Simpsons Fantasy VI: The Darkness Strikes Back
Written By: Gary M. Gadsdon

Authors Notes: I lied again in saying that IV would be the last sequel. Shortly after writing V, which is a prequel I realised that I left something unexplained in IV, so I decided to write a VI that would explain it. It wasnt exactly hard to write in a new method of travelling to Gaia since I had seen the Back to the Future movies. There isnt really anything different in the writing in VI that wasnt present from the first set.
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MAGGIE and DARK MAGGIE are still fighting. Both look pretty exhausted, DARK MAGGIE more so than MAGGIE does.

DARK MAGGIE: Whew. I'm impressed, you're pretty good. I didn't think that puny sword could last out this long.
MAGGIE: I told you earlier, bigger doesn't always equal better.
DARK MAGGIE: Silence! I'll say what's better around here.

DARK MAGGIE tries to attack MAGGIE but MAGGIE sticks her sword in defence and sends the attack full power back at DARK MAGGIE, she is knocked down by the blow.

DARK MAGGIE: What the? How can you do that. I'm the most powerful being here.
MAGGIE: Yeah? But you also neglected to continue training. You see, even after I returned to Springfield, I continued training, that's how I get to be so powerful.

MAGGIE takes her sword and then strikes it through DARK MAGGIE's heart leaving a trail of blood on the tip of the Maggie Blade. A light blue light comes out from DARK MAGGIE and then starts spinning around as Dark Gaia starts to restore itself back to what Gaia once was. The cursed population starts to restore to normal, with the petrification and zombification restoring. MAGGIE watches as the dark purple cloudy sky fades and is replaced with a clear blue one. Behind her, DARK MAGGIE begins to fade out in an sparkle of dust.

MAGGIE, exhausted gets the second teleporting device thingy out from her pocket and then presses the button. A beam of light appears around her and she is taken back to Springfield. Just then a second DARK MAGGIE appears out of black smoke.

DARK MAGGIE: Don't think you have won yet. Maggie Simpson.

Flash forward two years.


PROFESSOR FRINK is hammering with a contraption, constantly switching tools and screw driving things.

FRINK: There! My time machine is complete.

The screen pulls out to reveal a golden bike with various bleeping lights and boxes.

FRINK: Lets test this baby out.

FRINK gets onto the bike thing. On a keypad, he enters July 17, 5009. FRINK then starts to pedal the bike real fast and then disappears.


FRINK arrives in GAIA though it is in bad shape just outside Baron.

FRINK: Whew... I should've thought this out better.

FRINK looks around him.

This doesn't look good.

Just then a huge burst of fire comes out and almost hits FRINK. A Person with a sword comes out through the flames, it's actually LOCKE, his hair is slightly more greyed though. FRINK cowers.

FRINK: Don't hurt me!

LOCKE stops.

LOCKE: ...Professor Frink?!
FRINK: What? Who said that?!
LOCKE: Me. Locke. You know. The guy who adopted Maggie...
FRINK: Right. Right. But how come you're here on Earth?
LOCKE: I live here.
FRINK: But I thought you're from Gaia.
LOCKE: Maggie never told you?
FRINK: Told me what?
LOCKE: Gaia is really Earth 3000 years in the future for you.
FRINK: So my Rift Portal, was really a time machine! SWEET MERCIFUL GLAYVIN!
LOCKE: So what are you doing here?!
FRINK: I was going to see how humanity has come in 3000 years, but I'm afraid I already know now....

Just then another fireball lands near them.

FRINK: What was that.
LOCKE: Firaga. Stand back.

LOCKE casts Blizzaga into the sky.

LOCKE: Crap, it missed.
FRINK: Who are you fighting?
LOCKE: Some teenager who's trying to take over the world.
FRINK: Is that why the earth is so scorched?
LOCKE: Yeah. Look up there. There she is.

FRINK looks up into the sky, and sees a teenage girl, with spiked hair, and a red dress and a huge ass sword in her right hand. She then flies away.

LOCKE: You know. Looking at her, I could've sworn that she looked like Maggie.
FRINK: THAT'S IT! That was Dark Maggie!
LOCKE: What?! Didn't Maggie defeat her in Dark Gaia?
FRINK: Yes. But remember how Dark Maggie was created. The Mako in her body.
LOCKE: I remember. I would say we would need Maggie's help. But she would still be eight...
FRINK: Wrong. She's ten, leading a normal life in Elementary School.
LOCKE: How is that possible? Time in Springfield doesnt travel as fast...
FRINK: I didn't travel a full 3000 years, just 2999. It's the year 2010 where I'm at.
LOCKE: Okay. We need a plan.
FRINK: I got it. I'll need to do some changes to my time machine. You stay here, and fight Dark Maggie as best you can. I'll rebuild the time machine into something more usable. I'll be back 17th August 5009.
LOCKE: Gotcha.

Flash forward six more years.


BART, eighteen years old and LISA, sixteen years old are outside BART's locker. BART throws something inside.

BART: Awww... man. Another F. At this rate, I wont be able to graduate.
LISA: How many credits you got left to collect?
BART: Six. With only one more course left, I have to get a good grade in it.
LISA: What is it?
BART: Computer Science. It's nothing like I imagined it. I thought it would be all about playing video games, not this presentation and internet stuff.
LISA: Any idea what the final exam is about?
BART: Something to do with XHTML.
LISA: That's webpages. Why not ask Maggie?
BART: Good idea Lis.
LISA: Here she comes. I'll catch you later, I'm meeting up with Colin at the Maxx.

LISA leaves as MAGGIE approaches.

BART: Hey, Maggie. I need your help.
MAGGIE: Yeah? What with?
BART: It's for Computer Science. I need to create a webpage about myself.
MAGGIE: A Blog huh. Sure. I'll help you out. But not tonight. I'm going out with Mark tonight.
BART: Rrrrright.... Tomorrow then?
MAGGIE: Okay Bart.

MAGGIE checks her watch.

MAGGIE: Crap! I'm gonna be late! Catch you later Bart!

MAGGIE runs off down the hall.

BART pulls out a book from his locker then closes it. He walks down the hall and enters a classroom.

The following night, MAGGIE is sitting in her room on the computer browsing websites. She appears to have a headset on talking to someone through it, after a while, BART walks into the room.

BART: Hey Maggie, got a minute?

MAGGIE turns to BART.


She then addresses the mic.

MAGGIE: I'll catch you later.

MAGGIE Shuts down the connection, and then faces BART.

MAGGIE: So what's up Bart?
BART: Lets get this webpage stuff done.
MAGGIE: Well, this is a first, why so concerned with your homework?
BART: I don't want to be the only guy to not graduate this year. It'd make Ralph look like a genius!
MAGGIE: Alright. Lets get started.

MAGGIE turns to the computer screen.

MAGGIE: What exactly do you need to do.
BART: I got the assignment right here.

BART pulls out a sheet of paper with some text on it and hands it to MAGGIE.

MAGGIE: Hmm... "Design and Build a website about yourself using XHTML and CSS" sounds simple enough. Should be no more than a couple of documents.
BART: What is CSS anyway?
MAGGIE: CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. It simply allows you alter font colours and sizes a little bit easier.
BART: We was told that's what the font tag was for.
MAGGIE: That's one way of doing it, but it's deprecated now.
BART: Huh?
MAGGIE: It's not the best idea to use it.
MAGGIE: Well then. Lets get started. You got any ideas for a design?
BART: I was thinking on a classic two column navigation.
MAGGIE: Nice and Simple. That's a good idea. You got photos of yourself?
BART: Yeah. Right here.

BART shows her a Memory stick.

MAGGIE: Good, stick it in there.

MAGGIE points to a USB port. BART places the memory stick in there, a light on it starts to blink. The computer makes a sound and it gets read.


MAGGIE launches her graphics editor then the two start to create a design together. After about an hour, they finally finish it.

MAGGIE: That any good?
BART: Yeah. I like that. So what's next?
MAGGIE: We need to slice it.
BART: What's that do?
MAGGIE: We cant use the design in it's current state. We need to cut it up into smaller pieces for use.
BART: How do we do that?
MAGGIE: No worries, it's pretty simple.

MAGGIE starts to slice the images with her graphics editor.

MAGGIE: There. Now we need to code it. This can take a while...

Just then LISA bursts in the door.

LISA: Bart! Maggie! I'm glad you're here.
BART: Lis! What is it?
LISA: Dark Maggie is back.

MAGGIE jumps up from her seat.

MAGGIE: What?! Dark Maggie are you sure?!
LISA: I saw her at the Maxx. She's taken Colin somewhere. I only just about managed to get away.
MAGGIE: How could she be back? I defeated her in Castle Pandemonium eight years ago.
LISA: Lets go ask Professor Frink. He'd know.
MAGGIE: Right.

MAGGIE quickly turns to her computer saves everything and then shuts it down.

MAGGIE: No way am I letting Dad get on this thing! Lets go.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE run out the door where MARK is approaching.

MARK: Hey, what's going on!
MAGGIE: No time to explain, just follow us.

MARK follows the SIMPSONS into FRINK's basement.

MAGGIE: Professor Frink!
FRINK: Well, well. If it isnt the young teenage Simpsons!
MAGGIE: We just heard that Dark Maggie is back. Is that true.
MARK: Dark Maggie?
FRINK: Yes, it's true.
MARK: Woah. Woah. Woah. Slow down here. Who's this "Dark Maggie"
MAGGIE: She's my evil twin.
MARK: Evil Twin? Oh come on, that's all kiddie stories. You're joking right? Bart, this is a joke right?
BART: She's not joking, man.
MARK: Lisa?
LISA: It's all true.
MARK: So what's the story then?
MAGGIE: Eight years ago, Bart, Lisa and I used to travel a lot, to a different world using a Rift Portal called Gaia, it's where I grew up actually, but only until I was eight. Dark Maggie is an evil version of me that was created when Gaia split in half into a Light side and Dark Side upon my return to Springfield.

MARK just looks confused.

MAGGIE: It's very hard to explain.
BART: Frink, so what's the deal, how come Dark Maggie is back?
FRINK: As it turns out, not long after Dark Maggie was defeated, Maggie returned to Springfield, the Mako that was still flowing through her body at the time caused a new more powerful Dark Maggie to emerge.
MAGGIE: Well. Crap.
FRINK: I got in contact with Locke and we agreed that we needed your help, and at the same time, I needed to create a new Time Machine after destroying the Rift Portal.
LISA: You know that Gaia is really the year 5008?
FRINK: 5009 actually, but yes. It took me six years to wire my car into a time machine.
BART: Your car is now a time machine?
MAGGIE: Will I be able to travel? Remember, all the other times, I ended up in hospital.
FRINK: Don't worry, we neutralised the Mako in you eight years ago. You should be fine. Get in.
MAGGIE: WAIT! Our weapons!

BART, LISA and MAGGIE are already running out the door.

MARK: You have weapons?

MARK follows them.

In the Simpson House, BART, LISA, MAGGIE and MARK split up (MARK follows MAGGIE). BART finds a crossbow in his closet, what he used it for, can only be imagined. LISA feels around on top of the book case and gets down the Sisterhood which is covered in dust. In MAGGIE's room, she is rummaging through her closet.

MAGGIE: Where the hell is it?
MARK: Where's what?

She finds what she is looking for.

MAGGIE: Ah-ha!

She emerges with the Maggie Blade in hand. MARK steps back.

MARK: WOAH! What the hell is that thing!
MAGGIE: My sword, The Maggie Blade. Fought many monsters with this thing. Served me well. Well, lets go kick some Dark Maggie butt.
MARK: Wait. What am I going to fight with?
MAGGIE: You're coming with us?
MARK: I wont stand by and let you get hurt.
MAGGIE: That's sweet. Listen, we'll talk to Locke. And get you some Mage Mashers.
MARK: Mage Mashers?
MAGGIE: No time to explain anything else. Lets go. Bart and Lisa would be ready by now.

MAGGIE and MARK meet up with BART and LISA in the hall.

BART: You ready?
MAGGIE: Yeah. Lets go.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and MARK go to FRINK's house.

MAGGIE: We're ready.
FRINK: Then get in the car.

They do so.

BART: So how does this thing work?
FRINK: First we enter our destination in this keypad. August 17th 5009. Then you accelerate to 88 miles per hour. Brace yourselves for Temporal Displacement.

FRINK pulls out of his garage and then drives down the highway at high speeds, the car then soon disappears in bright flashes and loud bangs.

The car suddenly arrives in Gaia at a high speed. FRINK applies the brakes as the car is about drive into Baron.

BART: Woah. That was some ride. Why make it activate at 88 miles per hour?
FRINK: I figure it, if you're going to build a time machine into a car, you should do it with some style.
LISA: That is the stupidest thing I ever heard.
MARK: Where are we?
MAGGIE: We're outside the town of Baron. It's the town I grew up in. Frink, let me guess. We're here to see Locke.
FRINK: Exactly. Also to hide my car in his garage. You go on ahead, I'll catch up.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and MARK get out of the car.

MAGGIE: Careful Mark, there are monsters in this area.
MARK: So how am I gonna defend myself?
MAGGIE: You have fists don't you? Use them. At least until we get to Locke's house.

The crew walks into Baron which again is on fire.

MAGGIE: Damn it! Again. Lisa?
LISA: Right.

LISA starts to cast Blizzard spells on the fires.

MARK: What is she doing?
MAGGIE: Black Magic. This place is very much different from Springfield. Lets get to Locke's house. It should still be at the back of the town.

BART, MAGGIE and MARK walk up to LOCKE's house. MAGGIE rings the doorbell. LOCKE answers.

LOCKE: Can I help you. Wait...

LOCKE takes an attacking stance.

LOCKE: So you came back for more eh?!

MARK steps in front of MAGGIE who is also taking an attacking stance.

LOCKE: Who is this? Your body guard. He wont protect you for long.

BOSS: LOCKE COLE (Party: Maggie, Mark)

MAGGIE: Locke. It's me. Maggie.
LOCKE: What?
MARK: Quite.
BART: That's right man. I'm Bart.

LOCKE puts his sword away.

LOCKE: I'm sorry Maggie. I didn't recognise you. You've grown into a beautiful young woman.
MAGGIE: Thanks. Where's Terra?
LOCKE: Lets go inside. Where's Lisa?
MAGGIE: She's in town dealing with the fires.
LOCKE: The towns been on fire for a few weeks now.
LOCKE: We couldn't put it out, so I put a containment field on it, it's controlled so don't worry about it too much.
MARK: This is so weird.
MAGGIE: Bart, why don't you go tell Lisa about the fires.
BART: Right.

MAGGIE, MARK and LOCKE go into his house.

MAGGIE: What's going on? I heard that Dark Maggie was back?
LOCKE: That's right. I'm not exactly sure on how it happened, Professor Frink said it may have something to do with the Mako that was running through your body at the time.
MARK: Mako?
LOCKE: Who're you?
MARK: I'm Mark. Maggie's Boyfriend.
LOCKE: I'm Locke Cole. Former adoptive father to Maggie.
MARK: Father?! What the hell!
MAGGIE: It's far too complicated, which is why I never said anything about it.
MARK: Try me.
MAGGIE: <sigh> Fine. When I was a baby, I was transported here by Professor Frink's rift portal where Locke adopted me, gave me my sword, and trained me as a warrior, he also injected me with Mako, a substance that gave me Magical abilities, but at the cost of casting various health problems with I was going back and forth between Springfield and Gaia.
MARK: Gaia?
MAGGIE: At first we thought that Frink's Rift Portal was a gateway to another world, Gaia, rather than the Distant Future.
MARK: Okay, I think I understand now. Mr. Locke, we had to fight some monsters on our way here. You got any weapons for me to use?
LOCKE: Sure, there's some Daggers over there.

MARK goes over to examine the weapons.

LOCKE: Why didn't you tell him about the time speeds?
MAGGIE: If I told him that I'm only nine years old biologically, he'll freak! So try to keep it secret.

MARK finds the weapon and comes back to the group.

MARK: Maggie, would these daggers be the Mage Mashers you talked about?
MAGGIE: Yeah. Those are the ones.

MAGGIE takes one from MARK.

MAGGIE: It's been a long time since I used them.
MARK: You used them?
MAGGIE: Yeah. They were from before I got the Maggie Blade. Right Locke?
LOCKE: Yup. Speaking of the Maggie Blade, you still got it?
MAGGIE: Yeah. Right here.

