The Simpson Twins
Written By: Gary M. Gadsdon

Author's Notes: This fic mostly came about because I was playing with some of my Lisa Grabpics which you can find on the Grabpics page and had altered the colours on one of them to turn Lisa into Maggie. I had just finished watching the movie "Stand By Me" and thought about doing a parody of it with The Simpsons characters, where Maggie took the role of Chris Chambers who River Phoenix played in the movie. At first I was just going to blatantly rip it off and probably kill off Bart in the process, instead I made it Homer, and eventually it evolved into something that pretty much took nothing except for the opening and closing.

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Cast of Characters
Age's are represented by the last year we see them in the story, this is also stated. Dates are accurate, check your computers calendar.

Lisa Marie Simpson
Age: 29 (2013)
Born: Monday 17th December 1984
Lisa is one of the main characters in the story, she is one of the smart Simpson kids like her sister, Lisa has a natural flair for Jazz and owns the local Jazz Club in Springfield, called the Jazz Hole. At the age of 8, Lisa had to drop out of school to be able to pay for a lawyer to take action against the Nuclear Power Plant's owner, Mr. Charles Montgomery Burns. Lisa tends to perform at her own club every now and then. Lisa Narrates us into the story set on the date of Wednesday July 17th 2013.

Margaret "Maggie" Jane Simpson
Age: 29 (2013)
Born: Monday 17th December 1984
Died: Tuesday July 16th 2013
Maggie is also one of the main characters in the story. Maggie, like her sister Lisa, is very smart, and has the natural ability to sing. Maggie also dropped out of school to pay for a lawyer and took the same waitress job as Lisa did. At 18 Maggie became a lawyer herself and managed to get her brother imprisoned because of the murder of her mother. At 29 when Maggie was in a local Krusty Burger, she was stabbed in the throat, and died almost instantly.

Bartholomew "Bart" Jojo Simpson
Age: 31 (2013)
Born: Thursday 1st April 1982
Bart is the only Simpson boy, and as such he is known as a delinquent. At first, Bart didn't really like the idea of Lisa and Maggie being around, but they soon grew on him with Lisa's first word. At the age of 10, Bart became quite a good guitarist and helped Lisa and Maggie perform on stage by being their guitarist. At 20, Bart murdered his mother, and he was caught by Maggie, he was imprisoned for 12 years, but he was ater released on parole, he now works as a bartender in Lisa's Jazz Hole.

Marjory "Marge" Bouvier-Simpson
Age: 56 (2013)
Marge is the mother of Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Marge has always been one to take care of her family no matter what it takes. In 2000 Marge and Bart faked her death because she didn't want to rely too much on Lisa and Maggie for money like that have done in the past. Almost 11 years later, she revealed herself to Maggie who was working as a lawyer. She lived with Maggie until Maggie was stabbed at a local Krusty Burger.

Homer Jay Simpson
Age: 46 (2000)
Died: Some time in 2000
Homer is the oafish father of the family. Working at the Nuclear Power Plant in 1992, Homer was exposed to serious levels of radiation causing severe radiation poisoning, Marge, Lisa and Maggie raised money to hire Lionel Hutz as their lawyer for the case against Mr. Burns. While changing the oil on his car in 2000, Homer's hand slipped and cut the gas tank, causing gas to pour into his mouth, killing him instantly.

Abraham "Grampa" J. Simpson
Died: Sometime in the late 1990's
Grampa is the elderly father of Homer. Grampa is seen as a bit senile but he does have his uses for Bart, Lisa and Maggie. But mostly as a babysitter. Not much is known about Grampa, except that he served in World War II and in his old age tends to make up rambling stories about it.

Patty Bouvier
Age: 36 (1984)
Patty is one of the older sisters to Marge and loathes Homer. Patty and her sister feel that Marge could've done better. Most of the time they just annoy Homer as much as possible and try to fix Marge up with other men.

Selma Bouvier
Age: 36 (1984)
Selma is the other older sister of Marge and twin Sister to Patty. Like Patty, Selma loathes Homer and teams with Patty to try and fix Marge up with other men.

Mike D. Swindler
Mike Swindler is the owner of a local bar/club which would later be run by Lisa. Mr. Swindler is a generous British man who knows a lot about technology and is able to create his own little gadgets that he thinks will be useful for his staff. He generously pays any person or band who performs at his club regardless of how old they are.

Principal Seymour Skinner
Principal Skinner is the principal of the local elementary school. Not a lot is known about him, except that he used to be a street punk going under the name of Armin Tamzarian. Where he served in Vietnam, later he took over the identity of his commanding officer, Sgt. Seymour Skinner. He worked his way up in society to become principal and live out Sgt. Skinner's dream.

Professor John Frink
Professor Frink is known for his crazy inventions and his wacky take to science. But in reality, Frink is the only person who is good enough with Science to actually use it. When Homer was diagnosed with radiation poisoning, Frink saw his way through to find the antidote.

Dr. Julius Hibbert
Dr. Hibbert is the only competent doctor in Springfield, and even he only does his job half-assed sometimes. In 1984, he delivers Marge's twins, Lisa and Maggie and also works with Professor Frink to help cure Homer of his radiation poisoning.

Milhouse Van Houten
Age: 10 (1992)
Milhouse is Bart's best friend, and he is an admirer of Lisa, but he often confuses her with Maggie. Milhouse is often getting into trouble, but its mostly Bart who takes the blame because Bart has a bigger reputation than Milhouse has does. Milhouse is seen as bit of a nerd with his thick glasses.

Mr. Charles Montgomery Burns
Mr. Burns is the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant where Homer works. Mr. Burns is an angry rich man who will do anything as long as its in his favour, he cheats, he dumps nuclear waste and in 1992, neglects on one of his employees's safety.

Waylon Smithers Jr.
Smithers is Mr. Burns assistant, Smithers has strong feelings towards his boss, and does more 2,800 different tasks for him, including lying to congress, lying to Burns' mother and answering the phone.

Hercial Smoigel Krustofski aka Krusty the Clown
Krusty is a TV Clown for kids, when Bart, Lisa and Maggie were growing up, the three used to watch his show when it was on, their favourite part of his show was a cartoon called Itchy and Scratchy, a cat and mouse that would always try to kill each other.

Robert Underdunk Terwiliger aka Sideshow Bob
Sideshow Bob is Krusty's sidekick on his show.

Ned Flanders
Age: 52 (1984)
Ned, or Flanders as Homer calls him, is the annoying next door neighbour. Flanders is very much the religious type and takes everything in the bible to heart, even when he knows that stuff contradicts other stuff.

Todd Flanders
Age: 2 (1984)
Todd is the youngest son of Ned Flanders and like his father, takes everything in the bible to heart. Bart also finds him annoying as much as his father finds Flanders annoying.

Rod Flanders
Age: 3 (1984)
Rod is the eldest son of Ned Flanders, and like his father and his brother, takes everything in the bible to heart. Like Todd, Bart finds him annoying.

Laura Emma Simpson
Age: 3 (2013)
Laura is Lisa's little girl, she is shown at the end of the story to go visit her Aunt Maggie's grave with Lisa. Who her father is, is not known.

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