Simpsons Fantasy IV: Live for Tommorow
Written By: Gary M. Gadsdon

Authors Notes: Simpsons Fantasy IV came after I was fidling with some artwork for a new forum signature, I did intend that after When Realities Collide I would close the Simpsons Fantasy saga, but that never works out (look at Die Hard and Indiana Jones), I decided to work some new elements into the fic using elements from Kingdom Hearts II, and give Lisa a sword as well. Simpsons Fantasy IV is the final chapter of the quadrilogy as there is a drastic turn of events in this chapter.
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At the hospital. MAGGIE is in an intensive care ward, she's hooked up to life machines and IV Units. HOMER, MARGE and DR. HIBBERT are standing next to her.

HOMER: So Doctor. What's the matter with her?
DR. HIBBERT: It's something I haven't seen before in my life. We saw some weird activity flowing through her blood.
HOMER: That must be the Mako.
DR. HIBBERT: What's that?
HOMER: We'll explain it to you later doc.

Just then a bright light shines out from MAGGIE's body. HOMER, MARGE and DR. HIBBERT shield their eyes. When the light fades, they all look at MAGGIE with their jaws dropped.

HOMER, MARGE and DR. HIBBERT continue to stare at MAGGIE with their jaws dropped. MAGGIE has somehow returned to her old one year old self. Though she is wearing a miniature version of her eight year clothes, a pink baggie with short blue sleeves, a light blue pacifier, cyan pearls and the traditional blue bow

HOMER: Doc, what happened?!
DR. HIBBERT: Well. Homer. Marge. I don't know how. But it looks like you got your baby back. A-heeheeheehee.
HOMER: Aww... Nertz! And we just finished decorating her bedroom!

Just then, BART, LISA and Professor FRINK enter the room.

FRINK: Sweet, merciful glavin, it's already happened!
MARGE: Professor Frink? What happened?
FRINK: You see, all those travels between Gaia and Springfield in my Rift Portal, as well as that final battle with Dark Maggie in Dark Gaia have caused Maggie to become mentally unstable, and due to the levels of Mako in her blood has taken the visual effect of turning her back into her baby form.
HOMER: So how will this effect Maggie?
FRINK: Well, its hard to tell, but her body is very unstable because of the Mako. Basically, my theory is that when she is mentally stressed, she will revert back to her baby state to clear head, and she'll return back to her older form when she's cleared her head.
BART: In other words she can control her age at will?
FRINK: Kind of. But her age will only be changeable between a seven year gap.
BART: That is so cool.
FRINK: But it comes at a price. If it happens too often, she could potentially die.

The Simpsons gasp

MARGE: Oh my god!

In the bed, MAGGIE lets out a couple of small whines, she then starts to open her eyes.


MAGGIE realises that there is a pacifier in her mouth she spits it out with a "pah-tooey" sound effect.

MAGGIE: Why was there a pacifier in my mouth?
MARGE: M-M-Maggie? You can still talk?
MAGGIE: Of course I can still talk. It's not like anything has changed since ten minutes ago.
BART: I wouldn't say "nothing".

BART pulls up the covers to reveal MAGGIE's pink baggie.

MAGGIE: Huh? I'm a baby...?
BART: Yeah, a lot happened. Basically you got stressed out, the Mako in you turned you back into a baby and now you're gonna die.
MAGGIE: I'm gonna..... die?

MAGGIE starts to get tears in her eyes.

MARGE: Oh honey. You're not going to die.
HOMER: Prof... this thing she has, is it curable?
FRINK: I'm not sure. The only way I would be able to determine that is if I had access to some pure Mako.
BART: Why would you need that stuff?
FRINK: So I could study it and possibly neutralise it.

HOMER and BART both scratch their heads.

LISA: In other words he can study it's properties and find a way to cancel out the Mako that's already in Maggie's body.

HOMER and BART are still scratching their heads.

LISA: It'll cure Maggie.
HOMER: Oh right. I get it now.
MAGGIE: I don't. What's to be cured?
FRINK: You have a condition that when you're stressed mentally, you'll become your baby self. But when you're relaxed you're your normal eight year old self.
MAGGIE: That sounds cool. Could freak a lot of people that way.
FRINK: Yeah, but the last thing that Bart said could happen to you was true.
MAGGIE: You mean, I could actually die?
FRINK: I'm afraid so yes. But that's only after a certain number of times you alter your age.
MAGGIE: How many times would I be able to do it?
FRINK: I cant say for sure, but I'd say around ten.
MAGGIE: I guess we had better get the cure for it ASAP.
MARGE: I'm glad to hear you say that sweetie.
MAGGIE: Hey. I just don't wanna die.
BART: She talks sense.
LISA: Since when do you know what Sense is Bart?
BART: Hey, I care just as much as anybody else.
LISA: Yeah. Right.
HOMER: So what do we do now?
FRINK: Your only choice would be to go to Gaia and get me some Mako.
MAGGIE: Looks like I'm going to have to back to Gaia?
FRINK: In your condition, I'd think that would be a bad idea.
MAGGIE: But I'm the only one who knows anything about Gaia!
LISA: Maggie, in our travels together, I think that I've learned enough about Gaia.
MAGGIE: Oh yeah? Well, then who would have access to Mako?
LISA: I dunno.
MAGGIE: I rest my case. Listen, I'm serious, I should be going to Gaia to get the Mako, after all, I grew up there...... sort of.
MARGE: Okay, sweetie. We will go to Gaia when you're more relaxed, we cant have you fighting with that sword of yours at such a young age. Then again, even eight is too young for me. Dr. Hibbert, do you think that she's ready to come home?
DR. HIBBERT: Huh? Oh yes. I guess Professor Frink provided a better Diagnosis and Prescription than I'll be able to. Now Maggie, you just get some rest and take it easy for a couple of days, then you'll be able to go off on your little adventure! A-heeheeheehee.

MARGE picks up MAGGIE and the family then leaves the room, and head home.

A few days later, HOMER, BART, and LISA are watching ITCHY and SCRATCHY on the TV, MARGE is in the kitchen cooking. MAGGIE comes down the stairs as her eight year old self.

MAGGIE: Hey guys.
LISA: Hey, Maggie. I see that you're not stressed out anymore.
MAGGIE: Yeah, I took a load off my feet as it were. So what you guys doin'?
BART: Just watching Itchy and Scratchy.
MAGGIE: Can I watch?
LISA: Of course. Dad?
HOMER: Huh? Oh right.

HOMER moves over on the couch, MAGGIE sits down and watches TV with them.

MAGGIE: Say, shouldn't we really travel to Gaia and sort out this condition of mine? I mean...

MARGE comes into the living room having heard what MAGGIE just said.

MARGE: Maggie, are you sure that you should be the one to do that?
MAGGIE: Yeah mom, I mean, who else is going to know where to go or what to do?
MARGE: Well, can we eat dinner first, then we can go to Gaia and collect some Mako.
HOMER: Works for me, I'm starving!
MAGGIE: Me too!

HOMER and MAGGIE eagerly get off the couch and run into the kitchen taking seats. BART and LISA just walk there.

Hours Pass

HOMER, MARGE, BART, LISA and MAGGIE are in Professor FRINK's lab.

MAGGIE: Guys, I don't think it would be a good idea for all of us to go in. So why don't Bart, Lisa and I just go, we'll be back before you know it.
MARGE: Alright. Just be careful.
MAGGIE: We will mom.

MAGGIE turns to Professor FRINK

MAGGIE: Professor, send us in near Baron, I have a feeling on who can get us your Mako, but I'm not 100% certain.
FRINK: Alright then! But before you go, put these on.

FRINK hands MAGGIE a pair of white gloves and a remote MAGGIE just stares at them.

MAGGIE: What are these for?
FRINK: Those my dear will keep your stress levels under control and prevent you from turning into your baby form.
MAGGIE: How can a pair of gloves do that?
FRINK: That's the Magic of Science!
FRINK: It's not important. Just put them on.

MAGGIE does so. BART, LISA and MAGGIE step into his Rift Portal and then disappear in a bright light.


BART, LISA and MAGGIE arrive somewhere in the Baron Desert.

BART: So Maggie, why are we here didn't you already know who would have Mako?
MAGGIE: I have a feeling who it might be but I cant be 100% certain. I have a feeling that Locke will know where to get some.
LISA: Of course! Locke was the one who had you injected with it in the first place!
MAGGIE: Exactly!

BART, LISA and MAGGIE enter the town of Baron and go into LOCKE's house where LOCKE and TERRA are.

MAGGIE: Hey guys!
LOCKE: Maggie!
TERRA: You're alright!
MAGGIE: Yeah. I'm fine.
TERRA: That's the second time you've scared us like that!
BART: It's not like it was Maggie's fault. You caused this in the first place.
LOCKE: What?
BART: Yeah. You and that stupid Mako.
LOCKE: I knew there would possibly be side effects to it, but they shouldn't cause something like that.
LISA: Actually, there's more to it than just the standard cuts and bruises. You see, shortly after you left Maggie had developed a condition that takes effect when Maggie's stressed out.
TERRA: What happens?
MAGGIE: I'll turn back into a baby.
BART: And the only way to find a cure is to find some Mako to give Professor Frink for research.
MAGGIE: And that's why we're here.
LOCKE: So you need more Mako to find a cure to something that Mako caused? Sounds messed up if you ask me.
LISA: Actually, there have been all sorts of Anti-Venoms found by studying the venom of Snakes. This is essentially the same process.
LOCKE: Okay. We'll I'd say that Professor Hojo in Midgar might know of some.
MAGGIE: I figured that would the case, I just wasn't 100% sure on it. Okay lets go to Midgar.
BART: Maggie, question. Where exactly is Midgar. We cant exactly travel long distances here.
MAGGIE: It's just North of Nibelheim.
BART: Oh great, that'll take weeks.
LOCKE: Bart, what do mean, you cant travel long distances? Don't you have your Rift Portal thingy that'll send you back to Springfield?
BART: We do, but Maggie's condition gets irritated by it's used too much. She shouldn't be here now, but you know her.
LOCKE: Yeah, yeah. We know. Since you cant take shortcuts to Midgar, I'll go with you.
TERRA: Me too.
MAGGIE: HEY! ....... <Shrugs> Meh, Lets go.
LOCKE: Hold on Maggie. Lisa, Terra and I have something we'd like to give you.
LISA: For me?

LOCKE leaves the room and returns with a sword with a blue blade with a hook on it's tip and a Saxophone keychain on it's handle.

LISA: This is for me?
TERRA: Yeah. We figured a sax doesn't make a great weapon.
LOCKE: And it does look pretty dented.
LISA: Well that's true. So what's this swords name?
LOCKE: We never gave it one. We figured that you'd be best to decide on that one.
LOCKE: Well, yeah. Since you're the one who'd be using it...

LISA takes the sword and holds it in her hand. She looks at the sword, and then at MAGGIE who's just staring off into space.

LISA: I think I'll name it "Sisterhood"
TERRA: Sisterhood? I like it.
LOCKE: Yeah, me too. What do you think Maggie?

MAGGIE turns around

LOCKE: I said, what do you think about Lisa's sword.

