Simpsons Fantasy III: When Realities Collide
Written By: Gary M. Gadsdon

Authors Notes: Many television shows do this kind of theme of a parallel universe that is the direct opposite. Good becomes Evil, and vice versa. Using the Simpsons Fantasy timeline as a base, I figure that something like that could be done here, but there is no parallel Springfield, so I used Gaia again, so for that reason, only Maggie has a parallel opposite.
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INT. Moe's Tavern.

Inside Moe's, THE SIMPSONS, BARNEY, LENNY, CARL and MOE are all having a party, there are various decorations all over the place, most of the banners say "Welcome Home Maggie". MOE is behind the bar as always, LENNY, CARL and BARNEY are sitting on bar stools, BART, LISA and MAGGIE are off to the side. HOMER places some music on from the jukebox, as he and MARGE dance to it. MAGGIE gets up and sits at the bar next to MOE.

MAGGIE: Hey Moe.
MOE: Heya Maggie. How do you like this shindig.
MAGGIE: It's pretty cool I guess.
MOE: Uh-huh. So what you gonna do now? Live like a normal kid?
MAGGIE: Probably hang out at home and continue to practice my sword skills, I guess.

MARGE stops dancing.

MARGE: No you wont young lady. Tommorow we're going to talk to Principal Skinner and you're going to get an education. You're already behind.
MAGGIE: Awww....

MAGGIE doesnt bother to fight her mother, she knows that she would lose.


Inside of Principal SKINNER's office, MARGE, BART, LISA are there.

MARGE: Thank you for seeing us Principal Skinner.
BART: Yeah, it got me out of class for two weeks man.
MARGE: Quiet Bart.
SKINNER: It's no problem Marge, now what was it that you wanted to see me about?
MARGE: As you've no doubt guessed, Bart and Lisa havent been to school for the past two weeks.
SKINNER: It had crossed my mind actually. Bart we're not so bothered about...
SKINNER: ...But we're always concerned about Lisa.
MARGE: Thing is, they've, okay, well Lisa has been tutoring someone at home.
MARGE: Come on in sweetie!

As MARGE yells, MAGGIE comes in through the door.

MARGE: Pricipal Skinner, let me introduce you to Maggie.
SKINNER: <gasp> Is that the same Maggie who shot...?
BART: Thats right, man. She shot Mr. Burns.
SKINNER: But how?
LISA: You see, about two months ago, Maggie was accidentally teleported to another world, called Gaia by Professor Frink...
SKINNER: Professor Frink? I understand how nuty he can be. But how come she's almost as old as Lisa?
LISA: The speed of which time travels is faster in Gaia than it is here, so while we were preparing to go rescue her, Maggie had aged seven years.
MAGGIE: And became quite a swordsgirl while I was at it.
MARGE: So can you take Maggie on?
SKINNER: <under his breath> Maybe a second female Simpson will turn out better than the male.
MARGE: What was that?
SKINNER: Oh nothing. Anyways, sure I'll let Maggie in. I'll even place her in the same class as Lisa.

SKINNER starts to fill in MAGGIE's admttance form, he then hands it to MARGE.

SKINNER: I'll need you to sign this.

MARGE does so.

SKINNER: Alright, we're all set.
MARGE: Thank you Principal Skinner. I'll see you later kids.

MARGE leaves the room.

SKINNER: Bart, I'll take you to your class room, we both know how much Edna hates your guts. Lisa, I trust that you'll go with Maggie to Miss Hoover.
LISA: Yes, Principal Skinner.

LISA and MAGGIE head off in one direction while PRINCIPAL SKINNER and BART head off in the other. LISA and MAGGIE reach the second grade classroom. LISA knocks on the door, MS. HOOVER answers it.

MS. HOOVER: Lisa! You're late...?
LISA: Actually, I was just with Principal Skinner. There's a new student to our class.
MISS. HOOVER: Doesnt he normally introduce new kids himself?
LISA: Yeah, well, he's off dealing with Bart.
MISS. HOOVER: I see. Come in then.

LISA and MAGGIE walk into the room and stand next to MS. HOOVER in front of the blackboard.

MISS. HOOVER: Class. Today, we have a new student in our class. Lisa?

MISS. HOOVER sits down behind her desk.

LISA: Guys, let me introduce you to, Maggie Simpson. My sister.

The class start muttering to each other.

MISS. HOOVER: Maggie? But Lisa, isnt she supposed to be a baby?
LISA: Well, yeah. I already know the details. Maggie, why dont you fill everyone else in?
MAGGIE: Right. About two months ago, I was transported to another world called Gaia. There, time flows faster than it does here. So in a month that passed here, seven years had passed in Springfield. Because of that I aged with it. While I was there, I learned to become a sword fighter, a pretty good one too as I was the primary tradesperson in the town I was living in.
LISA: Simultaniously, Mom, Dad, Bart and I went there to find Maggie and we had to fight some greyhaired guy named Sephiroth and we rescused Maggie.
MAGGIE: And then here we are...

The entire class has their jaws dropped.

LISA & MAGGIE: ....what?

LISA and MAGGIE stare at each other. Then back at the class.

