An Unfeasible Truth
Written By: Omar Arriaga

It wasn't the same without the entire family, and as far as they tried to live without Lisa's infernal racket and Bart's mischievous demeanor it was hopeless, *not even Maggie* could fill the emptiness they left, still that feeling from seclusion which has been felt in that house for almost five years was about to end, Marge was trying her best on what she was good at "the fine cuisine," The thought of having the family together again was almost a reality, now the only thing left to do was to wait for the cherished occasion.

She was getting everything ready for her loving daughter graduation's party "Time goes like a breeze," she thought, after remembering those good old days when Lisa was just an eight year old girl, activist and urgently looking forward to get into an University, then after a long sigh, she noticed that it was getting late, and started to search for the best dinnerware she had thinking that after long four years of absence, Lisa only deserved the best.

While Maggie was walking down the stairs, trying to find what to do for Lisa's party someone rang the bell, "Maggie could you get that please?" Homer asked politely, she was the kind of a girl always looking for excuses to disobey, at school, to her own friends, like Bart she was a mischievous little girl, and added to that she was also a rebel, but since she was at arm's reach from the doorknob, she didn't hesitated on obeying her father, after opening the door she saw Bart, who had also been gone since he graduated from high school five years ago, found a job at the local radio station and was living with Jessica Lovejoy in a small apartment at the outskirts of Shelbyville.

"Oh Bart, am I glad to see you? I never thought you'd be coming." Hugging her old brother, "come on Maggie; did you actually thought I would let pass my nerdish little sister's graduation dinner? Of course not! I couldn't miss it for anything in the world," he spoke, then grabbed her and starts tickling her, *both laughing* "come on Bart I'm too old for that," she manage to lose his grip, "Ok, ok, how is my baby sister doing? Still getting on your teachers nerves?" "Well..." she continued "I haven't been a nice student, but my grades are doing well," "Good to hear that," Bart responded.

Marge shouts could be heard all the way from the kitchen, "Who is it honey?!" and Bart interrupts her before she cold say a word, "It's me Mom, Bart," making Marge to come out of the kitchen like crazy while still having her hands dirty with the gravy she was preparing, "Bart you made it! Oh my special little guy," while hugging him "Lisa's going to be so happy when she finds out you made it too;" then surprised asks, "how come? I thought they weren't going to give you the day off?" Bart rose his head to see her mother directly into the eyes, seeing his mom joyfulness; "Well mom is like this, I asked Jessica yesterday to take my place for a few hours, she is as experienced as me if not better, and she never hesitated in fact she wanted me to come."

"Where's Dad?" Bart asked impatiently, "hah.... Where do you think he is? At the couch drinking and watching TV," Bart walking towards the TV-room says "ok I'll go ahead and say hi to him, "Ok Bart" and went back to her duties at the kitchen; she needed to get everything ready and so took Maggie with her to speed things up. "Hey Homer, how are you? How is the pacemaker working?" he asked, "oh Bart it was you, I thought it was Patty and Selma," *and starts trembling for a moment* "those two would have caused this little thingy to stop working for sure...." And both start laughing; he continued as he rose from the couch, "oh no, another love handle and I thought I was losing weight," Bart laughing his ass off "come on dad, it could be useful as a lifesaver if you ever fall at sea."

After a few moments, when everything was ready the house looked so elegant for as typical as it was, Marge had the nice touch of making everything look nice out of the most common things, part of being a house wife and a great homemaker, in the outside Maggie had placed a superb ornament right in the center of the door with a welcome sign on it saying: "Welcome home our lovely child," inside, the hallway was full of pink, white and blue balloons, the kitchen looked like one French epicurean restaurant, every little detail was perfect from the candles to the dinnerware, from the table covers to the curtains, one side of the table was full of gifts and letters, that the family had put together specially for her, Her room was intact just as she left it when she left for college, Maggie had always been tempted to learn the sax but never could, however as a special gift for her sister, she cleaned it so good and was able to leave it shiny as a glittering star, with the confidence that her sister would really appreciate this little but jovial detail more than any other gift she could offer, then carefully placed it at the center of her bed without leavin a single fingerprint on it, everything was ready now it was like 7 p.m. and they sat and waited, and waited......

From Lisa's diary, written right after graduation at 5:00 p.m. on the same day.

Today, after I saw the diffidence from my classmates, I felt nothing but chills trough my veins, feeling guilty for no evident reason, but after thinking about it and devising it well I understood, them and I are here for one single reason, flourish and grow in what you believe in hence that's the way life works, still the shyness and insecurity in their faces showed more beneath that casket that surrounds our souls, even mine thus I'm one of them are not sure of what to do next, I feel empty.