MAGGIE summons the Maggie Blade into her hand.

MARK: H-How did you do that?
MAGGIE: Summoning.

Just then BART and LISA walk into the house.

BART: We're back.
LOCKE: Great. Now that we're all here, I can tell you what's been going on since the last time.
LOCKE: Well, for starters Gaia has kind of been taken over by Dark Maggie. Most places are on fire, or bowing down to her. There's a few resistance groups fighting against her. The Returners reformed for that purpose.
LISA: The Returners? That name sounds familiar.
MAGGIE: Yeah. It's the resistance group Led by King Edgar of Figaro.
LOCKE: Yeah.
MAGGIE: Speaking of Edgar, where is he?
LOCKE: Well, aside from myself and Terra, they all got captured, we've been trying to formulate a plan to bust in and save them. There was also some kid with a strange accent, with yellow skin and red hair.
LISA: That must be Colin!
LISA: My boyfriend. We have to save him.

Just then FRINK burst in.

FRINK: I've found out where Dark Maggie is at!
MAGGIE: Where?!
FRINK: Some place called Hollow Bastion.
MAGGIE: Hollow Bastion? I've never heard of it. Where is it?
FRINK: Hollow Bastion happens to be another world.
BART: Hold up. This isn't going to be another step into the future is it. You already messed that up when coming to Gaia.
FRINK: No, it's not.
MAGGIE: Then how are we going to get there. A New Rift Portal.
FRINK: No, not this time. We have to take a ship.
MARK: What kind of ship?
BART: A space ship?
FRINK: Precisely.

FRINK presses more buttons as he leads the crew outside as a spaceship lands.

FRINK: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Ragnarok!
BART: Cool ship man!
LOCKE: Indeed. It does look rather spectacular.
FRINK: First, we need to get everything into order, while I load the time car onto the ship, why don't you guys go inside.
LOCKE: Okay.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, MARK and LOCKE go back inside.

LOCKE: Maggie, I want you to have this.

LOCKE draws out a sword, looking similar to the Maggie Blade, but with the number two engraved into it's blade, with what could be described as a bottle opener cut from it, and spikes coming off from the guard.

MAGGIE: What is it?
LOCKE: It's the Maggie Blade 2.
MAGGIE: Maggie Blade 2?
LOCKE: Yeah. After you returned to Springfield permanently with Homer destroying the Rift Portal, Terra thought that I would be lonely without you, so she had the Maggie Blade 2 made for me to use in my training. You know, to remember all the fun times we had together.
MAGGIE: Aww...
LOCKE: Go ahead, try it out.

MAGGIE makes some swings with the Maggie Blade 2.

MAGGIE: It's lighter than the Maggie Blade. I can hold it with one hand eaiser.
LOCKE: Yeah, it's made from a different material. It's also lighter than what the Sisterhood was made of.
MAGGIE: Oh yeah? What's it made from.
LOCKE: Adamant materials.
MAGGIE: Isn't that supposed to be heavier?
LOCKE: Heavier than Mythril yes, but not materials like Iron and such.
MAGGIE: Okay. How about it guys, how about a sparing session?
BART: Sure.
LISA: Okay.
MARK: Spar?
MAGGIE: Yeah. You and me, against Bart and Lisa.
MARK: I dunno...
MAGGIE: You wanna practise with those Mage Mashers don't you?
MARK: Well, yeah. But against your brother and sister? I don't know.
BART: Relax man, we used to do this all the time when we were kids. Locke, you can use Curaga right?
LOCKE: Sure.
MAGGIE: Then there's no problem. Locke can just heal us.
MARK: Okay... I guess...


After a victory, MAGGIE does her traditional victory pose of two diagonal slashes in front of her then turning around while placing the Maggie Blade 2 onto her shoulder a la SQUALL LEONHART. While MARK does a backwards somersault in the air then raises one of the Mage Mashers in the air above his head a la ZIDANE TRIBAL.

MAGGIE: The sword handles great.
LISA: Ugh...
BART: Little Help.

LOCKE casts Curaga on BART and LISA.

MARK: Woah... Wait... What's Curaga?
MAGGIE: White Magic. It helps keep your HP in top shape. Curaga is the third level of Cure. I used to be able to use White Magic, but when the Mako was removed, I lost my ability to use it.
LOCKE: Oh, Maggie speaking of your White Magic, here take this.

LOCKE hands MAGGIE a white orb

MAGGIE: Is that an orb of White Magic?
LOCKE: Yeah.

MAGGIE has learned Cure.

MAGGIE: I feel the spells coming back to me. I remember how to use Cure! Thanks Locke.
LOCKE: No problem. When you had the Mako within in you, it limited the number of spells you could learn. But now, you're able to learn beyond just Cura.
MAGGIE: You mean, I finally get to use Curaja?
LOCKE: Indeed. And what's more, like Lisa with her Black Magic, you can use it indefinitely. Just don't be messing with natural life cycles with the Life and Full-Life spells.
MARK: If Lisa can use Black Magic, and Maggie can use White Magic, Bart what kind of Magic can you use?
BART: I cant use magic.
MARK: How come
BART: I don't need to, I have a different set of Magical abilities.
MARK: Oh yeah? What kind?
BART: Yeah. Lancer abilities.
MARK: Oh. Can I get any magic?
LOCKE: Sure. Here take this.

LOCKE hands MARK a blue orb. As MARK holds it, it sinks into his hand. MARK has learned Aqualung

MARK: What was that?!
LOCKE: That was a Blue Magic orb. You are now able to learn Blue Magic spells.
MARK: Blue Magic?
MAGGIE: What's Blue Magic?
LOCKE: Blue Magic is a collection of magic used by Enemies. Used properly, it can be very powerful.
MARK: How do I learn skills?
LOCKE: Well, unlike Black and White Magic, you learn skills by being attacked with the skill. Not every skill is learnable mind you. But do always have it available, and in some cases, you will need to confuse your enemies to learn specific skills like Big Guard and White Wind. The Blue Magic orb gave you the ability to use Aqualung.
MARK: Okay, cool. ...I think.

FRINK comes into the room.

FRINK: All set!
LISA: Lets go!

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, MARK, FRINK and LOCKE board the Ragnarok. On the Bridge.

LOCKE: We need to make a stop in Narshe.
FRINK: Right.

FRINK pilots the Ragnarok to Narshe. MAGGIE and LOCKE disembark.

MAGGIE: Why are we here?
LOCKE: We're going to need Terra's help arent we?
MAGGIE: Oh yeah right. I forgot.

MAGGIE and LOCKE go into Narshe and knock on TERRA's door. TERRA answers.

TERRA: Locke! Good to see you.


TERRA: Who's this, your new girlfriend?

MAGGIE gags.

MAGGIE: Ewww... That's just gross Terra! I'm Maggie.
TERRA: Maggie?! You're older...
MAGGIE: I'm 16.
TERRA: How does it work. I thought time progressed faster here...
MAGGIE: It does.
LOCKE: We can explain all that later. Terra, we've found out where Dark Maggie is located. Will you join us?
TERRA: Of course.
LOCKE: Great! The others are waiting for us on the bridge.

MAGGIE, LOCKE and TERRA leave Narshe and board the Ragnarok. On the bridge.

LISA: Terra!
TERRA: Hey Lisa. Bart.

TERRA notices MARK.

TERRA: Who's he?
MAGGIE: That's Mark. My boyfriend.
MARK: Nice to meet you.

MARK shakes TERRA's hand.

LOCKE: Professor. Ready for lift off.
FRINK: Glayvin!

FRINK starts the controls up for take off.

FRINK: Bart!
BART: What?
FRINK: We're going to need your help to fend of enemy ships as they approch us.
BART: Okay. What do I do?
FRINK: Take a seat there and press the buttons on the control sticks to fire the lasers. I'll handle the manouvering.
BART: Right.

As FRINK and BART fly the Ragnarok towards Hollow Bastion.

TERRA: So Maggie, how come you're sixteen now.

MARK looks at MAGGIE. MAGGIE looks nervous.

MAGGIE: Uh... Terra.. About that. Can I talk to you in private?
TERRA: Uh... sure.

MAGGIE and TERRA leave into another part of the Ragnarok.

TERRA: So what is it Maggie?
MAGGIE: You see, Mark doesn't know about about the time progression between Earth and Gaia. He actually thinks that I'm Lisa's twin.
TERRA: You haven't told him?
MAGGIE: Of course not. It's too complicated for most people to understand. He moved to Springfield a couple of years after Dad and Professor Frink destroyed the Rift Portal. This is all to weird for him, he'd freak if he found out I was only nine biologically, so please, keep it a secret.
TERRA: Okay. You have my word.
MAGGIE: Thank you, Terra.

MAGGIE and TERRA return to the bridge to find MARK in another seat also firing lasers much like BART is. After a while, they approach Hollow Bastion.

FRINK: Well here's Hollow Bastion.
LISA: Where can we land?
FRINK: Don't worry about that. There's a landing space over there in what looks like to be a Marketplace for ships.

FRINK lands the Ragnarok in the Marketplace of Hollow Bastion. BART, LISA, MAGGIE, MARK, LOCKE and TERRA disembark.

MARK: So where do we start looking?
LISA: We should split up.
MAGGIE: Yeah. Lets split up into two teams. Me, Mark and Bart will form one party, while Lisa, Locke and Terra form the other. We should meet up back here in say.... half an hour?
BART: Sounds good to me.
LISA: Why don't we have one team dedicated to finding information, while the other gathers some supplies?
MAGGIE: Good idea Lisa, why don't your party take care of the supplies, while my party takes care of the information. Though you can be on the look out for info if you want.
LISA: Can do. I'll call if I need you.
MAGGIE: Alright. Lets go.

BART, MAGGIE and MARK head off into the borough. There they see a FAMILIAR FIGURE in a black bomber jacket fighting black creatures.

MARK: That guy looks like he needs help...
MAGGIE: Right.

BART, MAGGIE and MARK rush into aid the FAMILIAR FIGURE.

BART: You need some help there pal.
FAMILIAR FIGURE: Uh... thanks.

BOSS: 20 HEARTLESS (Party: Bart, Maggie, Mark, Squall)

The four defeat the creatures.

SQUALL: You must have me confused. The name is Leon.
BART: Oh come off it Squall. We saw you in Deling several years ago, when you were a lowly tour guide.
SQUALL: A shameful period of my life.
MAGGIE: How did you get here, Squall?
SQUALL: I followed you here. I sorta stowed away on your ship. Rinoa got captured by some teenaged girl and brought here.
MAGGIE: Dark Maggie strikes again. Squall, we're after her ourselves, would you join us?
SQUALL: I'll help you. But only until we finish our job.
MAGGIE: Fine by me. Do you know where Rinoa is?
SQUALL: Yeah. Somewhere in the castle beyond the Bailey.
MAGGIE: Lets go.

In the Bailey. LISA, LOCKE and TERRA catch up.

TERRA: Wait up!
MAGGIE: ....What are you guys doing here?
LOCKE: We're coming to.
LOCKE: Waiting around is boring.
LISA: Have you found out where Colin is?
MAGGIE: I think we may have a lead. Lis, you remember Squall right?
LISA: The tour guide in Deling City?
MAGGIE: Yes. He says that a friend of his got captured by Dark Maggie also, she's being helded in the Castle just beyond here.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, MARK, LOCKE, TERRA, and SQUALL proceed to the Castle Postern. There they see KEFKA.

KEFKA: Well, well, well.
MAGGIE: Kefka?
LOCKE: He's the guy who destroyed our world previously.
KEFKA: So my reputation presides me.
LOCKE: How can we forget!

SQUALL draws his Gunblade

SQUALL: Where is Rinoa?!
LISA: And Colin?!
KEFKA: They are being held inside the castle.

LOCKE and TERRA also draw their weapons. LOCKE whispers to MAGGIE.

LOCKE: Maggie, we'll deal with Kefka. You go inside and rescue your friends.
MAGGIE: Right.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, MARK and SQUALL run inside the castle.

BOSS: KEFKA PALAZZO (Party: Terra, Locke)

Cut to BART LISA, MAGGIE and SQUALL running through the corridors of the castle. They get to a wider area. DARK MAGGIE is there along with COLIN and RINOA who are tied up.

COLIN & RINOA: MMMMMppppppfffff!

LISA and SQUALL run up to untie them when DARK MAGGIE intercepts them appearing out of nothing.

DARK MAGGIE: Nuh-uh...

LISA and SQUALL jump back returning to BART, MAGGIE and MARK. LISA draws the Sisterhood, MAGGIE draws the Maggie Blade 2 and SQUALL draws his Gunblade.

DARK MAGGIE: Well. If it isnt my opposite.
MAGGIE: Shut it.
DARK MAGGIE: My. Not one for talking are we?
MAGGIE: What do you want with Colin and Rinoa?
DARK MAGGIE: First you tell me to be quiet then you ask questions, make up your mind!
MAGGIE: I'll say again. What do you want with Colin and Rinoa?
DARK MAGGIE: Nothing really. I just wanted to get your attention.
MAGGIE: If you really wanted my attention, you should've kidnapped Mark.
DARK MAGGIE: Yes. But it just isnt fun to challenge you alone. It's much more fun to fight the whole family.
DARK MAGGIE: Speaking of family. Let me introduce someone to you.

DARK MAGGIE casts a spell just as a nine-year old girl appears next to her. She appears almost identical to what MAGGIE looked like eight years ago, only she is wearing a grey jump suit and grey sneakers, there is a crown with a green jewel in her hairline. Her hair is also in a pony tail and is coloured blue. BART, LISA and MAGGIE look confused.

DARK MAGGIE: What you dont know who she is?
MAGGIE: Of course not!
DARK MAGGIE: This is Lucy. Your direct twin...
MAGGIE: What!? That's impossible. She doesnt look anything like me!
MARK: How can she be Maggie's twin. She's like half Maggie's age. Lisa is Maggie's twin.
DARK MAGGIE: Maggie, you got most of the dominant genes from your parents, just like Bart and Lisa, while Lucy got most of the more recessive genes. Now Lucy... Attack!

LUCY draws out a sword coloured Orange with various markings on it (From Final Fantasy III), just as she takes an attacking pose. DARK MAGGIE fades away.

MAGGIE: Well, there's no way out of this.

MAGGIE takes her own attacking stance.

MARK: Maggie! What are you doing?!
MAGGIE: We can ask questions later, we need to rescue Colin and Rinoa. Mark you untie them and get them out of here and head back to the Ragnarok, while Bart, Lisa, Squall and I fight.
MARK: I sure hope you know what you're doing.

BART draws his crossbow.

BOSS: LUCY SIMPSON (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Squall)

During the fight, MARK frees COLIN and RINOA.

MARK: Lets get out of here.
COLIN: Right.
RINOA: Lets go.

COLIN, MARK and RINOA run out to the Castle Postern where they find LOCKE and TERRA having just defeated KEFKA.

LOCKE: Mark! Whats going on?
MARK: To tell you the truth. I dont know myself. Maggie, Lisa and Bart are inside fighting. They'll be out shortly no doubt. Anyway, Locke, Terra let me introduce you to Colin, Lisa's boyfriend.
LOCKE: Nice to meet you.
COLIN: Hello.
MARK: And...
RINOA: Rinoa Heartilly. Forrest Owl's Resistance Leader.
LOCKE: Resistance? Against who?
RINOA: The Galbadian Army of course.
LOCKE: Well. Since we have the similiar causes, maybe the Returners and The Forrest Owls could form an alliance to defeat Dark Maggie and Kefka?
RINOA: Include Ultimecia in that then, Sure.
LOCKE: Deal.

LOCKE and RINOA handshake to formally form the alliance.

MARK: Lets back to the Ragnarok. We'll meet with Maggie and Squall there.
RINOA: Right.

MARK, LOCKE and TERRA lead COLIN and RINOA back to the Ragnarok. Cut back to BART, LISA, MAGGIE and SQUALL as they defeat LUCY. LUCY disappears.

MAGGIE: Right. Lets go back to the Ragnarok.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and SQUALL head back to the Ragnarok.

LOCKE: You're back!
MAGGIE: Professor, how do we get back home to Springfield from here?
FRINK: We need to go back to Gaia first then use the Time Machine.
MAGGIE: Do it.