MAGGIE: Was it something we said?
ALLISON: It's not that but how did you get to this, Gaia?
LISA: Professor Frink.

Most of the class go "Oh" as they know what FRINK is like.

LISA: ....I think we'll just sit down now....

LISA takes a seat in her usual seat, MAGGIE sits in the one next to it which was conveniently empty for some reason. MISS HOOVER starts to give a lesson

In MRS. KRABAPPEL's class room. MRS. KRABAPPEL is giving a lesson, BART, NELSON and MILHOUSE are talking.

MILHOUSE: So Bart, I've noticed that you've been hanging around with a girl in a pink dress.
NELSON: Ooooh. Simpson has a new girlfriend?
BART: Not quite, she's my sister, man.
MILHOUSE: Huh? But Lisa always wears orange.
BART: Not that sister. You're talking about Maggie.
MRS. KRABAPPEL: Milhouse, Nelson will you two keep it down!

Later that evening in The Simpsons Living Room, BART, LISA and MAGGIE are watching TV, an episode of Itchy and Scratchy, all three laugh their asses off. HOMER walks in the back door.

MAGGIE: Hey Dad.

HOMER screams then hides in the kitchen poking his head out.

HOMER: Will you stop doing that.

LISA and MAGGIE laugh at him, BART shurgs and walks upstairs.

HOMER: Hey, whats with him?
MAGGIE: Beats me. I'll go find out.

MAGGIE gets up and follows BART to his room. MAGGIE enters BART's room as she sees a puprle blur jump out the window.

MAGGIE: ....Bartman

MAGGIE goes downstairs and sits on the couch, LISA is no longer there, but HOMER is watching some bowling show.

HOMER: Hey Maggie, so whats up with the boy?
MAGGIE: Huh? Oh Bart, he didnt wanna see me.
HOMER: Oh well, I guess he just wants to be left alone. Lets watch TV.
MAGGIE: Sounds good to me.

HOMER flicks through the channels, but pretty much moans on whats on each channel.

HOMER: Maggie! Fix the TV.
MAGGIE: How about you let me play video games.
HOMER: Okay, but as long as it's a good game.

On the TV set is an SNES, MAGGIE picks up a Final Fantasy VI cart from a box next to the set, she inserts it into the console, and then turns it on. The game boots up and MAGGIE loads a saved game, she's outside Cave Figaro as LOCKE and CELES. MAGGIE controls LOCKE through the cave. HOMER notices the games of MAGGIE's party in battle.

HOMER: Hey Maggie, isnt that the guy who...?
MAGGIE: The guy who adopted me in Gaia? Yeah, they're the same guy.

MAGGIE continues to play the game. HOMER goes into the kitchen and constantly bugs MARGE with the food. BART comes into the living room from the back door. HOMER and MARGE are making noise they dont notice.

BART: Maggie, good thing you're here. Professor Frink needs to see you.
MAGGIE: What about?
BART: I dunno.
MAGGIE: Alright, I'll go.

MAGGIE shuts down her Final Fantasy VI game, then heads out the back door to PROFESSOR FRINK's house.

FRINK: Ahhh... Maggie! Glad you came by.
MAGGIE: So whats this about Professor?
FRINK: I got a distress signal from Gaia. It seems that they're under attack from something. I dunno exactly what, it seems dangerous in there, I figure that maybe you can help out in there.
MAGGIE: Alright, let me gather my things, and I'll head in.
FRINK: You might want to uh... find some way to conceal your identity. It appears that there's a dark version of Gaia, so there might be a dark version of you in there.
MAGGIE: Huh? Meh. Whatever, I gotta help. I'll be back in a sec.

MAGGIE runs back home to the Simpson house, running to her bedroom where she gets her sword and places it in her backpack harness. She also gets her Maggeena mask and puts that on, as well as the cape. LISA spots MAGGEENA.

LISA: Maggie, whats going on?
MAGGEENA: Lisa, Gaia is under attack from something. I'm going in.
LISA: But how will you get back out again?
MAGGEENA: I dont know, nor do I care at the moment, but I have to help my friends.
LISA: Alright, I'll help too.
MAGGEENA: Thanks Lis. Listen, I'll go on ahead and then when you're ready, meet me in Baron.
LISA: Okay.

MAGGEENA leaves the room by going out the window, and back to PROFESSOR FRINK's.

FRINK: Maggie? You're Maggeena?
MAGGEENA: Yup, anyways, you can send me into Gaia now.
FRINK: Alright, I've improved the technology on this thing, so you can return to Springfield at any time you wish, by pressing the button on this remote.
MAGGEENA: Will that only send me back, because Lisa is going to be coming some time soon.
FRINK: Yes, that remote will be able to bring back more than just you.
MAGGEENA: Alright. I'm going in. Drop me in near Costa Del Sol.

FRINK prepares to teleport MAGGEENA into Gaia. He fiddles with several levers and knobs, and presses a few buttons. There is a bright light around
MAGGEENA she then disappears into thin air.

Gaia is a mess. There's fire, scortched earth and smoke everwhere, MAGGEENA is just outside of Costa Del Sol which is now in ruin. The monsters in the area are at least four times their original size. MAGGENNA is able to fight them single handedly, she goes straight to Baron.

