Character Biographies
The Simpson cast is vast. Extremely vast. This section gives a detailed insight into who the characters of the show are, and what their hopes, dreams and fantasies are. You can find some basic information about a character by hovering over their icon below, clicking that icon will take you to their biography. The emblems next to their name indicate if they can be considered a Cosmos-type character, coloured white, labelled as a hero, or a Chaos-type character, coloured black, labelled as a villain.
Nikki McKenna
Voiced by: Sarah Silverman

Nikki is a student in the other 4th Grade Classroom, when Mrs. Krabappel is away for a week, Bart's class are forced to share desks with then, Bart ends up sharing Nikki's desk, an idea Nikki isn't too fond with, but she soon starts to develop feelings towards Bart.

Bart in return has feelings for Nikki and consults with Grampa on what to do, he suggests that Bart should kiss Nikki. He does, but it doesn't go over well, and Nikki's parents threaten to sue the school over something Superintendent Charlmers knows has been blown out of proportion.

Nikki and Bart keep their relationship a secret, but since Nikki keeps changing her attitude towards him, Bart walks away and accidentally falls of the roof of the school. Bart is found to be alive and Nikki then uses CPR on Bart to save him. Nikki explains to Bart that there's alot he doesn't understand about girls.

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