FRINK fires up the Ragnarok for departure. BART takes his seat ready to fire lazers.

LISA: Maggie, what are we going to do now?
MAGGIE: Remember what Dark Maggie said about Lucy?
LISA: Yeah.
MAGGIE: Well, if thats true then Mom should know something.
LISA: Right. Like why we havent heard of her before.
MARK: But one thing still confuses me.
MAGGIE: Whats that.
MARK: How come she was half your age?
MAGGIE: Captured from a different time period perhaps?
MARK: And another thing, Dark Maggie said "twin" wouldnt she have meant "triplet", what is she on about? I thought we had an honest relationship!
MAGGIE: We do!
MARK: Whats the deal then?
MAGGIE: Promise me you wont freak out.
MARK: You have to tell me before I can freak.
MAGGIE: <sigh> I guess you would've found out sooner or later. You see, I'm not really Lisa's twin at all, we were born seven years apart. I'm not really sixteen, I'm actually nine... There's a time flow difference between Springfield and Gaia. So while I was trapped Gaia for a month when I was a baby, by the time my family came to find me, I had already grew seven years. When we came home, we simply said that I was Lisa's twin to make things less complicated.

MARK looks surprised by what MAGGIE had just said. He goes to speak, but FRINK intercepts him.

MARK: ...
FRINK: Mark! We need you on shooting now!

MARK takes his seat and handles the controls to help BART fire the lazers.

MAGGIE: <sigh>

They reach Gaia. FRINK lands the Ragnarok near Baron.

FRINK: Okay. Lets get going back to Springfield. Get into the time Machine.
MAGGIE: You guys better keep this thing safe.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, FRINK, COLIN and MARK get into the time machine. FRINK drives it out of the Ragnarok and onto the desert. He then enters August 18, 2016 into the keypad, drives it to 88 Miles per hour and they return on the streets of Springfield.

Almost midnight. FRINK stops the car in the Simpsons Driveway. BART, LISA, MAGGIE, COLIN and MARK get out. FRINK then turns around and drops the car into his own driveway.

LISA: You guys better go home. You'll be safer if you remain in Springfield, instead of coming with us.

COLIN nods. MARK looks at MAGGIE then leaves.

MAGGIE: <sigh>

BART, LISA and MAGGIE enter the house. MARGE sees them come in.

MARGE: Where have you three been!?
BART: Saving the world Mom.
LISA: Dark Maggie kidnapped Colin and took him to a place called Hollow Bastion.
MARGE: Dark Maggie? Wasnt she defeated in Castle Pandemonium?
MAGGIE: Yes. But the Mako that was in my body at the time caused her to regenerate. She's more powerful than before. By the way Mom, while we were facing off against Dark Maggie, she summoned a girl named Lucy, who she declaired was my direct twin. Do you know anything about that?
MARGE: Lucy?! What did she look like?
MAGGIE: Well, for starters her hair was blue, just like yours. And just a little bit longer than mine. She was about the age I would've been had I not gone to Gaia eight years ago.
MARGE: Oh Lord, it's true!
MAGGIE: Mom, what is it?! Was Dark Maggie really telling the truth? Was she really my twin?!
MARGE: I'm afraid so yes. But I always thought she had died...
MARGE: Just as I had given birth to you Maggie, Homer left to get Bart and Lisa, when I went into labour again with Lucy, shortly after I had given birth to her, she became ill, Dr. Hibbert took you both away to run some tests, Maggie you passed the tests, but Lucy was still an uncertainty. While Dr. Hibbert was examining Lucy, Homer, Bart and Lisa had returned so I kept Lucy a secret until we were sure. I stayed overnight with Lucy, some men in cloaks came in and took Lucy... I tried to get help from someone but it was too late, they had disappeared... I was later told that she had died...
LISA: Oh mom. That's horrible.
MARGE: I'm just now glad to know that Lucy is alive!
BART: Those cloaked men who took Lucy must have been working with Dark Maggie somehow.
MAGGIE: How? Dark Maggie wasnt even created back then!
BART: If she could summon Lucy to Hollow Bastion, then surely she must have Time Travel capabilties. Much like we do with Professor Frink's car.
MAGGIE: Oh. Right. Well, we now know what we have to do next. We have to save Lucy.
BART: Right. But how? We dont know where she is.
MAGGIE: Good point. I handn't thought of that.
BART: Listen, I'm real tired from the fighting we did today. We're a little out of shape since the old days. G'night.

BART leaves for the stairs.

LISA: Yeah Maggie. Lets come up with a plan for rescuing Lucy in the morning.
MAGGIE: <Yawns> Yeah. You're right Lis. G'night mom.
MARGE: Good night kids.

LISA and MAGGIE also go up the stairs.

The following morning.

MARGE is in the kitchen making breakfast. HOMER is in the kitchen eating like a duck (or some kind of farm animal anyway). BART and LISA are also at the table eating casually. MAGGIE walks downstairs with the Maggie Blade 2 in hand.

MAGGIE: Have you guys thought of plan yet?
HOMER: Hmmm? Plan for what?
MAGGIE: Uh. Nothing Dad. Just uh... something
HOMER: Alright then.
BART: Well, I had thought of something.

LISA and MAGGIE stare at BART.

BART: What? Cant I come up with a plan for once?
MARGE: Well, before you go saving the world again, could you at least finish breakfast!
HOMER: Oh, you kids are saving the world again?
MAGGIE: Pretty much.

MAGGIE starts eating.

Later that day, BART, LISA and MAGGIE are on the couch.

MAGGIE: So Bart, whats this plan of yours.
BART: Well. We know that someone took Lucy, we just dont know who or where they took her. Since we have a time machine, we could travel to the past, find that info out then come back and rescue her.
LISA: But wouldnt that cause paradoxes?
BART: I should hope not. After all, we're not going to be changing anything in the past, just going there to find out some information to use in the present.
MAGGIE: Sounds like a plan to me. But I would like to do this on my own. She's my twin therefore I should be the one to rescue her.
LISA: Maggie, thats a bad idea to go alone. I'll come with you.
MAGGIE: I just said I'd go alone.
BART: Maggie, Lisa's right. You wont know how guarded that places is. Going in alone is a bad idea. Let Lisa help you. I'd go myself today, but I promised Jenda I'd spend the day with her.
MAGGIE: Okay. But you wont like what I've got in mind for this mission.
LISA: Huh?
MAGGIE: You will see.

BART, LISA and MAGGIE leave the house. BART heads off to JENDA's. While LISA and MAGGIE head to PROFESSOR FRINK's.

MAGGIE: Professor, can you take me to Gaia?
LISA: What for?
MAGGIE: I need to speak to Professor Hojo for some Mako.
FRINK: Mako? Sweet Merciful Glayvin! What do you want that for?!
MAGGIE: Lets just say that for the next mission, I need to be younger. Do you have any of the Mako antidote?
FRINK: Not anymore. I can create some more if I had more Mako.
MAGGIE: Then lets go to Midgar. You can get some from Hojo yourself this time.
FRINK: Right. We'll take the Ragnarok. Unlike the Rift Portal, The Time Machine cant teleport to different locations in Gaia. Only to Baron.
LISA: Why do you need to be younger for this mission Maggie?
MAGGIE: I dont know Lis, it's just this feeling that I have.

LISA, MAGGIE and FRINK get into the time machine as FRINK takes them to Gaia.

Outside Baron.

LISA and MAGGIE get out of the Time Machine while FRINK drives it onto the Ragnarok. LOCKE, TERRA, SQUALL and RINOA arent on board. With the Time Machine on board, FRINK exits it, goes to the bridge and sits in the pilot seat.

FRINK: Prepare for take off. MAGGIE guides FRINK to Midgar, where MAGGIE and FRINK get off, LISA remains on board to guard the ship. The Midgar area is unguarded, MAGGIE and FRINK head to the Shinra Building. Inside, MAGGIE and FRINK walk to the reception desk.

RECEPTIONIST: Can I help you?
MAGGIE: Hi. We're looking to see Professor Hojo. Is he around?
RECEPTIONIST: Do you have an appointment with him?
MAGGIE: No but it's urgent.
RECEPTIONIST: I'll see if he will allow you up. Can I take your name please?
MAGGIE: Maggie Simpson.
RECEPTIONIST: Okay. Just a momemnt.
MAGGIE: Thanks.

The RECEPTIONIST leaves but is still visible to MAGGIE and FRINK. She picks up a phone, dials some numbers and then starts talking to someone. After about five minutes, she returns.

RECEPTIONIST: I just spoke with Professor Hojo, he's allowing you to see him. He's currently on the 67th Floor.
MAGGIE: I know where his office is.
RECEPTIONIST: Okay. Here's an ID pass for you to use the elevator.
MAGGIE: Thanks.

MAGGIE and FRINK head to the elevators, and accend to the 67th Floor.

PROFESSOR HOJO meets MAGGIE and FRINK at the elevator.

HOJO: Maggie?
MAGGIE: Yes Gerald. It's me.
GERALD: You're older.
MAGGIE: Time travel. It's a pain to understand.
GERALD: Professor Frink? Is that you?
FRINK: Who wants to know <hoyvic>
GERALD: Sorry, I'll explain in a minute Professor but in my office?

GERALD leads MAGGIE and FRINK into his office.

FRINK: What was it you wanted to show me.
GERALD: Maggie, never told you who I really was.
MAGGIE: It would be less complicated if I never said anything.
GERALD: Well...

GERALD pulls of the PROFESSOR HOJO mask. FRINK is shocked.

FRINK: G-G-Gerald!? You're Professor Hojo...
FRINK: But how?!
GERALD: Well, after we tested out your Rift Portal, I grew up here as a member of Shinra, where I went into the science division. Because of my yellow skin, they thought I might be some kind of a monster, though they spared my life and instead disguised me as a regular human of these times.
FRINK: Thats some story.
GERALD: Enough about me, what was you guys wanted?
MAGGIE: Dont ask me why Gerald, but can you inject me with more Mako?
GERALD: Are you sure Maggie, you nearly died from the last time.
MAGGIE: Yes I know. Like I said, I cant really explain it. Please inject some.
GERALD: Well, I dont like the idea, but since you're volunteering for it, I guess I cant really say no.
FRINK: Wait!
GERALD: What is it?
FRINK: Before you inject that stuff, let me make up an antidote to counter it once it's been injected.
GERALD: Good call.
FRINK: This will take some time.
GERALD: In that case, Maggie, why dont you go down onto the SOLIDER floor and participate in the Festival of the Hunt? It might be good experince.

On the desk, GERALD fills out two plastic cards.

GERALD: Here. Take these, this first one will allow you access to the SOLIDER floor, the second has your name and my signature giving you an honourary entry into the Festival of the Hunt.
MAGGIE: Thanks.

MAGGIE gets in the elevator and heads down to the SOLIDER floor. There, she finds a banner saying "Festival of the Hunt - Registration" MAGGIE walks over.

CLERK: Can I help you?
MAGGIE: Yes, I'd like to sign up to the Festival.
CLERK: Okay. No problem. Whats your SOLIDER number?
MAGGIE: I dont have one.
CLERK: You cant participate if you're not a member of SOLIDER.
MAGGIE: I do have an honourary pass from Professor Hojo himself. Here.

MAGGIE hands over the card GERALD gave her.

CLERK: Let me check the card's authenticty.

The CLERK swipes it in a machine. It beeps.

CLERK: Okay, the card is authentic. Welcome to the Festival of the Hunt. May I take your name?
MAGGIE: Maggie Simpson.
CLERK: Very Well, Miss. Simpson, do you know the rules?
MAGGIE: No. This is my first time participating.
CLERK: The rules are quite simple. In around 30 minutes, Shinra will be releasing several monsters into the city sectors 6 through 8, as well as Sector 0. Your task is to slay as many of them in the allotted time limit of 15 minutes as possible. Each monster is worth a specific number of points. If you get the most points you win 10,000 gil as a prize format of your choice.
MAGGIE: I can use any kind of attack I wish, right?
CLERK: Yes. There are no restrictions on the method used to defeat the monsters. Now, what will your prize be?
MAGGIE: Well, I could do with a new computer, so I'd say I'll take it as cash.
CLERK: Cash it is. You're free to roam around this floor until the festival starts.
MAGGIE: Thank you.

30 Minutes Later

CLERK: Will all Festival of the Hunt Participants please report to the front desk.

MAGGIE along with about six other participants.

CLERK: I will escort you to the lobby where we still officially start the contest. Remember, should you fall in battle, you are automatically eliminated. You may work in teams if you wish, but the person who lands the finishing blow gets the points. Follow me.

MAGGIE and the other PARTICIAPANTS follow the CLERK to the lobby.

In the Lobby.

CLERK: On your mark.

The PARTICIPANTS draw their SOLIDER branded swords. MAGGIE draws the Maggie Blade 2.

CLERK: Get set...

The CLERK fires a gun.


The PARTICIPANTS and MAGGIE run out of the building in various directions. MAGGIE defeats monster after monster as a time ticks down from 15:00. After the fifteen minutes are up.

CLERK: And it seems that the winner is............ Honourary Participant, Maggie Simpson!
MAGGIE: Really. Oh cool! I won...

The CLERK hands MAGGIE a couple of bank notes for 5,000 Gil each.

CLERK: Congratulations.
PARTICIPANT 1: Man, she must be really powerful if she beat us.
PARTICIPANT 2: You think she's a member of SOLIDER?
PARTICIPANT 1: She couldnt be. Why else would they use her name rather than number?
PARTICIPANT 2: Good point. She's pretty strong then, outclassing even members of SOLDIER.

MAGGIE then leaves and heads back up to the 67th FLOOR, and walks into GERALD's office.

GERALD: Maggie, good timing, we had just finished preparing some Anti-Mako. How'd you get on in the Festival?
MAGGIE: I won!
GERALD: Well, congratulations.
MAGGIE: Thanks. If you've made some Anti-Mako, you can inject some of the real stuff right?
GERALD: Right. You will pass out when I inject this, but dont worry. Professor Frink and I will take you home. When you recover, your mental health will play a key factor again. You probably remember, when you are mentaly stressed out, your age will decrease by seven years, so this time, you can change between nine and sixteen years. You're good with that right?
MAGGIE: Yeah. It wont be long. Just for a rescue mission.
GERALD: Okay. Hold out your arm.

MAGGIE holds out her left arm. GERALD takes a needle and then stabs MAGGIE in the arm with it. At first there's no reaction from MAGGIE, but then she faints.

GERALD: Okay, lets get her home.

GERALD picks MAGGIE up and carries her on his back. GERALD and FRINK then return to the Ragnarok. LISA meets them there, she has the Sisterhood in her hand.

LISA: Professor Frink! Gerald?

LISA notices that MAGGIE is out cold.

LISA: What happened to Maggie?
GERALD: There's no need to worry Lisa, it's a standard effect of Mako injection. She'll be fine in a few hours or so.
LISA: Okay.

FRINK goes up to the bridge and prepares to take off. He flies back to Baron.

While at Baron, FRINK talks to LOCKE and TERRA inside his house. While he's doing that, LISA and GERALD put MAGGIE into the time machine, and get into the car themselves, as FRINK arrives to take the drivers seat and takes them back to Springfield.

In Springfield, LISA carries MAGGIE into the house, while GERALD walks around the town. FRINK waits inside is own house. MARGE notices LISA carrying MAGGIE.

MARGE: What happened to Maggie?
LISA: She had herself injected with Mako again. She passed out when Gerald did it. She'll be fine mom.
MARGE: Is she crazy?! She knows what'll happen.
LISA: It was her own choice. I'm gonna take her to to her room.

LISA carries MAGGIE up to her bedroom and puts her on her bed.

Several hours later.

MAGGIE awakens, but still quite weak.

MAGGIE: Ugh...

MAGGIE goes downstairs into the kitchen where MARGE is cooking. She notices MAGGIE.

MARGE: How you feeling sweetie.
MAGGIE: Okay I guess.
MARGE: Why would you have yourself inject with Mako again? It's done nothing but harm.
MAGGIE: It's not going to be a perminant fix mom. I just need to be shorter for when I go rescue Lucy.
MAGGIE: You never know. Speaking of which... I'd better go.
MARGE: Okay sweetie. Take care.
MAGGIE: I will Mom.

MAGGIE leaves the house, and goes to FRINK's place.