Baron isnt exactly in a better shape than Costa Del Sol. Baron is on fire, there are various people casting Blizzard all over the place. TERRA is among them. MAGGEENA walks up to TERRA.

TERRA: Huh?!
MAGGEENA: Terra. It's me.

MAGGEENA takes off her mask, but leaves the cape on. TERRA reconises MAGGIE now.

TERRA: Maggie! How you been?
MAGGIE: I'm fine.
TERRA: What are you doing here?
MAGGIE: I heard about Gaia being under attack from something, from Professor Frink. Whats going on?
TERRA: Thats the thing. I dont know. I got a message from Locke saying that various towns across Gaia are under attack. Nibelhiem, Narshe and Mideel are in pretty bad shape.
MAGGIE: I saw that Costa Del Sol was in pretty bad shape too. What happened here in Baron? Is Locke okay?
TERRA: Yeah, Locke's fine. You should go see him. He's in his house. We've managed to get the fires under control so they shouldnt spread that far into town.
MAGGIE: Alright. Thanks.
TERRA: By the way Maggie, whats with the cape?
MAGGIE: Huh? Oh right. I became a Masked Vigilante in Springfield shortly after the defeat of Sephiroth, they're not into the whole sword fighting thing there. Bart, Lisa and I formed a group called the Bart Alligeance.

MAGGIE dons the Mask again.

MAGGEENA: So they call me.... Maggeena.
TERRA: Uh.... huh.....

There is an awkward silence between MAGGEENA and TERRA.

MAGGEENA: Heh. I'd better get going anyways. Lisa should be by sometime soon, she should be able to give you a hand with the fires.
TERRA: Okay.

TERRA returns to casting Blizzard spells as MAGGEENA goes to LOCKE's house. LOCKE is indeed inside the house.

LOCKE: That voice.... Maggie?

LOCKE turns around. He sees MAGGEENA, and laughs.

MAGGEENA: What's funny?
LOCKE: That fruity gettup.
MAGGEENA: My Maggeena costume? Whats wrong with it.

LOCKE stops laughing.

LOCKE: Oh nothing. But I guess it does kinda help with you wearing it. That and it does look kinda cute on you.
MAGGEENA: Why? How can it help. Is it to do with who's attacking Gaia?
LOCKE: Yeah.

Just then. BARTMAN walks in.

BARTMAN: Maggeena! Locke!
MAGGEENA: Bartman, what are you doing here?
LOCKE: Bartman?
MAGGEENA: This is Bart. We formed a Masked Vigilante Group in Springfield. Together with Lisa we form the Bart Alligence. Where's Lisa the Conjurer?
BARTMAN: She's outside with Terra getting the fires out.
MAGGEENA: Alright. I guess our powers have been restored.
BARTMAN: Yeah, all my Lancer abilities are back. Your SwordTech and White Magic should be back now as well.
MAGGEENA: Yeah. You're right Bartman.
LOCKE: Um.. Hello!
MAGGEENA: Oh yeah, right. You were saying something about who's attacking Gaia?
LOCKE: Yeah, until Bart interupted me. Well, I only saw her for a breif moment. But the person who set Baron on fire looked just like you Maggie.
MAGGEENA: Like me? How?
LOCKE: Well, not EXACTLY like you. She had a red dress on that came down to her feet, she had a bow in her hair as well, but that was coloured red. And her hair was more pointy, kinda like Lisa's, but longer. It is kinda easy to confuse you, her and Lisa.
MAGGEENA: I guess Professor Frink suspected something like this. Man, that guy knows everything.
BARTMAN: He did invent the thing that sends us here you know Maggeena.
MAGGEENA: Yeah, thats true Bartman.
LOCKE: Will you two stop calling yourselves that. It's too confusing!
BARTMAN: Ugh. Fine.

BARTMAN takes off his cowl, and MAGGEENA takes of her mask.

MAGGIE: So do you know where this girl comes from?
LOCKE: No, I dont. My only guess would be to travel and try to find as much information as possible before we have anything concrete.
MAGGIE: Well thats no good. By the time we figure things out, Gaia would be pretty much well on it's way to destruction.
BART: Maggie, look around, I think that has already happened.
MAGGIE: Well, she's not gonna get any futher with this. Locke, has Figaro fallen yet?
LOCKE: I dont think any of the southern content has been touched yet.
MAGGIE: Alright. I'm going to go see Edgar.
BART: How are we going to get there?
MAGGIE: Duh. Airship stupid.
LOCKE: Uh. All the airships have now been destroed.
BART: Well. We can kiss that idea goodbye.
MAGGIE: There has to be another way.

Just then LISA THE CONJURER walks in with TERRA.

LISA THE CONJURER: Hey guys, whats going on in here?
TERRA: We managed to finally put out the fires.
MAGGIE: Cool. We're trying to figure out a way to get to Figaro.
LISA THE CONJURER: Why not by airship.
MAGGIE: No can do Lis. They've all been destroyed.
TERRA: I could carry you...
MAGGIE: Thanks for the offer Terra, but you cant carry all three of us at once. And I dont think it'd be fair on you to have to make three trips. Beides, what would you do if you dropped us. Your esper form cant hold up underwater.
TERRA: Hmm...
LISA THE CONJURER: Maggie, didnt Professor Frink give you a device that would beam us back to Springfield?
LISA THE CONJURER: Then we can use Springfield as a portal between the two continents in Gaia. We just travel back to Springfield and have Professor Frink send us back in again at a new location.
MAGGIE: Thats a good idea. Lets do it.

