THE CONJURER and MILHOUSE climb down.


MILHOUSE: Over here Bartman.

MILHOUSE runs over to a desk containing various girl items that belong to LISA. MILHOUSE picks up a sheet of paper with fancy writing written on it. BARTMAN scratches his read unable to read it.

BARTMAN: I cant read this it's too fancy.

BARTMAN hands the paper over to LISA THE CONJURER.

BARTMAN: You read it Lisa.

LISA THE CONJURER takes the sheet from BARTMAN's hands.

LISA THE CONJUERER: It says: "Bartman, we have uncovered the secret of your identity, and have kidnapped your mother and replaced her with a robot...."

At this point we cut to the Simpsons kitchen where MARGE is at the table with several cans of HOMER's beer, drinking them then letting out burps of fire.


We cut back to the Treehouse.

LISA THE CONJURER: "... If you wish to rescue her come to the abandoned Box Factory. Yours, Cranker"
BARTMAN: Crap. They've got mom. Lis, we gotta go save her.
LISA THE CONJURER: I'm with you Bartman.
BARTMAN: Houseboy, you stay here.

BARTMAN and LISA THE CONJURER run up the ladder and out of the treehouse swinging across roof tops in the direction of Box Factory. They dont talk much. At the Box Factory.

LISA THE CONJURER: We cant use the front entrance. No doubt it's guarded...
BARTMAN: You're right, lets try around the back.

BARTMAN and LISA THE CONJURER start to move around the outer edge of the perimiter sneaking in bushes and shrubs. They hit a wall, litterally.

BARTMAN: Ow. That hurt.
LISA THE CONJURER: It looks like we cant go any further.
BARTMAN: So how do you expect us to get in.

LISA THE CONJURER looks around, and finds an ventilation duct near the ground.

LISA THE CONJURER: It looks like the vent shaft is our only way in.
BARTMAN: A vent? All the way out here? Who's idea was that?
LISA THE CONJURER: Nevermind that, it's not important, just get in there.

BARTMAN gets into the shaft with LISA THE CONJURER following. BARTMAN keeps going and then the vent tilts downwards there's a splash as his face hits some water. He backs away for a second.

BARTMAN: What the?
BARTMAN: There's water here.
BARTMAN: Thats what I said.
LISA THE CONJURER: So whats the problem. Keep moving.
BARTMAN: Are you insane? You expect me to dive in there?
LISA THE CONJURER: I doubt there's much, they put water into vent shafts to purify the air, all you need to do is hold your breath.
BARTMAN: <sigh> There's no other alternative is there.
LISA THE CONJURER: Fraid not Bartman.

BARTMAN proceeds to hold his breath and dives head first into the water. He continues to move forward LISA THE CONJURER follows. They both manage to reach the other side. Gasping for air.

LISA THE CONJUERER: <Gasping> See that wasnt so bad was it.
BARTMAN: Next time, we come through the window...

BARTMAN and LISA THE CONJURER proceed and they come to an empty room.

BARTMAN: Now we search.
???: You wont need to do that Bartman.

??? walks out from the shadows and is really Cranker. He presses a button on a remote, as a metal cage falls from above, LISA THE CONJURER dives out of the way into a second room. BARTMAN is captured however.

CRANKER: Drat! That was supposed to capture both of them! Oh well. Bartman is good enough.
BARTMAN: Listen to me Lis, go back to the house, we need help, you should know who to get.
CRANKER: Oh, Houseboy? What possible use could he be. <Laugh>

While CRANKER is tending to BARTMAN and they keep exchanging words. LISA THE CONJURER opens a nearby window and jumps out landing on the ground. She sneaks through the bushes until she's off the Factory lot. She then starts to swing herself back to the Simpson House. Using the same rope she used earlier to climb out, she climbs back into her bedroom. LISA THE CONJURER then goes into her closet and then comes out without her vigilante costume on. LISA leaves the room to find MAGGIE in her own room playing video games.

LISA: Hey Maggie.
MAGGIE: Hey Lisa. So what was going on in the treehouse?
LISA: Huh?
MAGGIE: I saw that you and Bart met up with Milhouse in there. Wasnt I invited?
LISA: Maggie, I dont know what you're talking about.
MAGGIE: Yeah, nice try. I also saw the light from outside before Bart left when we were watching TV. He stopped stranging Dad because of it.
LISA: Well uh...
MAGGIE: Cut the crap. I want in.
LISA: You do? That'll save time. Come with me.