MAGGIE: Professor Frink! I'm going to need to go back in time to my own birth.
FRINK: Are you nuts?! Meddling in the past can have serious concequences.
MAGGIE: I know, I've seen Back to the Future. I only need information, I dont need to do anything.
FRINK: Cant you ask your parents?
MAGGIE: No. It's a little more complicated than that. Will you send me back?
FRINK: I guess so.
MAGGIE: Thanks.

FRINK and MAGGIE get into the Time Machine.

MAGGIE: Set it for January 10th, 1999.

FRINK does so. He then drives the car to 88 MPH.

The Car arrives in the Springfield of the past. HOMER is taking a pregnant MARGE to the hospital.

MAGGIE: We clearly dont have much time. Professor follow them to the hospital.

Later inside the hospital. HOMER, MARGE and DR. HIBBERT are in the delivery room.

HOMER: It's wonderful. It's magical, oh boy here it comes, another mouth.
DR. HIBBERT: One more push should do it.

A New-Born MAGGIE cries.

DR. HIBBERT: Congratulations, Mr. Simpson, you have a beautiful healthy baby.
HOMER: Marvelous.

HOMER gives a phony thumbs up as BABY MAGGIE grabs it. HOMER gasps.

MARGE: Homie. I think someone is saying hello.
HOMER: Hello... Aww... It's a boy... AND WHAT A BOY!
DR. HIBBERT: Erm... Thats the Unbilical Cord, it's a girl.
HOMER: A girl! Oh Marge, we have wonderful baby girl. Not just a girl, the most beautiful baby girl in the whole world.
MARGE: Uh-huh.
HOMER: C'mon Marge, show a little enthusiasm.

HOMER and MARGE kiss. BABY MAGGIE motions for one too, but gets disappointed, instead she grabs a pacifier from somewhere.

MAGGIE is outside with PROFESSOR FRINK in the car park, about 45 minutes later. HOMER arrives outside, and gets into his sedan.

MAGGIE: That's dad. He must be going home to tell Bart and Lisa.

Inside the hospital DR. HIBBERT is examining BABY MAGGIE further, and writing out her birth certificate, just as MARGE goes into labour again.

MARGE: Dr. Hibbert!
DR. HIBBERT: Oh, lord, you're going into labour again. Well dont worry Marge, we're here for you. Just like before, control your breathing, and push.

MARGE follows DR. HIBBERTS instructions, after about an hour, MARGE had given birth to LUCY, but unlike MAGGIE, LUCY's skin is slightly pale for some reason. DR. HIBBERT can see that already.

DR. HIBBERT: Congratulations, Mrs. Simpson, you just gave birth to another baby girl. Though, I am sorry to say that this one isnt as healthy as Maggie. I will need to run a few tests... I shouldnt think that this would be too serious.
MARGE: Please, let me hold them...
DR. HIBBERT: Sure thing.

DR. HIBBERT hands both BABY MAGGIE and BABY LUCY to MARGE. MARGE kisses them both on the forehead and then lets DR. HIBBERT take LUCY for checks. During the night. MAGGIE is in the lobby of the hospital, specifically in the waiting area. Just as two guys in black cloaks arrive.

MAGGIE: That must be them.

MAGGIE follows them secretly. She sees them enter the delivery ward. She hides behind a corner nearby. Around 5 minutes later, the two CLOAKED FIGURES start running out one of which has LUCY. MARGE tries to stop them, but MARGE spots MAGGIE.

MARGE: Please, you have to help me.
MAGGIE: What's wrong?
MARGE: Those two goons kidnapped my baby!
MAGGIE: Dont worry Ma'am. I'll take care of this.
MARGE: Thank you...

MAGGIE runs after the two GOONS, but she maintains enough distance not to be seen. Once she is out on the parking lot, her adrenaline takes over and she draws her sword. The GOONS get into a car, MAGGIE in turn gets into FRINK's car.

MAGGIE: Professor, Follow that car!
FRINK: Glayvic.

FRINK follows the car, it seems to have gone to the Power Plant.

MAGGIE: So Mr. Burns was behind this? Keep following them. But turn out the headlights.
FRINK: Right.

FRINK continues to follow them and turns off the headlights. They enter a building, thats unmarked.

MAGGIE: They went inide that building. That must be where they keep Lucy held up. Alright Professor, lets return to the present. I have all the information I need.
FRINK: Glayvic.

FRINK leaves the Power Plant lot, and then teleports them back to the present time.

In the present it is still night time. MAGGIE gets out of the car, and inside the house.

LISA: Maggie! Where were you?
MAGGIE: I've found out where Lucy has been taken.
MAGGIE: She's in an unmarked building at the Power Plant.
LISA: You mean that Top Secret facility?
MAGGIE: Thats the one.
LISA: I've always wondered what goes on in there.
MAGGIE: Well, we can find out tommorow. I'm beat. G'night.

The following morning. MAGGIE is now her nine-year old self. She is now wearing the pink dress she wore seven years ago.

MAGGIE walks into the Living room, where LISA is sitting on the couch reading a book. LISA notices MAGGIE.

LISA: Hey Maggie. You're looking younger.
MAGGIE: Yeah. Being shorter is a major help when sneaking around. Speaking of which, I had a dream last night that they were torturing Lucy.
LISA: It wouldnt surprise me if thats what they were doing.
MAGGIE: Then what are we waiting for!? Lets go!

LISA sets her book to the side as HOMER is about to leave.

MAGGIE: Dad! We're coming with you!
HOMER: Huh? What for.
MAGGIE: Uh.... School Project.
HOMER: Okay.

HOMER drives to the Power Plant. LISA and MAGGIE get out of the car once in the parking lot.

MAGGIE: We'll catch you later Dad!
HOMER: Huh? Well... catch you later kids.

LISA and MAGGIE run up to the mystery building, touring the perimeter they find a window.

MAGGIE: Lis, can you give me a boost up there. I can probably let you in from the otherside of this door.

LISA holds out her hands as a boost for MAGGIE who opens the window, climbs through and opens the door.

MAGGIE: Lets go.

LISA and MAGGIE walk through the building which happens to contain cells which are occupied by boys and girls on each side of the room as LISA and MAGGIE walk down the center.

LISA: This is horrible. Why would anyone treat these kids this way.
MAGGIE: I know. It's sickening. But still no sign of Lucy. We have to get her out first.

LISA walks past a door. LISA looks through to find more kids in more cells. MAGGIE finds another.

MAGGIE: Lis, we'll need to split up.
LISA: Right.

MAGGIE walks down the door she found where she finds various kids with crowns with jewels just like the one they saw LUCY wearing. As she walks down the long corridor MAGGIE spots LUCY. She's sitting in the corner alone.

MAGGIE: Psssst.

LUCY doesnt respond. MAGGIE lightly taps on the cell bars.

MAGGIE: Psssst. Hey, Lucy.
LUCY: Stay away!
LUCY: I havent done anything! What do you want?
MAGGIE: I'm not here to do anything to you.
LUCY: You're not?

LUCY looks at MAGGIE.

LUCY: You're not dressed like the others, nor are you as tall... Who are you?
MAGGIE: I cant explain that just yet, all I can do is give you my name. It's Maggie. I'm here to bust you out.
LUCY: You are? How?
MAGGIE: Trust me. What's that on your head?
LUCY: Please take it off me! It allows them to control my actions. I cant stop myself.
MAGGIE: It must be some mind control device.

MAGGIE reaches into the cell grabs the crown then pulls it off LUCY's head.

MAGGIE: There. Now, lets get you out of there. Stand back.

LUCY does so. MAGGIE draws her Maggie Blade 2 sword then swipes it through the lock of the cell, it opens. An ALARM sounds.

MAGGIE: Oh crap. Can you fight?
LUCY: I've been trained to do nothing but fight.
MAGGIE: Good. Lets go.

LUCY draws her sword. MAGGIE and LUCY make a run for it the way they came, but as they try to reach the exit, it is blocked off by several guards and are captured. They are taken to the main office. MR. BURNS is there behind the desk along with DARK MAGGIE.

LUCY: <gasp> The Overlord?!
BURNS: Well, well, if it isnt our special guest. What do I owe the pleasure?
MAGGIE: Spare me.
BURNS: Yes. That's exactly the kind of attitude I would expect from a young hooligan such as yourself. Attitude that I could find most beneficial.
MAGGIE: I'd never help you. What are you up to? More environmental damage?
BURNS: Not as such, no.
MAGGIE: Then what?
BURNS: To raise a league of employees, that I would never have to pay, and are totally under my control.
MAGGIE: Slave labour?!
BURNS: Correct.
MAGGIE: Well, you're not getting away with it Skeletor.
LUCY: <Thinking> Wow. She's not afraid of the Overlord. That's impressive. But will it be for naught?
BURNS: Oh no?
MAGGIE: Well, for starters, you're forgetting about that one night eight years ago when you attempted to block out the sun, I'm the one who shot you. You're weaker than a bug.
BURNS: I cant see you doing any harm to me. Not while I have her.

TWO GUARDS walk in, with LISA, LISA has a crown on her forehead.

MAGGIE: LISA! What have you done to her?!
BURNS: Nothing much. Just placed her under my total control.
MAGGIE: How? Lisa would never follow your orders.
BURNS: You see that crown? It's a Slave Crown. Anyone wearing one is under my complete control.
MAGGIE: We'll see how long it lasts. STOP!

MAGGIE casts STOP on everyone except LISA, HERSELF and LUCY. They are unable to move. MAGGIE quicky jumps and pulls the Slave Crown off of LISA. She comes to. [MAGGIE has learned STOP]

LISA: Maggie?! Where are we?
MAGGIE: No time to explain. My Stop spells cant last long.

The STOP spell wore off.

MAGGIE: Mr. Burns, there's no mind control going on here.
BURNS: Blast!
DARK MAGGIE: Dont worry Mr. Burns, I'll handle it from here. You may have beaten me once before Maggie Simpson, but I will not be bested twice.
LUCY: <thinking> Simpson?

BOSS: DARK MAGGIE (Party: Lisa, Maggie, Lucy)

DARK MAGGIE: Ugh. You have not won yet.

DARK MAGGIE disappears.

MAGGIE: Now, do I have to beat you up as well, or are you going to let us go now that you dont have Dark Maggie to protect you.
BURNS: Very well. You may leave. But mark my words, we are not finished.
MAGGIE: <sarcastic> Oooooh. I'm shaking in my shoes.

LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY walk out of the room, MAGGIE shoves a guard out of her way.

MAGGIE: Get outta my way.

LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY leave the building. Outside, it is now dark, LUCY has tears in her eyes.

LISA: What's wrong?
LUCY: To think that Freedom tasted so sweet. Finally, my actions outside of that place are my own.
MAGGIE: You mean when outside, you wore a slave crown?
LUCY: Yes. You dont know how grateful I am.
MAGGIE: Lets walk and talk, there's a lot for both of us to explain.

LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY start to walk to Evergreen Terrace.

LUCY: So just who are you anyway and why did you come to save me?
MAGGIE: We came because we're your family.
LUCY: My family? But the Overlord told me that my family was all dead and that this place was all I had.
MAGGIE: The Overlord?
LUCY: That bald guy.
LISA: Mr. Burns?
MAGGIE: He's a weakling. You dont need to be afraid of him anymore. He cant even crush a paper cup.
LUCY: You said that you shot him eight years ago? Is that true?
LUCY: Wow. I'm impressed.
MAGGIE: It's nothing really... What was it really like in that place, what were you doing in there.
LUCY: It's a little hard to talk about...
LISA: Sometimes, just talking to someone about it will make you feel better.
LUCY: Okay... You see we were split into two divisions, one for intel and the other for fighting. My division was mostly dealing in fights, so we are trained to do nothing but fight.
MAGGIE: You've got a heck of a sword arm, I'll say that much.
LUCY: Thanks. You're not bad yourself.
MAGGIE: I've had training of my own. Anyway, carry on...
LUCY: We are sent to locations by that witch in the red dress... I dont know her name, to fight people, but we cant leave without wearing the slave crown. That is so they can control our actions, we cant resist fighting those things!
MAGGIE: So that's why you fought us at Hollow Bastion.
LUCY: Sorry about that.
LISA: Hey, it's not your fault. You werent in control of what you were doing.
MAGGIE: Mom is going to flip out when she meets you. She thought you were dead when we were born.
MAGGIE: I'm your twin sister.
LUCY: Twin!? But we look nothing alike!
MAGGIE: Hey. Non-identical twins are known to happen.
LUCY: So uh... how did you get so strong, Maggie?
MAGGIE: Well. If you must know, I trained for seven years in Gaia under the tutorship of Locke Cole.
LUCY: Can I see your sword?

MAGGIE draws out the Maggie Blade 2 and hands it to LUCY. LUCY looks at it.

LUCY: It is a quality blade. I'll give you that. It's light, so it's easy to handle, it has plenty of grip, and it is nice and sharp, so it'd be pretty powerful.
MAGGIE: Yeah. I know. That's called the Maggie Blade 2.
LUCY: Logical name, given that your face is engraved into it.
MAGGIE: Hehehe. Yeah. What's your sword called?
LUCY: Mine? It doesnt have a name as far as I know.
MAGGIE: No name? Why dont you give it one of your own?
LUCY: I can do that?
MAGGIE: Sure. Me and Lisa named ours.
LUCY: You did, what's yours called Lisa?
LISA: Sisterhood.
LUCY: Well... this may sound stupid, but I think I'll call it the "Onion Sword"
MAGGIE: Interesting name. Though now that you mention it, it does remind me of the sword that the Onion Knight class used in Final Fantasy III, maybe this blade was based on it.

They turn the final corner to Evergreen Terrace.

MAGGIE: Well. There's our house. Lucy, we should probably warn you about dad, he will probably freak out with you arriving, but dont worry about it. He did that with us as well.
LUCY: Uh... okay. Anything else I should know?
LISA: Bart. He might try to mess with your head. He's not evil like Mr. Burns, he just jokes around so dont take him too seriously. He does have a kind heart though. So if you do get into trouble, let him know and he'll try to help.
LUCY: Right. Anything else?
MAGGIE: Yeah. This time about me. I wont be this young for much longer.
LUCY: Huh?
MAGGIE: I'll be returning to my natural form. I'll be growing into a sixteen year old woman when I get this mako out of my veins. Mako allows me to change my age to a seven year gap because of me travelling in and out Gaia seven years ago which made me physically unstable. Removing the mako will return me to sixteen.
LUCY: So you're not really my twin at all anymore?
MAGGIE: Thats about it yeah.

MAGGIE unlocks the door to the Simpson house.

MAGGIE: Why dont you hide over there and I'll call you in. Y'know, lets surprise mom.
LUCY: Right.

MAGGIE goes into the Simpson house, in her own bedroom, she picks up the bottle of Anti-Mako and drinks it. She collapses to the floor where there is soon a bright light around her. She returns to her normal teenaged self. Though her energy is regained rather quickly. MAGGIE finds MARGE in the kitchen.

MAGGIE: Mom, Lisa and I have a surprise for you in the Living Room.
MARGE: Can it wait sweetie?
MAGGIE: No. But you'll like this one.
MARGE: Well alright. I'll be right there.

MAGGIE quickly runs out of the house.

MAGGIE: Okay Lis, Lucy, lets go.

MAGGIE walks back into the house, MARGE is sitting in the armchair.

MAGGIE: Mom... I'd like you to meet Lucy.

LUCY walks into the house waving nervously at MARGE, as MARGE quickly jumps up running up to LUCY, hugging her.

MARGE: Oh my sweet little girl! I thought I lost you! I'm so glad you're safe! There's so much we need to catch up on!
MAGGIE: Uh mom. Thats probably not a good idea at the moment. The stuff Lucy's been through is pretty grim.
MARGE: Well, is there anything I can get you sweetie.
LUCY: I've already got what I wanted. My freedom.
MARGE: I know. I'll make a nice big dinner!

MARGE goes into the kitchen to start cooking.

A few hours later MARGE, BART, LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY are eating dinner. HOMER comes in the front door.

HOMER: I'm home!
MARGE: We're in the kitchen Homer!

HOMER walks into the kitchen. He quickly notices LUCY.