BART puts his cowl back on, and MAGGIE puts her mask back on as well. MAGGIE then pulls out FRINK's remote from her pocket, and presses the button that's on it.

MAGGEENA: One button thats convenient.

BARTMAN, LISA THE CONJURER and MAGGEENA are surrounded in bright light, then vanish.

BARTMAN, LISA THE CONJURER and MAGGEENA beam into PROFESSOR FRINK's lab. Thing is now, that HOMER and MARGE are there.

MAGGEENA: Mom? Dad? What are you doing here?
MARGE: We came here looking for you, young lady. You've got school to worry about...
MAGGEENA: But Gaia was under attack and...
HOMER: Maggie, we understand how you feel, but dont you think you should concentrate on stuff thats happening here?
LISA THE CONJURER: Mom and Dad do have a point Maggie. It's not exactly going to look good on your perminant record if you missed your first real day of school.
MAGGEENA: You want me to put school ahead of my friends?
LISA THE CONJURER: Of course not! We're saying that you should to try and not mess your future up so early on. Listen, I'm already worthy of being put forward a grade so Principal Skinner wont worry too much if I miss a few days of school. So what I'll do is I'll go around Gaia and gather as much information as I can about who's doing this damage, and when I find out enough information, I'll come back to Springfield, and we can go challenge them together.
BARTMAN: Yeah. I'll even go too. Principal Skinner can have a field day with me not being there.
HOMER: And Mr. Burns fired me again. So I might as well go as well.
MARGE: You got fired again? Then where have to been going during the day?
HOMER: Moe's.
MARGE: Hrrrrmmmmm....
BARTMAN: Alright, Professor Frink can you send me, Dad and Lisa in near South Figaro?
FRINK: Certainly young superhero!
MARGE: No you dont young man. It's almost midnight. We're going home..

BARTMAN yawns. Realising the time.

BARTMAN: Huh? I guess we could with some sleep first.
LISA THE CONJURER: We'll be back first thing tommorow Professor Frink

BARTMAN, LISA THE CONJURER and MAGGEENA take off their capes, cowl and masks. HOMER, MARGE, BART, LISA and MAGGIE then drive home, and simply just shut out the lights.

The next day, MARGE drives MAGGIE to school. While HOMER, BART and LISA go to PROFESSOR FRINK's lab.

BART: Okay Frinky. We're ready. Send us in near Castle Figaro.
FRINK: Alright then!

FRINK does so. HOMER, BART and LISA are surrounded by a bright light, then disappear.

At the school during recess MAGGIE is off to the side away from pretty much everyone else near some trees. She is practicing her sword swings with a long stick. MILHOUSE walks up to her.


MAGGIE turns around and see's MILHOUSE.

MAGGIE: Oh hey Milhouse.
MILHOUSE: What are you doing here?
MAGGIE: I'm practicing my sword swinging.
MAGGIE: Stay in perfect form. Never know what might happen.
MILHOUSE: And where are Bart and Lisa?
MAGGIE: They're away taking care of something for Professor Frink.
MILHOUSE: It wouldnt have anything to do with Gaia would it?
MAGGIE: Yes. But you didnt hear anything if anyone asks okay.
MILHOUSE: Okay. So why are they there anyway?
MAGGIE: The place is under attack from something. I dont know what. Dad, Bart and Lisa are there trying to gather some information. When they've gathered the intel they need, we're all going to go set things right.
MILHOUSE: Cool. Can I help.
MAGGIE: Thanks for the offer Milhosue, but I dont think we'll be needing your help.

The bell rings.

Later that day in the Simpson House. MARGE is in the kitchen washing dishes and MAGGIE is in the living room playing video games. Just as LISA bursts in the front door.

LISA: Mom! Maggie!
MARGE: Lisa?
MAGGIE: Lisa! Did you find out any information?
MARGE: And where's Homer and Bart?
LISA: You're not going to believe this, but Dad and Bart were captured!
MAGGIE: By who?
LISA: Thats the thing. She looked exactly like you Maggie.
MAGGIE: Like me? What do you mean?
LISA: Shen wore the same pink dress, same blue shoes, but she had a different sword. Dad and Bart fell for her trick and were captured. I managed to trick her into getting all the information out from her. She said that she sent Dad and Bart to Dark Gaia.
MAGGIE: Dark Gaia?
LISA: Professor Frink was right. There is a parallel opposite to Gaia. So the person who captured Dad and Bart must've been Dark Maggie.
MAGGIE: But how can I have a Dark opposite in Gaia? I mean, I'm from Springfield. Lisa, does Springfield have a direct opposite as well?
LISA: There's so many things that we dont know about the universe. Until a month ago, we didnt even know that Gaia existed.
MAGGIE: Thats true.
LISA: Besides, we cant leave Dad and Bart stranded there.
MAGGIE: I agree. We have to go save them.
MARGE: WAIT! Maggie, if this person who captured your father, and Bart. You can easily be confused by the local people and captured by Rebel Groups.
LISA: Good point mom. I've heard that there are numberous small time rebel groups in Dark Gaia trying to overthrow Dark Maggie from domination.
MAGGIE: Alright. I'll go in dressed as Maggeena, Lisa it'll be easier for me to risk detection if you come as Lisa the Conjurer. I'm going to put this fake me in her place. But I figure we might need as much help as possible.
LISA: How do you mean?
MAGGIE: If this Dark Maggie is as powerful as you say, in that it takes several rebel groups to fail to overthrow her, then we'll have no hope by ourselves. But if we band as many people as possible together we may have a chance.
LISA: Alright. I see your point.
MAGGIE: I'm going to go into Light Gaia and talk to some friends. Mom, Lisa, you try to get some Springfieldians in on this. This means war!

