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Homer Jay Simpson
Voiced by: Dan Castellaneta
Saftey Inspector
Racial Background
1/32 Black
"Why you little...!"
Drinking Beer
Alma mater
Springfield University
Half Brother

Homer is the big dumb, balding patriarch of the family. He is the son of Abraham, the husband to Marge and the father of Bart, Lisa and Maggie. He is described as something of an idiot given his low intelligence because he has a crayon in his brain.

Homer first met Marge when on a camping trip where she accidentally threw out her retainer. Homer managed to return it to her and asked her out on a date. Because the other girls were taunting the name Homer, he used a fake name, and because Marge had burned her hair while ironing it, neither of them knew eithers real name.

Homer again met Marge in high-school, where he tricked her into getting to know him by pretending to need help in French. He asked her to the prom but she dumped him after finding out (directly from him) that it was all a ploy and went to the prom with Artie Ziff. Who tried to make the moves on her she forced him to take her home, after seeing Homer on the side of the street, she picked him up.

Homer started to work at the Miniature Golf Course rotating the blades on the windmill. One night Homer and Marge went inside and concieved Bart. Homer, thinking it was the honourable thing to do for his son, proposed to Marge, who accepted. They married at a local chapel, Shotgun Pete's.

Though the marraige didnt start out well for them as Homer couldnt afford everything the baby needed, and also he failed to get a job at the Nuclear Power Plant. Homer ran away from home abandoning his wife and child. He promised to send her every penny he made, which he kept up to. Patty and Selma found Homer at the Gulp 'n' Blow, where eventually Selma revealed his location to Marge. Determined, Homer barged into Mr. Burns's office and got a job at the Nuclear Power Plant.

Two years later, after Bart was born, Marge found out that she was pregnant again, with Lisa. Marge knowing that their appartment is too small, says that they need to look for a bigger place. Homer asks his father for the cash, and they buy the house. After three weeks Grampa is taken to the Retirement Castle.

Six years after Lisa was born, Homer finally got himself out of debt and got himself his dream job as a Pin Monkey at the bowling alley. But Marge had a problem, she was pregnant for the third time with Maggie. Homer was forced to retake his job at the Power Plant to support the family. He has pictures of Maggie over his workplace for when he needs cheering up.

Homer's main motivator in life is money. He's always looking for a way to get a quick buck, sometimes he succeeds and sometimes he fails. He's all about having fun with his life and enjoying it. He mostly spends his time in the Bar with his friends, Moe and Barney. Though he isnt seen as the ideal father, he does try to connect with all three of his kids. He shares common interests with Bart, as they like similar things such as Monster Truck Rallys and Demolition Derbys. But with Lisa it's harder for him to connect as she's more into museums and convensions, but he does certainly try.

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