HOMER: Hey. Who's this kid?
LUCY: Hey!
HOMER: Hey, she looks like you Marge! She some kind of relative?
MAGGIE: Something like that, Dad.
HOMER: Let me guess. She's a long-lost cousin right?
LUCY: Nope.
HOMER: Well then what?
MARGE: She's your daughter Homer.
HOMER: What?! But you and I never...
MARGE: Remember when I was pregnant with Maggie? Well... it turned out to be twins.
HOMER: But I... we... you...

HOMER screams and points at LUCY as he pulls out his hair, then running up the stairs screaming like a little sissy girl.

LUCY: Uh... was that normal?
BART: Oh yeah.
MARGE: <Sigh>

After dinner. In MAGGIE's room. MAGGIE is sitting at the computer doing her work, LUCY is there watching.

LUCY: What you doing Maggie?
MAGGIE: Hmmm? Oh, I'm just redesigning a design layout for a company I volunteer for.
LUCY: You mean, you work for them of your own free will?
MAGGIE: Thats right.
LUCY: Wow. It must be great to be able to make your own choices like that.
MAGGIE: Now that we get rid of that Slave Crown of yours, you can too now.
LUCY: Yeah. I still cant believe that all this is real though. I keep thinking that I'll wake up in my cell.
MAGGIE: Nope. This is all real.

Just then, LISA walks in.

LISA: Hey guys.
LUCY: Hi Lisa.
MAGGIE: What's up Lis?
LISA: I was thinking, what are we going to do about Dark Maggie? She still poses a serious threat.
MAGGIE: We're going to have to defeat her again. But we dont know where she is.
LUCY: Dont worry about that. I can find out where she is.
LISA: Really?
LUCY: I too have been injected with Mako.
MAGGIE: You were?!
LUCY: How else could I so strong at a young age?
LISA: She's got you there Maggie. You yourself know what the Mako does first hand.
MAGGIE: Well. It's not safe to keep it flowing though your body. We'll need to talk to Professor Frink ASAP.
LUCY: Is it that bad?
MAGGIE: Yes. I ended up in hospital on three occations because of the Mako that was running through my veins.
LUCY: Okay... Well, first. Let me find out where she is.
LISA: How do you do that anyway?
LUCY: We sense their energy. When we are told to fight, they'll usually run away, we sense their energies and find them again. You guys were the first people I have actually had to fight first time.

LUCY places her index finger and middle finger together, and touches her forehead and closes her eyes in meditation. LISA and MAGGIE watch her. After about two minutes, she opens her eyes again.

LISA: Did you find her?
LUCY: Yeah. She's on Planet R.
MAGGIE: Planet R?
LUCY: Yeah. It's just a little bit beyond Hollow Bastion.
MAGGIE: Well need to go to Gaia first then. All the more reason we need you to take some Anti-Mako.

MARGE walks in.

MARGE: You kids still planning on saving the world?
MAGGIE: Of course we do mom. We cant just sit back and allow Dark Maggie to destroy the universe.
MARGE: Cant it wait until the morning? You've all had a prety rough day.
MAGGIE: Everyday is rough mom.
MARGE: You know what I mean!
LUCY: Uh... where will I be staying?
MAGGIE: You can sleep in my bed Lucy.
LUCY: Really? You okay with that Maggie?
MAGGIE: Of course. I wouldnt have said it otherwise.
MARGE: Okay... I'll see you kids in the morning.
LISA & MAGGIE: Night mom.

MARGE, LISA and MAGGIE leave the room. MAGGIE soon returns with a sleeping bag and a pillow.

MAGGIE: You can go to sleep now if you want Lucy. I just gotta little bit of work to do here.
LUCY: I'd much rather watch you, if thats okay.

MAGGIE and LUCY talk about what she's doing. Eventually, MAGGIE finishes what she's doing and the two go to bed.

The following morning.

MAGGIE awakens in her room to find that LUCY is not there. MAGGIE gets up (and dressed) then goes into the Living room, where BART and LISA are watching TV.

MAGGIE: Hey guys, have you seen Lucy around?
LISA: No I havent.
BART: Mom said something about going into town with her or something.
MAGGIE: Thats good then. If she's with mom. I thought she might have tracked here and kidnapped again.

Just then MARGE and LUCY walk in. LUCY is wearing a different outfit. She is now wearing a white T-Shirt with a dark blue jacket, a pink skirt and pink kneeihigh boots, she has stud earings and her hair as been brushed and styled. LUCY walks into the living room, while MARGE walks into the kitchen.

LISA: Enjoy yourself?
LUCY: Yeah. First mom took me out to breakfast. Then we went shopping for some new clothes, and then to get my hair done. It was the most fun I had in my entire life!
LISA: Well. Glad you enjoyed yourself.
MAGGIE: Yeah. Maybe it's a little too soon, but I think we really should go fight. We cant let Dark Maggie keep doing this.
LUCY: Right.
MAGGIE: Oh? You wanna come with us?
LUCY: Of course. It's her fault I was trapped in that terrible place and manipulated. So this is personal.
MAGGIE: Touche. That works for me. But we will need you to take some Anti-Mako. Bart, Lisa, will you fight?
BART: You bet, man.
LISA: I'm in too.
MAGGIE: Lets go to Gaia then.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY leave the house as MARK walks up the street.

BART: Hey, is that Mark?
MAGGIE: It is. What's he doing here?
BART: I dunno, but he's all yours Maggie.


MAGGIE: What are you doing here Mark?
MARK: Maggie, I came to aplogise. Ever since you told me about the time progression differences, I've been avoiding you. I realised that just doesnt change the kind person you are, it just means that you grew up faster than normal. I dont care if you grew up in Springfield or Gaia, I love you, Maggie. Can you forgive me?
MAGGIE: Oh Mark, of course I forgive you.

MAGGIE and MARK kiss and hug.

MAGGIE: Listen. We were just about to head off to Gaia again. We could use your help.
MARK: Sure. Okay. I'll help.
MAGGIE: Thanks.

MAGGIE and MARK catch up to the others in FRINK's house.

MAGGIE: Are we all ready?
BART: Not yet. Frinky's making some Anti-Mako.

MARK notices LUCY.

MARK: Hey. It's that girl you fought in Hollow Bastion. What's she doing here?
MAGGIE: She's on our side now. We got her way from Dark Maggie.
MARK: Cool.

MARK kneels down.

MARK: Hi. I'm Mark.
LUCY: I'm Lucy.
MARK: Are you coming with us?
LUCY: Yup.

FRINK comes back with a small bottle of glowing green liquid. He hands it to LUCY.

FRINK: Here. Drink this.

LUCY does so.

LUCY: Yeach! That tasted terrible.
MAGGIE: I know the feeling.
LUCY: So uh... how are supposed to get to Gaia?
FRINK: Time travel my young friend. Look behind you.
LUCY: All I see is your car.
FRINK: Exactly.
LUCY: We time travel in that thing?
FRINK: Exactly! Get in! And we'll go there now!

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY, MARK and FRINK get into the time machine. He takes them to Gaia.

Outside Baron.

FRINK: Everyone board the Ragnarok.
MAGGIE: Before we take off though. We need a little help. I'll talk to Locke and Terra.

While BART, LISA, LUCY, MARK and FRINK prepare the Ragnarok for Take Off, MAGGIE goes inside the house and talks to LOCKE and TERRA. Pretty soon, LOCKE, TERRA, SQUALL and RINOA are with MAGGIE.

LOCKE: Hey guys.

SQUALL notices LUCY.

SQUALL: What is the enemy doing here?!

SQUALL draws his gunblade. LUCY draws her sword.

SQUALL: Here to cause trouble.
LUCY: I dont cause trouble. If trouble finds me, I'll fight back.

MAGGIE steps in front of the two.

MAGGIE: Hold it right there Squall. Lucy was mind controlled. She had no control over what she was doing!
SQUALL: Alright, but if she turns on us...
LUCY: Then you can fight me.
FRINK: Prepare for take off.

FRINK flies the Ragnarok through space. As BART and MARK are firing the lazers.

Professor Frink lands the Ragnarok outside the city of Bal.

FRINK: We are outside the village of Bal.
MAGGIE: Alright. Lets split up and ask around for Dark Maggie. I'll go with Bart, Lisa, Lucy and Mark. Locke, Terra, Squall and Rinoa, you guys can go search elsewhere.
LOCKE: Right.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY and MARK walk into the village of Bal. It looks more technoligically advanced than any city on Earth.

LISA: This is a village? I'd like to see what a city looks like.
MAGGIE: Lets ask around.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY and MARK walk around the village asking random people. They talk to some random guy.

BART: Hey man, have you seen a girl about her height and yellow skin?
MAN: Me? No. Why not ask the Mayor.
BART: Where can we find him.
MAN: In the Mayors office. Duh.
BART: Well, thats obvious, but where is it?!
MAN: <Sigh> Just go <insert instructions here>
BART: Thanks man.

In Town Hall, BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY and MARK walk in, but are stopped by BARTZ.

BARTZ: Halt! What do you want.
MAGGIE: We're here to see the Mayor.
BARTZ: Mayor Edward is a busy man, do you have an appointment.
MAGGIE: No. But it's an urgant matter.
BARTZ: No one gets through without an appointment.
MAGGIE: Please the fate of the Universe depends on this.
BARTZ: No can do. Unless.
MAGGIE: Unless what...?
BARTZ: I've not seen action for a while. Fight me.

BARTZ draws a sword.

BARTZ: You heard, fight me.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY and MARK draw their weapons.

MAGGIE: You're on.

BOSS: BARTZ KLAUSER (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Mark)

BARTZ: Ugh.... you're strong. You may pass.
LUCY: 'bout time.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY and MARK go through the door, where they find EDWARD behind the desk.

EDWARD: Oh great. Was Bartz causing trouble again.
BART: I've not caused trouble here. How do you know my name?
EDWARD: What are you talking about.
BART: You said "Bart" thats my name.
EDWARD: No, I said "Bartz" with a Z.
MAGGIE: It's not important Bart! Are you the mayor?
EDWARD: Yes I am. I am Edward, Mayor of Bal!
LUCY: You look like some spoony bard!

MAGGIE starts laughing.

MAGGIE: Haha. Nice one Lucy! Hehehe.
EDWARD: Uh... yeah. What do you want?
LISA: We've heard that someone we're chasing was seen here. She wears red clothes, yellow skin like ours and has spikey hair.
EDWARD: Why are you in league with her?
MAGGIE: No. In fact, we want her dead.
EDWARD: All I remember was that she was after some guy.
LISA: Who?
EDWARD: I forget. Ex... something.
BARTZ: Ex-Death?
EDWARD: Thats it.
MAGGIE: That name sounds familiar.
BARTZ: I once fought him.
BART: Maggie, the Big Bridge!
MAGGIE: Thats right Bart! We met with a guy named Galuf who was going to Storm Ex-Death's castle in Gaia eight years ago!
LISA: So obviously, Galuf failed.
BARTZ: Didnt you help him?
MAGGIE: Hey, we had our own problems at the time. We were heading to rescue our parents from another one of our enemies.
LUCY: Gee Maggie. How many enemies do you have?
MAGGIE: Too many to count Lucy.
BARTZ: Well, Galuf is my friend. But... being eight years ago... it seems like it's too late to rescue him.
LISA: Actually, it may be hard to explain, but we're from the past. So really, I think it's only been two months since Galuf was captured.
BARTZ: WHAT?! We have to go save him!
LUCY: Why dont we split up then. Some of us can remain here on Planet R and search for Dark Maggie and Ex-Death, while a smaller group goes back to Gaia and breaks Galuf out.
MAGGIE: Sounds like a good idea Lucy.
BART: I'll go with Bartz back to Gaia. Maggie, Lisa, Lucy, you can stay here. When we've rescued Galuf, we'll meet you back here.
MAGGIE: Sounds good to me.
BART: Alright. Lets go.
MARK: I'll go with you too Bart.
BARTZ: I'm right behind you.

BART, MARK and BARTZ leave.

MAGGIE: So what do you know about Dark Maggie, where did she go?
EDWARD: I dont know what her motives are, all I know is that she wanted to find Ex-Death. She said something about heading north.
LUCY: She just gave you that information?
EDWARD: Yeah. Only after I told her I knew nothing.
LUCY: Man, she's crazy.
MAGGIE: Tell me about it.
EDWARD: If you're heading north, head to Kaipo. There you will meet with a friend of mine, Cecil. He will surly help you.
LISA: How do we get there?
EDWARD: You will need to cross the northern shoals to get there. The only way you can do that is by hovercraft. I'll loan you mine.
LISA: Thanks.

EDWARD presses a button hidden in his armrest.
MAGGIE: If we're not back by the time Bart and Mark return, tell them where we've gone. They'll be able to catch us up in the Ragnarok.
EDWARD: Will do.

EDWARD: When you leave the city, you will find the hovercraft waiting for you.

LISA, MAGGIE, and LUCY leave City Hall and return to find LOCKE, TERRA, SQUALL and RINOA waiting outside.

LOCKE: So what did you find out?
LUCY: It looks like that Dark Maggie has headed north to find some guy named Ex-Death.
SQUALL: Ex-Death? That sounds familiar for some reason.
LISA: Maggie and I know a little about him. He's originally from Gaia.
TERRA: So should we go back to Gaia?
MAGGIE: No need, Bart, and Mark have gone back to Gaia.
RINOA: Can they really handle it by themselves?
MAGGIE: Yeah. Besides one of the mayors strongest guards is going with them.
LOCKE: What's our next target?
LUCY: We head north towards a city called Kaipo and speak to a guy named Cecil. We'll have to cross some shoals to get there. There's a hovercraft waiting for us outside town.

LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY, LOCKE, TERRA, SQUALL and RINOA go outside the town of Bal, get into the Hovercraft and head to Kaipo.

Inside Kaipo.

MAGGIE: Right, we need to find Cecil.
LUCY: I dont think we need to split up. It's a pretty small place.

Inside a building. They find ROSA.

ROSA: May I help you?
LUCY: Hi. Uh.. we must have the wrong place. We're looking for a man named Cecil.
ROSA: Cecil? May I ask why?
MAGGIE: We're tracing a young woman named Dark Maggie who seeks out Ex-Death, we was told by Mayor Edward of Bal that Cecil may be able to help us.
ROSA: You've met Edward?
LISA: Yeah.
ROSA: He is an old friend of ours, I will call Cecil for you.
LUCY: Thanks.

ROSA leaves as the group take seats somewhere. After awhile, ROSA returns with CECIL.

ROSA: Here they are Cecil.

CECIL scans the group. He notices TERRA and SQUALL.

CECIL: Terra? Squall? Is that you?
SQUALL: It's good to see you again Cecil.
TERRA: Same here
RINOA: Squall, you know this guy?
SQUALL: It was when I went away for a bit away from Gaia.
LOCKE: Was that why you went away Terra. For some action? Why wasnt I invited?
TERRA: It was ten on ten! Besides, I had to prove something to myself and face Kefka alone.
LOCKE: Kefka was there?!
MAGGIE: Uh. Guys. Can we get back on topic here?!
LOCKE: Oh right. Sorry Maggie.
CECIL: So what is it you're after?
LUCY: We're searching for a woman named Dark Maggie, we've been told that she's looking for a warlock named Ex-Death. Do you know anything?
CECIL: Sure. Ex-Death has a base just north of Fynn in the town of Poft.
SQUALL: Fynn? Wasnt that the town that Firion was from?
CECIL: That's the one.
LISA: Maybe we could ask this Firion for help?
MAGGIE: Thats a good idea Lis, Dark Maggie is a tough opponent by herself, let alone her getting allies from Mr. Burns, Kefka and Ex-Death.
LUCY: Well, lets get in the Hovercraft and lets go.
CECIL: I'll join you.


????: Draw your blades
MAGGIE: Huh? Who goes there?!

ULTIMECIA appears.

SQUALL: What are you after?
ULTIMECIA: The same thing as before. Time Kompression.
LISA: (To MAGGIE) As if the Space-Time Continuum is in good shape as it is.
MAGGIE: (To LISA) Heheh. Yeah.
LUCY: Geez lady. It doesnt take much to time travel. We should know. We're from the year 2016.
LUCY: What? We are.
MAGGIE: Yeah, but we shouldnt announce it!
ULTIMECIA: Oh, so you're the girls that Dark Maggie was talking about. Well, you wont be talking such trash after I'm through with you.