MAGGIE finally notices that LISA has a sword in her hand and is holding it at arms length in her right hand to her side rotating it in an anti-clockwise motion (a la Tidus in Final Fantasy X's battle mode)

MAGGIE: Looks cool. I like it.
LISA: Thanks Maggie.
MAGGIE: Hey Lis, how about a training session. You vs. Me.
LISA: I don't know Maggie...
MAGGIE: Oh come on. I'll even go easy on you.
LISA: Well... I still don't know.
MAGGIE: Fine. Get yourself killed against a real monster for all I care.

MAGGIE draws out her Maggie Blade from her harness on her back and takes her battle stance. MAGGIE and LISA start battling each other.


MAGGIE: Hmm... pretty nice work Lisa.

LISA throws her sword in the air, it does a full 360 degrees vertically. LISA then catches it by the handle and then does a swipe of it from left to right in front of her. (Much like Tidus's Victory Move in Final Fantasy X)

LISA: Thanks Maggie. Alright. Lets go to Midgar!

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LOCKE and TERRA travel to Narshe.

BART: Geez. My feet hurt. You would think that doing that the second time would be easier.
TERRA: I'd normally just fly. Lets take a break at my place.
BART: Sounds good to me.
MAGGIE: I could do with a couple of drinks.
LOCKE: Okay, why don't we just stop at the bar before we do anything else?
BART: Meh. Whatever.

In the Bar there is a band playing "Johnny C. Bad" the group sits down while LOCKE heads off to the bar and buys a round of drinks. LOCKE returns to the group with a tray full of drinks.

LOCKE: Hey Lisa, you're pretty good with the sax right?
LISA: Yeah. I'm in the School Band. Why?
LOCKE: It's just that some band members of for the Bar Owner haven't showed up and he's looking for someone to fill in. He said that he'd pay you handsomely.
MAGGIE: Really? You should do it Lis.
BART: Yeah man. Dad's not here, so why not?
LISA: I would, but I wont know the correct chords to play.
LOCKE: No worries, he said that it doesn't matter, just make it up as you go along.
LISA: Alright. I'll do it.

LISA gets up with her sax and talks to the BARTENDER while BART and MAGGIE watch. The BARTENDER takes her over to the band where they start to discuss later a YOUNG WOMAN appears from a door near the stage along with a microphone in her hand. She gives LISA a nod. The band gets set up for the next song. LISA takes a space on the stage. The band starts playing, LISA just watches to get with the song, soon she starts playing as well.


I know that you're hiding things
using gentle words to shelter me
your words were like a dream
but dreams could never fool me...
Not that easily

I acted so distant then
didn't say good-bye before you left
but I was listening
you fight your battles far from me......
Far too easily

'Save your tears cause I'll come back'
I could hear that you whispered
as you walked through that door
but still I swore to hide that pain
when I turn back the pages
Shouting might've been the answer
what if I cried my eyes out and begged you not to depart
but now I'm not afraid to say what's in my heart....

'Cause One Thousand words
Called out Through the Ages
They'll Fly to you
Even Though I can't see
I Know That Reaching you
Suspended on Silver Wings

Oh One Thousand Words
One Thousand Embraces
Will Cradle You
Making all of Your Weary Days Seem Far Away
They'll Hold you Forever...

<Instrumental Break>

Oh One Thousand Words
Have Never been spoken
They'll fly to you
they'll carry you home
back into my arms
Suspended on Silver Wings

And One thousand words
Called out through the ages
They'll cradle you
Making all of your lonely years into only days
They'll hold you forever...

At the end of the song, the SINGER turns to LISA.

SINGER: You know you're pretty good.
LISA: Thanks.
SINGER: What's your name?
LISA: Lisa.
SINGER: Lisa? That's a nice name. My name's Yuna. Here, this is for you.

YUNA hands LISA an envelope, inside, it has some money.

LISA: Thank you.
YUNA: Don't mention it. If you're ever in town, give me a call. Here's my card.

YUNA hands LISA a small card, on it, it reads "YUNA - SONGSTRESS" and a telephone number.

YUNA: See you around, Lisa.
LISA: Yeah. Same.

YUNA waves at LISA, LISA returns the gesture. YUNA goes into the door she came out of. LISA returns to BART, MAGGIE, LOCKE and TERRA.

TERRA: You were great up there Lisa.
LISA: Thanks. She gave me her card and 10,000 Gil.
LOCKE: Nice!
MAGGIE: Great work Lis.
BART: You did good Lis.
LISA: Thanks guys. I think we're about done here. Shall we rest up?
TERRA: Fine by me, we can rest up at my house.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LOCKE and TERRA go to TERRA's house. She gets out four sleeping bags from the cupboard. She places three on the floor and one on the couch. LOCKE gets into the one on the couch, BART, LISA and MAGGIE are on the floor. TERRA goes to sleep in her own bed.

The following day, the group gathers in the living room.

LOCKE: Alright, all ready?
LISA: Me too.
BART: Me three.
TERRA: Lets roll.

The group proceed through the Fire Cavern and past Nibelheim, into Midgar's outer main gate, a guard is there wearing blue.

GUARD: Halt. Who goes there?
GUARD: And who would you be?
MAGGIE: Maggie Simpson. Not that it's really any of your concern.
GUARD: Simpson? Never heard of that name before.
LOCKE: Not surprised. She's the kid I had injected with Mako seven years ago.
GUARD: Hey, Locke! How you doing?
LOCKE: Not bad Zack.
ZACK: So what brings you here?
LOCKE: We're here to see Professor Hojo. Is he around?
ZACK: Yeah, he's in the Shinra Headquarters in Sector 0. Not sure what floor though.
LOCKE: Thanks.
ZACK: Though, can I ask why you want him.
LOCKE: Maggie here needs to more Mako to cure some condition she has.
ZACK: Very well. You'll be able to pass. But Maggie, I want to test your strength.
MAGGIE: Oh really? Fine by me.

MAGGIE pulls out her Maggie Blade and takes her attacking stance. ZACK pulls a large Buster Sword off of his back and takes an attacking stance of his own.

LOCKE: Maggie, don't take Zack lightly.
MAGGIE: Duly Noted.

MAGGIE and ZACK fight.

BOSS: ZACK FAIR (Party: Maggie)

MAGGIE ends up victorious.

ZACK: Geez. You're pretty good. And I mean the "Pretty" part literally.
MAGGIE: Thanks.
ZACK: You can go in now. Take the train to Sector 8, you'll be able to reach the Shinra Headquarters from there.
MAGGIE: Alright thanks.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LOCKE and TERRA enter Midgar. They start out in a slum like area labelled as Sector 5. BART is able to make out a train station, the group follows him and they board the train headed for Sector 8.

Getting off the train, BART noticed a huge building.

BART: Could that be the Shinra Building?
LOCKE: Indeed it is.
LISA: It's huge!
LOCKE: It has to be, there's about 70 floors.
LISA: Looks as big as the Empire State Building.
MAGGIE: Come on people! We don't have much time, lets get going and find Professor Hojo.
LOCKE: Okay, I still remember the way from here. Follow me.

The group follows LOCKE to the entrance of the Shinra Building.

The group enters the building and go over to the receptionist.

RECEPTIONIST: Yes, can I help you.
LOCKE: We're here to see Professor Hojo.
RECEPTIONIST: Do you have an appointment.
LOCKE: Yeah.
RECEPTIONIST: And what is your name sir?
LOCKE: Locke Cole.
RECEPTIONIST: Here you are sir. Would these people be with you?
RECEPTIONIST: Can I have their names please?
TERRA: Terra Branford.
BART: Bart Simpson
LISA: Lisa Simpson
MAGGIE: Maggie Simpson

The RECEPTIONIST prints out various name tags, and hands them to LOCKE. He hands TERRA's, BART's, LISA's and MAGGIE's.

RECEPTIONIST: Take the elevator up the stairs to the 67th Floor, you will find Hojo on that floor.
LOCKE: Thanks.

LOCKE leads the group to the stairs and into the elevator, they get off on the 67th Floor, around the back to HOJO's Lab. HOJO'S AIDE meets them.

HOJO'S AIDE: Ahhh.. Locke.
LOCKE: Is the Professor about?
HOJO'S AIDE: Yeah. I'll go get him.
LOCKE: Thanks.
HOJO'S AIDE: Just take a seat over there.
LOCKE: Thanks.

The group takes a seat against the wall.

After a few minutes, HOJO shows up.

HOJO: Ah. Locke.
LOCKE: Professor.

The group get up, LOCKE shakes HOJO's hand.

HOJO: So what can I do for you?
MAGGIE: We need some pure Mako.
HOJO: And who might you be?
LOCKE: This is Maggie.
HOJO: Ah yes, Now I remember. But what would you need the Mako for.
LOCKE: It's kinda hard to explain.
HOJO: Try me. I'd like to hear it.
LOCKE: Okay. Lisa?
LISA: Right. Maggie is my sister. We're from another world called Earth we live in a town called Springfield. A few months ago, Maggie came to this world via a Rift Portal that belongs to Professor Frink. We came here after her and she came home with us. Then we came back when we found out that Gaia was under attack from a counterpart, Dark Maggie, that caused Maggie to have some mental condition that was caused by the Mako in Maggie's body.
HOJO: Did you say Professor Frink?
LISA: Yes.
HOJO: I know him.
HOJO: I used to live in Springfield too.
HOJO: You may know me as the One Eye Browed Baby

HOJO then grabs part of his neck and pulls of his face revealing it to be a mask. Below, you can see GERALD's face as it is normally, including the one eyebrow.

MAGGIE: You're my nemesis when we were babies!
GERALD: Yeah, but I think we're beyond that now don't you think Maggie?
MAGGIE: Yeah, I guess. So you got the Mako?
LISA: HOLD IT! Something doesn't make sense here! If you're from Springfield, what are you doing here?
GERALD: You see, I was the initial person who tested out the Rift Portal for Professor Frink three Springfield Months ago, but it malfunctioned trapping me here, and no one has been able to come and get me.
LISA: So you've been stuck here for 21 years?!
GERALD: Yup. Anyway, about that Mako. I'd like to see the results of the original injection. Maggie, take this.

GERALD hands MAGGIE a very small box with three reels inside it.

MAGGIE: It's a little black box...?
GERALD: That's the Digital Mind Wave System or DMW. You can use it to replace your ATB. It enables you and your family members to merge into one super being for a short amount of time and perform powerful attacks. It will only work on your family, and those who are currently in your party, as you can see, Bart and Lisa are currently highlighted.
MAGGIE: How would that work.
GERALD: When the reels stop on three of the same portraits, lets say Lisa. Then you and Lisa would become one being. On the outside, you'll both be in Maggie's form, but her clothes will automatically change colour based on who's being merged, Maggie you'll remain in full control of your body after the merger. Lets try it out in our training room, follow me.

GERALD leads BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LOCKE and TERRA into the training room.

GERALD: Maggie, Lisa go through that door. We will remain out here.

LISA and MAGGIE walk through the door.

MAGGIE: What do we do now?
GERALD: Maggie, you walk onto the center platform. Lisa, you stand on the outside of it.

MAGGIE walks onto the platform. GERALD presses several buttons.

GERALD: Now, I'm going to simulate three events from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Your DMW will automatically activate, and don't forget, these will be in Real Time.
MAGGIE: No problem!