MAGGIE leaves the house.

MARGE: That doesnt sound like Maggie at all, she's normally so peaceful...
LISA: I do admit she seems a little different, but she's just determined to prove something to herself I guess.
MARGE: What would that be Lisa?
LISA: When I told her about Dark Maggie, I saw a hint of jealousy in her eye. Maggie may be kind hearted, but she's human, mom. She gets jealous just like the rest of us.
MARGE: ....I guess.
LISA: Listen. I'll go talk to some of Bart's friends into helping out. You go to Moe's and talk those guys into helping.
MARGE: Alright I'm with you honey. For Homer and Bart's sake.

LISA and MARGE leave the house and split up. LISA goes MILHOUSE's House, while MARGE goes to Moe's Tavern

Inside Moe's Tavern, only MOE is there this time.

MOE: Wow. Marge! It's not often we'll see you in here without Homer.... something happened to the buy guy hasnt it.
MARGE: How'd you know?
MOE: Call it a hunch.
MARGE: ....Well, you're right. Homer and Bart have been kidnapped.
MOE: Kidnapped?
MARGE: Yes, he's trapped in Dark Gaia. Will you help us out?
MOE: Homer's done a lot of crazy crap for me, so I guess it's only fair to return the favour. Count me in.

A few hours later. MARGE returns back to the Simpsons house with MOE, LENNY, CARL, and BARNEY. LISA has MILHOUSE, MARTIN, and NELSON with her.

MARGE: Maggie should be home any minute now.

Gaia (A few hours ago)
MAGGIE arrives just outside of Baron. She quickly sets to her task and enters LOCKE's house. Inside she finds LOCKE, EDGAR, CYAN and TERRA.

MAGGIE: Guys! Good thing you're all here!
LOCKE: Maggie? What are you doing here?
MAGGIE: I need your help!
TERRA: Maggie, calm down. Tell us what happened.
MAGGIE: My dad and my brother have been captured.
TERRA: By who.
MAGGIE: Lisa told me that they've been kidnapped by someone who looks like me from some Paralell version of Gaia called Dark Gaia.
EDGAR: I heard about that. There was a girl who looked a lot like you Maggie.
MAGGIE: Yes, I know about that. But we have to go rescue my Dad and Bart.
CYAN: You are right. But how can we help. If you havent noticed we're sorta stuck in Gaia.
MAGGIE: Not for long. I'll take you to Springfield, there we can group up and prepare battle plans.
LOCKE: Maggie are you nuts? You'll be killed.
MAGGIE: Werent you the one who risked his life to save someone from falling over the edge of a falling platform?
LOCKE: Well.... Yeah. But that was a long time ago.
MAGGIE: Well, this is the same thing. It's not often that I'd ask for your help is it?
LOCKE: But Maggie. It's been four years since you were last here. We've had to move on.
MAGGIE: Sheez. I guess you're just a usless old theif now.
LOCKE: Hey. Thats Treasure Hunter to you!
TERRA: Calm Down Locke. She's really concerned about her family. I think we should do whatever it takes to help her.
EDGAR: I agree. Maggie, you can count me in.
CYAN: I am at your service too, Miss. Maggie.
LOCKE: <sigh> Fine. I'm in too. Probably a little rusty with my magic though.
MAGGIE: Alright! Thanks guys. I'll signal to Professor Frink to beam us to Springfield.

MAGGIE presses a button on a remote. A bright light surrounds MAGGIE, LOCKE, TERRA, EDGAR and CYAN. They then reappear in Professor FRINK's lab.

MAGGIE: Guys. Welcome to Springfield. But we have no time for sight seeing. Lets get to my house. We'll meet with everyone there. Professor Frink. Thanks for your help thus far.

MAGGIE leads LOCKE, TERRA, EDGAR and CYAN to the Simpson Household, where they find MARGE, LISA, MOE, LENNY, CARL, BARNEY, MILHOUSE, NELSON and MARTIN.