BOSS: ULTIMECIA (Party: Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Locke, Terra, Squall, Rinoa, Cecil)

We cut to BART, MARK and BARTZ they land near Nibelheim.

BARTZ: So where are we?
BART: We're just near Nibelheim. From here we cross the Big Bridge, Ex-Death's castle should be north of Springfield Ruins.
MARK: Springfield Ruins? How did that happen.
BART: Actually, I dont know. It's a creepy place so we never stayed there long.
BARTZ: Can we get moving?
BART: Right.

BART, MARK and BARTZ cross the Big Bridge then to Ex-Death's castle. Inside they search until they find GALUF. As BARTZ tries to go up to the cell, GILGAMESH teleports in.

GILGAMESH: I've been waiting here for you. I was beginning to think you'd never show up. Now prepare to die!

BOSS: GILGAMESH (Party: Bart, Mark, Bartz)

GALUF: Bartz?! What are you doing here!
BARTZ: We're here to bust you out.
BART: Like this. Bartz, hand me your sword.

BARTZ hands his sword to BART. BART feeds it into the lock of the cell, then does a powerful strike through it opening the lock.

GALUF: Hey. You're that little boy who was with those two girls that helped me slip in here.
BART: Thats right man.
GALUF: But you look at least five years older.
BART: Six. Time travel is a pain in the ass.
MARK: We dont have time for idle chit-chat. We have to go help Maggie defeat Dark Maggie and find Ex-Death.
GALUF: Ex-Death?!
BARTZ: It's why we came here to help you. If anyone would know Ex-Death's motives for joining Dark Maggie, it would be you.
BART: Will you help us old man?
GALUF: You can count me in.
BART: Awesome.
GALUF: So where are the others?
BARTZ: They're on Planet R.
GALUF: How can we get there?
BART: Pretty simple really. Professor Frink is waiting outside Nibelheim in the Ragnarok. That'll take us to Planet R.
MARK: Well then, lets get out of here and catch up to the others!
BART: Right.

BART, MARK, BARTZ and GALUF leave Castle Ex-Death and back to the Ragnarok.

FRINK: Where to? Flayvin.
BART: Send us back to Planet R Professor.
FRINK: Alright then!

FRINK flies the Ragnarok to Planet R. Bart and Mark are firing lazers at bad guy ships.

Planet R
Eventually, they reach Planet R, and speak to EDWARD.

BART: We're back.
MARK: Wheres Maggie?
EDWARD: They headed north towards Kaipo in my Hovercraft.
BART: Kaipo?
BARTZ: It's not that far. We'll be able to get their easily in the Ragnarok.

BART, MARK, BARTZ and GALUF dash for the Ragnarok. BARTZ guides FRINK to Kaipo. They meet up with LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY, LOCKE, TERRA, SQUALL, RINOA, and CECIL.

MAGGIE: Bart! Mark! You made it!
LUCY: Bart, this is Cecil.
BART: Hey man.

BART shakes hands with CECIL.

MARK: So where's our next target.
CECIL: We need to head north to Fynn. We will need up with a friend of ours, Firion.
BARTZ: Firion? He's there?
LUCY: Then we head further north to Poft.
BART: That sounds like a plan to me. Lets go.
LUCY: What are we going to do about the Hovercraft?
SQUALL: Leave it.
LUCY: Huh?
BARTZ: We can always come back for it later.


FRINK: Quite a party we're gathering.
MAGGIE: Which is a good thing, the stronger our forces are, the more chances we have at beating Dark Maggie and her allies, there's still more people we can meet up with yet. Frink, head for Fynn.
BARTZ: I can guide you there.
CECIL: Me too.

FRINK heads for Fynn.


LUCY: So now where do we go?
CECIL: Thats easy. Just follow me.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY, MARK, LOCKE, TERRA, SQUALL, RINOA, BARTZ and GALUF follow CECIL into FIRION's house, they are greeted by PAUL.

PAUL: Well. If it isnt Cecil. What have you been up to?
CECIL: Nothing much. Say is Firion around?
PAUL: Sure. I'll go get him.
CECIL: Thanks.
PAUL: Why dont you and your friends come in and sit down.
CECIL: Thanks.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY, MARK, LOCKE, TERRA, SQUALL, RINOA, BARTZ, GALUF and CECIL follow PAUL and sit down in the living room.

PAUL: Gee. Quite a group.
MAGGIE: We're building a rebelion.
PAUL: A Rebelion huh? Sure sounds like something that Firion would be interested in.
CECIL: That's what we're counting on.

PAUL leaves the room. A few minutes later, he returns with FIRION and ZELL. SQUALL notices ZELL.

SQUALL: Oh geez. Zell, what are you doing here?
MAGGIE: Hmm..? Someone you know?
RINOA: You could say that.
ZELL: I'm just hanging out with Firion.
FIRION: I wouldnt say that. Anyway, Squall, Cecil, Terra, Bartz, what can I do you for?
LOCKE: Terra, you know this guy too?! How many other weirdos have you been fighting with without me?
TERRA: Let it go Locke.
MAGGIE: We were wondering if you would be willing in helping us fight an evil force known as Dark Maggie, she seems to be gathering a bunch of allies including Kefka, Exdeath and Ultimecia of your world, as well as Mr. Burns of my own.
FIRION: And who might you be?
MAGGIE: Maggie Simpson. This is my brother Bart.
MAGGIE: And my sisters, Lisa and Lucy.
LUCY: Hiya.
MAGGIE: Also my boyfriend, Mark
MARK: Hello.
FIRION: So what does this Dark Maggie issue have to do with me?
MAGGIE: Call it a rebelion. Dark Maggie has already taken over several worlds plunging them into darkness with the aid of the likes of Kefka, and ExDeath. I'm sure one of your enemies would be involved too.
SQUALL: I did some digging a while back in Bal that The Emperor was in league with Dark Maggie.
FIRION: WHAT?! I cant let him ruin this perfect world where Wild Roses bloom.
MAGGIE: Wild Roses?
FIRION: My dream. Ever since I can remember, I've dreamed of a free world where Wild Roses can bloom in the fields.
LUCY: (Thinking) His dream is similar to my own, where I've dreamt of my own freedom from the Nuclear Plant. That is until Maggie rescued me.
LISA: So will you help us?
FIRION: Sure. Count me and my sword in.
ZELL: Yo! I'm in too!
SQUALL: You sure you're not full on Hot Dogs?
ZELL: Woah! Squall! Where did that come from?!
SQUALL: The last time you had some from the cafetaria, you nearly died. Quistis and Selphie had to heimlich!
BART: Sounds so much like our dad.
LISA: I'll say.
GALUF: I hate to break up the fun and reunions, but shouldnt we get moving? We dont exactly have an unlimited amount of time.
LUCY: Geez. What a grump. Lets go.
FIRION: Right.


FRINK: More party members hoyvin!
MAGGIE: Dont worry about it too much Professor, it's a good thing. Just head north to Poft.

FRINK flies to Poft.


LUCY: So where do we start looking?
MAGGIE: It'll be too suspicious if we all looked for Exdeath as a single group. We should split up.
LISA: Right.
BART: So who'll go with who?
MAGGIE: I'll go with Lucy, Locke and Terra. Lisa, why dont you go with Mark, Squall, Zell and Rinoa. Bart, you get Cecil, Bartz, Galuf and Firion. That cool by everyone?
LUCY: No qualms with me.
SQUALL: I'm fine.
LOCKE: Me too.
LISA: Same.
MAGGIE: Alright then, lets all split up. We can meet back on the Ragnarok in about an hour.

The Group split up. BART goes with CECIL, BARTZ, GALUF and FIRION in one direction, LISA with MARK, SQUALL, ZELL and RINOA in another and finally MAGGIE with LUCY, LOCKE and TERRA in the next.

MAGGIE's group searches the town and eventually, they come across DARK MAGGIE herself. MAGGIE, LUCY, LOCKE and TERRA all draw their weapons.

DARK MAGGIE: Well. Well. Well.
MAGGIE: Dark Maggie!
DARK MAGGIE: There was no need to come here. I was going to pay a little visit to Springfield.
MAGGIE: And do what? Torch it?
DARK MAGGIE: If you want.
MAGGIE: I dont think so somehow.
DARK MAGGIE: Why do you really persist in stopping me?
MAGGIE: Because I have morals. I can tell the difference between good and evil.
DARK MAGGIE: Is there such a thing as good and evil?
MAGGIE: Of course.
DARK MAGGIE: No there isnt. Just opposite view points.
MAGGIE: Reality check. I cant say that zombifying and petrifying Bran Bal in Dark Gaia eight years ago was really all that good.
DARK MAGGIE: They had it coming.
MAGGIE: I dont believe that.
DARK MAGGIE: Believe what you want.

BOSS: DARK MAGGIE (Party: Maggie)

During the fight, DARK MAGGIE gains the upperhand and then knocks MAGGIE down. Seeing the moment of oppertuninty, DARK MAGGIE swipes her sword across MAGGIE's right eye, causing blood to spill to the ground. Quickly with a deep cut over her eye, MAGGIE grabs her Maggie Blade 2 and then sends a retaliation strike to DARK MAGGIE's left eye, DARK MAGGIE with an identical blood line to MAGGIE's disappears, while MAGGIE collapses to the ground in pain, blinded.

LUCY: Quick! We need something to stop the bleeding!

Thinking fast, LOCKE tears off part of his left sleeve and hands it to LUCY.

LOCKE: Here, use this!

LUCY wraps part of MAGGIE's head with the sleeve LOCKE tore off, forming some kind of eyepatch.

LUCY: We need to get her to a hospital.
TERRA: But we dont know where the nearest one is.
LUCY: Right. We need to get her back to the Ragnarok. Lets help her up.

LUCY, LOCKE, and TERRA help MAGGIE to her feet. LOCKE wraps MAGGIE's arm around his neck and then helps her walk. Eventually, they reach the Ragnarok. The other groups are waiting outside.

MARK: Ohmygosh! What happened to Maggie!
LUCY: We had a runin with Dark Maggie, cut her face up pretty bad. We need to get to a hospital ASAP.
FIRION: There isnt a hospital for hundreds miles from here. This area is pretty remote, and the nearest hospitals landscape isnt exactly suitable for landing the Ragnarok.
LUCY: So what are we supposed to do?
BART: Our only choice would be to go back to Springfield. Everyone get on the Ragnarok. We're heading home.

On the Bridge.

LISA: Professor, Emergancy! Maggie's hurt, we need to get back to Springfield as fast as possible.
FRINK: Isnt there a hospital nearby?
FIRION: No can do. It's not safe.
FRINK: Damn.
LISA: Head back to Fynn. Taking everyone with us will just slow us down. Everyone except Bart, Lucy, Mark, Locke and Terra should wait for us in Firion's house. We'll regroup there. You okay with that?
FIRION: Sure. I'll help any way I can.
LISA: Thanks. While you're there, try to gather some more information on Dark Maggie's next move.
FIRION: Right.

FRINK flies the Ragnarok back to Fynn. SQUALL, RINOA, ZELL, CECIL, BARTZ, GALUF and FIRION get off. FRINK then flies back to GAIA this time with LUCY assisting BART and MARK in firing lasers so FRINK can pick up the pace. LISA and TERRA are with MAGGIE who is laying down on the floor, still holding her eye.

FRINK: If you wanna save us some time, get Maggie to the Time Machine while we're heading to Gaia. Hoyvic.
TERRA: Good idea professor.

LISA and TERRA help MAGGIE to her feet. This time, LISA wraps MAGGIE's arm around her neck they take her down to the time machine and sit with her in the back seat, as the Ragnarok comes to stop in Gaia.

BART, LUCY, MARK, FRINK and LOCKE come down from the bridge to the Time Machine, TERRA gets out of the car.

FRINK: Keep an eye on the space ship guys!
LOCKE: Of course Professor.

FRINK opens the back door with a remote, then gets in the drivers seat of the car. He drives to 88 and teleports everyone inside to Springfield.

As the car arrives in Springfield, it's almost midnight...

LISA: We should split up. I'll go tell Mom and Dad. Bart, Lucy, Mark, you stay with Maggie.

FRINK stops the Car outside 742 Evergreen Terrace. LISA gets out of the car. FRINK then drives away to the Springfield General Hospital. LISA runs into the house.

MARGE: LISA! Whats wrong!
LISA: It's Maggie. She's seriously hurt!
MARGE: Lisa, calm down! What happened.
LISA: Well, I dont know the full details. But Lucy told me that Maggie fought Dark Maggie on Planet R which resulted in Dark Maggie striking Maggie over her right eye. The bleeding is pretty bad. Professor Frink is taking her to the hospital now.
HOMER: In Springfield?
MARGE: Why not take her to a hospital on Planet R?
LISA: Springfield was closer for some reason. We have to get over there.
HOMER: Right.

HOMER, MARGE and LISA get into the Family Sedan and rush to the Hospital.

NURSE: Ah. Mr. and Mrs. Simpson. We were warned of your arrival. Please follow me to your daughters ward.

HOMER, MARGE and LISA follow the NURSE to a room where BART, LUCY and MARK are waiting.

BART: Mom!
LUCY: Dad!
MARGE: I'm so glad you two are alright!
HOMER: So boy, what happened?
BART: I wasnt there with Maggie when it happened.
LUCY: But I was. Maggie, Locke, Terra and I split up from Bart, Lisa and everyone else to search for Dark Maggie when she attacked us. Maggie fought her alone, it was quite a long battle, even for them two, but somehow, Dark Maggie got the upperhand then dealt a critical blow to Maggie's right eye. Just before she passed out, Maggie struck an identical blow to Dark Maggie's left eye.
BART: Dr. Hibbert is looking at the situation now.

HOMER, MARGE and LISA sit down in the waiting area with them. LUCY is pacing up and down. After about 30 mintues, DR. HIBBERT comes out. HOMER, MARGE, BART, LISA and MARK all get up.

HOMER: How is she doc?
HIBBERT: Oh, she'll be just fine. Nothing too serious.
LUCY: Say wha? She took a sword right to the eye.
HIBBERT: If you have a minute, I can explain.

DR. HIBBERT pins an X-Ray to a lightbox.

HIBBERT: You see, the sword didnt actually touch her eye, so she'll still be able to see out of it. It just hit her skin enough to cause some bleeing and possibly a scar, so she'll be up and fighting again in no time, just give her a day or two. Aheheheheh.
LUCY: Phew. Well that's a releif.
BART: If Dark Maggie was given a similar strike, then we have a chance to attack her while she's recovering.
MARK: Can you really do it without Maggie though?
LISA: He's right Bart. Maggie is the only person who is capable of taking Dark Maggie down. They're the same.
BART: That should be the reason why Maggie shouldnt fight her. Dark Maggie would be able to counter Maggie's actions move for move.
MAGGIE: Then I'll invent some sort of surprise attack.

The FAMILY turns their attention to MAGGIE who still has her head wrapped up now in proper bandaging.

LUCY: You were listening?
MAGGIE: Just because I'm weak doesnt mean I dont hear things Lucy. I think it's about time that I defeated Dark Maggie once and for all.
HOMER: How do you know that she wont keep coming back?
MAGGIE: I no longer have Mako in me anymore. Thats what caused her to come back this time. Since it's not there anymore, how can she?
BART: That sounds like a plan. But what should we do first?
LUCY: Duh. We should regroup at Firion's house.
MARK: Then what?
LUCY: We just find out if they have anything new. Right Maggie.
LUCY: Maggie?

The FAMILY turn to MAGGIE.

MAGGIE: Zzz... Zzz... Zzz...
MARGE: Maybe you kids should just go home and get some rest. I'll stay here with Maggie.
HOMER: Okay Marge. Come on Kids. I'll drop you off Mark.
MARK: Thanks Mr. Simpson.

MARGE sits in a chair next to MAGGIE's bed. HOMER, BART, LISA, LUCY and MARK leave. HOMER drives everyone home.

The following day. HOMER, BART, LISA, and LUCY arrive at the ward to find MARGE and MAGGIE still sleeping though MAGGIE's bandages are now removed, MARGE hears them come in though.

HOMER: So how is she.
MARGE: She's fine. Dr. Hibbert said that she'd be able to leave today.
LUCY: That's good news.
MAGGIE: Ugh...

MAGGIE tries to get up.

MARGE: Take it easy sweetie.
MARGE: Give yourself a couple of hours to get your strength, you're still pretty weak.
HOMER: Yeah sweetie.