GERALD presses several buttons and the scenery changes to the Mako Reactor in Mt. Nibel. MAGGIE is up against SEPHIROTH. He presses another button, and a voice is heard on a loud speaker.

DMW: Activating Combat Mode.

MAGGIE pulls out her Maggie Blade from her harness and takes her attacking stance. MAGGIE fights SEPHIROTH alone. She is able to beat him.

BOSS: SEPHIROTH (Party: Maggie)

DMW: Conflict Resolved.
GERALD: Excellent Work Maggie. Lets try the next scenario.

GERALD presses some more buttons and the scene changes to Modeoheim, where MAGGIE has to fight ANGEAL.

DMW: Activating Combat Mode

MAGGIE takes the fight up again, attacking strongly. After a while MAGGIE defeats ANGEAL.


DMW: Conflict Resolved.
MAGGIE: Too Easy!
GERALD: Oh you think so eh? Lets try the last one.

GERALD presses more buttons and the scene changes to outside of Midgar where there are 100 SHINRA SOLIDERS on the cliffs.

MAGGIE: Oh boy..
GERALD: Don't worry, you'll fight those in waves.
MAGGIE: Oh good. But this might take a while.
GERALD: Don't worry, you have the DMW!
MAGGIE: I hope it'll work.
DMW: Activating Combat Mode.

BOSS: 40 SHINRA SOLIDERS (Party: Maggie)

MAGGIE takes up the fight, initially she starts off well, but after the fourth wave she starts to have trouble.

DMW: Modulating Phase.

The DMW shows up LISA on the Left and Right Reels. The Center Reel also stops on LISA.

DMW: Power Surge!

There is a bright light around both LISA and MAGGIE. The light fades and LISA is now gone. MAGGIE's clothes are now red, along with a white bow and white pearls. MAGGIE also has LISA's Sisterhood Sword in one hand and the Maggie Blade in the other, her Valor form. MAGGIE looks at her clothes and then at the two blades, she quickly realises where she is, and then with great speed, attacks the SHINRA SOLIDERS, they seem to be going down in one hit from either the Maggie Blade or the Sisterhood as MAGGIE swings them around. Eventually, they're all defeated.

BOSS: 60 SHINRA SOLIDERS (Party: Valor Form Maggie)

DMW: Conflict Resolved.

For some reason, MAGGIE remains in the form after the battle.

GERALD: Okay, Maggie, you can come out of the training room now.

MAGGIE comes out of the room.

GERALD: Nice work in there.
MAGGIE (Maggie's Voice): Thanks.
BART: But where's Lisa?
MAGGIE (Lisa's Voice): I'm right here Bart.
BART: Ahhh!
MAGGIE (Lisa's Voice): What's wrong Bart?
BART: Lisa are you possessing Maggie?
GERALD: No she isn't Bart. Weren't you listening earlier, I said that Lisa and Maggie have merged, you can separate now.
MAGGIE (Maggie's Voice): But we don't know how.
GERALD: Eh? Oh right. I never gave your DMW that functionality to do it automatically. Silly me. Let me fix that for you.

MAGGIE hands the DMW over to GERALD. There is a bright flash of light, then MAGGIE's clothes return to normal, and LISA is standing next to her. GERALD adds the split functionality to the DMW.

GERALD: Okay, the functionality should be there now, when the DMW says "Conflict Resolved" if you haven't already returned to normal. Anyway, that was some pretty impressive stuff in there, I must say you're pretty good for someone your age.
LOCKE: Well those training sessions we did sure paid off, right Maggie?
MAGGIE: Yeah... Anyways, how's about that Mako?
GERALD: The Mako, Well, I don't have any to hand at the moment. But I'll probably have access to some if you do me a favour.
MAGGIE: What kind of a favour.
GERALD: It's probably you don't ask why. But I need some Shelbyville White Apples.
MAGGIE: Shelbyville White?
GERALD: More commonly known as Dumbapples if I remember correctly.
MAGGIE: But how can you know about those?
GERALD: I read about them in research books.
MAGGIE: Okay, now this is getting weird. How can stuff from Shelbyville be in your research books?
GERALD: I guess you should be in the know. Gaia isn't actually Gaia at all. It's Earth.
LISA: But how?
GERALD: You see, this time period is actually 3,000 years into the future, so we're in the year 5008 by normal standards.
BART: Then how come time progresses faster.
GERALD: The sun got hotter and hotter and expanded making the planet closer to the sun and it orbits faster, taking less time. The sun has already destroyed Mercury.
MAGGIE: So we're really in the future?
MAGGIE: Then where's Springfield? And how come everyone looks different?
GERALD: Probably DNA Mutations or Evolution. I cant really say, as for Springfield, I'd say it's been long lost by now, and simply become a matter of rumour, along with the name Earth itself and it got renamed Gaia. Anyway, will you take up my request?
MAGGIE: For our Mako?
GERALD: Great. I'll still be here waiting.
MAGGIE: Alright. Bart, Lis, ready?
BART: You bet!

MAGGIE pulls out her remote that Professor FRINK gave her, there is a bright light around the kids. And they are sent back to the year 2008, in Springfield. They arrive in Professor FRINK's lab.


FRINK: Sweet glavin! You're back. Do you have the Mako?
MAGGIE: No, not yet.
FRINK: Then why are you back here then?
MAGGIE: We're on an errand for Professor Hojo.
FRINK: What kind of an errand?
MAGGIE: We just need to go to Shelbyville and get something for him.
FRINK: Well alright. But make it quick.
MAGGIE: Will do.

BART, LISA, and MAGGIE return home. HOMER and MARGE are in the living room.

LISA: Mom, Dad! We're home!
MAGGIE: But not for long.
MARGE: Did you get Professor Frink his Mako?
MAGGIE: No, not yet. We need to run a couple of errands for Gerald.
MARGE: Gerald... Wasn't he that baby with the one eyebrow, that you always used to fight with?
MAGGIE: That's him.

HOMER laughs

HOMER: What a geek!
MARGE: He would be the last person I would expect you to do errands for.
MAGGIE: Well, he's a different person now. And he's also the person who'll give us the Mako.
MARGE: So what do you need to do?
MAGGIE: We need to go to Shelbyville and steal some Dumbapples.
HOMER: A mission in Shelbyville. It looks like you kids are going to need a grown up. After all, Shelbyville still holds a grudge against that Lemon Tree incident.
BART: That's true. But Dad, you're only there to get us in and out of the city.
HOMER: Alright. I'll drive you there.
LISA: Thanks Dad.
BART: Dad, we had better use Flanders's RV remember last time.
HOMER: Being upside down in the shower?
HOMER: Then what?
BART: They hid the Lemon Tree in an impound lot. I'd suspect that's where they would hide their Dumbapple tree.
LISA: Why would they hide it in an Impound Lot, that sounds like the stupidest idea ever.
BART: Lis, this is Shelbyville. They're even more stupid than Ralph.
HOMER: Alright boy. Lets go talk to Flanders.

HOMER and BART leave the house, and go to the FLANDERS's door, HOMER knocks, FLANDERS answers the door.

FLANDERS: Well howdy Homer! What can I diddily do you for?
HOMER: Shut up Flanders! Let me borrow your RV!
FLANDERS: Well gee Homer, I don't know...
HOMER: Flanders, remember eight years ago, you told me that if I needed anything I should come to you.
FLANDERS: Well, yes...
HOMER: So what's the problem.
FLANDERS: You still haven't returned any of my stuff.
HOMER: I'm still using them!
FLANDERS: Very well. So why'd you need the RV anyway?
HOMER: I gotta take my kids to Shelbyville, and we kinda wanna remain undercover about it.
FLANDERS: Alright. But when you come home. Leave it in MY Driveway.
HOMER: Yeah. Yeah.

FLANDERS hands HOMER the keys. LISA and MAGGIE join HOMER and BART in FLANDERS's drive way.

HOMER: Well, kids. Who's ready for a drive to Shelbyville!

HOMER opens the door to the RV, HOMER, BART, LISA and MAGGIE get in. HOMER starts it up and starts to drive to Shelbyville.

MAGGIE: So Bart, what's the plan once we get to Shelbyville.
BART: We'll first check out the impound lot from a cliff and see if the Dumbapple tree is there, and if it is, then we'll park in a hospital zone and hide here. A Tow truck will then tow us inside the impound lot where we'll climb up and slice off some Dumbapples.
MAGGIE: Good plan.
LISA: But Bart, last time, weren't you almost eaten alive by a guard dog?
BART: Then you'll have to run back fast.
MAGGIE: Wrong. I'll handle it.
BART: ...
LISA: ...
HOMER: Kids! We're in Shelbyville.
BART: Right. Lets get this going. Homer, drop us off here. We'll be back in half an hour.
HOMER: Okay boy.

HOMER pulls over. BART, LISA and MAGGIE get out of the RV. HOMER waits inside.

BART: Follow me.

BART leads LISA and MAGGIE to a cliff over looking a Car Impound Lot. In the center is a tree with purple coloured apples.

LISA: That must be the Dumbapple tree.
BART: Then I was right. They did pull the same stunt they did before. Alright, lets go.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE return to HOMER who is in the RV.

BART: Homer. They're in the impound lot. Do the same thing we did last time.
HOMER: Gotcha boy.

HOMER drives to the hospital where he parks in the Ambulance Zone, and then abandons the driving wheel, and shuts the engine down. He starts to play cards with BART, LISA and MAGGIE. After a few hours, a SHELBYVILLIAN in a tow truck shows up, and tows the RV into the impound lot where the Dumbapple tree is in wait.

After sundown, BART, LISA and MAGGIE get out of the RV.

BART: Okay. We don't need the whole tree. Just cut down a few of them apples.

BART and LISA form footholds out of their hands, as MAGGIE climbs up the tree stretches out her Maggie Blade to slice down a set of Dumbapples. After a few swings, the SIMPSONS have collected about 20 apples. BART, LISA and MAGGIE pick them up and return to them to the RV.

HOMER: We still need to open the gate.
MAGGIE: I'll handle it.

MAGGIE opens the gate and an alarm is set off, as a vicious looking dog jumps out from behind a car. MAGGIE screams, and starts running for the RV. HOMER appears in the door with a steak in his hand.

HOMER: I'll handle this!

BART rushes in and stops him.

BART: Dad! No! Remember last time!
HOMER: Huh! Oh Right. <Laugh>

MAGGIE continues running for the RV and then dives inside as the dog jumps into the air and then hits it's head on the door making a dent. HOMER then drives the RV out of the lot. He drops BART, LISA and MAGGIE off at PROFESSOR FRINK's house. HOMER drives the RV into FLANDERS's driveway. In FRINK's lab.

MAGGIE: Professor, we're ready to go back into Gaia, send us somewhere near Midgar.
FRINK: Right-ho! <flavik>


BART, LISA and MAGGIE step into the Rift Portal, followed by beams of light radiating outwards from it. BART, LISA and MAGGIE disappear, and show up outside of Midgar. BART, LISA and MAGGIE walk into the outskirts. They are greeted by CLOUD rather than ZACK.