Every human being experiences his or her own desire; it is part of a personal treasure and, although, as an emotion, it can drive people away including me into the intensity of fulfilling a goal, a dream, a desire or even to do something out of place like a murder, a crime or such horrible things, but I won't let it, I won't let the guilt I feel get into me cause I did my best and if my classmates did not is not my fault, but as much as I try to place this into my mind the more insecure I feel.

Each day I choose the truth by which to live by. I try to be practical, efficient, professional, but what I would really like is to lessen my loneliness which I'm sure has a lot to do with my anxiety and insecurity, sometimes I over-exaggerate on little things causing me to be farther and farther from my so called friends, because I don't have any, even when I will love to have at least one.

Is almost time to go home now; is a long ride, almost 2 hrs and there is a storm approaching, I'll have to hurry up to meet with my parents again after four full years, hopefully I will find my answers there, maybe my dad's innocence and my mother's kindness will get me back on track, only then I will find true happiness and friends who'll like me.

It was a cloudy afternoon; the fog was making it almost impossible for any driver to see farther that some feet away front of the windshield, yet she continued driving at a paste that it would had been better just to get out of the car and walk, but she was too scared and decided to stay in, it was hurricane season, and according to the news there was one nearby, she knew that in cases like this the best was to stay calm, and look for a shelter, she wanted to turn back but it was the same distance between Springfield and Chicago.

The sinister was getting stronger, it was like she was alone on the highway, and the wind was now moving her small car side to side, causing her to panic, finally after what seemed an eternity she turned the high beams, and saw a bridge while peeking her head out the window, it was around a mile away, making her feel relived.

She decided to reach it before the storm got any worse, so she speeded up a little bit, after driving for so long and almost a quarter of a mile from the bridge, her car started to shake and finally it went dead, "Oh my god now what?" she said as she started to shiver, the stronger winds and rain were now moving her car sideways sending a chill of fear trough her bones, now she was completely blocking one lane of the highway, she could not see anything now not even the bridge thus she had lost her entire orientation, her heart was pounding like crazy, she just wanted to get home, "I have to do something" she said to herself, but before she could say or think anything else a source of was coming directly at her, then all was dark.

A truck had hit her directly on her side; the full impact caused her car to fly towards the bridge and plunged against it, and the truck driver unable to get into full stop crash right into Lisa's car again.

Bart had been waiting for too long now. His boss was going to expect him first thing in the morning, like he promised in order to get this few hours with Lisa; "Come on mom, I don't think she is coming tonight, she might had stopped somewhere on the way, a hotel or a shelter." It was around 11 p.m. and his shift started at 5 in the morning the next day, "Besides I'm sure she is going to call tomorrow when she has the chance and the storm clears out," Marge was getting impatient , "I know, I know, but why she doesn't even call, I'm so worried, this is unlikely of her. Maaaaggieeee!" Homer murmured between his yawning, "Marge she went to bed and hour ago, she was too tired, "Oh, you see I'm just too nervous that I forgot may I have a glass of water please?" "I'll give it to you mom," he rushed toward the kitchen to get the water and on the way took some anxiety pills, " here you go mom drink these, you'll feel better. Then he walks away and grabbed his raincoat. "Ok I think I'd better be going its getting late, and please go to sleep you two, I call you tomorrow ok?" then shuts the door and leaves.

"Do you seriously think she is ok? She cried, "Of course Marge Lisa knows how to take care of herself, don't worry." As he wolfed down a sandwich he had grabbed, "come on let's go to get some shut-eye you look tired too," and in less than 10 minutes they were asleep.

It was 4 in the morning when the phone rang. They were sleeping but since Marge went to bed thinking about the uncertainty of her daughter whereabouts, any little noise for as insignificant as it was could wake her up. "Oh god, that must be Lisa." Falling off the bad and trying to pick the phone up. "Ahem, ahem, Hello?" she whispered not to wake up Homer; she picked it up with such enthusiasm which was wrecked when she heard the Man, "are you related to Lisa Simpson?" Marge could feel her heart skipping a beat and manage to say "yes, I.... I'm her Mother," "I'm Doctor Ron Juvyele from Middletown hospital," he continued; "Mrs. Simpson, this is hard for me to say, but you need to come here immediately," Marge heart sank, she could not believe what she was hearing, an intense mix of horror and grief was visible in her expression. She was not crying, everything happened so fast that she was not fully aware of the possibilities, yet her tears were unceasingly forming around her eyes, she was sobbing in silence, she could hardly talk while the doctor was giving her directions, "But what happened to her Doctor!" she demanded, he didn't have a choice now, he needed to tell the truth for as hard as it was "she got into an accident and..." "And what! What!" doctor deep voice finally said it, "She did not make it;" Like a zombie her face turned then she hanged up, and busted crying, "Homer, Homey, please..., please wake up," he finally open his eyes "Wha... what happened Marge?" Marge face was all wet from the tears her eyes red as flames, nasal phlegm was coming from her nose like water, he could see she was devastated, "Marge what happened, had a bad dream?" Marge hardly able to talk responded, "No Homey its Lisa something happened to her, they just called me from a hospital, she's dead, dead Homey, our little daughter is dead," falling laying on Homer's crying like a little girl, "Oh Marge," Homer's tear was visible trough his half-awake state, " how can this be, my little girl...."