A Few hours later.

MAGGIE fully recovered with a scar over her right eye fully dressed in a new set of clothes walks down the hall with the rest of the family out of the main hospital doors.

LUCY: Hey Maggie. Here. You'll be needing this.

LUCY hands her the Maggie Blade 2.

MAGGIE: Thanks.

MAGGIE sends it away in a bright light around her hand. Are we ready to take on Dark Maggie?
MARGE: Already?
MAGGIE: The sooner this over the better for the Universe.
BART: Should we talk to Mark?
MAGGIE: Nah. I dont want him involved anymore.
LUCY: Ouch.
MAGGIE: Hey, it's not like that. I'm just concerned for his saftey. He doesnt have any real training.
LISA: Neither did me and Bart but that didnt stop you from asking for our help.
MAGGIE: You have MORE training than he does okay. What am I, on trial?

The FAMILY laugh at MAGGIE. HOMER drives to FRINK's house. BART, LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY all get out.

MAGGIE: We'll see you after all this is over okay!
MARGE: Just be more careful sweetie!
MAGGIE: I will mom!

The kids enter FRINK's house.

FRINK: Maggie you're okay! That's some scar you got there!
MAGGIE: Pretty cool huh?
FRINK: No. But nevermind that. What's our next plan of action?
BART: We head back to Fynn.
MAGGIE: This should be our final trip into Gaia and beyond.
FRINK: Hop in then!

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY all get into the car. On the streets FRINK drives it to 88 then they disappear to Gaia.

Outside Baron, they are greeted by LOCKE, TERRA, ZACK and CLOUD.

MAGGIE: Zack? Cloud? What are you two doing here?
LOCKE: I went to Midgar. I asked Zack and Cloud if they were willing to help out.
ZACK: It's been kinda dull lately. I wanted to see some action again.
MAGGIE: Well. We can do with more help. Thanks.
CLOUD: Dont mention it. So where are we going?
MAGGIE: We will head to Planet R to a town called Fynn. Our other allies are waiting there. Hopefully gathering more information on where we can find Dark Maggie.
ZACK: Alright. So how do we get to Planet R?
MAGGIE: On the Ragnarok. Over there.

MAGGIE shows ZACK and CLOUD to the Ragnarok where BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY, TERRA, LOCKE, ZACK, CLOUD and FRINK board. At the Bridge, FRINK takes off. BART and LUCY are at the lazer firing ports ready to fight.

On Planet R, FRINK automatically flies the Ragnarok back to Fynn. BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY, LOCKE, TERRA, ZACK and CLOUD get off and knock on FIRION's door. FIRION answers.

FIRION: You made it back!
CLOUD: Firion?
FIRION: Cloud?! What are you doing here?
CLOUD: I came to help Maggie. What about you?
FIRION: I live here.
FIRION: Oh sorry.

FIRION steps out of the way to let BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY, LOCKE, TERRA, ZACK and CLOUD into the house. They join with SQUALL, RINOA, ZELL, CECIL, BARTZ and GALUF.

CECIL: Cloud?
CLOUD: Cecil?
MAGGIE: Oh geez. Does everyone know everyone in this damn universe!
LUCY: Anyway, have you guys found anything?
SQUALL: Yeah. We found that there's a student in Balamb Garden who may know something.
MAGGIE: Did you find out what that was?
SQUALL: I cant do it. If I do, it'd start a panic.
MAGGIE: Why would it?
SQUALL: Because I'm the commander of the Garden.
MAGGIE: Then that means you have a large number of soliders at your disposal stupid!
ZELL: Not quite, most of them are students, they wouldnt have a chance against Dark Maggie.
LISA: So we'll have to find out who it is and ask them ourselves right?
SQUALL: Thats the plan. I can get you into the garden, but there is a strict dress code that even I cant override.
MAGGIE: What do you mean?
SQUALL: I'm afraid you'll need to wear our school uniform.
BART: Uniform? Eww.
LISA: Well... we dont exactly have a choice. Where can we go about buying the uniforms.
SQUALL: There's store that sells them in town. I'll go with you.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY and SQUALL leave the house and head to the clothes store in town. SQUALL guides them to what uniform they'll need. Back at FIRION's house. BART enters one room alone, while LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY go into another together.

Later, BART comes out, he is now wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, with a black neck tie and black trousers, and standard black shoes, LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY follow soon after. LISA and MAGGIE are both wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, with a navy blue sweater vest and a red neck-bow tie, a grey pleated mini-skirt, navy blue knee-high socks and white strapped shoes. LUCY has a white long-sleeved shirt, with a green neck-bow tie and a red pleated skirt, red knee-high socks and black strapped shoes.

MAGGIE: Who in their right mind would wear a uniform like this?!
LUCY: I dunno. I kinda like it.
SQUALL: All the Garden uniforms are like that. Dont ask me why the uniforms are like that, it's not like I designed them.
MAGGIE: Whatever, lets just get this over with, I cant stand these clothes.

SQUALL, ZELL and RINOA take BART, LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY to Balamb Garden.

At the Front Gate, The SIMPSONS are stopped by a security guard

GUARD: Hey, I've never seen you four here before...
SQUALL: It's okay. They're new students. They're with us.
GUARD: Sorry sir. I didnt realise they were with you. Proceed.

In the main lobby.

SQUALL: Why dont you guys check the place out. You have my authority on free roam of the Garden, with you wearing our uniforms no one would be suspicous.
MAGGIE: Is that why you had us wear them then?
SQUALL: That, and to get you in.
LISA: How come you dont need to wear the uniform?
ZELL: We've already graduated. Once you do so, you can wear whatever you want.
MAGGIE: Why couldnt we pretend like we already graduated?
SQUALL: It doesnt work like that. They check against a register and you have to have a valid ID card. Since you're in uniform, we can get you in as new students. Anyway, I'm going to go upstairs and talk to Quistis, if I need you, I'll call you on the intercom. Here's a map if you get lost. If you need me, come up to the third floor. Thats where I'll be. Take this pass, it'll grant you access to the floor on the elevator.

SQUALL, ZELL and RINOA leave the SIMPSONS for the elevator.

MAGGIE: Well. May as well tour the place and ask about Dark Maggie.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY tour the school. In the cafetaria.

LUCY: Ooooh. Hot Dogs! I'm hungry!
MAGGIE: I suppose we could stop for a bite to eat.

At the counter.

CATEERER: Can I help you?
MAGGIE: Uh yeah. We'll take six Hot Dogs...
LISA: You got any fresh salads?
CATEERER: Yes, we do.
LISA: I'll take one of those.
CATERRER: Do you have your student IDs?
MAGGIE: Uh. Not with us no.
CATEERER: Well, do you have anything that would label you as students of Garden.
MAGGIE: All we have is this card given to us by Squall.
CATEERER: That is his signature. Okay. That'll still be 350 Gil though.
MAGGIE: No problem.

MAGGIE hands over the cash as she takes a tray over to a table where BART, LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY sit down to eat.

Just as they finish up, SELPHIE runs in.

SELPHIE: He's not here either?
CATEERER: Who are you looking for Selphie?
SELPHIE: Squall. I'd normally catch him with a couple of hot dogs around now.
MAGGIE: Squall? He's in his office upstairs.
SELPHIE: How do you know that?
MAGGIE: He got us into the Garden. What's the problem?
SELPHIE: I dont think that I should discuss it with new students. Thanks for the information though.

SELPHIE leaves.

LUCY: Think we should go follow her to Squall?
MAGGIE: Nah. It's not connected to Dark Maggie. Lets ask around about that.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, and LUCY leave the Cafetaria just as there is an announcement from SQUALL.

SQUALL: Attention, this is Squall. Will the party from Springfield please come up to the bridge ASAP. I repeat, will the party from Springfield please come up to the bridge ASAP.
MAGGIE: Looks like we need to see him after all. Lets go.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY get on the elevator, and tell it to go to the 3rd Floor but it doesnt respond.

MAGGIE: Stupid elevator. Why wont it respond?
LISA: Why not try that card Squall gave us?
MAGGIE: Oh yeah.

MAGGIE swipes the card that SQUALL gave her. The doors then close.

On the 3rd Floor. BART, LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY run into the bridge.

SQUALL: Glad you made it.
SELPHIE: Them! They're the special agents? But they're newbies.
MAGGIE: Hey watch it. I could take you on easily.
RINOA: Thats enough you two.
LUCY: What's going on Squall?
SQUALL: We're going to have to go into battle.
LISA: Against who?
SQUALL: Some race called Equalians.
BART: Equalians? That sounds familar.
LISA: Bart, remember that fantasy novel I wrote with Juliet eight years ago? That was set in Equalia.
QUISTIS: So you know all about them then?
LISA: Not really. But if Juliet is involved then, I should probably talk to her.
SQUALL: Alright. Lisa, you can be our ambassador for this.
LISA: Alright.
SQUALL: Bart, Maggie, Lucy, will you assist us?
MAGGIE: Of course.

SQUALL activates the mic.

SQUALL: Everybody, this is Squall. We have recieved word of a major army force heading for Garden. So I'm sure you know that we must prepare for battle. So here are my orders, the first and second class sabers should gather in the parking lot, students with an MD Rank of 3 or above, should go to the second floor deck and wait for further instructions from me, be sure to warm yourselves up. If your student ID is odd, head for the front gate and follow the instructions given by Maggie Simpson and Quistis Trepe, if it is even head for the Quad and await instructions from Bart Simpson and Zell Dincht. If your student ID ends with 8, take care of the Junior Classmen, Selphie Tilmitt and Lucy Simpson will assist you. That is all, so give everything you've got!

SQUALL deactivates the mic.

LUCY: Are you sure you can trust us to give orders?
SQUALL: You're young, but you know what you're doing.
MAGGIE: Alright. Shall we go?

MAGGIE leaves with QUISTIS to the front gate, LUCY goes with SELPHIE, and BART goes with ZELL. LISA stays with SQUALL and RINOA.

LISA, SQUALL and RINOA head to the second floor deck. SQUALL talks to the students and issues orders to them directly. He along with LISA and RINOA head down to the first floor to the quad.

SQUALL: How are things going here?
ZELL: We're all ready to strike. Hopefully this will be the VERY last time that we have to fight in our home.
SQUALL: Right.
BART: We'll be ready to take down these Equalians before they know what just happened.
SQUALL: Okay. The Quad is in your hands. Lisa, Rinoa, lets check up on the front gate.
RINOA: Right.
LISA: Okay.

LISA, SQUALL and RINOA head to the Front Gate to check up on MAGGIE and QUISTIS.

SQUALL: How is everything here.
MAGGIE: All pumped and ready to fight.
SQUALL: Good. Here they come!

Monsters start to pour into the Garden. The Front Gate team ready themselves. LISA, MAGGIE, SQUALL, RINOA and QUISTIS all draw their weapons. Suddenly, a two-horned unicorn busts through, SQUALL and RINOA are distracted fighting something else. LISA, MAGGIE and QUISTIS fight it.

BOSS: TWONICORN (Party: Lisa, Maggie, Quistis)

LISA: That was a twonicorn!
MAGGIE: A Twonicorn?
LISA: You know. A Unicorn, but with two horns.
QUISTIS: Whats the significance of that?
LISA: It means that Juliet is definatley behind this.

Just then, NIDA the pilot calls SQUALL from the intercom.

NIDA: Squall! The enemy is coming in from above. Head to the Classroom, the Junior Classmen are there!

SQUALL: Right, we're heading to the 2F Classroom. Lisa, Rinoa, Come on! Maggie, Qusistis, you stay here and defend this area.
MAGGIE: Alright.

LISA, SQUALL and RINOA head to the 2F Classroom where they find LUCY and SELPHIE along with a bunch of kids. Just as some HOMER-Looking ogre things attack.

BOSS: 4 HOMERONI (Party: Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Squall, Rinoa, Selphie)

HOMERONI: Dispose of the garden as planned!
LISA: Dispose?!

The defeat the ogre.

SQUALL: Good work. Now, take them someplace safe.

SELPHIE and LUCY leave with the kids. NIDA calls SQUALL on the intercom.

NIDA: Squall! Come up to the bridge! Dr. Kadowaki is here!
SQUALL: What does she want?

LISA, SQUALL and RINOA head to the bridge. DR. KADOWAKI is there.

KADOWAKI: What's the situation.
SQUALL: Pretty bad. We were able to hold off the first two waves of monsters, but if there's another wave, I dont think we'll be able to hold them.
KADOWAKI: So this is the end?

MAGGIE and QUISTIS show up.

KADOWAKI: How's your team?
MAGGIE: Pretty bad. There's too many to attack at once.

BART makes his appearence.

BART: Ours isnt much better. Zell's still downstairs trying his best to keep them back.
SQUALL: Alone?
BART: Actually, Selphie and Lucy got split up. Lucy is with Zell now, she's helping him.
RINOA: Tough kid.
LISA: So what are we going to do?
MAGGIE: Why dont we go on an all out offensive and just charge at them cutting everyone down in our path?
MAGGIE: They've been charging at us this whole time, why dont we do the same?
BART: She does have a point you know.
KADOWAKI: Squall, you're forgetting something important.

KADOWAKI boards the lift, followed by SQUALL.

KADOWAKI: Talk to your men, Squall. Encourage them. Motivate them.
NIDA: Have you forgotten Squall, everyone looks up to you.

SQUALL activates the Mic, downstairs, BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY, ZELL RINOA, QUISTIS and SELPHIE at the front gate.

SQUALL: ......Everybody. This is Squall. How's everyone doing? I know you're all probably too tired to stand up right now after all the fighting, but I want everyone to listen to me. We still have a chance to fight back. But I'm going to need your help. This should be our final battle within our home. We're going to strike back before they get the chance to come in again. To do that, we're going to charge straight for their base, so prepare for a major collision. Take care of the Junior Classmen. Zell, Quistis, Selphie, Rinoa, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Lucy will lead the attack into their base. As for everyone else, please support them if you can. I'll be on hand to join them later. I know this has been a grueling battle, I'm sure you're all exhausted, but I dont want to have any regrets. I dont want anyone to look back and regret this day. So give it everything you've got! For yourselves, for the Garden... and for me...
KADOWAKI: You did good. That was great. Okay, lets bash into them!

NIDA pilots the Garden straight for them. They collide. BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY, ZELL, RINOA, QUISTIS and SELPHIE all dash out into their base.

SELPHIE: You bet!
MAGGIE: Lets do this thing!

They come across some guards.


BOSS: 4 HOMERONIS (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Zell, Quistis, Rinoa, Selphie)

SQUALL arrives on the second floor.

SeeD MEMBER: Please help! Bryan has disappeared!

SQUALL eventually finds the kid down the hall.

SQUALL: Hey kid. Are you alright?
BRYAN: Yeah.
SQUALL: There's a girl down the hall. I want you to run to her okay?
BRYAN: Okay.

BRYAN runs away, just then a Homeroni with a jet pack attacks SQUALL. SQUALL manages to beat the Homeroni with his fists then uses the jet pack to lower himself to the ground by the enemies base.

LUCY: Squall! You made it!
QUISTIS: Are you alright?
SQUALL: I'm fine.
LISA: So Juliet, is somewhere around here?
BART: Lis, I know the friendship you had, but forget it. She's our enemy now. You wont win thinking like that. She chose to fight us, so you have to fight back. We dont have any choice. At least, thats what I think. We've come along way in this quest against Dark Maggie, we may as well finish it.
MAGGIE: But Bart, how do you know Dark Maggie is involved in this?
BART: I dont. It's just a weird feeling I have.
LISA: You're right Bart. I have to forget the past. She caused this needless fighting. I have to end it by my own hand.
BART: Good for you Lis.
SQUALL: Alright, lets go.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY, SQUALL, ZELL, RINOA, QUISTIS and SELPHIE make their way through the base and eventually find JULIET with DARK MAGGIE.

LISA: Juliet?!
JULIET: Lisa?!
LUCY: Look at her forehead!

LUCY points out that JULIET has a slave crown on.

MAGGIE: You bitch! Getting more people to do your bidding are you?
DARK MAGGIE: She was weak.
LISA: So what? That doesnt give you the right to manipulate her!
DARK MAGGIE: Of course it does. These weaklings need to know their place.
LUCY: Hey! I wasnt weak!
MAGGIE: Thats right. Lucy was like ten minutes old before you kidnapped her!
DARK MAGGIE: Okay, enough babble. Show me. Juliet, attack.