CLOUD: Well, well, well. If it isn't the Simpson kids!
MAGGIE: Cloud?
LISA: What are you doing here?
CLOUD: I'm guarding Midgar.
BART: This what you do now that Sephiroth is gone?
CLOUD: Pretty much.
MAGGIE: Where's Zack?
CLOUD: He got promoted. He's now an official member of SOLDIER. He's currently away somewhere. So, what can I do you for?
LISA: We're here to bring Professor Hojo these Dumbapples we found in Shelbyville.
CLOUD: Well, let me check this piece of paper here.

CLOUD looks through a long list of people to let through. Eventually, he finds the SIMPSON KIDS's names on it.

CLOUD: Yup, here you are. Okay, I'll open the door for you. You know how to get to the Shinra Headquarters right?
LISA: Yeah, Zack told us.
CLOUD: Good. Saves me from having to tell you myself.

CLOUD opens the door to Midgar. BART, LISA and MAGGIE walk inside. They travel to the Train Station, board a train to Sector 8 and arrive at the Shinra HQ. The approach the RECEPTIONIST again.

RECEPTIONIST: Can I help you?
MAGGIE: Yeah, we're here to see Professor Hojo.
RECEPTIONIST: Can I have your name?
MAGGIE: Maggie Simpson

The RECEPTIONIST checks something on her computer, and then eventually finds the SIMPSON name.

RECEPTIONIST: It looks like he's expecting you. Go right on ahead to the 67th Floor.
MAGGIE: Thanks.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE take the lift to Floor 67. Where they meet HOJO'S aide.

HOJO'S AIDE: Welcome back Maggie. I'll tell the Professor that you're back.
MAGGIE: Thanks.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE take up seats. Shortly there after GERALD comes out.

GERALD: Bart. Lisa. Maggie, welcome back. You got the Dumbapples.
BART: Yup. Right here.

BART hands GERALD a gym bag filled with about 20 apples.

MAGGIE: So you got the Mako for Professor Frink?
GERALD: Yes. Here you go.

GERALD hands MAGGIE a 2L Bottle containing glowing green liquid.

LISA: That stuff isn't Radioactive is it?
GERALD: Nah. Just don't drink it. It's only supposed to be injected.
MAGGIE: Alright. Catch you later, Gerald.

MAGGIE activates FRINK's remote, BART, LISA and MAGGIE disappear in a bright light and return to Springfield.


BART, LISA and MAGGIE appear in FRINK's lab, which looks like it has been ransacked, though only the Rift Portal appears to be missing. PROFESSOR FRINK remains here, along with CHIEF WIGGUM, LOU and EDDIE.

LISA: What happened here Professor?
FRINK: I've been burgled my dear Lisa.
WIGGUM: And that's just the start of the strange goings on.
LISA: What else has happened?
WIGGUM: We for starters your parents disappeared last night.
WIGGUM: We have a lead on who might have done it.
WIGGUM: Sideshow Bob, he escaped yesterday. Now, Professor can you describe the man who stole your what-you-call it.
FRINK: Well, he had pale skin, light sky blue hair, in with spikes coming out on the left and right and a super long bang. He also had some kind of a scar on his forehead, and he had super long fingers <ng-hey>
BART: Two crimes in one day...
LISA: Chief Wiggum, let us help you.
WIGGUM: Heh. That's cute. Thanks for the offer kids, but this could be dangerous.
MAGGIE: Oh yeah.

MAGGIE draws out her Maggie Blade and takes a few slashes to the air before taking her attacking stance, LISA does the same with her Sisterhood, and BART strikes some poses with his slingshot.

WIGGUM: Heh. Well I'm convinced.
LOU: Convinced of what Chief.
WIGGUM: Nothing. It's not important. We'll look for this long fingered guy, you kids can do whatever.


MAGGIE hands FRINK the bottle full of Mako.

MAGGIE: Here you go Professor. One bottle full of Mako.
FRINK: Superlative, I'll start work immediately.
MAGGIE: Alright. Lets go look for Mom and Dad.
LISA: But we don't know where to start looking.
MAGGIE: Bart, you know Sideshow Bob best, where do you think he would hide out?
BART: Well, knowing him, he would probably target the house when we return. I'd say our best bet would be to go home and wait for him....

BART, LISA and MAGGIE leave PROFESSOR FRINK to examine the Mako they gave him and return home, late. They don't find anything out of the ordinary except for HOMER and MARGE being missing. The three go to bed, where during the night, a SHADOWEY FIGURE grabs LISA and MAGGIE ties them up and gags them in the living room, another SHADOWEY FIGURE grabs BART and gags him and takes him outside into the back yard.

BART: Mmmph!

The SHADOWEY FIGURE removes BART's gag around his mouth.

BART: Ow! That voice!

The SHADOWEY FIGURE removes his balaclava, it's SIDESHOW BOB.

BART: Oh it's only you.
BOB: Only me? Aren't you going to scream? Not even an "eep"?
BART: Oh come on Bob, each time we tangle, you end up in prison. I'm 10 to none.
BOB: I'll admit it is a little one sided, but that's why I've gone further to get some help.

The other SHADOWEY FIGURE comes out into the back yard. And pulls a balaclava of his own off. It's the guy that PROFESSOR FRINK was talking about.

BART: Who are you?
SHADOWEY FIGURE: My name is Seymour Guado. Maester of Gaia.
BART: I thought there was something odd about you.

LISA and MAGGIE run out into the back yard.

SEYMOUR: Hey, how did you two get free?
MAGGIE: Doy. Lisa's a Black Mage. She used Fire on the ropes and I then finished the job.
LISA: Now, where's Mom and Dad?!
BART: And Professor Frink's Rift Portal.
SEYMOUR: They are being held prisoner at my home town Guadosalam. Though, I'm afraid that you will be on the Farplane before you get to see them again!
BOB: As for the Rift Portal, that is at our hideout in Springfield.

SEYMOUR and SIDESHOW BOB engage BART, LISA and MAGGIE in battle, the SIMPSONS win.


MAGGIE: Lets get rid of these buffoons.

MAGGIE casts Teleport on SIDESHOW BOB and SEYMOUR. Getting them out of their back yard as CHIEF WIGGUM pounds on the front door. LISA and MAGGIE go into the living room and turn the TV on, while BART answers the front door.

BART: Chief Wiggum? What are you doing here?
WIGGUM: We figured that you'd be best to know that we've been unable to find Sideshow Bob or his long fingered friend, but we've found Frink's invention thingy. It's been returned to Professor Frink.
BART: A rare lapse in competence I'd assume?
WIGGUM: You know it!

BART bursts out laughing. Then slams the door in CHIEF WIGGUM's face.

MAGGIE: Lets go find Mom and Dad!
BART: Maggie, where is Guadosalam anyway?
MAGGIE: I don't know myself, I'd say that Cid might know. Lets go to Baron.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE head back to PROFESSOR FRINK's lab.

MAGGIE: Hey Professor, how's the Mako examination coming?
FRINK: Pretty well, my dear Maggie!
MAGGIE: So you're nearly done?
FRINK: Almost, I did however produce this temporary solution that'll reduce the chances it becoming fatal. But I'm afraid that you will still need to wear those gloves.
MAGGIE: Fine by me.
FRINK: Drink this anyway. They'll basically improve the gloves effectiveness.

FRINK hands MAGGIE a blue glass bottle. MAGGIE drinks it's contents then slams the glass bottle onto a near by table.

MAGGIE: Yeach, that tasted terrible.
LISA: The worse they taste, the better they work.
MAGGIE: Yeah, yeah. You got anything to wash that aftertaste out of my mouth?

FRINK shakes his head.

MAGGIE: Damn. Anyways, Professor, can you send us back to Gaia, Mom and Dad have been taken to a town called Guadosalam.
FRINK: Do you know where that is?
MAGGIE: Nope. Before you guys came, I only travelled between Baron, Dali and Figaro. The rest was mostly told from stories Locke told me. Hence why we need to go to Baron.

FRINK turns on his Rift Portal and BART, LISA and MAGGIE step inside. FRINK activates it and sends them into Gaia near Baron. BART, LISA and MAGGIE arrive and then head into the Castle, searching for CID, they eventually find him, still working on airships.

MAGGIE: Hey Cid, what ship you working on?
CID: This is my newest model, the Shera.
LISA: Looks nice.
CID: Thanks. Anyways, what can I do for you young'ins?
MAGGIE: Well, we need to get to Guadosalam. Do you know where that is?
CID: Yup. That's below the continent.
CID: You mean you didn't know?
BART: Know what?
CID: This is part of a continent is actually floating high above the planet. It's hard to say how exactly, but the only way to travel between this floating continent and the planet is by Wind Drake.
MAGGIE: Uh-oh...
LISA: What's wrong Maggie?
MAGGIE: If we have to get a Wind Drake that'll mean we'll have to go to Drakenvale.
BART: So why's that a problem?
MAGGIE: The only way to get there is to travel through Rabanastre.
BART: And?
MAGGIE: Well, there was an incident there a few years ago with me and Locke. I don't really wanna talk about it, but long story short, Locke and I have been banished from entering the city.
LISA: Surely they've forgotten about it by now.
CID: I wish it were that easy. Rabanastre has a very strong political system once a verdict has been made by a judge there, they're permanent. So Maggie wont be able to enter the city without a pardon.
LISA: And how would we be able to get one of those?
CID: Sadly, I don't. You'll just have to go there and find out.
BART: Alright. We'll go to Rabanastre.
MAGGIE: <sigh> Fine. It's east of Midgar across the Big Bridge.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE set out towards MIDGAR, heading east where they find a long ass Bridge.

BART: This is the Big Bridge you were talking about?
BART: Doesn't look so big to me.
MAGGIE: Big in length not width, Bart.
BART: Riiiiiiight.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE begin to walk along the Bridge where they run into GALUF and KRILE as they begin to storm the bridge.

LISA: Hey, what's going on?
KRILE: We are about to storm the bridge to get access to Ex-Death's Castle.
MAGGIE: Who's commanding the operation?
KRILE: My Grandpa.
MAGGIE: Can we talk to him?
KRILE: Sure. One second. <Shouting> GRANDPA!
GALUF: <shouting back> WHAT?!

In the distance, GALUF shakes his head, then comes towards BART, LISA, MAGGIE and KRILE.

GALUF: Krile, what is it? We're in the middle of a huge skirmish here.
KRILE: Yes, I know, but these three people here want to talk to you.

GALUF turns towards BART, LISA, and MAGGIE.

MAGGIE: We'd like to offer you our services, we need to get across this bridge to get to Rabanastre.
GALUF: Thanks, we could do with some Freelance help. Listen, Ex-Death has my friends captured inside his castle, I need to sneak in there alone and rescue them.
MAGGIE: You got a plan?
GALUF: Now that you're here I do. You guys cross the bridge on foot, and distract Ex-Death's forces, while I go in on Krile's Wind Drake and infiltrate the castle.
MAGGIE: Alright, we'll take care of everything down here.
GALUF: Thanks. You can go down the bridge when you're ready.
MAGGIE: Alright.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE start to run down the bridge. BART takes out enemies from long range with his Slingshot, LISA and MAGGIE take them down with the Sisterhood and Maggie Blade respectfully at close range. As they get to an inside tower, they are met with a guy in a red cape, he has a variety of swords in harnesses, he is GILGAMESH.

