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Marjory Simpson
Voiced by: Julie Kavner
Grey (Blue Number 56)
Racial Background
1/2 French
Alma mater
Springfield University
Half Brother-in-Law

Marge is the mother of Bart, Lisa and Maggie, and the husband to Homer. She has two sisters Patty and Selma, and is the youngest of the three. Marge cares very deeply about her family, and loves them greatly, and will help them out in most situations.

Marge is very talented with a paint brush when she was in high-school, she would always paint protraits of herself alongside Ringo Starr. Her high-school teacher hated them, but she sent a painting to Ringo himself, who liked it and hung it on his wall, and answered her question of if Hamburgers and fries existed in England.

Marge met Homer when she was only ten years old while at camp, learning how to be a proper lady. Homer, was working in the kitchen when she lost her retainer Homer retrieved it for her, and asked her out on a date, but he had to hide his name after hearing that the other girls were making fun of the name Homer. Marge, preparing for the date, accidentally burned her hair while ironing it, and she spent the night as a brunette. So, when the two later met up in High School, neither recognised each other.

During their High School years, Homer tricked Marge into thinking that he needed help in French, the subject Marge tutors in. Marge later learns of the ploy after Homer asked her to the prom, she instead goes with Artie Ziff, and Homer goes alone. After the prom, Artie tries to put the moves on Marge, but she resists, and forces him to take her home, along the way, they drive by Homer who is walking home. Marge realises who she should have gone to the prom with, and the two start dating.

Over the years, Homer and Marge got jobs with Homer's at the minature golf course, and Marge's at a local resturant. Eventually, Marge found out that she was pregnant with their first child, so she left her job, and Homer forced his way into Mr. Burns's office requesting a job at the Power Plant. Shortly before that though, Homer proposed to Marge as it was an honorable thing for them both to do for their son, Homer and Marge would later have two more kids.

Marge is known for mothering her kids too much, as seen in 3F07 - Marge Be Not Proud where Bart gets annoyed by this, and starts to act out, by shoplifting where when Marge finds out, she stops focusing attention on him, which makes Bart feel uneasy. He manages to win her love back by buying a fully framed photograph of himself, smiling.

Marge strongly believes that despite Bart's acting out, she believes that he can accomplish great things, and often refers to him as her "Special Little Guy". And though Homer is always quite violent in how he handles Bart, Marge is much more forgiving. As for Lisa, Marge generally tries to help Lisa in a different way to Bart. Marge will generally try to help Lisa on more emotional related matters, or matters on Lisa's crushes, and Maggie, Marge is the one who takes care of Maggie the most often, and as such Marge states that the two share a special bond.

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