MAGGIE: So this is our party? Four Drunks, a nerd, a bully and Milhouse?
LISA: Come on Maggie. At least we got people to help us out.
MAGGIE: <sigh> Yeah. I guess you're right.
MOE: So whats the plan?
NELSON: Yeah, do we just bust in and pound the crap out of everyone we see?
MAGGIE: Not quite. First, we need to gather information. So we'll split up into three groups. I'll go with Lisa, Nelson, Milhouse and Martin. Mom, you go with Moe, Barney, Lenny and Carl. Terra, Locke, Edgar and Cyan you all can go together, you're a party member short, but I think you guys can manage, after all, you've fought before in groups of four.
LOCKE: I'm probably a little rusty, but I think we can deal.
MAGGIE: Good. The first step is we need to gather as much information as possible. So I figure that Terra's team would be best to go into Dark Gaia first and gather as much info as possible and then return to Springfield with this.

MAGGIE hands TERRA the remote she uses to warp back to Springfield.

MAGGIE: Just press that button to warp back to Professor Frink's lab. When you're there, ask him to bring you back here to 742 Evergreen Terrace.
TERRA: Okay.
MAGGIE: While Terra's Party is doing that. Mom's party and my party would be training, in various Gaian jobs. I'll go over those in a sec. For now I'll take Terra, Locke, Edgar and Cyan Professor Frink's. You guys wait here.

MAGGIE takes TERRA, LOCKE, EDGAR and CYAN back to Professor Frink's Lab.

MAGGIE: Oy. Professor, dont you think it would be a good idea if we moved this thing back to my house?
FRINK: Excellent idea my young hero! But first, let us send your friends into Dark Gaia.
TERRA: We'll be back as soon as we gather as much information as we can.
MAGGIE: Okay. By the time you come back, we should have this thing moved back to my house.

FRINK activates the teleporter. TERRA, LOCKE, EDGAR and CYAN are surrounded in a bright light.

FRINK: Lets start moving this thing. The two of us should be able to handle it.
MAGGIE: Well, regardless, we'll have to manage.

MAGGIE and FRINK manage to get the teleporter back to the Simpsons house and in the hallway. The group is still there. It has only been an hour.

MAGGIE: Whew. Did it.

MAGGIE sits on the couch excausted.

MAGGIE: Okay, here's how this will work. I'll give each of you a Gaian Job. Mom and Lisa already have jobs. Mom is a White Mage, so she casts White Magic to heal party members, Lisa is a Black Mage to cast offensive Spells, I'm a Paladin so I use White Magic and Bushido abilties. Nelson, I figure you're best as a monk since you use your fists alot, Milhouse you're probably best suited as a Bard, Martin you're just a nerd, so I figure you're best suited as a Red Mage. Red Mages can cast both Black and White Magic. Moe, you use a shotgun right? Then you'd be best suited as an Archer. Barney, Lenny, Carl, you're all neutral. So I'd say you'd make good Knights.
MOE: Archer, Knight, Red Mage? What the hell are you talking about?
MAGGIE: Never mind, its not important right now. All we can do now really. Is wait for Terra's group.

Dark Gaia (Meanwhile)
TERRA, LOCKE, EDGAR, and CYAN are beamed into Dark Gaia near Tzen. Dark Gaia looks alot like The World of Ruin did in Final Fantasy VI. Various buildings look in bad shape and the earth is far more scorched than it did when in Gaia.

LOCKE: Okay guys. Lets do this. Lets keep on our toes.
TERRA: Alright. But lets just gather the information we need first Locke.
LOCKE: Alright, Alright. No bursting into the main compound.

Inside Tzen.

TERRA, LOCKE, EDGAR and CYAN look around and find various people have various ailmanets including petrification and zombie.

EDGAR: Geez. What happened here?
TERRA: The only way we can find that out is if we look around and ask questions.
LOCKE: Good idea. Lets split up. Report back here in ten minutes.

TERRA, LOCKE, EDGAR and CYAN split up and talk to people asking questions on whats going on.


LOCKE: So what have we got?
TERRA: I found that someone who does look Maggie is ruling over this place.
EDGAR: And she's the one who placed a curse over Dark Gaia.
CYAN: I heard that there's a huge tower at the base of this continent called Castle Pandemonium, and that there are three statues there.
EDGAR: This is getting too much like De Ja Vu. So basically, we're expecting it to be the same as Kefka's Tower?
CYAN: Pretty much. Yeah.
TERRA: If thats the case, then we already have the info we need. But do we need an airship like we did last time?
CYAN: I dont know. We can always go see.
LOCKE: Alright. Lets go.

TERRA, LOCKE, EDGAR and CYAN to go the base of Castle Panedominum and see that there is no front door.

LOCKE: Crap. Looks like we might have to fly in.
EDGAR: And I dont know how to build an airship.
TERRA: Lets look for another way. Someone in that town over there must know.
CYAN: Wait friends. There's a sign over there.

CYAN Looks at the sign and reads it.

CYAN: "To enter, take the portal at Bran Bal." There's a map pointing where we are, and the location of Bran Bal here too.
TERRA: Thats convinent.
LOCKE: Then we should know one thing. Dark Maggie sure is cocky.
TERRA: Okay, we have what we need. Lets report back to the others.

TERRA presses the button on the remote as a bright light surrounds the group beaming them back to 742 Evergreen Terrace.

TERRA, LOCKE, EDGAR and CYAN return to Springfield, MARGE, MILHOUSE, NELSON, MARTIN, MOE, BARNEY, LENNY, CARL and FRINK are present in the living room. LISA has her mask, cape and turban on, MAGGIE has her cape and mask on too.