GILGAMESH: Those are a nice pair of swords you have there.
MAGGIE: Thanks. Your collection of swords is quite impressive too.
GILGAMESH: Indeed. But it is not complete. Not while, you still wield yours as well as the Legendary Excalibur is not in my possession.
LISA: Excalibur? You mean King Arthur's Weapon?
MAGGIE: And, you're not getting ours that's for sure.
GILGAMESH: This isn't optional. Give me your blades!
MAGGIE: We said no! We'll fight you over them if we have to.
GILGAMESH: Consider it done then.

BOSS: GILGAMESH (Party: Bart, Lisa and Maggie)

GILGAMESH is in bad shape. MAGGIE takes a second attacking stance and prepares to finish him off, but GILGAMESH casts Warp on himself disappearing into thin air.

MAGGIE: Pffft. Idiot. Lets move on.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE progress down the bridge, attacking more monsters and eventually reach the end. Continuing East, they see GALUF fly above them on KRILE's Wind Drake.

LISA: I wonder, I wonder who this Ex-Death Guy is.
MAGGIE: Beats me. I've never heard of him.
LISA: Maybe we should help Galuf.
BART: Lis, we have our own problems. Lets stick to finding Mom and Dad.
MAGGIE: Right...

BART, LISA and MAGGIE leave the Bridges gate, and they find a ruined city near by surrounded in pyreflies.

BART: Hey, what's that over there? Lets check it out.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE check it out, the ruined town looks rather familiar to them for some reason... As the kids explore it becomes apparent as how the ruined town looks familiar.

As BART, LISA and MAGGIE explore the ruined town they find The Simpson Home in ruins.

LISA: This is Springfield!
MAGGIE: It's a pile of rubble!
BART: There's nothing left... so what do you think happened?
LISA: I'll bet it was Mr. Burns...
MAGGIE: Lets look around for a bit. See what we can find.

The kids explore the Ruined Springfield, the pyreflies are reacting to them. A Holographic version of BART and LISA appear to be crawling along near a bush.

HOLO LISA: Remember Bart. I mean Dances in Underwear. We take the white man alive.
HOLO BART: Alright Thinks Too Much. It shall be so.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE look at what they just saw.

MAGGIE: What the hell was that about?
LISA: That was..... us...
BART: What's going on?

Just then a Holographic version of HOMER, BART and BABY MAGGIE appear. HOLO MAGGIE is strangling HOLO BART.

HOLO HOMER: Oh. Fatherhood hurts my brain.
HOLO BART: Uh Homer, a little help here.
HOLO HOMER: You're on your own.

HOLO MAGGIE pins HOLO BART. LISA bursts into laughter.

MAGGIE: Okay, this is getting creepy. It's like our lives are flashing before our lives.
????: Something like that.
MAGGIE: Who's there?!

MAGGIE quickly draws her Maggie Blade and turns around. The guy turns out to be AURON.

AURON: These are Pyreflies reacting to your memories. This town is like one big sphere, it holds onto people's memories. Forever.
MAGGIE: I heard about that, but doesn't it only retain the memories of the dead?
AURON: Yes, but there seems to be something special about you three.
LISA: Maggie, think about it, we're from three thousand years ago, technically, by now, we would be dead.
AURON: Three thousand years you say... are you an unsent too?
BART: What's an Unsent?
AURON: So you are not unsent?
BART: We don't even know what an unsent is?
AURON: So if you're not unsent, how can you be here if you lived three thousand years ago?
BART: Time Travel.
MAGGIE: Who are you anyway?
AURON: My name is Auron.

Just then, AURON starts to collapse as if he's in pain, he then draw's his blade and as if he's possessed. Starts to attack the SIMPSON kids.

BOSS: AURON (Party: Bart, Lisa and Maggie)

AURON begins to fade away as an unsent. The Pyreflies that make him up disperse and then disappear into the distance.

MAGGIE: What was that all about?

A Strange figure wearing yellow clothes appears out of nothing.

MAGGIE: Who are you.

MAGGIE takes her attacking stance.

????: My name is........ Shuyin. I wanted to rest forever, the pyreflies make me relive that moment again, and again, and again!

SHUYIN then jumps down and then puts his arms around LISA, suddenly a bright light surrounds her.


LISA collapses to the ground with her Sisterhood in hand.

BART: Something's not right! Maggie, stay back!

SHUYIN suddenly appears in front of BART, then grabs his hand as if to shake it, a bright light surrounds BART. BART collapses to the ground with his Slingshot in hand.


LISA tries to strike MAGGIE, but MAGGIE dodges it.

MAGGIE: Bart! Lisa! Get a hold of yourselves!

SHUYIN tries to put his arms around MAGGIE, but MAGGIE catches on and then dives out of the way.

MAGGIE: Yeah, nice try. But that wont work on me.

MAGGIE points her Maggie Blade at SHUYIN.

MAGGIE: Stay back.
SHUYIN: This is my story...
MAGGIE: I don't care about your stupid story. Just undo what you did to Bart and Lisa, RIGHT NOW!

SHUYIN simply just laughs his head off then disappears.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE all have their weapons pointed at each other. BART falls to the ground, while MAGGIE backs away. LISA remains as is.

LISA: <screams>

LISA then takes an attacking stance and attacks MAGGIE

BOSS: LISA SIMPSON (Party: Maggie)

LISA falls to the ground.

MAGGIE: LISA! Snap out of it!

Just then BART takes his Slingshot and attacks MAGGIE

BOSS: BART SIMPSON (Party: Maggie)

BART: Ugh. He isn't your ordinary bad guy.
LISA: Seems that way.
MAGGIE: So are you okay now or what?
LISA: Yes, though it seems that has happened before. Shuyin's memories must have been seriously strong, to react on their own like that.
BART: Lis. Maggie, I have something important to tell you. I've been keeping it inside for so long I think it's about time I said something. What just happened here wasn't the first time.
MAGGIE: What are you talking about Bart?
BART: It wasn't long after you returned to Springfield. Milhouse and I found this cave just outside of Springfield. It was filed with Pyreflies just like this, me, Milhouse, Richard and Lewis, all decided to explore it when we were inside, it seemed like Richard and Lewis were possessed by something, they fought each other while Milhouse and I ran away...
LISA: That's horrible Bart!
MAGGIE: You think it could happen again while we're here?!
BART: I don't know.
MAGGIE: Whatever the case. Just forget about it Bart, what happened wasn't your fault, lets get out of here as soon as possible I say.
BART: Thanks Maggie. Lets get out of here! This place is giving me the creeps.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE leave the Ruined Springfield, heading East where they find the City of Rabanastre, outside, LAGUNA is waiting with his machine gun, he instantly recognises MAGGIE.

MAGGIE: <to Bart and Lisa> See, told you he would recognise me.

Just then several other guys come out from behind the gate including BASCH, STEINER, KIROS and WARD, each making an attacking pose towards the SIMPSON Kids. Just then there's a series of Gun Shots heard from behind BART, LISA and MAGGIE. The three turn around. YUNA is there in her Gunner Dressphere. YUNA runs up towards BART, LISA and MAGGIE, then jumps into the air doing a 360 back flip. Shooting towards LAGUNA, BASCH, STEINER, KIROS and WARD, YUNA lands in front of BART, LISA and MAGGIE then points her guns at the GUARDS.

LISA: Yuna!
YUNA: You three get out of here!
LISA: But...
YUNA: Now!
MAGGIE: Come on Lis, lets go. I've have a new plan.


MAGGIE presses the button on her remote control, they are then automatically taken back to Springfield.


BART, LISA and MAGGIE are beamed into Springfield.

LISA: Maggie, why are we back in Springfield.
MAGGIE: No time, I'll explain on the way, lets rush home! Sorry Professor just get the Rift Portal to send us back in near Rabanastre.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE quickly run outside.

BART: So what's this plan of yours then?
MAGGIE: We have to figure out a way so that guy wont recognise me. So I'll have to go back into my baby self.
LISA: You sure you really want to risk that?
MAGGIE: What choice is there?!
LISA: We could sneak you in somehow.
MAGGIE: Lis, I appreciate that you're concerned about my safety, but there is no other way.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE enter the house,

MAGGIE: ...I'll be right back.

MAGGIE runs upstairs into her own bedroom, closing the door behind her, in the closet she finds a box filled with blue baggies and pacifiers. She takes off the white gloves, and then collapses to the ground as a white light surrounds her body, when the light fades, MAGGIE is her one year old self with a pink baggie and blue pacifier, her pearls and hair remain intact, MAGGIE takes the pacifier out of her mouth, and takes off the pink baggie, then puts on a blue one and picks up a red pacifier. (MAGGIE has her traditional design except that the pearls are now added as well as the fancier hair spikes). MAGGIE exits the room, then slowly climbs down the stairs and falls flat on her face, she then gets up and crawls into the living room. LISA turns to her.

LISA: Maggie! You....

MAGGIE takes her pacifier out of her mouth.

MAGGIE: That pink baggie wouldn't have helped any. I had to change. Lets go.

MAGGIE places her pacifier back in her mouth. LISA picks MAGGIE up and BART gets off his ass. BART, LISA and MAGGIE to Professor FRINK's lab.

FRINK: Sweet Merciful Glayvin! Maggie, what have you done?!
MAGGIE: This is the only way for me to get into Rabanastre. Don't worry about me. Send us to Rabanastre.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE go into FRINK's Rift Portal, he sends them to Gaia.


BART, LISA and MAGGIE arrive just outside Rabanastre.

BART: I hope this works.
MAGGIE: You and me both Bart.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE walk up to Rabanastre. YUNA is still there fighting LAGUNA, KIROS, WARD, BASCH and STEINER.

MAGGIE: We have to help Yuna.
LISA: Then that would make your little plan naught.

MAGGIE hits LISA in the head with her pacifier. BART laughs.

MAGGIE: By help, I meant use your brains to get us into Rabanastre. I'll play along with whatever excuse you make up.
LISA: Alright.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE walk up to the group.

YUNA: Lisa?
LISA: <to Yuna> We have a plan, just play along.

YUNA stands down. LISA walks up to LAGUNA.

LISA: Excuse me, sir?
LAGUNA: What is it?
LISA: Could you let us into town? My little sister is tired, and we're kinda lost.

MAGGIE gives off a fake baby yawn.

LAGUNA: Where are your parents?
LISA: We're orphans.
LAGUNA: I once knew someone like you. I wasn't her father, but I would go to the ends of the earth to find her.
KIROS: He did. Remember Laguna?
LAGUNA: Okay, you can pass, there's an Inn inside the town.
LISA: Thanks.
BART: Yeah, thanks man.

LAGUNA opens the door, and lets BART, LISA, MAGGIE and YUNA into Rabanastre.

LAGUNA: But keep in mind that it's a very dangerous town for three kids. <Turns to YUNA> Will you protect them while they're in town?
YUNA: Yes.

In town, BART, LISA, MAGGIE and YUNA find the inn. LISA and MAGGIE walk up to the innkeeper.

INNKEEPER: Can I help you?
LISA: Could we rent a room?
INNKEEPER: Sure, it'll be 500 Gil.

LISA hands over the cash.