MAGGIE shuts off her game, and follows LISA into her bedroom. LISA locks the door.

LISA: Now, Maggie, you know about Bartman right?
MAGGIE: Yeah. He's that masked vigilante kid right?
LISA: Right. Fact is. Thats Bart.

MAGGIE bursts into laughter.

MAGGIE: Yeah, right Lis! I know the name sounds similiar and all that, but Bart doesnt have the brains to pull off half the stuff that Bartman does.
LISA: Exactly, thats why he has me as his assistant. I'm Lisa the Conjurer.
MAGGIE: Well, I guess that does explain alot if you're the brains.
LISA: There is also Milhouse and Santa's Little Helper. But there is a fifth member of our group...
MAGGIE: Yeah? And who's that?
LISA: You.
MAGGIE: Me? But I've never done any of that stuff.
LISA: Thats because you were a baby when we did it. You are Maggeena.
MAGGIE: Well, that would explain alot then. But why are you telling me this NOW?
LISA: Well, Bart's been captured. I just about managed to escape. We gotta go help him.
MAGGIE: Alright, I'll help you.
LISA: Good.

LISA opens the closet and pulls out a small blue eye mask.

LISA: This is your vigilante costume.
MAGGIE: That it? An eye mask?
LISA: Hey, you were a baby remember.
MAGGIE: Oh right. Well, me thinks that I'm going to need a cape like you guys.

MAGGIE searches the house. In the mean time, LISA dives into the closet and returns as LISA THE CONJURER. MAGGIE comes back into the room as MAGGEENA, with her blue eyemask and a blue cape on, LISA THE CONJURER has her backpack on, and MAGGEENA has a harness with the Maggie Blade inside it.

MAGGEENA: Lets go.

LISA THE CONJURER and MAGGEENA climb out the window and start swinging across roof tops.

MAGGEENA: Say, Lis. What do you think these ropes attach to?
LISA THE CONJURER: I dunno. Some kind of Sky Hooks?
MAGGEENA: Sky Hooks? You've been reading Roald Dhal books again havent you?
LISA THE CONJURER: ..........nope.

LISA THE CONJURER and MAGGEENA continue swinging across rooftops until they reach the Box Factory.

MAGGEENA: So how did you get in there before?
LISA THE CONJURER: We snuck in through a vent shaft.
MAGGEENA: Well, thats lame. Why dont we just go in through the front door?
LISA THE CONJURER: Because it's probably guarded. Maybe more so now that they know we're coming.
MAGGEENA: Lisa, you're forgetting the stuff I used to do. Sneaking into places is my specialty.

MAGGEENA leaps out from the bushes and starts sneaking around until she gets as close as she can to the front door, the bushes start to make some noise, attracting a guards attention.

GUARD: Huh? What's that sound?

MAGGEENA takes her Maggie Blade out from the harness on her back. The GUARD walks over to MAGGEENA, but before the GUARD can react, MAGGEENA slaps the GUARD in the face with her sword flat edge.

MAGGEENA: Lis, come on.

LISA THE CONJURER sneaks through the bushes much like MAGGEENA did. MAGGEENA then runs up to the front door, there's a padlock. MAGGEENA feeds her sword in between the doors and slashes her sword downwards breaking the lock. LISA THE CONJURER and MAGGEENA walk inside.

MAGGEENA: So where abouts in here were you when you were almost captured?
LISA THE CONJURER: We were near the back.
MAGGEENA: Alright lets go.

MAGGEENA doesnt place her sword back into the harness, rather she just puts it on her shoulder and keeps it in her hand. The two move towards the back of the building. They reach the room where CRANKER and BARTMAN are.

CRANKER: Well, well. Look who's returned, and she brought a sidekick along.
BARTMAN: Lisa! Maggeena!
MAGGEENA: Can it, Cranker.

MAGGEENA takes her sword off her should and holds it out at arms length in front of her.

CRANKER: My. Arent we a little touchy.
MAGGEENA: Release Bartman now.
CRANKER: Yeah? Or what?
MAGGEENA: Or you get a face full of this sword.
CRANKER: Oh yeah?

There's suddenly a white flash and now Cranker has a sword of his own.

MAGGEENA: How the hell did that happen? ................Oh well.