"We have to go now get Maggie. Get the map." Homer said between sobs, Marge rushed over to the second floor and opened Maggie's room. She was still asleep and the sheets all the way up to her nose, "Maggie! Maggie please wake up –we need to go girl– come on lets go," She rose and seeing her Mothers tears and hairdo indicated her that something was terribly wrong, "Mom, What happened? You're crying, is there something wrong?" she didn't say a word, and she started crying again this time she embraced her younger daughter, "Mom, Where's Lisa, Mom! Please answer me, mom! What happened?" Marge gained control of herself and at looked Maggie "She got into an accident *sobbing* we have to get to the hospital so we can recognize the body."

Maggie now fully awake got away from Marge and started walking backwards like if she had just seen a ghost, "Mom, It cannot be, please say it ain´t true, " "for as much as I wish to lie to you I can't," Maggie walked back to Marge's arms and start crying on her shoulder, "Maggie there is nothing we can...., *ohh*. Sniffing we have to go darling come with me, dad is waiting for us in the car."

It was 6 in the morning when they arrive at the hospital, the family was quiet yet their faces had much to say about their feelings, they're souls had just been wrecked in half, finally they got to the place where that doctor had told them, but nobody knew him at all; they did know about Lisa's demise at the car accident, but there was no body to be found they said. The entire place was on fire when assistance arrived and by that time, there was nothing left but charcoaled metal.

Fifty-five years had passed since Lisa's unpredictable demise, Maggie was living in the same house at Evergreen Terrace, she was seventy-one and was the only one left from the Simpson's family, she had a loving family taking care of her, but she was too old now, getting sick almost every day, her husband had died five years ago of cancer, her older daughter had immigrated to England a long time long time ago and hardly called her, her older son was a general for the U.S. Marine Corps and was always busy ordering missions to be carried away and her younger daughter Darla was the only one who had stayed to watch over her, she was still single at the age of thirty, "Mom how do you feel? Are you sure you are going to be ok?"

Darla was about to get out to have sometime with her boyfriend, "yes darling don't you worry, I'll be ok you go ahead and have some fun, distract yourself you deserve it, after all Mrs. Hillborn and I are going to give each other some company, Go ahead but don't forget to call ok," (Mrs. Ann Hillborn had been the nurse that helped Darla for almost fifteen years now, she was like another member of the family, she had given them all her trust and they had given it to her as well.)

Maggie was contemplating the old picture, it was a yellowish picture now but the image could still be seen, It was her family (all of it) in the corner of her eye she peeked and saw Lisa's image then a tear drop formed falling onto the photograph, "Oh Lisa, my lovely sister I just wished I had had the time to tell you how truly I admired you. Here, you see I still have your sax CLEAN as it was when you graduated from college (but the sax was all oxidized now, she couldn't clean it anymore).

She started having chest-pains and called her companion, after a few minutes Mrs. Hillborn arrived and gave her the pills.

At a lab at the outskirts of Shelbyville, there was a laboratory there were making all kinds of illegal experiments sometimes using human fetus to extract D.N.A. and manipulate it, at the end of one room there was a big glass container filled with a fluorescent-blue liquid, someone recognizable was inside, It was Lisa but apparently time hadn't affected her, she appeared exactly as she was fifty-five years ago except for some bruises she still had, but that was nothing compared to how she ended up after that accident, the scientist had implanted her some bionic limbs and her internal organs were all artificial, only her head was the same, but every part of her looked like real flesh, the doctors had finished with her and were about to bring her back from that deep sleep.

Finally they punched the red button and the container was getting emptied, at the end they launched a small shock of electricity trough her body and she open her eyes, trying to focus she gasped and finally spoke "Where am I?" a Doctor responded "Hello Lisa, I know you are puzzled about everything but let me explain, fifty-five years ago you got into a car accident," Lisa surprised "What are you saying that I'm in the future now, wait a minute I can not move, I can't move! What have you done to me?!" The doctor interrupted "please calm down; you cannot move because in the car accident your skeleton was crushed along with your internal organs only your head was intact, lucky you, don't you think? All of your body is artificial now and you won't be able to move until we activate it," Lisa shocked because of what she was listening "And why me, I might as well be dead I have nothing to live for now," she said disheartened.