INNKEEPER: It's just down the hall there.
LISA: Thanks.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and YUNA go into the room.

YUNA: So Lisa, what are you doing here anyway?
LISA: We're here to rescue our parents.
YUNA: Parents? I thought you said you were orphans.
BART: That was just an excuse to get us into town.

YUNA turns to MAGGIE.

YUNA: And this is your little sister? She looks so cute.
MAGGIE: Oh, I'm more than cute.

YUNA steps back.

YUNA: She can talk?
MAGGIE: Of course I can talk. I am eight years old you know.
YUNA: Say again?
LISA: I think maybe we should explain. You see Yuna, we come from the town called Springfield, you know, that town filled with Pyreflies just near the Big Bridge. Well, we did 3000 years ago, one day, Professor Frink was babysitting Maggie, who was sent 3000 years into the future, where time seemingly progressed faster due to the sun being much larger and the year being shorter, her age progressed much faster than it would've.
MAGGIE: But I have a condition that would turn me into my true age when I'm stressed out, due to the large amounts of use between the two eras.... Excuse me...

MAGGIE leaves the room and crawls into the bathroom.

LISA: So Yuna, what are you doing here anyway?
YUNA: I was heading to Guadosalam, I heard that a man and a woman were being held captive there by my former husband.
LISA: Those must be our parents, we're headed to Guadosalam ourselves to save them!
BART: So... Sideshow Bob has teamed up with your former husband?
YUNA: Who's Sideshow Bob?
BART: My mortal Enemy.
LISA: Bart and I have sent Bob to prison on numerous occasions.
YUNA: Sounds like he has quite a grudge.
LISA: He does, but he's not very good.
YUNA: Anyway, I will help you get to Guadosalam and rescue your parents.
LISA: Thanks Yuna.

MAGGIE returns to the room, still as a baby.

LISA: Hey Maggie, I thought you were gonna change back?
MAGGIE: I never said that, remember, I'm still classed as Infidel in Rabanastre, so it's best not do to that here. We need a discreet spot outside of town. Somewhere near Drakenvale. Lets get some rest first though.

MAGGIE climbs into a bed, as BART, LISA and YUNA get into one of the other three.

During the night, LISA wakes up after hearing a sound from outside. BART and MAGGIE are both sound asleep. YUNA isn't present in the room. LISA leaves the Inn to find that YUNA is outside sitting by herself, with a sphere in her hand.

LISA: Yuna?
YUNA: Huh?

YUNA turns around.

YUNA: Oh, Lisa. What are you doing out here?
LISA: I heard something out here.
YUNA: Sorry about that, I was watching this sphere of... him.
LISA: Who? Your former husband?
YUNA: No. One of my own guardians. It feels weird that I myself used to have guardians on my pilgrimage to Zanarkand, but now... here I am acting as a guardian for you three.
LISA: Can I watch?
YUNA: Sure.

YUNA turns on the sphere, showing various moments from Final Fantasy X.

On the S. S. Liki. TIDUS is talking to YUNA.

HOLO YUNA: You're a blitzball player, aren't you? From Zanarkand, right?
HOLO TIDUS: You hear that from Wakka? Wakka doesn't believe me at all.
HOLO YUNA: But I believe you! I've heard, in Zanarkand...there is a great stadium, all lit up even at night!
HOLO YUNA: Great blitzball tournaments are held there, and the stands are always full!

The sphere cuts to Luca

HOLO YUNA: I hope we don't get separated.

HOLO TIDUS does a call whistle with his fingers.

HOLO YUNA: What was that?


HOLO TIDUS: In Zanarkand, we do this to cheer on blitzball players.

HOLO TIDUS blows a whistle again.

HOLO TIDUS: You try it, too! Put your fingers in your mouth like this.
HOLO YUNA: Like...this?
HOLO TIDUS: Uh-uh, not like that. Like this. Then, you just blow.

HOLO YUNA tries it, but no whistle was made and she couldn't do it.

HOLO YUNA: It's not working.
HOLO TIDUS: Practice!
HOLO TIDUS: Hey, use that if we get separated. Then, I'll come running, okay? Well, guess we should just stick together, then, till you can do it.
HOLO YUNA: Yes, sir!


HOLO AURON: Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain! Or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories, your fate is in your hands!
HOLO KIMARHI: Yuna needs Kimarhi, Kimarhi protect Yuna!
HOLO RIKKU: Well I'm fighting!
HOLO WAKKA: I cant believe we're about to fight Lady Yunalesca! Give me a break!
HOLO LULU: You can always run.
HOLO WAKKA: Ha, no way. I'd never forgive myself. Not if I ran away now! Not even in death, ya!
HOLO LULU: My thoughts exactly.
HOLO TIDUS: Yuna! This is our story! Now let's see this thing through together.

HOLO YUNA nods. The group engages HOLO YUNALESCA in battle. After the fight.

BOSS: YUNALESCA (Party: Tidus, Yuna, Wakka, Lulu, Auron, Kimarhi, Rikku)

HOLO YUNALESCA: If I die, so does the Final Aeon. And with it, Spira's only hope.
HOLO TIDUS: Then we'll find Spira a new hope!

The scene cuts to the airship, all of YUNA's guardians are there with the exception of AURON who has been sent.

HOLO TIDUS: Yuna, I have to go.

HOLO YUNA shakes her head.

HOLO TIDUS: I'm sorry I couldn't show you Zanarkand. Goodbye!

HOLO YUNA tries to run after him.


HOLO YUNA then runs straight through HOLO TIDUS and falls to the ground. HOLO YUNA then gets up as HOLO TIDUS starts to fade away. HOLO TIDUS is crying.

HOLO YUNA: I love you.

HOLO TIDUS turns around. HOLO TIDUS puts his arms around HOLO YUNA, though she cant feel anything. HOLO TIDUS then walks straight through HOLO YUNA. He runs towards the edge of the deck, then takes a leap of faith off the end.

The scene then cuts back to Rabanastre.

LISA: He seemed like a nice guy.
YUNA: He was.
LISA: But why did he just jump off the airship like that?
YUNA: It was the circumstances on his existence, he wasn't how should we say normal.
LISA: I think I understand...
YUNA: It's almost daybreak. You should probably get some rest. We'll leave in the morning.
LISA: Okay. Night Yuna.
YUNA: Goodnight, Lisa.

LISA goes back inside while YUNA remains to herself.

The following morning. BART, LISA, MAGGIE and YUNA group in the bedroom.

LISA: Bart, all set?
BART: Yeah Lis.
LISA: Maggie?
MAGGIE: I'm ready.
YUNA: Lets go get a Wind Drake.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and YUNA head toward Drakenvale. They start to ascend the mountain where they come to a cave.

MAGGIE: Erm. Can we take a break in that cave up ahead?
LISA: Sure thing Maggie.
MAGGIE: Bart, guard the entrance.
BART: Huh? Why?

MAGGIE gives BART a look.

BART: Oh right. I'll uh... be outside.

After a few moments, a huge rock creature comes up towards BART.

BART: Uh guys, little help here!

Inside the Cave.

LISA: Yuna, you go help Bart, I'll stay here with Maggie.
YUNA: Okay.

YUNA leaves the cave, to help BART in the battle.

BOSS: GOLEM (Party: Bart and Yuna)

BART: Phew. Thanks Yuna.

Shortly after, LISA and MAGGIE walk out. MAGGIE is now her standard eight year self again, in her pink clothes.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and YUNA reach the top of the mountain where there is a huge ass monster thing with tentacles, it looks very much like a Sinspawn.

BOSS: SINSPAWN (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Yuna)

YUNA: Is this what has been scaring away the Wind Drakes?
MAGGIE: It must have been as here comes one now.

A Wind Drake comes down and lands at the top of the mountain, as it lands, it roars.

BART: Does that mean it's gonna let us on or what?

The Wind Drake speaks it's wings and roars again.

LISA: It should seem so.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and YUNA get on the Wind Drake. YUNA controls the Wind Drake to take them off of the Floating Continent, the Wind Drake lands near the town of Ur.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and YUNA walk into town.

MAGGIE: Where are we?
YUNA: I'm not sure either, lets ask around town.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and YUNA ask around town, they talk to some RANDOM GUY.

LISA: Excuse me, could you possibly tell us which town this is.
MAN: Why you're in the Village of Ur!
LISA: I see. You wouldn't happen to know how we could get to Guadosalam from here?
MAN: Me? No. You should speak to the town Mayor. He's in that house over there.
LISA: Thank you.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and YUNA go into the mayors house, which turns out to be LUNETH.

LISA: Excuse me, are you the mayor?
LUNETH: I am indeed, my name is Luneth.
BART: Listen, we didn't come here for Life Stories. Can you tell us how to get to Guadosalam.
LUNETH'S AIDE: How dare you speak that way to the mayor.
LUNETH: Calm down.

LUNETH'S AIDE stands down.

LUNETH: Tell me, why do you seek Guadosalam?
LISA: Our parents were kidnapped and taken there.
LUNETH: Admirable. Alright. The path to Guadosalam is a long one. First you need to head north through the Altar Cave, you'll come out near Corneria, from there, head west to the Marsh Cave, and you'll come out near the Moonflow, from there, it's a simple matter of following the Moonflow.
MAGGIE: Thanks. Lets go.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and YUNA leave the town of Ur.

BART: Why do we have to go through those caves anyway, why don't we just take the Wind Drake?

BART climbs onto the Wind Drake's back, and tries to tell it to go over the mountains but it wont.


The Wind Drake roars.


The Wind Drake lands, and then throws BART off and flies away.

LISA: Oh great, now look what you did Bart! Now how are we going to get back to the Floating Continent?!
BART: Lis, we don't need to go there now do we? All we do is go to Guadosalam, fight some bad guys, save mom and dad and then go home.
LISA: But what about Yuna?
YUNA: Lisa, I appreciate the thought, but I can get my cousin Rikku to help me out.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and YUNA head north and through the Altar Cave. They come to a clearing in it. At the exit, there was a GUY in a black robe, about the same height as BART. He had long red hair.

????: Well, well, it's about time you showed up.
MAGGIE: What? Who are you?

The Guy turns around.

????: It is me. Axel.
AXEL: Geez. You don't remember.
MAGGIE: Remember what. Out with it already!
AXEL: I'm your boyfriend.
MAGGIE: I have no boyfriend.
AXEL: I see all that Mako is getting to you.

MAGGIE walks over to BART and LISA.

LISA: Maggie, did you really have a relationship with that guy?
MAGGIE: No. Though, maybe he's just trying to Psyche me out.
BART: Maybe you should play along, see if he'll let us through.
MAGGIE: Ewww... Me, go out with that "thing"! No way.

BART stares at MAGGIE.

MAGGIE: <sigh> Fine, alright I'll try it.

MAGGIE turns back to AXEL.

MAGGIE: Hmmm.... wait. Axel...? I remember now.
AXEL: That's very nice, BUT YOU'RE TOO LATE!

