Character Biographies
The Simpson cast is vast. Extremely vast. This section gives a detailed insight into who the characters of the show are, and what their hopes, dreams and fantasies are. You can find some basic information about a character by hovering over their icon below, clicking that icon will take you to their biography. The emblems next to their name indicate if they can be considered a Cosmos-type character, coloured white, labelled as a hero, or a Chaos-type character, coloured black, labelled as a villain.
Hank Scorpio
Voiced by: Albert Brooks
CEO of Globex
Cypress Creek
James Bont

Hank is the CEO of the Globex Coorporation, which is in fact really just a cover for his evil taking over the world schemes. Despite being a villain he is very welcoming, and open. When Homer moved from Springfield to Cypress Creek, Hank was very receptive to Homer and embraced many of Homer's ideas, treating him more of a friend than an employee.

When Homer's family wanted to go back to Springfield, despite losing a great friend, Hank understood that the needs of his family outweighed his own needs, he was disappointed to see Homer go, and as thank you he gave Homer the Denver Broncos, depsite dreaming about owning the Dallas Cowboys.

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