MAGGEENA and CRANKER start sword fighting around the room. LISA THE CONJURER runs over to BARTMAN's cage.

BARTMAN: Hurry Lisa, while Maggeena distracts get me out of this thing. There's some kind of switch over there...

LISA THE CONJURER runs over to the switch, just as CRANKER and MAGGEENA's sword fighting passes by her.

LISA THE CONJURER: Woah! Maggeena watch where you're pointing that thing!

LISA THE CONJURER activates the switch and BARTMAN's cage rises.

BARTMAN: Thanks Lis. Maggeena! Finish him off quick! I'm out!

MAGGEENA Jumps backwards and then jumps up into the air with the sword behind her head. As she returns she swings the sword over her head and in front of her. Striking CRANKER and cutting him in half. Once again, he turns out to be a robot.

BARTMAN: Aww... Man. Not again
LISA THE CONJURER: Another robot?!
BARTMAN: Last time we fought Cranker, it was really Lenny, who turned out to be controlling a robot of Mr. Burns.
MAGGEENA: You think it could be Lenny again this time?
BARTMAN: Perhaps. Lets go.
LISA THE CONJURER: Wait, what about Mom?
BARTMAN: I doubt that she's here.
MAGGEENA: I agree. It's obvious that who ever is behind this would know we would come, and in my expirence, and probably Bart's Radioactive Man comic books, they never keep the hostages in the same place where they tell the superhero to go to..
LISA THE CONJURER: Alright. Lets go to Lenny's house.

BARTMAN, LISA THE CONJURER and MAGGEENA leave the building and travel to LENNY'S house. BARTMAN knocks on the door but there is no answer.

BARTMAN: Perhaps he's at Moe's.
MAGGEENA: Lets go then. But first, I think we should get out of these costumes.
BARTMAN: Uh-huh.

BARTMAN, LISA THE CONJURER and MAGGEENA return to the Simpson house. LISA THE CONJURER and MAGGEENA climb into LISA's Bedroom, while BARTMAN climbs into BART's bedroom. All three get changed into their normal clothes. BART leaves his room first, and goes downstairs where he doesnt find HOMER anymore. He heads back upstairs...

BART: Lisa, Maggie. Dad's not here either.
LISA: He's probably at Moe's as well. Knowing him.
MAGGIE: Then we better hurry.
BART: You're coming too?
MAGGIE: Why not?
BART: Nobody knows that you're not a baby anymore.
MAGGIE: So what? I dont care about hiding myself anymore. Would've been kinda pointless anyway. Let's just go already.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE leave the house by the back door. BART and LISA grab their bikes, but MAGGIE doesnt have a bike.

MAGGIE: So what am I supposed to do then? Ride the trike?
LISA: Of course not. Get on. You can ride with me.
MAGGIE: Thanks Lis.

MAGGIE gets onto the seat of LISA's bike. BART and LISA pedal in the direction of MOE's. They see both MARGE'S and HOMER'S cars outside the bar.

LISA: Guys. Look over there. Mom and Dad's cars.
BART: That means they're both here... Let's go.

BART opens the door, with LISA and MAGGIE behind him. Where he see's HOMER, MARGE, MOE, LENNY, CARL and BARNEY inside.

ADULTS: Surprise!
KIDS: What the?!

The KIDS walk into the bar, closing the door. HOMER and MARGE walk up to them.

MAGGIE: What's going on?
HOMER: It's a surprise welcome home party for you, Maggie.
BART: But you never told me or Lisa.
MARGE: Yeah, well, we know that you kids are Bartman and Lisa the Conjurer. So we figured we'd have a little fun with you kids.
BART: How do you know about that?
HOMER: Lenny told us.
LENNY: Sorry Bart, I cant keep secrets from my best friends!
LISA: So, you knew that we would suspect that Lenny was behind everything, if Cranker was involved go to his house and conclude that he would be here?
HOMER: Yep. Thats pretty much it.
LISA: Nice plan.
BART: Wait, was Milhouse in on this too?
HOMER: Uh-huh. So Maggie, what do you think?
MAGGIE: What can I say... It's a surprise alright. Thanks guys.
MARGE: Dont mention it honey.


MAGGIE: Uh. Mom? Cant breathe..

MARGE lets go of MAGGIE

MARGE: Oh sorry honey.
MAGGIE: Well, what are we waiting for? Lets party!

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