Character Biographies
The Simpson cast is vast. Extremely vast. This section gives a detailed insight into who the characters of the show are, and what their hopes, dreams and fantasies are. You can find some basic information about a character by hovering over their icon below, clicking that icon will take you to their biography. The emblems next to their name indicate if they can be considered a Cosmos-type character, coloured white, labelled as a hero, or a Chaos-type character, coloured black, labelled as a villain.
Russ Cargill
Voiced by: Albert Brooks
Head of the EPA

Russ Cargill is the main antagonist against Springfield in The Simpsons Movie, despite his best intentions to protect the country from massive contamination from Springfield Lake, he does it in a rather drastic way, at first, he covers the town with a dome, where The Simpsons are able to escape, where they move to Alaska for different reasons, but return to stop Cargill from being able to destroy the entire town and kill everyone in the town when he finds a crack in the dome.

Cargill's plan is haulted when Homer and Bart destroy the dome with his own bomb, so he confronts them directly with a shotgun, but he is then knocked out by a boulder that was thrown on him by Maggie.

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