AXEL's Chakrams appear in his hands, as Fire flies out from his arms and sets the cave on fire. YUNA suddenly shields LISA from the action, while BART protects MAGGIE. The fires form a circle around the cave separating LISA and YUNA from BART and MAGGIE. BART lets go of MAGGIE. BART disappears in a bright light, with MAGGIE in a fit of rage. MAGGIE's dress is now orange, with darker orange sleeves, darker blue shoes, pearls and bow. She gets out her Maggie Blade and then spins it around 900 degrees in front of her and extends it at a 30 degree angle in her right hand from her body, and somehow a second sword, which has a large blade and a slingshot as a handle appears in her left hand.

DMW: Activating Combat Mode

BOSS: AXEL (Party: Master Form Maggie)


MAGGIE does a roll along the ground and then slashes into AXEL with the Maggie Blade.

MAGGIE (Bart's Voice): Ha! Too Slow!
AXEL: Ugh... Impossible!
DMW: Conflict Resolved.

There is a bright light around MAGGIE as her clothes return to normal and BART appears next to her, the fires that AXEL was creating disappear too reuniting LISA and YUNA to the group.

LISA: Ewww... You're fading away!
AXEL: Well... That is what happens when you put you're entire being into an attack.

At that moment, BART, LISA and MAGGIE just back away and let him fade away into nothingness. When he's gone, BART, LISA, MAGGIE and YUNA simply leave the cave. They head into Corneria.

In the town, LOCKE and TERRA are there for some reason.

MAGGIE: Locke? Terra? What are you doing here?
LOCKE: Maggie?! We could ask you the same thing.
MAGGIE: We're here on our way to Guadosalam. Answer my question.
TERRA: We're here because we got a call from the King of Corneria that Princess Shiroma has been kidnapped.
LOCKE: We were of to see the King now.
MAGGIE: Mind if we tag along.
LOCKE: Don't you want to go save your Mom and Dad.
MAGGIE: Well, yeah, we could do with your help in Guadosalam.
LOCKE: Alright. Come on then.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LOCKE, TERRA and YUNA go to Castle Corneria, and into the throne room where KING CORNERIA is.

LOCKE: Your Highness.
KING CORNERIA: You would be the warriors I sent for?
LOCKE: Yes. My name is Locke.
KING CORNERIA: And who are these other people? State your names.
TERRA: Terra.
YUNA: Yuna.
BART: Bart.
LISA: Lisa.
MAGGIE: and Maggie.
KING CORNERIA: Well, your mission is to rescue my daughter Princess Shiroma from Garland who has kidnapped her and taken her to the Chaos Shrine.
LOCKE: Alright, we're on it.

The group leaves the castle, and heads north into the Chaos Shrine. Inside they burst in on GARLAND.

BART: Hold it right there, man!
GARLAND: Who the devil are you?
BART: We're part of The Simpsons. We're here to beat you real nice.
GARLAND: Er... uh... huh?
LISA: You'll have to excuse my brother, he's just an idiot.
GARLAND: Very well. But what are you doing here anyway?
TERRA: We're here to rescue Princess Shiroma.
LOCKE: Yes, Let her go.
GARLAND: You don't want to know why I kidnapped her?
MAGGIE: Not really.

The PARTY draws their weapons.

BOSS: GARLAND (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Locke, Terra, Yuna)

GARLAND: Ugh. Beaten by a bunch of kids. What could be more humiliating.

Just then some random guy pops behind a wall and takes a photo.

PAPAPRAZZI: What a scoop!
GARLAND: Damn you Paparazzo!

GARLAND then dies, fading away.

LOCKE: It's okay Princess, you're safe now. We can take you back to the castle.
PRINCESS SHIROMA: Thank you kind warrior.

The group return to Castle Corneria. Where they are in the King's Chamber.

KING CORNERIA: Thank you for saving my daughter! We shall have a banquet in your honour!
MAGGIE: As much as we would like stick around, we have to get to Guadosalam to save our parents!

The group quickly leaves the Castle and heads to the Marsh Cave, they manage to get through the cave and end up at the Moonflow.

LISA: Woooooah!
YUNA: This, is the Moonflow. These are Moon Lilies They say that clouds of Pyreflies gather here when night falls.
TERRA: The entire river glows, like a sea of Stars.
LISA: Really? Hey, I got an idea!
BART: Lis, we cant wait until night fall.
LISA: What about if we came back here with Mom and Dad?

BART spots a FAMILIAR FIGURE in the distance.

BART: Hey Lis, look over there, is that...?
LISA: Huh?
BART: Look over there.


LISA: Is that who I think it is?

BART and LISA start to run over to the FAMILIAR FIGURE.

MAGGIE: Bart! Lisa! Wait up!

MAGGIE starts to run after them. YUNA tries to run after them but LOCKE signals her not to.

LOCKE: This is a family matter.

With BART and LISA.


Indeed, it was HERB.

HERB: Bart! Lisa! I'm so glad to see you!


HERB: Bart, how's that NRA Subscription working out.
BART: They sent me a B.B. Gun!
HERB: I'll bet you've been causing a lot of mischief with that!
BART: Sure have, Unky Herb!
HERB: Hehehehehehe. Lisa, how's your collection of Great Books of Western Civilisation?
LISA: Almost complete, just a few volumes left to go!
HERB: Great!

MAGGIE catches up to BART, LISA and HERB.

HERB: Who's this. A friend of yours?
LISA: Not quite Unky Herb.

HERB turns to MAGGIE.

HERB: What's your name, young lady.
MAGGIE: Maggie Simpson, sir.

HERB looks shocked.

HERB: M-Maggie? You've grown.

MAGGIE looks a little nervous.

MAGGIE: Excuse me...

MAGGIE signals LISA to come with her. MAGGIE walks away.

LISA: Excuse us Unky Herb.
HERB: Sure thing Lisa.

BART and HERB start talking to each other. With LISA and MAGGIE.

MAGGIE: Lis, who is that guy.
LISA: That's Unky Herb.
MAGGIE: How come I never heard about him...
LISA: You have. It's just that you were a baby when we first met him.
MAGGIE: No wonder then. So what's he like?
LISA: Well, he used to be a very rich man, then Dad designed a really terrible car for him, and it ruined him. A year later he came to our house and with your help he designed a baby translator. He owes a lot to you, you know.
MAGGIE: Really...?

MAGGIE has a grin on her face.

LISA and MAGGIE return to BART and HERB.

MAGGIE: We're back.
HERB: Great! Bart was just telling me what happened, it sounds like quite a story. I'm glad I get to see you kids again.
LISA: We're happy to see you again Unky Herb. But what are you doing here anyway?
HERB: Well, I was at home, when I got a call from some guy called Professor Frink, he said that you kids were in danger, and I rushed to Springfield, and he said that you went through some Rift Portal. I heard that you where headed here so I waited for you to show up. Why are you three kids here anyways?
MAGGIE: Mom and Dad were captured by Sideshow Bob. We came here to save them.
HERB: How?

MAGGIE draws out her Maggie Blade does some fancy moves with it and strikes a pose. LISA does the same with the Sisterhood and then takes Tidus's attack stance. BART flexes the elastic on his slingshot.

HERB: Heheheheh. That's cute. I'll help you kids save your pop.
LISA: Thank you Unky Herb.

MAGGIE signals for LOCKE, TERRA and YUNA to come over.

MAGGIE: Unky Herb, this is Locke, Terra and Yuna.
TERRA: Hello.
LOCKE: Nice to meet you.
HERB: Heya.
BART: Lets go man!

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, HERB, LOCKE, TERRA and YUNA then leave for Guadosalam. They arrive in the city.

YUNA: We are finally at Guadosalam.
BART: So anyone have a plan?
MAGGIE: I think we'd better split up. Locke, Terra, Yuna, you guys go find Seymour and keep him busy. Lisa and I will keep Sideshow Bob distracted while Bart and Unky Herb will find mom and dad and then we'll all meet up out here.
LISA: Sounds good to me, lets go!


MAGGIE: Bart, before you go. Take this.

MAGGIE hands him her Maggie Blade.

BART: Maggie, I cant take that, that sword means a lot to you.
MAGGIE: Yes, Yes, I know. But you need to bust Mom and Dad out somehow. Remember what Terra did in Dark Maggie's dungeon?
BART: Feed the blade through the lock?
MAGGIE: Right. Do that and then make a run for it out here.
BART: But how will you fight?
MAGGIE: I'll merge into Lisa.
BART: Huh?
MAGGIE: No more questions, just go.

BART and HERB leave to search for HOMER and MARGE.

LISA: Maggie what did you mean that you'd merge into me?
MAGGIE: If you and Bart can merge into me with the DMW, then surly it can work the other way around?
LISA: I dunno, but it'll be worth a shot.

MAGGIE hands LISA the DMW device. LISA and MAGGIE walk around Guadosalam when SIDESHOW BOB comes down from the Farplane.

BOB: Hello, Lisa.
LISA: Sideshow Bob.

LISA draws her Sisterhood on BOB, MAGGIE clenches her fists.

BOB: What's this? Where's Bart?
MAGGIE: Bart's not here, so you'll have to deal with us.
BOB: Very Well. You two will do nicely until your brother arrives.

MAGGIE leans over to LISA and whispers something.

MAGGIE: Remember Lisa, you're on your own for now. I cant back you up.
LISA: Right.

BOB then draws out his own blade.

DMW: Activating Combat Mode.

BOSS: SIDESHOW BOB (Party: Valor Form Lisa)

BOB: Mwhahahahahahahahahahahaha.
LISA: I cant take him...
DMW: Modulating Phase.
LISA: Huh?

The first and third reels on the DMW are showing MAGGIE. The middle reel shows MAGGIE as well.

DMW: Power Surge.

LISA screams as there is a bright light around her and MAGGIE. MAGGIE disappears into thin air as LISA's clothes change, her dress is now blue and her pearls are now pink, MAGGIE's bow is on LISA's right arm as a bracelet. LISA is now much faster than normal, she attacks SIDESHOW BOB with great force.

LISA (Maggie's Voice): You're doing great Lisa!

Eventually SIDESHOW BOB falls to the ground, defeated.

DMW: Conflict Resolved.

Again, there is a bright light around LISA, her clothes return to normal and MAGGIE appears next to her. LISA hands MAGGIE her DMW device.

MAGGIE: Great work Lisa. Now, lets get out of here.
LISA: I'm with you little sister.

LISA and MAGGIE run down the slope from the Farplane and into Guadosalam where they see HOMER, MARGE, BART and HERB running out of the Manor. LOCKE and TERRA join them in running up the slope from the Thunder Plains.

LISA: Bart, what's going on?
BART: Lisa, Maggie, no time to talk, just run!

LISA and MAGGIE join HOMER, MARGE, BART, HERB, LOCKE and TERRA in running away from Guadosalam as they are being chased by GUADO GUARDS, BART quickly hands MAGGIE back her Maggie Blade. MAGGIE suddenly stops running. As soon as she does, everyone else stops running too.

MAGGIE: Go now!
LISA: But Maggie, we're not leaving without you!
MAGGIE: Listen to me, if they catch us, they'll kill all of you! I'll hold them off as long as I can.
MARGE: Young lady, you're coming with us!

MAGGIE points her Maggie Blade at her family.

MAGGIE: No, I'm staying here. I'll hold these guys off as much as possible for you to get back to Springfield.


HOMER: She's made her mind Marge. We gotta go.
BART: ...Maggie, it's kind of hard for me to say this. But I thought you were the cool sis.
MAGGIE: Don't get sappy on me Bart. Go Already! I'll be fine.