"You should not say anything yet, when you don't know what's waiting for you outside," she raised her head "what are you trying to say?" "That's better show some enthusiasm, is because of us that you are here, we manage to pulled you out of that car and yes you were dead, but we saved your brain, your sister is alive and if you want to see her you need to hurry up she doesn't have too much time left." Lisa thrilled for what she just had heard tried to move, but again she couldn't, then the doctor push a green button, "now try to move," Lisa moved successfully but couldn't feel anything below her neck, "what is this? I can't feel a thing, I can not believe the irony you were "generous" for giving me a chance to live again yet you are so cold when it comes to feelings."

It was so strange for her to live like this but she knew she had to get used to it, she opened the container door and got out, "here you go dress-up," the doctor said, Now listen to me; act normally when you get out, you'll be able to see your sister at the same house you were heading to when that accident, Lisa could find a word to say and just nodded, "and don't worry wherever you want to do your body will do," after that she left the lab to her new destiny.

It was all different now, hover-cars, robots as taxi drivers, V-R signs, buildings with a completely futuristic architecture, she raised her hand to stop the taxi, "take me to 742 Evergreen Terrace in Springfield please," she felt dumb when talking to a robot but that was irrelevant for now, finally she arrived, the house was completely modernized now, it didn't look like the place she lived at when she was young, "thanks, now how am I going to pay you? &" *DO NOT WORRY MAM CREDIT HAS BEEN DEDUCTED FROM YOUR ACCOUNT* and left, Lisa was now it what seemed to be family grounds until now looked so different, walked toward the entrance and rang the bell, a voice machine was on the side "yes who is this?" the voice was not familiar but he had no choice but to trust the doctor at the lab. She needed to think what to say, "Yes this is an Andrea a friend from Margaret Simpson is she there now" Mrs. Hillborn confused –I don't remember any Andrea– "hold on please, Mrs. Maggie someone is outside saying to be an old friend, her name is Andrea, should I let her in? Maggie murmured "I don't remember any Andrea, but my mind is just so unpredictable at times, I usually forget things, however that name sounds familiar, let her in. (For Maggie every name was familiar the Alzheimer was getting the best of her.)

She entered the house the atmosphere was warm and cozy just like the old times, she felt incredibly nostalgic. "Where is she at" she asked, come with me please. At the end of that corridor there was her parent's room and now it was Maggie's. She was laying there with an oxygen tank beside her and a mask on her mouth to help her breath, her heart sank with sorrow there was her baby sister fighting to continue among the living, "Come closer child I can not see clearly anymore, not even with these glasses *and tossed them out* please come closer, Lisa could not say a word all she wanted was to see her, she walked closed and sat on the side of her bed, Maggie's eyes opened wider than those of an owl, and started shaking, as she started sobbing quietly she said "Lisa...? Lisa? Is that you," weeping she manages to grab her hand even with the Parkinson she was also suffering," "yes Maggie it's me, I'm here, I'm home with you like I promised remember?" "Yes I do, that is something an old lady like me could never forget as is the gift I have kept for you for years and years, taking the mask off she stand up from that bed and went to an old memory cupboard at the corner of the room, she opened and took the picture, the whole family was there, the picture was taken when Bart and Lisa still lived in that house, Maggie's dry tear drop was still there, Lisa grabbed the picture, I can't believe this you kept it for so long, this was my getaway picture before I went to Chicago university, I don't know what to say, For as much that I want to retain my tears I cannot, Maggie also crying between coughs said "do you know what day is it?" Lisa cries "no," Today is my birthday, after the accident I never accepted your death, even when my family went to that fake funeral I didn't, something deep inside me told me you were alive and then unexpectedly you show up just like in my dreams, this is the best gift I could ever get, and now is time for me to give you yours," Maggie went back to that old cupboard and grabbed something yellowish, old and oxidized with a red ribbon tided around it, "Do you remember this darling? Said Maggie while crying all those tears she kept inside her for years, only this time they were of joy and extreme happiness.

Lisa grabbed her old sax and placed it against her chest, "awwww..., this is the best present an older sister could get, thanks, thanks a lot, but you know what it is also so wonderful? To be here with you my sister after I thought I lost everything, you are here with me, I'm finally home and that makes me happy" that emptiness and insecurity she once felt was gone, and finally the two sisters embrace each other so hard and stayed like an unmoving statue that was always planned to be together there was no power in the world able to divide that statue now, and the memories Lisa had from her parents and brother stayed intact for years to come, even when one day Maggie departed this world. Lisa was alone again but now she had the will to live, the old diary she once had when she was a little kid, a lot of family pictures from when she was a kid and before she left, her sax and the pleasure of seeing her baby sister one last time, she was finally happy.

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