MOE: You mean we gotta go in that thing?!
MAGGEENA: What did you guys find?
TERRA: We found out where Dark Maggie is.
TERRA: It's the perfect case of De Ja Vu.
CYAN: She resides in a place called Castle Pandemonum. There's also three statues there, I think we have to defeat those three before we can get to Dark Maggie.
MARTIN: And would we get into this Castle?
NELSON: Do we bust through the front door?
EDGAR: Sadly no. There isnt a door to speak of actually. There is a portal into the Castle in a town called Bran Bal. We'll have to use that.
MAGGEENA: Alright. That sounds like a plan. Here's what we'll do. We'll split up into three groups like I said earlier, take on the three statues at once to save time. When we reach Dark Maggie, I'll challenge her to a one on one fight. While I have her distracted, everyone else find Dad and Bart then get them out and escape to Springfield as fast as you can.
LISA THE CONJURER: But Maggeena, what about you? If we're all back in Springfield how will you get back.
FRINK: Simple my dear Lisa. I already have a backup teleporter right here.
TERRA: Well thats randomly convenient.
MAGGEENA: Okay. Lets do it to it.

Everyone stares at her.

MAGGEENA: What? I saw it on TV okay.

Everyone continues staring at her.

MAGGEENA: <sigh> Can we just go already.

FRINK hands MAGGEENA the second teleporting remote. Then beams all fourteen party members into Dark Gaia.

Dark Gaia

MAGGEENA: Okay lets move out.

The group enters Bran Bal.

MAGGEENA: So uh? Where's the portal...?
TERRA: It should be inside of the inn. When we checked there wasnt anyone inside it...
MAGGEENA: Lets go then.

The group enters the in. There is a vortex of blue light. They all enter it. They are now in a room with three doors, the room has dark, gloomy colours.

MAGGEENA: Alright everyone, lets split up, each group take a door.

MAGGEENA's group takes the center door, MARGE's group takes the one on the left and TERRA's group takes the one on the right. Each three follow winding paths through the castle. Each of the three parties fight a statue and then eventually, come into a large throne room, each coming out of a different door next to each other.

The group starts walks further into the large room. The room alone could easily compare to the size of the Simpsons House's size by itself. MAGGEENA withdrew out her sword and kept it at the ready in her hand and placed it across her shoulders.

Near the back, they could start to see a figure in the throne. She was wearing a red-dress that seemed to come down to her feet, she also had a red bow in her hair, similar to MAGGIE's own, next to the throne was a large sword with long pointed blade and blue markings in it with a similar shape. She was DARK MAGGIE.

DARK MAGGIE: Well. Well. Well. Look what the cat dragged in.
DARK MAGGIE: My arent we touchy today.
MAGGENNA: Save it.

DARK MAGGIE looks puzzled at MAGGEENA.

DARK MAGGIE: The clothes are familiar, but I dont reconise the costume...
MAGGEENA: Well, you should because...

MAGGEENA rips off her mask and cape and tosses them aside.

MAGGIE: ...I'm you.
DARK MAGGIE: So..... my counterpart has finally shown her face.

MAGGIE leans over to LISA THE CONJURER and whispers something to her.

MAGGIE: Lisa, I'll distract Dark Maggie, you go find Bart and Dad.
DARK MAGGIE: I may be your direct opposite, but I'm not stupid. GUARDS! Seize them!

Out of mystery doors, various guard bots appear. Not backing down, the party takes them on. MARGE reacts by casting white Magic spells, LISA THE CONJURER with Black Magic, MAGGIE goes in with sword slices, NELSON with his fists, MILHOUSE and MARTIN are in the corner scared, MOE takes out his shotgun, BARNEY, LENNY and CARL are just standing there, TERRA, LOCKE and CYAN join MAGGIE with the sword slices, and EDGAR uses a spear. DARK MAGGIE focuses on MAGGIE's technique, and how she's able to slice the Guard bots in half with her Maggie Blade.

DARK MAGGIE: Impressive. I didnt think that puny thing you call a sword would be able to handle such power.
MAGGIE: Yeah? Well, let that be a lesson to you. Smaller does not always mean weaker.
DARK MAGGIE: Hah. Of course it does.
MAGGIE: Oh Really? Well, how about I prove it.
DARK MAGGIE: Very well.

DARK MAGGIE picks up her Ultima Maggie sword from next to the throne.

DARK MAGGIE: Bring it on.
MAGGIE: Lisa, get going!


MAGGIE: Now that we're all alone, how about you tell me. What happened to the citizens here.
DARK MAGGIE: Dealying your doom eh? Very well. The point is simple. I placed a curse on them. No doubt you've seen that have the effected population is petrified and the other half is zombified.
MAGGIE: But why?
DARK MAGGIE: Simple. I didnt want to live in your shadow. You see, when you went back to Springfield. Gaia created an alternate of itself based on a what-if scenario of where you stayed.
MAGGIE: And that resulted in you?
DARK MAGGIE: Right. But just living life if I had stayed here would be boring. You wanted to see the look on Mr. Burns's face when you threatened him did you not?
MAGGIE: Yeah. But that was a joke.
DARK MAGGIE: So I took that seriously. Big Deal.
MAGGIE: Actually, yeah. It is a big deal. You hurt loads of innocent people for no real reason.
DARK MAGGIE: Meh. Whatever.
MAGGIE: Okay, that does it.