HOMER, MARGE, BART, LISA, HERB, LOCKE and TERRA start running away. MAGGIE draws her Maggie Blade in the opposite direction where a large number of GUADO SOLIDERS are after her. MAGGIE charges at them.

DMW: Activating Combat Mode.

MAGGIE takes up the battle taking out many GUADO SOLIDERS, but they seem just as powerful, they constantly shoot at her, and just keep coming, for some reason the DMW shows all four family members.

DMW: Modulating Phase.

The DMW continues spinning on all three reels. MAGGIE has a flashback of her birth.

MARGE: Homie. I think someone is saying hello.
HOMER: Hello... Aww.... it's a boy. AND WHAT A BOY!
DR. HIBBERT: Uh... That's the Umbilical Cord. It's a girl.
HOMER: A girl! Oh Marge, we have a wonderful baby girl.

The Flashback ends, the reels all stop on HOMER, he then turns white, and the reels then start to spin again as MAGGIE continues fighting.

DMW: Modulating Phase.

The DMW again continues spinning on all three reels. MAGGIE has another flashback, MAGGIE is playing Monopoly with BART.

BART: Hah! You're losing.

MAGGIE takes her pacifier out of her mouth and coughs up a hotel.

MARGE: Bart! Don't feed your sister hotels!
BART: Take it easy mom, there's tons of these things.
MARGE: I think that game is too old for her.

The flashback ends, and the reels all stop on BART this time, like HOMER he turns white, and reels resume spinning, MAGGIE resumes fighting.

DMW: Modulating Phase.

The DMW again, spinning all three reels. Another Flashback, this time, MARGE and MAGGIE are putting away the shopping.

MARGE: Putting away Groceries, it's like unwrapping presents from yourself. Fruit Rollups for Bart. Beer Rollups for Homer. Burly? I got the wrong Brand Maggie.

MAGGIE Shrugs as the Flashback ends. The Reels stop on MARGE and she goes white. MAGGIE puts up a brave fight, but she is excausted, and covered in cuts and bruises. On Dark Cloudy sky, three GUADO SOLDIERS approach her. She takes up her Maggie Blade, but moves slowly, and weakly.

DMW: Activating Combat Mode.

The DMW is spinning again, but HOMER, MARGE and BART are coloured white, LISA is in full colour. MAGGIE takes several hits from the GUADO SOLIDERS.

DMW: Modulating Phase.

The DMW is still spinning, a final flashback is shown.

LISA: I don't care what they say Maggie. To me, you're brilliant.

MAGGIE plays a small sax riff on LISA's sax, after spitting out her pacifier. LISA shocked, takes the sax away from MAGGIE.

LISA: Not for babies.

The Reels stop on LISA and she then fades to white. The DMW then stops functioning. A GUADO SOLIDER shoots at MAGGIE. She collapses to the ground. All three GUADO SOLIDERS, then come close range of MAGGIE and then shoot at her once each. They then leave her there for dead. Out of nowhere, LISA charges in with her Sisterhood, and takes down all three GUADO SOLDIERS in one blow each. LISA quickly turns to MAGGIE who is unconscious.

LISA: Maggie?! Maggie, wake up! Oh god! MOM!

LISA picks MAGGIE up and places MAGGIE on her back, and picks up her Maggie Blade, and runs towards HOMER, MARGE, BART, HERB, LOCKE and TERRA.

MARGE: Lisa, what's wrong with Maggie?!
LISA: I don't know. But she looks seriously hurt. We gotta get her to a hospital.
HOMER: We'll have to get to Springfield quickly.
BART: I'll take care of this.

BART rummages in MAGGIE's pocket and find's FRINK's spare remote. He presses the button and the SIMPSONS are sent back to Springfield.


The SIMPSONS return to Springfield in FRINK's lab.

FRINK: Sweet glavin'

As soon as they can, the SIMPSONS instantly start running for the door.

LISA: Sorry Professor no time to talk, Maggie's seriously hurt, we gotta get to the hospital.

HOMER, MARGE, BART, LISA, MAGGIE (who is still on LISA's back), HERB, LOCKE and TERRA quickly run into the Family Sedan. HOMER speeds to the hospital, nearly running over several people, and hitting various mailboxes, then screeches to a halt in the car park, the FAMILY, LOCKE and TERRA quickly run into the hospital.

HOMER: Dr. Hibbert, it's an emergency. Maggie's passed out again.

DR. HIBBERT takes MAGGIE off of LISA's back.

DR. HIBBERT: Oh dear lord! What happened!
LISA: It seems like Maggie got shot while trying to save our lives.
MARGE: Is there anything you can do doctor.

MARGE is panicking.

DR. HIBBERT: We'll have to operate on her right away. Nurse, prep this girl for surgery right now!

The NURSE leaves and then swiftly returns with a gurney. DR. HIBBERT places MAGGIE on it, then leaves with the NURSE into the Operating Room, HOMER, MARGE, BART, LISA, HERB, LOCKE and TERRA wait around outside the operating room.

Two Hours Pass.

DR. HIBBERT returns from the Operating Room. The FAMILY instantly gets up.

HOMER: How'd it go Dr. Hibbert.
MARGE: Is she alright?!
DR. HIBBERT: Homer... Marge... It's hard for me to say this... but there was nothing we could do...
DR. HIBBERT: I'm sorry.

The entire family plus LOCKE and TERRA have tears in their eyes.

DR. HIBBERT: You're allowed in to say your goodbyes...

The screen fades to black.

LOCKE: WAIT! Don't start that just yet. I have an idea.

The screen then returns to normal. MARGE looks at LOCKE, slightly hopeful.

LOCKE: This may sound stupid, but have any of you heard of the Phoenix?
LISA: I read about that. The Phoenix is a bird of fire that dies and is then reborn from the ashes.
LOCKE: Right. I believe that The Phoenix is an Esper in Gaia that we can make use of to Revive Maggie.
DR. HIBBERT: Propostorus.
LOCKE: Maybe so, but it's true. Terra herself is an Esper, so I think it is worth a shot.

MARGE looks at LOCKE still with tears in her eyes.

LOCKE: Now there's no guarantee that this will work.
MARGE: Do it.
LOCKE: Alright, we'll do our best Marge. Homer, will you take us to Professor Frink?
HOMER: Alright.
BART: I'll come too.

HOMER, BART, LOCKE and TERRA leave for Professor FRINK's house. Inside.

LOCKE: Professor, can you drop us back into Gaia near Baron.
FRINK: Alright then.

HOMER, BART, LOCKE and TERRA step into the Rift Portal, then disappear in a bright light.


HOMER, BART, LOCKE and TERRA are outside Baron Castle.

HOMER: So where is this Firebird thingy?
LOCKE: It would be in the Phoenix Cave, it's to the North of Deling in a Mountain Rage Shaped like a star, but it's impossible to get to without an airship.
BART: I can see where this is going, lets go see Cid.
HOMER: And we have to be quick about it.

HOMER, BART, LOCKE, and TERRA enter the Airship Hangar in Baron.

LOCKE: CID! We need to borrow the Shera.
CID: What for?!
LOCKE: Maggie in a terrible state, we need to fly to the Phoenix Cave.
CID: You mean she's...?
LOCKE: Exactly.
CID: Alright take it. I'll fly you there.
LOCKE: Thanks.

HOMER, BART, LOCKE, TERRA and CID board the Shera. CID flies them over to the Phoenix Cave.

LOCKE: We have to jump from here
HOMER: You're nuts!
LOCKE: You'd rather stay here?
HOMER: No, but don't you have any parachutes?
BART: Yeah man, that kind of drop is insane!
LOCKE: <Sigh> Alright, there's some parachutes over there.

HOMER and BART put on parachutes and then jump off. LOCKE and TERRA jump without them. The four land perfectly fine on the ground, The group then goes into a cave and starts to search the place. They eventually reach the center where the Phoenix is waiting.

BOSS: PHOENIX (Homer, Bart, Locke, Terra)

The Phoenix roars then turns itself into Magicite. LOCKE picks it up. The place starts to crumble.

LOCKE: Quick, we gotta get out of here!
TERRA: I'll get us out quickly. WARP!

TERRA casts WARP on the group, they re-appear on the deck of the Shera.

BART: Lets go save Maggie!

BART presses the button again on FRINK's remote and the group are then sent back to Springfield.


HOMER, BART, LOCKE, and TERRA arrive again in Springfield. Again, they are running for the door.

FRINK: That was quick! ng-hey.
BART: No time to talk Professor! Just come with us, we're gonna need you.

They quickly jump into HOMER's Sedan, Homer drives them to the hospital, just as reckless as the first time running into more mailboxes. HOMER screeches to a halt outside the hospital, they rush into the room where MARGE, LISA, MAGGIE (who is still unconscious), HERB and DR. HIBBERT are waiting.

LOCKE: We're back!
LISA: Did you speak with the Phoenix?
LOCKE: Speak? No, it's a bird Lisa. We got it's Magicite.
MARGE: How does it work?
LOCKE: Like this.

LOCKE grabs the unconscious MAGGIE's hand and then hands her the Phoenix Magicite. The room then glows red, as does the Magicite itself, the Magicite dissolves into MAGGIE's hand.

MARGE: Is it working?
LOCKE: Just watch.

After a few seconds, MAGGIE's hand twitches, pretty soon her arm moves and her eyes open. DR. HIBBERT stands there in disbelief.


The Room returns to normal. MARGE hugs LOCKE.

MAGGIE leans back against the headrest.

MAGGIE: Ugh. What happened..?
MARGE: You passed out.
MAGGIE: What?... again?
LOCKE: This can't keep on. We have to do something. This will seriously put Maggie's life in danger. Professor Frink, you have that antidote to clear away all the effects the Mako has right?
FRINK: Yes, I have! It's right here.

FRINK shows the group a bottle of yellow liquid.

FRINK: This should neutralise the effects of the Mako.

He hands it to MAGGIE.

FRINK: Maggie, drink this.

MAGGIE drinks it.

MAGGIE: Yuck! That tasted worse than the last one!
FRINK: It'll take a couple of days to fully work, so Maggie, just try to relax and get some rest. That means no school.
MAGGIE: What about the Rift Portal? What are you going to do with that?
FRINK: The Rift Portal? I guess I'll destroy it.
MAGGIE: But that means I wont be able to visit Locke or Terra anymore!
LOCKE: Maggie, I think it's probably for the best. This cant keep on.
TERRA: I agree, it has seriously endangered your life twice. I'd hate to see what would happen on a third.
MAGGIE: <Sigh> I guess you're right.
LOCKE: Professor Frink, will you allow us to return home.
FRINK: Certainly.
HOMER: Marge, kids, Herb. I'll drive take these guys Home.
MARGE: Okay Homie.
LOCKE: Thanks Homer.
MAGGIE: Goodbye you guys.
LOCKE: Goodbye Maggie, take care of yourself this time!

HOMER, LOCKE, TERRA and FRINK leave for Frink's Lab. LOCKE and TERRA enter the Rift Portal, and FRINK sends them Home. FRINK then gets out two sledgehammers and hands one to HOMER. The two start pounding on the machine as the screen fades to black.

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