BOSS: JULIET HOBBES (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Squall, Zell, Quistis, Rinoa, Selphie)

JULIET collapses after her defeat. LISA walks up to her as she pulls off the Slave Crown. DARK MAGGIE sinks into the ground.


But DARK MAGGIE doesnt listen, instead there is a note left behind. It reads "SPRINGFIELD TOWER, EST. 3409"

JULIET: Oh my head. What happened?
LISA: It's okay now Juliet.
JULIET: Lisa? Where am I?
SQUALL: You're on Planet R, in an Equalian Base.
JULIET: Equalian?
LISA: It's like that novel we wrote.
JULIET: But that was only imaginary.
MAGGIE: It's a little bit complicated, but maybe someone read your book and used science to make it real in the next three thousand years.
JULIET: What are you talking about?
LISA: This is the future for us. We're in the year 5009.
JULIET: And how did I get here?
LISA: Beats me. Probably Dark Maggie found you in Springfield and brought you here.
MAGGIE: We should probably be getting back to the others in Fynn.

BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY, JULIET, SQUALL, ZELL, and RINOA return to Fynn while QUISTIS and SELPHIE return to Garden. The group meets up again with FRINK, LOCKE, TERRA, ZACK, CLOUD, CECIL, BARTZ, GALUF and FIRION.

LOCKE: How did it go?
MAGGIE: Decent. We saw Dark Maggie, but she escapsed before we had a chance to fight her. She did leave this card though.
LOCKE: "Springfield Tower, Established 3409"? I dont get it.
FIRION: Maybe it is her main headquarters?
MAGGIE: In Springfield? That would be too obvious. How could we miss that?
FIRION: It says Established 3409, you're from 2009 right? So it wouldnt exist for another 1,400 years for you.
MAGGIE: Oh yeah right. So our next plan is settled then, we head to Springfield, 3409 and beat Dark Maggie once and for all. Is everyone in?
ALL: Yeah!
MAGGIE: Sweet! But first, I have to get out of these retarded clothes!

BART, LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY all leave the room, with BART in one room and LISA, MAGGIE and LUCY in the other. After a while the four kids return back in their normal clothes.

MAGGIE: Okay, now we can go.


FRINK: I anticipated a large group for the final battle, I rewired the Ragnarok into a Time Machine too.
MAGGIE: So we can get to Springfield straight from here?
FRINK: Sadly not, it will only work from Gaia.
MAGGIE: Set a course for Gaia then.

FRINK flies the Ragnarok back to Gaia where BART and LUCY again fire lazers at enemies.

FRINK brings the Ragnarok into the atmosphere of Gaia.

FRINK: Hang on, we're about to head to Springfield 3410. Prepare for Temporal Displacement.
MAGGIE: Why 3410?
FRINK: Just trust me.
MAGGIE: Whatever...

FRINK turns on the time controls and they disapper in a bright light.

The Ragnarok reappears in a Futuristic Springfield, very reminisent of New New York in Futurama with tubes and hovercars everywhere. Many locations while still the same names, are very different, the Nuclear Power Plant is still there but not nuclear anymore, the Kwik-E-Mart is a multi-story mall, Moe's is now a large chain-bar company, named after Moe, and the Simpson House, is totally different with a new colour scheme and more technological advancements.

MAGGIE: So where is this Springfield Tower?
LISA: I dont know. Why dont we head to the town center? We may find something there.
MAGGIE: Alright. It's worth a shot.

They reach the town center, where they find that the JEBEDIAH SPRINGFIELD statue has been replaced with one of DARK MAGGIE.

BART: What the?! What happened to the town statue of Jebediah Springfield.

Decentants of LENNY and CARL walks by.

BART: Hey guys, what happened to the town statue of Jebediah Springfield?
LENNY'S DECENDANT: Who's Jebediah Springfield?
LISA: Huh? Jebediah Springfield is town founder of Springfield.
BART: Yeah.
CARL'S DECENDANT: No. Dark Maggie is the town founder. Everyone knows that. We've never heard of Jebediah Springfield.
LISA: What about Hans Sprungfeld, the blood-thirsty pirate?
LENNY'S DECENDANT: Nope. Not him either.
MAGGIE: Never Mind Lisa.
LENNY'S DECENDANT: Say, you look familiar, have we seen you before?
MAGGIE: I dont think so...
CARL'S DECENDANT: Yeah, you look like that famous Sword Weilding Policewoman of Springfield Maggie Simpson I read about in those history books.
MAGGIE: Well... I AM Maggie Simpson.
CARL'S DECENDANT: That's impossible. She's been dead for like 1,350 years.
MAGGIE: Do you want proof. Here.

MAGGIE summons the Maggie Blade 2 into her hands, and hands it to them.

LENNY'S DECENDANT: Pah. A cheap knockoff.
LISA: Maggie, we dont have time for this. Just forget about it. Can you tell us where the Springfield Tower is?
CARL'S DECENDANT: Sure, it's right behind you.
LISA: That's convenient.

The SIMPSONS Turn around and discover what it really is.

BART: That's the Town Hall!
LISA: She must have remoddeled the Town Hall into some kind of high rise version.
MAGGIE: That is just wrong. Lets go kick her ass.

The GROUP charge their way through into the building. They are met by an RECEPTIONIST.

RECEPTIONIST: Can I help you?
MAGGIE: We're here to see Dark Maggie.
RECEPTIONIST: Can I ask what this is regarding?
MAGGIE: We're here to kick her ass.
RECEPTIONIST: I was told not to let anyone through fitting your description...
RECEPTIONIST: And to do this.

The RECEPTIONST Presses a button and the GROUP falls through a trap door. In a huge heap, MAGGIE speaks up.

MAGGIE: Is everyone alright.
FIRION: Yeah. But it would be nice if you all got off of me!

It is found that everyone is piled on top of FIRION. DARK MAGGIE speaks over an intercom.

DARK MAGGIE: Welcome to my humble abode my worthy counterpart! How do you like!
MAGGIE: Not much I must say.
DARK MAGGIE: Thats too bad. I had it designed specifically for your visit in mind.
MAGGIE: So you did all this crap all these years just lure me here.
DARK MAGGIE: If you want.
MAGGIE: Where are you?!
DARK MAGGIE: I am at the very top of the building. You can see me that is if you are able to navigate my challenges.
MAGGIE: What kind of challenges?
DARK MAGGIE: Call it a Boss Gauntlet. On each floor you must face four of my minions from previous Final Fantasy games. There are eleven floors total. I am on the eleventh.
MAGGIE: Alright. Bring it on.
DARK MAGGIE: Proceed through the door then.

A door opens up.

LISA: Maggie do you really think that we can take on Fourty bosses one after the other?
MAGGIE: Thats the thing Lisa, there's 17 of us, and with four of us going into battle, everyone can participate in a battle on each floor.
LISA: I never thought of it like that.
LUCY: Nice Strategy Maggie. Lets go.
MAGGIE: Right.


DARK MAGGIE: Welcome to the first floor. On each floor there are four rooms, each containing one of the bosses. Only four party members may enter the room at a time, and only one party can be active at a time. This applies to every floor. After the first four party members have entered a room, all the doors will close. You may chose the party members how you see fit.
MAGGIE: Good enough for me!
DARK MAGGIE: You'll fight four bosses from the ten Final Fantasy games in order. This floor's bosses are from Final Fantasy I.

MAGGIE selects four party members for each of the four rooms on the First Floor.

BOSS: LICH (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: MALARIS (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: KRAKEN (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: TIAMAT (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)

MAGGIE: Well done everyone. Lets move on.

The door to the second floor opens.

MAGGIE: Lets move on and fight these four bosses from Final Fantasy II.

BOSS: BEELZEBUB (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: ASTAROTH (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: KING BEHEMOTH (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: IRON GIANT (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)

MAGGIE: Great work everyone. Lets move on to the next floor.

The door to the third floor opens.

????: Firion!


FIRION: Emperor Mateus!
MATEUS: Have you given up that stupid dream of yours?!
FIRION: Of course not. Everyone should be able to live free in the universe!
LUCY: That's right. Humans arent slaves to other humans, and shouldnt be abused.
MATEUS: The weak minded can do nothing but be abused.
LUCY: Wrong. It is the weak who are the stronger entity. It is the manipulators who are weak by having to manipulate others into doing their bidding.
MATEUS: Oh, you will regret those words!

BOSS: EMEPEROR MATEUS (Party: Lucy, Firion)

MATEUS: Ubbbboooooaaaaarrrrrr!

MATEUS then disappears dead. The GROUP moves on to the third floor.

MAGGIE: Lets get these bosses from Final Fantasy III done then shall we?

BOSS: 2 HEADED DRAGON (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: CERBERUS (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: ECHIDNA (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: AHRIMAN (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)

MAGGIE: We're on a roll! Great work guys. Lets move on to the next floor.

The door opens up and the GROUP moves on to the next floor.

MAGGIE: Lucy, why dont you pick the teams this time. Make a little variation.
LUCY: Okay.

LUCY picks the teams for the battles from Final Fantasy IV.

BOSS: MIST DRAGON (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: ASURA (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: LEVIATHAN (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: BAHUMAT (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)

MAGGIE: Nice work everyone. Lets move on to floor number five, we're doing well here!

The door to the next floor opens and the GROUP moves on.

MAGGIE: Moving onto the battles from Final Fantasy V.

BOSS: ATAMOS (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: NECROPHOBE (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: OMEGA (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: SHINRYU (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)

MAGGIE: Man, those battles took forever!
????: They're not over yet!
MAGGIE: Who goes there!

EXDEATH appears.


Not wasting any time, they fight him.

BOSS: EXDEATH (Party: Bartz, Galuf)

MAGGIE: How random. Uh.. moving on shall we?

The group moves onto the next floor.

BOSS: TYPHON (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: ULTROS (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: HUMBABA (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: DEATHGAZE (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)

????: Hehehehehehhehe.

KEFKA appears.

MAGGIE: Come back for more eh?
LOCKE: We're in no time to talk Kefka.
KEFKA: That's too bad. I had a really nice gift for you. Death!
MAGGIE: Rrrrrrrright.

BOSS: KEFKA PALAZZO (Party: Maggie, Locke, Terra)

The door opens to the next floor and the GROUP proceeds, DARK MAGGIE speaks over the intercom.

DARK MAGGIE: Impressive. But your quest ends here.
MAGGIE: We'll see about that. We can take anything you dish out.
DARK MAGGIE: Oh really? Try these on for size.

BOSS: JENOVA BIRTH (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: JENOVA LIFE (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: JENOVA DEATH (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: JENOVA SYNTHESIS (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)

MAGGIE: Great work guys. Lets move on.

The door to the Final Fantasy VIII floor opens. The GROUP moves on.

BOSS: SPHINXARA (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: TRAUMA (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: GARGANTUA (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: CATOBLEPAS (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)

MAGGIE: We're almost there guys, two more floors to go!

The GROUP moves on to the Final Fantasy IX floor

BOSS: MELTIGEMINI (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: TAHARKA (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: GIZAMALUKE (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: NOVA DRAGON (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)

The group moves onto the Final Fantasy X floor.

LISA: Before we fight these minions, can we take a break?
MAGGIE: Sure thing Lisa. We're all a little tired.

DARK MAGGIE appears on the intercom.

DARK MAGGIE: Chickening out are we?
MAGGIE: Never!
DARK MAGGIE: Then shouldnt you be fighting?!
MAGGIE: So we cant rest to prepare ourselves then?
DARK MAGGIE: Hah. Weakling.
MAGGIE: I'll show you. I'll take the next one on alone.
DARK MAGGIE: Ooooh. That should be entertaining. Take the bottom-left door then.


MAGGIE comes out of the room.

LUCY: How was it?
MAGGIE: Well, it was easier than I thought, all it did was use Demi spells.
LUCY: Meaning?
MAGGIE: Meaning, I was in no danger at all. It makes me wonder why Dark Maggie would have me fight that thing.
LISA: There are still three rooms to go from Final Fantasy X.
MAGGIE: Right. I'll let you handle it Lis. I'll sit the rest out.
LISA: Alright.

LISA picks the parties for the following three battles.

BOSS: SINSPAWN GENEAUX (Party: Bart, Lisa, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: SINSPAWN GUI (Party: Bart, Lisa, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)
BOSS: SINSPAWN GENAIS (Party: Bart, Lisa, Lucy, Juliet, Locke, Terra, Zack, Cloud, Squall, Zell, Rinoa, Cecil, Bartz, Galuf, Firion)

The final door opens to the eleventh floor the group proceeds through. DARK MAGGIE is there, her hair is covering over her right eye like an eyepatch.

DARK MAGGIE: Welcome to my floor.
MAGGIE: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Whatever.
DARK MAGGIE: Oh? Not in the mood for talking are we?
MAGGIE: There's only one reason why I'm here, to end this so that I may never have to take up the Maggie Blade again.
LOCKE: What?!
DARK MAGGIE: Oh, you want to end the fighting do you? We'll that's easy enough. Just bow down to me, and it'll all stop.
MAGGIE: Hah. Unlikely. I know myself, and as such I also know you. Being my polar opposite.
DARK MAGGIE: Well. If you wont bow down to me, I suppose I can give you the next best thiing. DEATH!

BOSS: DARK MAGGIE (Party: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Lucy)

DARK MAGGIE fall to the floor.


MAGGIE walks away leaving her for dead.

DARK MAGGIE: HAHAHAHA. Dont think I'm beaten yet.

She presses a button on a remote.

MAGGIE: What did you just do?
DARK MAGGIE: I just activated the largest bomb this town has ever seen.
DARK MAGGIE: Think you can get out of town in time?
LUCY: Where's the bomb?
DARK MAGGIE: It's so small that it's not even visible to the naked eye.
MAGGIE: What's the count?!
DARK MAGGIE: Fifteen Minutes. Think you can get out of town in time. This things powerful enough to destroy the entire town.
MAGGIE: Right, everyone, lets get out of here. We'll show this bitch. Lets get back to the Ragnarok, quickly.

MAGGIE then stabs DARK MAGGIE in the chest one final time with her sword.

The GROUP makes their way back down the town hall building and out onto the street where they find the Ragnarok. On the Bridge.

MAGGIE: Professor, you have to get us out of town, quickly. Dark Maggie activated a bomb that will destroy the entire town.
FRINK: Couldnt you stop it?
MAGGIE: How can we? I dont know anything about bomb disposal. Now hurry!
FRINK: Glayvin.

FRINK flies the Ragnarok out of town, just as a huge mushroom cloud engulfs the entire town.

MAGGIE: I cant believe she actually did that.
LUCY: Shouldnt we do something about it?
MAGGIE: Like what?
LUCY: I dunno, maybe try to stop Dark Maggie from pressing that remote?
LISA: That would cause Time Paradoxes. In the year 5009, we saw Springfield clearly in ruins. If we stopped Dark Maggie from causing it, then it could destory the universe. Granted, that is the worse case scenario, it could be localised mearly to our own galaxy.
LUCY: Well, that's a relief.
BART: Why dont we just head home. It's all over now. Hopefully, forever.
MAGGIE: Yeah. Lets go home. It's all over.

FRINK takes everyone back to Gaia and drops everyone off at their hometowns, and then afterwards to Planet R doing the same. Just BART, LISA, MAGGIE, LUCY and FRINK are on board now he flies it back home to Springfield.


MARGE is enrolling LUCY into School in PRINCIPAL SKINNER'S Office, BART and JENDA are at their graduation, LISA and COLIN are out on a date, MAGGIE is applying as a traniee to the police department and HOMER is looking for a better job somewhere.


Cut back to Springfield Elementary, in the fourth grade class where MRS. KRAPABBEL is handing 10 year old BART a fat book that has BART's name up top, along with an B-, the title on the book is "Simpsons Fantasy".

KRABPPAEL: Very nice work Bart. I liked the way you included the characters alongside real people. You did violate a number of copyright laws though.
BART: Yeah, thats the drawback to Fan Fiction. It's kind of a greyarea.
KRABAPPEL: Really? Hmmm... Still, I had to deduct points for it. Still, it is very impressive. Especailly for you. I wasnt expecting you to take this project all that seriously.

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