MAGGIE rushes in at DARK MAGGIE, full swing with her sword. DARK MAGGIE uses her own and fights back. A huge sword fight between them ensues.


Eventually, they find it. HOMER and BART are in the cell.

HOMER: Marge!
BART: Lisa!
HOMER: What are you doing here?
LISA: We're here to get you out.
HOMER: Thats great but how?
MARGE: Terra?
TERRA: Alright. Stand back and sheild your eyes.

TERRA looks at everybody else.

TERRA: All of you.

TERRA takes out a sword of her own, then sends a fast slash down down the lock, it breaks, blasting the door open.

HOMER: Woohoo!
BART: Where's Maggie?
MARGE: She's upstairs.
LOCKE: But we must get out of here.
BART: Not without my sister.
LISA THE CONJURER: Hey, since when did you care about what we did.
BART: Look, I care as much as anyone else does alright. Are we going to get Maggie or not?
TERRA: Hmm.... not.

TERRA uses the original remote to beam everyone back to Springfield.


BART: We have to go back for Maggie!
LOCKE: Bart. Maggie's plan was quite clear, we get you guys out, she takes care of Dark Maggie by herself.
LISA THE CONJURER: Yeah Bart. Maggie is quite capable of doing this by herself, besides, I think that there's more to it than rescuing you. I think she wants to prove something to herself.

Dark Gaia
MAGGIE and DARK MAGGIE are still fighting. Both look pretty exausted, DARK MAGGIE moreso than MAGGIE does.

DARK MAGGIE: Whew. I'm impressed, you're pretty good. I didnt think that puny sword could last out this long.
MAGGIE: I told you earlier, bigger doesnt always equal better.
DARK MAGGIE: Silence! I'll say whats better around here.

DARK MAGGIE tries to attack MAGGIE but MAGGIE sticks her sword in defense and sends the attack full power back at DARK MAGGIE, she is knocked down by the blow.

DARK MAGGIE: What the? How can you do that. I'm the most powerful being here.
MAGGIE: Yeah? But you also neglected to continue training. You see, even after I returned to Springfield, I continued training, thats how I get to be so powerful.

MAGGIE takes her sword and then strikes it through DARK MAGGIE's heart leaving a trail of blood on the tip of the Maggie Blade. A light blue light comes out from DARK MAGGIE and then starts spinning around as Dark Gaia starts to restore itself back to what Gaia once was. The cursed population starts to restore to normal, with the petrification and zombification restoring. MAGGIE watches as the dark purple cloudy sky fades and is replaced with a clear blue one. Behind her, DARK MAGGIE begins to fade out in an sparkle of dust.

MAGGIE, exaused gets the second teleporting device thingy out from her pocket and then presses the button. A beam of light appears around her and she is taken back to Springfield

MAGGIE arrives back in Springfield. HOMER, MARGE, BART, LISA, TERRA, LOCKE, EDGAR and CYAN are all present. MAGGIE falls to the floor in exasution.

MARGE: Maggie! Are you alright?!
MAGGIE: Ugh. Yeah. I'm fine.
LISA: You sure dont look it.
MAGGIE: This? It's only a flesh wound. It's Nothing.
BART: Nothing? You kiddin'?

MAGGIE colapses to the ground. MARGE freaks out

MARGE: HOMER QUICK! We gotta get her to the hospital!

HOMER picks MAGGIE up in his hands and then carries her out of the house with MARGE, and into the car. HOMER drives the three to the hospital.

TERRA: Uh... shouldnt we follow them?
LISA: Nah. Dr. Hibbert will be able to handle it.
BART: Here, I think you guys should return home before who knows what happens.
TERRA: But I'm concerned about Maggie.
BART: Listen, we'll come see you if we need ya okay?
TERRA: <sigh> Okay. Let us know how she's doing.
LISA: Professor?


At the hospital. MAGGIE is in an intensive care ward, she's hooked up to life machines and IV Units. HOMER, MARGE and DR. HIBBERT are standing next to her.

HOMER: So Doctor. Whats the matter with her?
DR. HIBBERT: It's something I havent seen before in my life. We saw some weird activity flowing through her blood.
HOMER: That must be the Mako.
DR. HIBBERT: Whats that?
HOMER: We'll explain it to you later doc.

Just then a bright light shines out from MAGGIE's body. HOMER, MARGE and DR. HIBBERT shield their eyes. When the light fades, they all look at MAGGIE with their jaws dropped.

HOMER, MARGE and DR. HIBBERT continue to stare at MAGGIE with their jaws dropped. MAGGIE has somehow returned to her old one year old self. Though she is wearing a mineature version of her eight year clothes, a pink baggie with short blue sleeves, a light blue pacifier, cyan pearls and the traditional blue bow

HOMER: Doc, what happened?!
DR. HIBBERT: Well. Homer. Marge. I dont know how. But it looks like you got your baby back. A-heeheeheehee.

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